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Protect Your Birthday Suit RACHEL LESSNE

A Walking Contradiction..

June 2015

Getting Trim and Toned for Summer

OUR SWIMSUIT ISSUE Summer’s here! Oh, what to wear?


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rajje 1983 is a start-up fashion brand and the brainchild of Haitian-born NewYork-Based designer, Prajje Jean-Baptiste. Until last year, Prajje had never showcased his work in his native country. In December 2014, he returned to Haiti for the first time since leaving it as a young teen and presented a major fashion exhibition in Petion-Ville, showcasing Prajje 1983 past and present creations and connecting him with Haitian artisans.


Overwhelmed by the challenges that Haiti faces, but seeing its tremendous economic potential, Prajje decided right then to help to write a more successful Haitian narrative by contributing to the country’s progress and growth. The idea for a new collection was born, inspired by two of Haiti’s most mystical goddesses “Erzulie Freda and Erzulie Dantor.” For this collection, Prajje will work with Haitian artisans to explore embroidery, beading, and the colors unique to the country. The ultimate goal is to create a collection fabricated in Haiti and to champion the “Made in Haiti” brand. His GoFundMe campaign will help jumpstart that initial collaborative effort. Prajje will be showcasing his new collection at the fourth annual Haitian Fashion Week in the fall, and will be making a presentation of the collection to buyers globally at the international MAGIC apparel show in Las Vegas, August 17 to 19, 2015. His GoFundMe campaign is the culmination of his wish to collaborate with Haitian artists and creative people to build a business that mutually benefits its participants, drawing on the rich culture that has inspired him since the beginning. After completion of his studies at Mass College of Art and Design in Boston, Prajje moved to New York to pursue his dreams of a luxury fashion industry in

his homeland. Prajje has dressed some of the most beautiful and powerful women in America, including Lara Spencer, GMA; CNN Anchor Sunny Huston; and Sudanese model Alek Wek. Another Haitian native son and celebrity, Wyclef Jean, has also worn original Prajje designs.

“The ultimate goal is to create a collection fabricated in Haiti and to champion the “Made in Haiti” brand.”




By Meaghan McKenna

a Petite Boutique, a small chic boutique located in Winthrop, MA is launching their new mobile fashion truck called ‘La Petite Boutique - On the Go!’ this summer. Owner Sarah Roth-Oosten will be hosting a launch party for the truck on Saturday June 27, 2015 at the store located in downtown Winthrop allowing customers to see both the new La Petite Boutique Fashion Truck and also the store.

The truck will be traveling to festivals and other events coming up in Winthrop, Boston and other areas of Massachusetts.  The purpose of the truck is to efficiently promote her store while traveling as well as to sell a selection of merchandise to different audiences. This will widen her customer base not only across Boston but also throughout the state and the Northeast. According to Sarah, the vision of this launch is, “A way for me to expand my business without setting up another physical location. This is like a second store which can go anywhere!”  The truck is a completely renovated FedEx truck with the store logo printed on the outside. The inside of the truck will be like walking into a smaller version of her store located in Winthrop but with a different decor.

Kind of like a walk in closet on wheels. Sarah plans on traveling this summer to markets, beaches and downtown Boston where she feels there will be a strong market for fashion. Expanding her customer base will intentionally persuade consumers to come to her physical boutique in Winthrop.

“The truck is a completely renovated FedEx truck with the store logo printed on the outside.”


Serums Going the Extra Mile!

By Olga Hawwa


ou already take excellent care of your skin at home. You cleanse with a liquid cleaner, tone, exfoliate one to two times a week, moisturize, and protect your skin from the sun every day. Yet, you would like to add something to your routine to give the skin an extra boost. Applying a serum right under your moisturizer is an excellent way to do this. Skin serums are lightweight, yet very concentrated and are formulated with smaller molecules than moisturizers. This allows the active ingredients to penetrate even deeper into the skin. 

However, because serums are lightweight, depending on the serum, they sometimes do not offer enough moisturizing benefits to replace traditional moisturizing day and night creams and lotions. Therefore, they are, ideally used as an addition to your regular skin care routine. Serums can address a variety of skin concerns including irritation, redness, lines and wrinkles, excessive oiliness, lack of firmness, and hyperpigmentation. To calm the skin after I give a client a salon peel, I reach for a serum with Aloe Vera and Green Tea. Aloe Vera cools and calms inflammation; and Green Tea is a natural anti-oxidant which resists free radicals and protects irritated skin while promoting cellular regeneration. At home, a green tea serum daily can help calm irritation and redness due to excessive dryness

and sun exposure. For anti-aging benefits, a serum with Gotu Kola helps to tone and tighten the skin and improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This herb’s ability to promote collagen production makes it a very desirable ingredient in anti-aging serums. Other ingredients to look for include Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE. Hyperpigmentation is another sign of aging. Compare the back of your hand with a part of your body that has seen little, if any, sun. Odds are the less exposed areas are relatively spotless. Liver and sunspots start appearing in our 30’s and are often the result of accumulated sun exposure since childhood. Swiss Apple Stem Cells have been shown to be effective at skin brightening, while Ferulic Acid and Resveratrol boost the skin’s ability to resist damage from UV exposure.

To give the skin instant lift, go for a serum with Inca Inchi, Hyaluronic Acid, and Konjac Spheres. Inca Inchi is a seed found in the Amazon area of Peru. Rich in Omega 3 and 6, Inca Inchi helps maintain skin elasticity, limits water loss in the skin, and maintains skin hydration. Hyaluronic Acid and Konjac Spheres penetrate the upper layers of the epidermis and rapidly work to tighten the skin giving it a more lifted, firmer appearance. Acne and excessive oiliness is another concern that a serum can help with. A serum containing Glycolic and Salicylic Acids target acne-causing bacteria. Another effective ingredient is Carrot Serum, which absorbs excess oil in the skin, and helps keep the pores open and clean.  Adding the right serum for your skin to your skin care routine can help accelerate the repair process in the skin and give you more radiant, healthier looking skin!

“Serums can address a variety of skin concerns including irritation, redness, lines and wrinkles, excessive oiliness, lack of firmness, and hyperpigmentation.”

Makeup & Image

by Olga Makeup artist

Esthetician Fashion Stylist Image Consultant

1227 Main Street, Warwick, RI 02893 401 353 4656 www.makeupandimage.com www.facebook.com/makeupandimage



A Walking Contradiction By Jaclyn Pelopida | Photography & Videography by Valencio Small | Hair & Makeup by Jennifer Marshalsea | Male Model: Joseph Haskins


achel Lessne is a walking contradiction. She describes herself as equal parts earth-loving hippie chick and fashionista rolled into one. “My friends have definitely used the word ‘tree-hugger’ to describe me. In college it was typical for someone to ask ‘Where’s Rachel?’ and the common reply would be ‘Oh, she’s reading underneath her tree.’ I love being outside and I try to find any excuse to go be outside either in the forest or on a beach. I am also often described as the nice one. I can get myself into trouble because sometimes I am too nice.”

Lessne has a passion for fashion and the environment like no other and even has her own store to prove so! She opened up her own eco-friendly and fair trade boutique at the young age of 23, called Green Envy in Newport, RI. Since the shop opened eight years ago, it has already won an astounding 13 awards. TS: “How long have you been acting/modeling?” RL: “I call myself an accidental model. Newport Life Magazine asked me to do a photo shoot for their 2013 Fall Fashion Issue. They ended up choosing to put me on the cover of the issue! That started it all. Modeling has been my main source of income since then and I’m so grateful to Newport Life for starting it all!” TS: “What has been your most memorable modeling or acting job so far? What made it memorable?” RL: “The most memorable modeling moment so far was walking in the Handweavers Guild of America Runway Show. I got to open the show in the first prize winning dress and close the show in Bradon McDonald’s showcase piece. It was an absolutely stunning dress with a long train. The changes were so quick for that show, it took three people to change me from my third to fourth look. I felt a slight twinge of terror backstage, but then pure exhilaration when I stepped on the runway and heard the applause from the audience.” TS: “What would you do with your first million if you made it big as a model/actor?” RL: “I would use it to travel the world and meet artisans from different cooperatives. I’d curate a selection of items from each cooperative to stock in my store, Green Envy. It’s one of my dreams to be able to interact personally with the craftspeople and hear their story from their own mouths.” TS: “Describe your sense of style and what it says about yourself and your personality?” RL: “My style definitely changes greatly due to my mood. My motto is ‘wear what makes you happy.’ I always love a bit of a bohemian edge, even if it’s adding an unexpected accessory to a classic chic dress. I have a long silver and shell necklace that was my grandmothers that I pair with anything, from jeans to a gown. I think the biggest goal in life is to be happy and style should reflect that. Wear what you love and what makes you feel great. Whatever that may be.”

TS: “Do you have a day job, and what is it?” RL: “I own Green Envy Eco-Boutique in Newport, RI. I opened the shop at the age of 23, one year after graduating from college. It was my dream to have a store selling only eco-friendly and fair trade items. Customers can truly feel good about everything they purchase. Each item is handmade either locally or by a fair trade women’s cooperative in a disadvantaged country. Green Envy sells everything from natural skin care to jewelry, home décor to baby clothing, and every item benefits underprivileged people and the planet. I have never taken a pay check from the business, but continue to put all I have into growing the business and supporting more artists.” TS: “What do you enjoy doing in your down time?” RL: “I am constantly busy. Between running Green Envy, doing photo shoots and modeling, I don’t have much spare time. But when I do, I want to do things that de-stress me. That could be sipping a hot cup of tea and having a cozy night in or having a day of adventures with close friends. I love exploring new places.” TS: “What is your best memory as a child?” RL: “My childhood memories are filled with ethereal things like fairies and mermaids. I was an only child so I would entertain myself by playing outside in the garden. I used to leave little gifts for the elves or fairies. Then my mom would sneak out and take the gift when I wasn’t looking and leave a thank you note from an elf and tiny footprints. I remember being absolutely giddy with excitement. I’m still just a big kid and still love mermaids. One of my biggest dreams in modeling is to do a shoot for Project Mermaids. The proceeds from the sales of their photography goes toward protecting the oceans.” TS: “Who is your biggest inspiration?” RL: “My mother is my biggest inspiration. I could go on for days about how she came from extremely meager beginnings but worked her way through college, graduate school, and beyond. She is living proof that you can do absolutely anything in this world if you work hard enough.” Lessne was born in Wakefield, RI and attended college at The University of Rhode Island. She graduated with a BS in Textiles Merchandising and Design and a minor in business. She lived in New York City for a

“I’ll dance to anything, from Beethoven to Rap, but dancing to Reggae is the best.”

Click the picture to go behind the scenes with Rachel

“One of my biggest dreams in modeling is to do a shoot for Project Mermaids. The proceeds - from the sales of their photography - go towards protecting the oceans.�

“I’m currently completely obsessed with the show Outlander. It has everything; romance, action, and adventure. I cannot get enough!”

brief time where she interned with InStyle magazine, but her love for nature brought her back to her roots, back to Rhode Island.

TS: “Are you a better singer or dancer?” RL: “I can dance to anything, but I can’t hold a tune to save my life.”

TS: “What’s your favorite form of exercise?” RL: “I love yoga. I try to practice at least 30 minutes a day, even if it’s just some calm meditation. I did ballet for 17 years, but I ended up having to have a spinal fusion because of scoliosis. The surgery ruled out being a professional ballerina. But I firmly believe everything happens for a reason. Being a ballerina takes a huge toll on your body, and I couldn’t be happier now that I’ve found yoga to keep me moving. Although you will still find me pirouetting around my kitchen from time to time.”

TS: “What’s your favorite flower?” RL: “I love all flowers! I’m a bit of a nerd about learning the meanings of flowers. They each have a significance or meaning. My truly favorite flower is a hydrangea; it means sincerity, heartfelt emotions, and perseverance. I also enjoy learning about different herbs and their medicinal uses.”

TS: “What was your best vacation/travel experience?” RL: “I did a lot of traveling as I was growing up. I’ve been to Italy, England, Alaska, Monaco, Hawaii, and many more fantastic places. However, the experience that sticks out in my mind is when I went to France. One of the places we stayed was in Saint-Malo. The town is encased within castle walls and it’s right on the water. There was some sort of festival with dancers and street musicians one night. It was a fun time, but my friend Kim and I decided to sneak out of the castle walls and walk along the beach. At night the tide receded what seemed like miles, so far that we could walk to an island that is normally surrounded by water. We stayed so long on the island exploring that we lost track of time. We ended up having to swim part of the way back. It sounds like it might have been dangerous, but I just remember it as a magical exciting night.” TS: “What’s your favorite TV show of all time?” RL: “I’m currently completely obsessed with the show Outlander. It has everything; romance, action, and adventure. I cannot get enough!” TS: “What’s your favorite dessert?” RL: “Crème Brulee. It’s so decadent and it’s got everything. It’s silky-smooth but crunchy from the burnt sugar on top. I also go bonkers for cannoli.” TS: “What’s your favorite type of music?” RL: “Reggae music is my favorite. It has the power to make me happy no matter what. Not to mention the dancing. I’ll dance to anything from Beethoven to rap but dancing to reggae is the best.”

TS: “What’s your biggest turn off?” RL: “Braggarts, or people who lie or exaggerate to try and make themselves out to be more appealing. Be who you are, embrace your flaws, love yourself and others will too!” TS: “Which season do you prefer?” RL: “Summer by far! It can never be hot enough for me. You can also have more outdoor adventures in warm weather, of course.” TS: “What is your dream car?” RL: “A 100% electric car or a car that runs from biodiesel.” TS: “Share your favorite quote.” RL: “’The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.’ -Walter Bagehot.”

“I love yoga. I try to practice at least 30 minutes a day, even if it’s just some calm meditation.”

‘The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.’ Walter Bagehot


Doice John:

Pure Sunshine By Emy LaCroix


f you like cars or fashion and live in New England, chances are you’ve run into a spunky bowtied gent named Doice John. John is a freelance host taking the Northeast by storm with his cheery attitude and unmistakable personality. Whether it’s hosting parties, car shows, or Style Week, John brings an infectious jubilation to each event while making need-to-know information easy to absorb. Now it’s time to get to know the man behind the bowtie.

TS: Tell us a bit about your childhood. Where are you from, and how did your upbringing influence who you are today? Did you always know you wanted to be a host? DJ: I am from Detroit, Michigan. I love my hometown so much! Even though I don’t think the public realizes how awesome and nice a of gem DTown is. I appreciate being from Detroit. We Detroiters are a spirited bunch who are very passionate about many things. I feel that that “Detroiter spirit” helps me in hosting.

abilities, while getting to pepper in the flavor of their personalities with the topics they were covering.

​ rowing up, I always knew I wanted to tell a story and G entertain people. I thought the path to doing that was through acting. So I tried my hand at being an actor. If you do a deep Google search you may find some funny clips. But there was something about pretending to be another character that I was not able to grasp. If you saw me trying to act, it always just seemed like I was being myself instead of the character I was assigned to portray.

TS: Is there anything you weren’t prepared for or had to learn on the spot? DJ: With a name like DOICE, you are expected to know how to pronounce any and EVERY name you encounter. That really has been my hardest thing, pronouncing names. One of the worst things you can do (and yes I’ve been there) is mispronounce a name multiple times.

I took every class you could think of Strasberg, Stanislavsky, etc.… I remember a defining moment during an acting exercise. We were sitting quietly with our eyes closed and vocalizing “gibberish”. The assignment was to bring about an authentic feeling. I peeked out of my left eye to the girl next to me and she was bawling crying. I peeked out of my right eye to the guy on the opposite side and he was deep in anger. I could not bring any emotions outside myself but laughter. I realized at that moment that acting was just not my thing. Now don’t get me wrong, I love actors. Actors inspire the masses to dream and that’s an amazing skill to have. I just realized that I’m going to have to inspire dreams a different way. TS: What did you study in college, and how did it prepare you for the real world of hosting? DJ: I majored in communications in college. Communicating is almost 100% of what I do so it was integral in adding to the technical skills of being a host. I will say that the greatest skills that relate to hosting were obtained outside the classroom by just doing it. TS: When did you realize that you could really do this as a full-time job? DJ: I realized that this could be a fulltime position once I began working for auto shows doing presentations and public speaking. I became surrounded with people who were monetizing their public speaking

Like many in the entertainment industry, John feels that his most valuable lessons were learned in the field. However, that doesn’t mean they were always easy. Through trials and tribulations, John has grown into a diverse and recognizable host. These attributes piqued the interest of COX media, for whom he is now a frequent face.

TS: How do you tackle an interview on the fly? DJ: The biggest skill with doing an interview on the fly is listening! Build your next question from the subject’s previous answer. If not it will be stale and the interview will have no life. TS: How did you begin working for Cox? DJ: I was working a high-end event in Boston that involved me engaging an audience of people and making sure they felt excited about what was going on. I encountered a few representatives of COX and they fell in love with my personality. They contacted my agency; saw my hosting reel and the rest is history. TS: You have done interviews and hosted so many different types of events; how do you prepare for such different topics and which is your favorite to cover? DJ: For me to always be on my toes it requires proper mental and physical preparation. I research who may be at an event, the history of people involved and potential subjects that may arise. For the physical aspect, working out and meditation helps to keep me quick and off the cuff. I also keep myself up to date concerning a variety of topics dealing with entertainment, science, health and wellness, etc. I love anything that deals with some sort of self-improvement or triumph. Those are my favorite subjects that I would like to add more of to my work. Doice John has turned his personality into a career, but

the entertainment buisness is a career that often forces personalities into a box. John is determined to maintain his individuality - something that comes very naturally to him. TS: You have such a significant personality - how do you maintain your own voice through a variety of events and subjects? DJ: I told you Detroiters have big personalities. Unless, I am speaking on something very technical or am being “ear prompted” I always try and let me personality “shine bright like a diamond”. That’s a Rihanna reference in case you didn’t know. TS: How would you describe your personality - who is Doice John, the man and Doice John the brand? DJ: Lol that question makes me think of Sybil … Wait you all may be too young to remember that reference. I see Doice John the man and Doice John the brand as not being mutually exclusive. Doice John the brand just wears better shoes lol. Doice John the man goes to the grocery store in sweats and a tee shirt that has a bow tie printed on it. I have to be careful though sometimes, I’ve been on dates before where the feedback was that they felt “interviewed.” Definitely not a good first date impression. In the modern world, hosts need to permeate the internet just as much as events and television. John is an expert at sharing his big personality in the digital world with funny pictures, motivational quotes and plenty of updates to become a friendly face to his acquaintances and clients alike. TS: You’re somewhat of a

social media star, posting inspirational phrases, fashion choices, and even tips like “rules to always being a gentleman.” How do you come up with these ideas, and how do you feel social media connects you to fans or the industry? DJ: My ideas for my social media come from things that occur in my life or observe others experiencing. My goal here in life is to uplift people. I want someone’s life to be better from knowing me and with social media you can do that on a larger scale and be connected with people all over the world. TS: You were made into a meme recently - how did that come about and how did you feel when you saw it? DJ: Back when I did stock modeling (before I knew

better) I did a shoot where I was dressed as a doctor. Somehow, someone got those photos and made a pretty popular meme. I am not too thrilled with the subject matter of the meme, but it seems to be bringing people joy and laughter so I’m good with it! TS: Any fashion tips for starting the summer off right? DJ: Right now I am discovering how great of a fashion tip that exercising is. Regardless of your body type, going to the gym will give you a confidence that comes across and looks good on everyone. You will glow and *see Rihanna reference above* Also you don’t have to spend major money for good clothes. Find a style that works with your body type and make sure it fits well. Experiment and be daring with colors….OOHHHH AND BOWTIES! Definitely throw a bowtie in the mix! John gets his inspiration from two of the biggest names in television, and turns that inspiration around and projects it to the world. John wil gladly share his knowledge and motivation with anyone he can reach, stressing the importance of being comfortable in your own skin. TS: Who is your biggest inspiration? DJ: My two biggest inspirations are Oprah Winfrey and Ryan Seacrest. Oprah because I respect her ability to really get into the meat (or comparable protein source for my vegetarians) of a story. She really cares and wants the person to improve. Ryan Seacrest because he has the ability to adapt to any and every environment. His wit and ability to be off the cuff will never be affected regardless of what is going on. I possess those skills within me and they improve with every moment. TS: What advice would you give someone just starting out hoping to follow in your footsteps? DJ: My advice would be just to work on being comfortable being yourself in front of an audience. Whether it is a camera or actual people. You can learn all the technical things easily, but being authentic and letting people in on who you are will make all the difference. TS: What’s the craziest event you’ve ever hosted and inter -view you’ve ever done? DJ: Craziest event

was a party in Miami where there were suds and bubbles EVERYWHERE. I fell but recovered well. My craziest interview was back in the early days I interviewed a notable reality star and had NO IDEA who they were. They called me out on it, and although no one could tell (thanks to the extra melanin), my face was redder than my bowtie. My favorite event in the past few years has definitely been Style Week. It’s always a good time and such lovely people. TS: Where do you see yourself 10 years in the future? DJ: I still see myself covering entertainment based events and shows. In addition to that I will have a sit down talk show that covers topics on improving your life through goal setting and HAVING FUN while doing it! Doice John is a rare human that takes pure pleasure in making others smile. His cheery disposition and friendly demeanor makes him the light of any event he hosts, ensuring fun for everyone he meets. To contact Doice John to host an event, visit the contact page at DoiceJohn.com.

“I see Doice John the man and Doice John the brand as not being mutually exclusive. Doice John the brand just wears better shoes...Doice John the man goes to the grocery store in sweats and a tee shirt that has a bow tie printed on it.”



Vision at the Castle

By Yemi Sekoni | Photos courtesy of MassArt


he Castle at Park Plaza was packed, with standing room only, for The MassArt Fashion Show - Vision 2015. It was a very diverse audience; exuberant in its appreciation of the night’s presentation. An annual production that attracts over 1000 guests, the evening began with cocktails and dinner, leading into the show at 8:00 p.m. Broken into five segments, the continous show featured the senior class collections, non-textiles, as well as a full range of dressy, sporty, ready-to-wear and evening wear. Moving very quickly through the hour long show, over 100 pieces were presented, many of which were as visually appealing coming, as they were going. There was never a dull moment throughout the whole evening; an amazing performance by all involved.

From the Junior Sophomore Collection, John King’s piece fell under the “Hardware in Store” category; an all black ensemble that featured a very sheer harem pant with a tiewaist and an off the shoulder top pieced and held together with hoops. It was all at once, clean, chic and trendy.

In the non-textiles collection, the audience was treated to pieces that were made from anything but actual frabric. It started with a period piece made with sanitary pads by Alexandra Goriounova and ranged from a mossy knoll by Meaghan Horak to a full dress made of cigarette packs by Maj-Britt Pederson

Other pieces in the non textile collection were just as impressive, included a sundry of stuff like coffee filters, straws, and this fun little number made from raffia and wool roving by Elle Audra

In the “Color Codes” segment, Morgan Hill presented this five-look collection in all shades and variations of red. As Hill describes it, the designs were influenced by women of the Wild West – feared but feminie – translated into the modern-day girl.

Kimberly Nowers’ collection featured ballroom gowns in different shades of wine and berry tones. Stunningly elegant, the pieces had a vintage feel while maintaining their hold on what today’s woman would want to be seen in. This collection received huge audience applause.

With a mix of black leather, denim, zippers, studs and cutouts, Andrew Berul’s all male line up catered to the biker, the pop-punk heartthob and lovers of wrestlemania. Don one of these pieces and you might feel like a gladiator. Invincible.

As if pulling us into the world of the Evil Queen in “Beauty and the Beast,” Christian Restrepo gave us a glimpse of the ‘blackest abyss.’ This ensemble spoke to the darker side of the feminine wile. As if to say, “I am woman; watch me weave my spell on you.”

Samantha Wisell based her design, under the ‘Enchantment’ collection, on the story of Thumbelina. Intricately hand-crafted and, according to Wisell, ‘inspired by the beauty of nature,’ this takes us back to our never-ending love of the whimsical fairy tale.

With this full red, black and white ensemble, Megan Reynolds takes us back to a ‘post-apocalyptic world… where all the continents swirl back together as one land mass.’ An interesting take on ‘nomadic explorations…and basic utilitarian needs,’ the rugged composition of the look gives it a hip, urban feel that can work toghether or possibly as separates.


Raising the Temperature! ...at the second annual swimwear runway show


By Valerie Langlais | Photos by Valencio Small

he second StyleWeek SWIM event, featuring swimwear from six local fashion designers, was held at Hotel Providsence’s Aspire Restaurant. Reconfiguring the indoor lounge and outdoor patio, to include two short runways, the models made great use of the space as they worked their way through lounge out onto the patio that ending at the press pit and back indoors again. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, and once again industry professionals from all over the region came out in full force.

DiBrecchio brought out the “The sexy sailor-girl� in us with bright white suits featuring daring cut-outs. The yacht club never looked so edgy and chic!

Stetkiewicz gave us a fun, retro vibe with models donning bathing caps and colorful sunnies. Athletic, asymmetrical cuts on the swimwear were punctuated by the bright, sunny colors.

Eight Optics was inspired by the Galapagos Islands. Soft animal prints in sunwashed colors were accented in off-black.

All the Eight Optics’ silhouettes were classic: shapely maillots, board shorts and vintage cuts on the men.

Allistar Archer used futuristic, 60’s inspired fabrics in the resort collection. They looked new and fresh accessorized with vintage bathing caps: Metallic, graphic print; scarf print and a multicolored sequin fabric invoked images of mermaids playing in the surf.

A fun juxtaposition on the male models in the Alistair Archer lineup: crisp, men’s dress shirts worn with vintage cut swim trunks.

Jess Abernathy reminds us that summer should be all about fun. Pop music from the 80’s played as models graced the runway with their hair fashioned into two buns in electric colors. Many carried vintage cameras, reminiscent of old family vacations. The cool, comfortable resort looks would look chic sight-seeing, at a backyard barbeque or anywhere that a fun summer takes you.

Jonathan Joseph Peters showed classic 40’s silhouettes in luxurious modern colors. Ensuring the audience did not mistake the looks as “re-imagined vintage” he accessorized with Asian inspired hair and kept the show upbeat with an edgy, urban soundtrack.

Our Pick for

Most Stylish at...


nce again the fashion industry put on their best threads and met up for the second annual StyleWeek SWIM fashion show held at the Hotel Providence, in Providence, Rhode Island. And once again the Trade Secrets team picked out their favorite choice for StyleWeek’s Most Stylish. Here he is! Name: Shelby W. Dinobile

casual, cocktail party ready look.

Occupation: Currently attending Southern New Hampshire University as a full time student, studying marketing. I also work as a bus and expedite at Trattoria Romana in Lincoln RI.

How do I feel: I feel very confident as well as comfortable wearing the prep fit shorts and the foot hugging boat shoes. I feet as if I could accomplish anything with this “start of the season” look!

My style: As many times as my looks change, my style never will. I love to ensure that each outfit I wear, whether it be for an event or a casual day with friends, Wearing: A white button down shirt from J.Crew I pay close attention to using my closet to its advanfeaturing an anchor collar accessory by Kate Dapper And Swagger.  My red shorts are from American Eagle tage - contrasting colors, always trying new trendy fits, accessorizing and always styling my hair to its best Outfitters, held up with a belt from H&M. The shoes potential. If I can manage to hit all of these points, I are from Sperry top sider.  am much more confident about taking on my day! From: Smithfield, Rhode Island 

Inspiration: The inspiration for my look came from today’s trendy summer styles, like Keil James Patrick’s nautical classic Rhody look blended with a

Photo by Valencio Small


Let’s Talk About Pee;;! What You Should Know About It By Nichole Rich, PhD.


elieve it or not, your urine can be a source of information about the state of your health. Look, smell, and pH level can let us know if we’re experiencing injury, inflammation, infection and/or disease. It can also be informative as to what we had for dinner the night before. Contrary to what you might think, urine is not toxic to the body. It is a by-product of blood filtration and is processed in the kidneys. This is where excess of water, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and other elements are collected. Your kidneys are what help keep the body in balance by flushing out what the body does not need for absorp-


This all depends on what is going on in your body and what your body needs based on your activity, your nutrition, your hormones and many other factors. It’s important to stay in tune with our urine and know just what it is telling us. Having a good handle on what is normal for your body in terms of look, smell and your pH level is a great start to better understanding your body’s health. Let’s take a look at the color of urine. Normal urine should be clear or have a light yellow coloring. Be aware that certain medications can have an effect on the color. Take a look at this chart published by Harvard Medical School to see a list of some medications that have an effect on the color of urine. If you have ever eaten asparagus you may be familiar with the unpleasant odor of urine. Some of the foods we eat can certainly contribute to the foul smell of urine. However, the scent of our urine can also be an indicator of something more serious going on in the body such as diabetes or dehydration. Always consult with your physician if you are ever concerned about the color or smell of your urine. A simple urine test can be done to determine whether or not there is something minor or something more serious that could be going on in your body or with your

health. Sometimes you may not experience any other symptoms so getting things checked out with your physician can be really helpful for targeting any infections or illness before they cause any other problems. Maintaining good health by making good choices will help to keep you on top of knowing when their might be a problem before it turns serious. Urine is part of the body’s natural detoxification system and as long as you are in good health you may notice only slight changes in your urine from time to time. There are some ways that you can assist your body in the natural detoxification process. 1. Drink at least 8 glasses of filtered water daily to allow your body to flush out impurities that can build up in the system. 2. Choose whole foods by shopping the perimeter of the grocery

store. 3. Know your body’s pH by testing with pH strips. Along with color and smell, the pH level of our urine can also help us better understand what might be going on in our body. By using pH strips you can determine the acidity level in your body. Acidic pH levels are associated with Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It’s important to have a diet high in alkalizing foods to help balance your pH level. You can use a simple chart to determine which foods are alkalizing and which are acidic. Make sure to test at the same time each morning and shoot for a range between 6.5 and 7.5. On another level some people like to assist the body in detoxifying by choosing to cleanse, especially after an illness. There are some cleansing systems designed to assist the body in removing impurities, free radicals, and toxins through the urine. It is believed that this will allow the body to better absorb nutrients so that our organs can operate more efficiently and effectively. When undergoing a cellular cleanse a person may experience frequent urination. This is an example of how the cleansing products assist in purifying the blood as it is processed in the kidneys. You can read more about healthy detoxification and what to expect in this article by Deepak Chopra. You should always be aware of what is going on with your urine. Always be mindful of activity, medications you are taking, and foods that you are eating that could change your “normal” appearance of urine. Whenever you are unsure make sure to call your doctor before any symptoms or conditions become worse.

“Urine is part of the body’s natural detoxification system and as long as you are in good health you may notice only slight changes in your urine from time to time.”


Getting for Sum

By Matt

g Trim and Toned mmer Espeut | Photography by Valencio Small


ts here! That time of year, the time the birds are up early chirping, the sun is up and its lighter earlier, the smell of that fresh spring air, and the time we wear less clothing and show more of our bodies when we leave the house. We should all be excited about it, especially after the winter we’ve had - unless you are not quite in the condition you wanted to be in this time of year. Now, don’t panic. This is the time of year when we think our bodies must be perfect – but no one is perfect. With the right swimsuit and summer clothes, you can maximize your assets – while you work on those less-than-perfect areas. If your waistline is thicker than you want and your booty is not as perky, and you feel a little jiggle in your arms, you may want to hit the gym, watch the diet, and work on those areas. There’s a lot you can do in a few short weeks to firm things up for summer. While I don’t recommend quick fixes, as they usually result in backsliding to right where you were, in short order, and health and fitness should be part of every day life, there aer a few things you can do – and if you do them ‘religiously’, and with little or no cheating, you’ll see great results, so here we go! HIIT training, or High Intensity Interval Training. Jogging, walking or easy biking won’t really give you quick results – they are good for overall health and fitness. But, with that summer lookin’ good goal in mind, you’ll need to crank it up a bit – get your heart rate going for brief periods of time - rest, repeat, and complete this type of interval format for bouts of 30 minutes at a time. The good news is you don’t need to exercise for hours. But this sort of interval training, done frequently – say, four or five times per week, will get results. It’s all about frequency and consistency

– which will give you better results than working out for long periods of time once or twice a week. This will elevate your metabolic rate, and burn body fat much faster than conventional long bouts of cardiovascular exercise, alone. You are also preserving muscle mass, unlike longer duration/less intense exercise, which will eventually cause a catabolic or muscle wasting effect due to the long periods of movement without replenishing glycogen stores in your muscles. The key to getting fit is to build muscle, and burn body fat. When you exercise too long, the opposite happens. Just look at runners – sprinters are more aesthetically pleasing to look at, while long distance runners lack muscle tone anywhere except in their legs. They can also get that gaunt, too thin, and frail look. Resistance training – that’s next. It’s a must for building muscle. HIIT will burn fat, and preserve muscle, but it takes moving weight to build muscle. You do not need to lift very heavy weights – this is where smaller weight is actually better, and you want to focus on resistance that challenges your body to build muscle. Don’t be concerned about getting bulky. While there is

Model: Chanelle Melton

a small percentage of women who do have the capacity to grow large muscles, the majority of women will not do that – you’ll just get a beautiful long muscle – and look lean and toned. Women carry protection against muscle building because of the estrogen in the body. Its all about body mass index, you want to increase the percentage of your body thats made up of muscle, and decrease the amount of fat you are storing. Now, that’s beautiful!

Model: Cara Georgio

Lifting weights will enable you to build lean tissue, which in turn raises your metabolism, and helps you burn fat along the way. Muscle is a more active tissue which will burn more calories at rest than fat tissue will, so resistance training will build muscle that burns calories faster, and your HIIT training will get your heart rate up so you burn more calories per minute. That’s a double attack on body fat, and a proven way to build muscle, and get you to goal.

I run a program at Providence Fit Body Bootcamp that does all of the above in 30 minutes. We combine strength training, with high intensity metabolic conditioning for the fastest possible way to achieve your fat-loss and fitness goals, in just 4 to 5 thirty-minute sessions per week, and you’re guaranteed to see results. Most of my members are women – so, it also gives you a nice supporting atmosphere, too – important for keeping up your program.

Nutrition. The last, and most important component to reaching your summertime goal is in your nutrition plan. If you want the best, and fastest results, you’ll really focus on this. Just think of it like going into training for a competition – something a body builder or model might do. If you want to have flawless results, don’t deviate from it at all. A flawless plan would mean no alcohol, bread, processed or junk food, or dairy, and a very limited amount of fruit. You’ll want to avoid getting hungry and keeping your blood sugar level all day long. So, eat nutritious every three hours. These small meals should be as perfect a balance as possible of protein, fat, vegetables, with minimum amounts of fibrous/low glycemic carbohydrates, such as beans, and sweet potatoes. Some examples are: two eggs, kale, olive oil, and 1/2 sweet potato, or grilled chicken breast with 1/2 cup of rice, and a salad, or steamed veggies. Your meals do not have to be bland and tasteless, just extra clean and full of nutrition. It might be vanity for the summer fashions that will motivate you, or modeling those fashions. Take that motivation and use it to jump start your program and begin a steady, lifelong health and wellness program. The more you put it into any program, the more you will get out of it, and the faster you’ll see results. If you need help and accountability, you can call me and I will keep you focused and give you direction, and all the tools you need to accomplish your goals.  Keep that image of what you are working towards in your mind, and keep moving toward it – pretty soon it won’t be just an image – it will be YOU. Happy Summer, let’s do it!


Protect Your


he sun does make us feel good! But is it good for us? Well, a lack of sunlight can cause seasonal depression, and there is a lot written about Vitamin D, and how important that is for our health, which is true. We can get our necessary Vitamin D from food, and from medication, if needed. Sun is responsible for the synthesis of Vitamin D (cholecalciferol), the major natural source of the vitamin. Synthesis of Vitamin D in the skin is dependent on sun exposure, especially UVB radiation.

r Birthday Suit

Q&A with Dr. Ellen Frankel, dermatologist | Photography by Valencio Small

Vitamin D from our diet or synthesized in our skin from the sun, is biologically inactive and must be converted via hydroxylation, using enzymatic converstion that takes place in the liver and kidneys. We cannot get enough Vitamin D from the sun, alone, unless we were to bake in the sun – and that’s something we definitely don’t want to do. Has the sun gotten hotter? Over the years, the protective ozone layer on our earth has started disappearing. So, if the sun seems hotter, or not like the sun you grew up with, it’s still the same – the protective covering we used to have, however, is not, and that’s why our exposure has increased, and so much our protective measures. What feels good is not good for us. Sun can cause premature aging, dryness and brown spots. Of course, it can also cause skin cancer – melanoma – everything from the little spots we have removed to prevent them

from developing into something worse, to the deep, burrowing cancer that can metastisize and kill us.

Use Protection.

Sunblock. Always wear a broad spectrum sunblock with Zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, with an SPF or 30 or higher. Use it daily and reapply after swimming or sweating. Apply sunblock to ALL areas, including the ears, front and back of your neck, hands and feet (tops and bottoms). Apply often and remember to reapply after swimming. Protective clothing. There are wonderful clothing and hats that have a UPF of 50 from Sun Precautions and Coolibar. They are vented, so they are cool, and very stylish in addition to protecting the skin.

Black or olive skin? Remember – if you are a male or female of color, or with a dark pigment to your skin, you still need protection – your skin color does not provide natural protection. Best Ways to get a tan. Tanning Booths. No! Run the other way! There is NO such thing as a safe tan from tanning booth lights. Not even that one time – just for the prom or formal evening. Google out the YouTube video “Dear 16 year old me” and that might really drive home the point. Never sign a permission slip letting your teenage daughter get a tanning booth tan – you are signing permission for your child to have an increased risk of skin cancer – don’t do it.

Model: Alba Vargas

Self-tanning creams and spray tanning. These are fine, and as you might expect, they contain dyes which stain the skin.  However, remember they don’t protect you from the sun so you still need to use sunblock on a daily basis What’s in fashion? Tan or au Naturel? Remember Coco Chanel. She reminded people that royalty did not go out in the sun and that a tan was a sign of “lower class”. She was responsible for women

wearing hats and using “parasols” (umbrellas) to protect themselves from the sun BEFORE sunblock was available.  There is no such thing as a healthy tan so the natural skin tone IS MORE FASHIONABLE and every year it grows in acceptance as a sign of greater beauty.

Model: Kateryna Kudinova

Sunburn! Now what? Try NOT to get a sunburn. Every blistering burn increases your chances of getting Malignant Melanoma, a DEADLY form of skin cancer. Yes, your skin is burning – because you have done serious damage. If you are in a caretaking role for children this summer, be even more cautious because sunburns have a cumulative effect over the years, and children run around more and go in the water often. Protect them! Seeing a dermatologist. People with a family history of skin cancer or sunburns should see a dermatologist for a baseline exam and then, yearly. They should come more frequently if they have actinic keratoses (precancerous sunspots) or history of skin cancer, get a bad burn, or see an unusual looking spot or growth that they want to check out.

One word of summer sun advice? Protect your birthday suit! Use sunblock daily.

There is no such thing as a healthy tan so the natural skin tone IS MORE FASHIONABLE and every year it grows in acceptance as a sign of greater beauty


! e r e h s ’ r e m m u S ? . . . r a e w o t t a h w , h O Photography by Valencio Small Location: Beach courtesy of Mr. Robert Terino


ow that summer’s here the age old battle begins. We’ve got our beach body ready, and we can’t wait to shed the many layers of clothing and bask in the gorgeous New England sun. But we want to look our best, of course, so it’s time to go shopping for the perfect swimsuit. What are the things we should consider when picking the perfect suit?

Models: Lauren Chiarini & Flavio Tavares

Swimsuits: Eight Optics

One Piece or Two? Depending on how much you plan to expose or cover, you need to decide whether or not to go with a one piece or a two piece.

Where to Shop? Almost every clothing retailer - from boutique to department store - will carry swimwear for the summer months, but wherever you go, ensure that the lighting is clear and bright so that you can get a view of yourself when you try on your suit. Ensure the staff is trustworthy, knowledgeable and willing to help. After all, this is a summer long decision; you want to make sure you make the right choice! Mobile Truck courtesy of Artiss Akarra, Eight Optics

Function What do you plan to do in your swimsuit. Will you be playing beach volley ball, running after your kids, or lounging on the shore, soaking in the sun. Decide what your activity for the day will be and pick your suit accordingly

Swimsuit: Eight Optics

Model: Alysia Jarmon

Whether you go for trunks or briefs, focus on fit. A good fitting suit should make you look trim and masculine. And you don’t hve to be boring either. Have fun with a strong pattern

Model: Cristian Piccini

They should sit snugly on your hip so that they do not look like handme-downs

Swimsuit: Eight Optics

If you are opting for briefs, keep them short, and with a narrow leg opening.

Mix and Match Don’t be afraid to play with your separates. Mixing and matching your swim wear pieces can add fun and spice to your beach wear repertoire. Try mixing different colors, patterns and cuts. Use it to your advantage to enhance or minimize to suit your own body shape

Model: Sonia Sanchez

Making it a Date at the Beach? Find a swimsuit that says feminine, flirty and playful. Ensure that it fits comfortably and you can move freely without feeling awkward, if things get up close and personal!




t last, with June, the long awaited and dreamed of summer has arrived! With the first warmth and brightness from the Sun, the one thing we all like to do is to head out to our beautiful beaches and get ready for a tan, that we can show off, even topless!

ess Yes...? Topless No...?

But, when it comes to the subject of going topless, Italy is literally divided in two, as we either face this delicate topic or feel that the idea is morally questionable. The so-called supporters of the ‘topless movement’ make very loud proclamations about it, while many are shocked by it. In Italy, there are no regulatory restrictions for going topless; since March 2000, our laws have allowed bare breasts exclusively at the beach. The first topless beach was launched in San Francisco in 1964, and was soon exported to Europe with great success on the French beaches of Saint-Tropez. Laudably worn by many sex symbol icons and such fascinating blondes as Paris’ Brigitte Bardot, the eccentric and rebellious fashions of the 1960s were inspired. Bardot, as we all know went from being a French film

By Cinzia Antonelli

star to the most photographed woman in the world in the blink of an eye, and was even the subject of one of Andy Worhol’s famous paintings. The topless movement was a real feminist claim, when in 1969, and the Woodstock Festival, many women bared their breasts, asserting their sexual independence. They emphasized their personal freedom to choose to wear what they wanted, even with provocative attitudes like baring in public. During that period, they also discharged of the classic bra, which for centuries, women had been slaves to, as feminists in the United States, during the Miss America contest, burned their bras in a pile. Of course, this liberating attitude was also exported by us here in Europe and in Italy. In the ‘60s and ‘70s, on our Italian beaches, it was not uncommon to see many women without the top half of their swimsuit, and it was considered “different” for those who dared not to expose their breast. Here in Italy, the trend of going topless has had its ups and downs. There were times when it was more widespread, and it took turns with other fads where showing bare breasts on the beach was not considered so cool by many. A few years ago, to dampen some of this fashion of toplessness, there was the publication of the book, “Bodies of Women, Men Looks. Sociology Topless,” in which the author, Jean Claude Kaufmann, says there are a number of rules to follow when we are going topless. Each woman, according to Kaufmann, must respect a precise and strict code of behavior, according to your fitness level, your age, culture and the type

of beach where you are. In other words, he felt there were real moral ethics to be respected. Today, after winning their legitimate rights and freedoms, and even though they can express themselves as provocatively as they want, many women seem to have gone in the opposite direction, preferring to cover a bit more of themselves. It’s no longer a matter of freedom, but following most of the rules dictated by societal mores and the fashion industry. In fact, just for summer 2015, the biggest beachwear fashion designers are offering up a little more good taste in the swimsuit experience, inspired by the ‘50s. The trends that will definitely not go along with the custom of those who want to go topless are, precisely, the onepiece swimsuits and the high waist bikini.

Despite all this, however, unlike the dictates that fashions put on us, lately, I have seen on many popular Italian magazine covers, several movie stars proudly exhibited their breast sunbathing. The famous international movie star, Sharon Stone, was recently “paparazzata” (the new word coined from ‘Paparazzi’ - photographers who follow famous people around in order to get pictures of them to sell to a newpaper or magazine. In this case “paparazzata” is the past tense of “paparazzare”) while wearing a beautiful monokini (swimsuits without the piece up) on our wonderful Italian Pantelleria Island. In Italy, there are numerous beaches for those who go topless and they are scattered throughout the Peninsula; the most beautiful and fashionable are those of

Capalbio, Rimini, Riccione, Giglio Island, Milano Marittima and Forte dei Marmi.

Nevetheless, guys and girls, topless or not, let’s go to the beach?

Although there is absolutely no crime to going topless at the beach, when packing for your vacation, if you do not want to take the top piece of your swimsuit, you would do well to learn the habits and customs of the local people, before going to their beaches.

Ciao from Italy! Cinzia

The fact is - we still have several beaches where going topless is not tolerated, and many mayors of the seacoast areas reserve the right to draw up local regulations, about whether or not you can go topless. For us Italians, there is on old adage that says, “The world is not the same, wherever you go.”

“In Italy, there are numerous beaches for those who go topless...”


The Enigma of Madonna


By Jaclyn Pelopida

napologetic” and “defiant” have been the two most-used words to describe Madonna since she first graced the music scene in 1982 with hits such as “Holiday” and “Borderline.” Pushing boundaries and breaking barriers has been Madonna’s mission long before Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus even existed. With an estimated net worth of over $800 million, two divorces and four children, a slew of younger boyfriends, over 300 million records sold worldwide, Grammy and Golden Globe awards and the title of the “best-selling female recording artist of all time” by the Guinness World Records, Madonna is rightfully known around the world as the “Queen of Pop.”

The year was 1984 and the stage of the MTV Video Music Awards was set for the debut of Madonna’s newest hit “Like a Virgin,” that had topped the Billboard hot 100 chart for six consecutive weeks. Although Madonna claims she was originally terrified of the performance, she shocked the airwaves and the audience by appearing atop of a giant wedding cake while wearing a wedding dress and white gloves; this moment has forever been noted by MTV as an iconic VMA performance. Of course, with any performance of Madonna’s, backlash ensued. Commenting on the backlash of that performance to Rooksby magazine, Madonna said, “I was surprised by how people reacted to ‘Like a Virgin’ because when I did that song, to me, I was singing about how something made me feel a certain way—brand-new and fresh—and everyone interpreted it as ‘I don’t want to be a virgin anymore. F*** my brains out!’ That’s not what I sang at all. ‘Like a Virgin’ was always absolutely ambiguous.”

media due to its explicit and sexually provocative pictures, it sold 1.5 million copies in just a few days. Madonna also starred in hit movies in the 90s such as “A League of Their Own,” and the critically acclaimed “Evita.” Madonna won a Golden Globe for her leading role as Evita for Best Actress in Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. While filming “Evita,” Madonna was pregnant and gave birth to her daughter Lourdes in 1996. In 1998, Madonna released her seventh studio album, “Ray of Light,” which won her four Grammy awards. In 2000, Madonna married her second husband, direc-

After the massive popularity of “Like a Virgin,” the hits kept on coming for Madonna with “Material Girl,” “Crazy for You,” and “Into the Groove.” Along with a slew of number one hits, Madonna married actor Sean Penn in 1985; they later divorced in 1989. In July of 1985, Penthouse and Playboy published nude photos of Madonna that were taken when she was younger and in need of money. The photos caused a media and public uproar but Madonna had no remorse. In current times, Madonna still has no remorse to this day as she is known to flash her breasts to her audience while she is on tour.

At the same time she released her fifth studio album, “Erotica,” in 1992, Madonna also released her first book entitled “Sex.” Although the book caused a strong, negative reaction from the public and the

Madonna at Coachella 2006 by Tony Barton

In 1989, Madonna pushed the boundaries again when she signed a deal with Pepsi and debut her new song “Like a Prayer,” in one of the commercials. The music video for the new hit spawned controversy everywhere as it depicted the Catholic cross burning and a dream about making love to a saint; this lead to the Vatican condemning the video. Religious groups tried to ban the video and boycott Pepsi products, which led Pepsi to cancel Madonna’s sponsorship and revoke her commercial. “Like a Prayer” reached number one and by the end of 1980s, Madonna was named as “Artist of the Decade” by MTV, Billboard, and Music magazine.

By Fabio Tellez from CABA

tor Guy Ritchie, and gave birth to her second child, Rocco. She also released her eighth studio album, “Music,” that same year. In 2003, Madonna released her lowest-selling album of her career, “American Life,” but also made sure to shock TV screens again. At the MTV VMAs Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera re-created Madonna’s iconic performance of “Like a Virgin,” where they both came out singing the song in wedding dresses. The music stopped and Madonna, dressed in a tux, popped out of the top of a white wedding cake singing “Hollywood.” Halfway through the performance, people were in for a surprise when Madonna kissed both Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera on stage; cue the controversy again. Madonna then went on to release “Confessions on a Dance Floor” in 2005, “Hard Candy” in 2008, “MDNA” in 2012 and her most recent album, “Rebel Heart,” in which she secretly released to iTunes in March of 2015. At 56 years old, Madonna will begin to tour for 13th album from August to December 2015, and you can guarantee she will find new ways to create controversy along the way.

“Although Madonna claims she was originally terrified of the performance, she shocked the airwaves and the audience by appearing atop a giant wedding cake while wearing a wedding dress and white gloves; this moment has forever been noted by MTV as an iconic VMA performance.”


Ways to Eat Smarter


By Elizabeth Phinney

ave you ever wondered why there are so many choices for any one product on the grocery store shelves? I mean, seriously, do we need 30 flavors of salad dressing, never mind dozens of manufacturers? A salad should be about the greens and veggies, shouldn’t it? Not about how to hide the flavor of the food??

The reason is very simple: the food industry has nothing to do with food – it has everything to do with money. What will sell? How can the manufacturer attract you to buy their product? We have become the victims in this pressurized industry and as a result of their pursuit of your dollars, our country hovers at a 37%+ obesity level and a staggering 70% in the classification of overweight. And, this has only happened over the last 30 years. No wonder there is a health care crisis in this country!

draw” from the amount of sugar you eat. In tests done with rats, sugar has been proven to be 8X more addictive than cocaine! So quitting your favorite foods will not be easy, but it will definitely be worth it. Abstention from all sugar over a 2 week period can physically give the body the chance to not crave it anymore.

That will not be easy because sugar is in EVERYTHING!! So, read your labels. Xylitol, dextrose, glucose, malodextrin, high fructose corn syrup, beet sugar and the list goes on – 200+ kinds of sugar are put into Now-a-days, you have to be very careful with everyour food. The best advice – if any kind of sugar is in thing you put into your mouth. As a nation, we did not the first 5 ingredients, don’t eat it. get so fat because we didn’t care what we were eating. We got fat because we trusted that what we were eatHowever, sugar is not just an ingredient: it is a bying wasn’t bad for us. Unfortunately, that was not the product, a simple carbohydrate. Any flour or food that case. has been processed becomes a simple carbohydrate. So, all those snacks you love from Doritos to cookies In the 1970’s it was all about taking fat out of the food to donuts to most breads – all become simple carbobecause “fat was making us fat.” (That has since been hydrates when entered into your digestive system and, disproved!) When the food manufacturers took the therefore, are digested as if they were pure sugar. Do fat out, they took the flavor out. In order to bring the your best to limit these. flavor back, they added sugar. And, here we are 30+ years later – a nation of sugar addicts. Eating smarter is not hard when you know what to look for. Another culprit which compromises our The only way to stop this epidemic of sugar addiction health are all the poisons that are put on our fresh is one day at a time – literally. You need to “withproduce. There are some foods whose pesticides,

herbicides, insecticides, etc. are not as lethal so conventional produce is fine with these. (For a complete list, go to ewg.org and look for “The Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen.”) Of course, the best option is to consume organic produce whenever it is affordable. By eating organically, we allow the body to focus on the nutrition that is in the food rather than the toxins. Another part of the food industry that has gotten completely out of hand is the use of GMO’s in our food. Without going into too much detail, GMO (or GE) stands for Genetically Modified Organism. These are foods whose DNA has been altered in order to accommodate the needs of the food industry – the plants don’t die when you spray them with pesticides to kill the weeds. Long story short, throughout the rest of the world, GMO’s are either not allowed or they have mandated labeling of GMO foods. Not in the USA though. So, you need to be aware: the extensive research done outside the United States has proven that these foods are toxic for you in the long run and should not be consumed. The most prominent of these foods are corn, soy, most vegetable oils, sugar beets,

aspartame, papayas, dairy (based on what is fed to the cows,) green and yellow squash. Again the solution to not eating these foods is to go organic if you can. Organic foods, by definition, cannot be genetically modified. Eating smarter is based on logic. When dining, consider what you are putting in your mouth and recall the old adage: “you are what you eat, ” then decide if you want to indulge. The food you eat today will, in fact, help to shape the way you live for decades to come. NEXT MONTH: How to Create YOUR Diet for Life!


How To Make Your Kid Look Ultra Chic!


By Laura Rossi

ummer is here! After the longest winter ever, we are all embracing fun fashion and chic looks – and this includes the younger set. If you are a parent who loves fashion, then the summer season is the perfect time to curate fashionista looks for your children. Whether your budget is big or small, there are many ways to dress and accessorize children, tweens, and even teens (if they will let you near their closet).

Ask any stylist and she’ll tell you there are a few simple and easy ways to learn how to make your daughter or son look “chic” (meaning stylish and elegant – and for children age appropriate). The secrets: 1. Model Mom (or Dad) – The seasonal fashion trends for children usually are inspired by the same runway that dictates the hot looks and colors that adults will covet during any particular season. If you think of your little one as a “mini-me” and find inspiration in your own fashion choices you will be on your way. 2. Spend time on Pinterest – Visual pin boards with descriptions such as kid chic or children fashionista will surprise and delight you! There are many “board” on this great social media platform and you can see how styles, accessories, and trends will look on similar body types and ages. I love spending time sourcing ideas – then I can find my own versions in my own budget and poof, like magic, your daughter is runway ready! WARNING: you will not believe how much time you can spend online on Pinterest and you’ll be head over heels at some of these looks. 3. Read fashion magazines – this one is a no-brainer! You can read so many magazines online for free today there really is no excuse for not staying on top of the trends.

4. Bloggers and Instagram and etsy (plus iPhone photos) OH MY! – Follow Fashioncentric Mom bloggers especially on Instagram, look for celebrities you love that are parents and Google images of their little ones, and finally snap pics on your iPhone when you see something in a store you love! Once you have your inspiration and fashion faves (note: don’t forget to involve your older children in picking out fashions, styling, and shopping). My daughter and I have fun making a visual list of what she likes and we do this online and using some of my fashion magazines. Then we hit the mall and/or the internet. One of my best kept secrets: now that my tween is almost a teen, we often find that size “extra-small” in the women’s section fit her perfect (and the same with her twin brother and the men’s section) – this means we can find and follow trends easily. When they were younger, I shopped at stores that sold both adult and children’s fashions. By avoiding the “children only” clothing stores, we had more success finding grownup looks and achieving the ultimate chicness! Of course, most families can not afford to buy new wardrobes every season for children (and don’t forget

FOUNDATION PIECES ROCK – Channel the chic with great leggings, tank tops, cardigans, belts and other layering items. They look grown-up, trendy, and yes CHIC! ACCESSORIES – Find age-appropriate accessories and you will get raves! Headbands, necklaces, glasses, even nail polish can bring a blah look to the next level. For example, this summer why not buy some a straw fedora for your children to rock at the beach or park? Here’s to all things chic!

growth patterns of our kids make it tough to invest in long term pieces or shoes because they grow out of everything). For the modern Mom (and Dad), I created a Chic Checklist to help you shop this summer: SOMETHING LITTLE CAN BE ALL YOU NEED -- I love that a little touch such as an accessory can make a big fashion statement. This summer why not try a pint-size infinity scarf for you fashion gal? It will look oh-so-chic and also help with summer chills or air conditioner drafts. FOCUS ON ONE GROWN-UP TREND – Fringe is big (and into the fall we’ll see 70s inspired fashions, too). Get your little guy or gal something with a fringe detail and you’ll achieve a fashionable look. FABRIC FOCUS: TULLE – Depending on the season, it’s usually easy to discover a popular fabric or finish (think metallics for example) and then find a way to translate to your kiddo. There are so many dreamy skirts for all shapes and sizes. AVOID SPENDING A LOT ON NOVELTY SHOES – You can mimic trends for shoes but don’t spend a lot of money. Those feet grow fast! I always invest in great sneakers and every day shoes. Summer is the best time of the year to purchase trendy sandals for boys and girls. Instant chic.

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Trade Secrets June 2015  

Volume 3 Issue 2

Trade Secrets June 2015  

Volume 3 Issue 2