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STYLIST Sira D’Arpino


HAIR & MAKEUP Nakala Lombard


CONTRIBUTOR Kristen Verducci

COVER MODEL Cassandra Esposito TRADE SECRETS is a free monthly online magazine for models and the talent industry across New England.

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In February this year, I met up with an old business aquaintance whom I hadn’t seen in over five years. Of course, a lot had happened to both of us in that time. She had revamped her business, and moved into a new studio. I had purchased a modeling agency… Yeah, lots of catching up…. Almost as soon as I sat down, she suggested wthat I should publish a magazine. I laughed out loud, and hard! “Me? A magazine? Oh, no! I already have my hands full,” I said. Maybe… maybe in another five years… About four weeks later, I was driving to a business-networking event. My cell phone rang and it was Valencio Small, my agency photographer. “Hey! What’s up?” I asked, trying to concentrate on the road and find the address for the venue. “You should start a magazine,” he said. I paused, immediately thinking back to my meeting exactly a month earlier. “What? Why?” I asked, pulling over and parking my car as I wondered at this crazy coincidence. After a fifteen minute intense debate, I glanced at the clock on the dashboard and realized I was running miserably late for the event, but I promised Valencio I would give it some thought. I don’t know about you, but I seem to get my best ideas, solutions, and answers in the shower. So, a few days later, somewhere in the middle of shaving a leg (yeah, sorry for the sordid visual) I thought about it again, and it felt … right. This could actually work! I sent an email to two of our models – Alisha and Julie. I had always held them in high regard, and I knew that they both possessed the skills and knowledge to fill any gaps that I had. In addition, they were both wonderful individuals, lots of fun, extremely hard workers, and had been exemplary ambassadors of the agency. Almost immediately, Julie shot back with an excited “Yes!” and I nervously waited to hear back from Alisha. A week passed and … nothing. I began to wonder - could I have offended her by asking? Was she so uninterested that she didn’t feel the need to even justify my request with an answer? Two days later, I received a breathless email, “Sorry, Yemi I have been on vacation, and am just getting back.” ‘Oh that’s right,’ I forgot she notified me that she would be away! “I would love to!” Alisha said. Bingo! We held the first editorial meeting a few days later over dinner at Seven Moons Restaurant in North Kingstown, and left with an infallible plan of action. On my way home, I made one more call. “Hey Sira,” I chimed, leaving her a voice mail message, “you’ll probably think I’m crazy, but I am thinking of starting an online magazine and I would like you to be responsible for all the styling….” This first issue, (hopefully the first of many), is the culmination of a frenzied month, tons of drafts and redrafts, a lot of learning and self-teaching, as well as many nights up till 4:00 a.m. We will write many of the articles ourselves, and invite contributors from all walks of life to give their perspective on subject matters that appeal to our industry. I always try not to take myself too seriously, (or at least act like it), and I’m approaching this magazine in much the same way. I hope you find it both educational and enjoying.

Stay fabulous! Y

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PEEKING INSIDE A MODEL’S CLOSET shoes – one black and one brown - with a matching belt for each,” Bobby says. From his closet to his makeup bag…yes, that’s right… makeup bag, there are more necessities for guys than you may think. Like the female wardrobe, male models must have the appropriate undergarments - form fitting briefs, (yeah, the classic “tighty-whities!”) and white v-neck t-shirt, “so they don’t affect your wardrobe,” he By Julie Dawson continues. You’ll also find a mix of polos and button-down shirts in Have you ever flipped through solid colors without logos. Solids a fashion magazine and noticed the are important because they won’t tiny print in the corner of an ad, be distracting. In fact, most of his describing the model’s wardrobe? modeling jobs require him to bring Ever observe what it said? Maybe several options of solid colored something like “clothing by…” or clothing. “However,” he says, “… “model’s own.” Well, if you didn’t remember to bring a variety of light before, now we know what you’ll and dark choices.” be doing the next time you pick up a mag. It’s easy to picture a model’s wardrobe looking like Cher “The key to having Horowitz’s rotating closet in the movie Clueless, but if a great wardrobe is you have ever thought that it would be spilling over with knowing your own ‘stuff ’… relax…, it’s not as bad as you think. body and what looks Of course, like any other profession, models have their good on you.” ‘tools of the trade’. So let’s take a peek inside. We asked Donahue Models - Amanda, Charlotte and Bobby – for some insight. Any more ‘never-leave-home“Every model should own without-it’ essentials? Absolutely! black and tan closed-toe pumps…” For Amanda, it’s her nude strapless Amanda says. Models usually wear bra and thong, lint roller, makeup their own shoes, so it is imperative for touchups, and her leggings, to have several choices for the job. “You can dress them up or down. For guys; “At least two pairs of They go with everything!” For 4 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 1 | | 401.353.4940

Amanda Spittell

Charlotte: wedges, a blazer, skinny jeans, basic t-shirts, and a dressy tank or two. Modeling jobs vary from one to the next, and ‘travelling light’ is often not an option. “I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff just in case,” Amanda says. “Pack everything, because you never know what you might need. It’s worth carrying the extra five pounds.” That’s because the client is usually “coordinating what everyone…is wearing,” Bobby says. “The people you're working for love options.” It’s always better to bring too much, than too little! Any final essentials for the guys? …drum roll, please…cover-up, face powder and brush! The secret has been revealed! “You always want to even out your skin tones…” Bobby offers, …“because cameras these days don’t hide anything.”

Ultimately, the key to having a great wardrobe is “knowing your own body and what looks good on you,” Amanda concludes. “Wear something attractive and fun, but not too revealing,” Charlotte advises. “Have your clothes camera ready. You look bad if you show up with wrinkled clothes” Bobby says. He also suggests packing comfy “street clothes” that are “easy to take on and off without messing up hair and makeup.” Quite often, models wait around to have hair and makeup done for a shoot, rehearsal or show. Wearing comfortable clothes during downtime will help keep your job-related wardrobe clean and wrinkle-free. So now you know; having a model’s wardrobe doesn’t mean that you need to spend a lot of money. It’s all about having the few basics that make you prepared to look

and feel like a confident industry professional.

Charlotte McGregor

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By Kristen Verducci

A wise man once said, “The eyes are the windows to the soul,” and he was right. They are the most expressive feature that we have, and a pair of beautifully manicured eyebrows can set them off magnificently. As styles change, so do eyebrows - from the pencil thin look in the 20s to the large, bushy equivalent of the 80s – and now in 2013, we have a new trend. Similar to the 80s, but much more polished, it is neat and trim with a slight arch, while maintaining its fullness. Facial shape is the primary key to determining which brow shape would best suit you. • Oval faces are the luckiest, any brow shape will flatter. • Square and diamond faces have sharp angles, so a curved brow will soften them. • Round faces should have a high arch to elongate

• Long faces - a flat brow with very little arch. • Heart shaped faces look best with a very rounded brow. There are many ways to achieve beautifully groomed brows, but the three most popular methods are plucking, waxing and threading. • Plucking is time consuming, but the most preferred method because you can do it yourself, and applying some oral gel to the area can dull any pain. Always pluck in the direction that your hair grows and try not to ‘over-pluck’ the tops of the brow, otherwise you could lose the natural shape. • Waxing can also be done at home with a waxing kit. However, you will receive better results by going to an experienced professional, and if you have very sensitive skin this may not be the best method for you. • Threading should only be done by an experienced professional. This procedure is extremely

6 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 1 | | 401.353.4940

Amy Diaz | Photo: Fadil Berisha

quick and works best on fine hair. Well-groomed eyebrows are not just for the female model. They are just as important for guys, and there are a few tips to ensure that you are well on your way to a handsome “manscape.” • A unibrow is never ok! You do not have to remove the hair completely, but even by remov-

ing a few hairs it will neaten your look • Keep your brows looking masculine by creating a straight brow line or a very slight curve. No dramatic arches. • Always comb up and trim the long hairs with a small scissor. • And here’s a great one for when you are on a shoot, applying clear mascara or a small amount of hair gel with an eyebrow brush will tame any unruly hairs and keep you looking clean and sharp for that close up shot. Whichever method you decide is best for you, remember – beautiful brows will always enhance your overall appearance - so it is important to maintain them. Schedule your appointments for every two weeks before you leave the salon, and if you groom them yourself, check daily for any stray hairs. It is best to keep up with them regularly, before they become unruly. Well-groomed brows are definitely worth the effort, so take good care of them. Always remember the motto ‘less is more,’ and you will feel amazing and confident.

Maksim Magao | Photo: Cory Stierley

About Kristen Hair stylist and makeup artist, Kristen Verducci, lives in Rhode Island with her wonderful husband of 15 years and three amazing children. With over 20 years of experience, she considers herself very lucky to be able to make a living out of something for which she is so passionate. Whether she is instructing new models at Donahue Models or behind the chair at The Arthur Company Salon, her goal is not only to bring out the outer beauty in each individual, but their inner beauty and confidence as well. 401.353.4940 | | Issue 1, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrest | 7


Neon. Not just for the 80’s By Sira D’Arpino

It is one trend that can’t be missed and has become dominant from the runway to retail stores for the spring and summer seasons. Many of the top designers, from Christian Dior to Oscar De La Renta, have incorporated the strong colors of neon in very creative and successful ways. If you’ve ever steered away from neon colors out of fear of looking like you came from the Time Machine Express from the 80s, it’s completely understandable, especially for those of us who have worn the trend once before.

A quick PSA to my readers in that age bracket: don’t skip off to the closet to dig out that piece from 30

years ago because you just didn’t have the heart to get rid of it! Instead, look for a fun accessory or an inexpensive top to add the trend into your closet. For the conservative dresser, or the older man or woman, it could be very difficult to wear neon colors. The intensity and the brightness can be harsh on mature skin, so a great way to incorporate this hue would be to pair it with neutral or more subdued colors - like black or white. Denim is always a safe go-to piece to create balance. The trend is not just for women and girls; neon has been injected into men’s clothing as well. These are mostly seen in accessories such as sunglasses, belts, shoes, watches and ties, and like their female counterparts, it can be intimidating for those who are used to wearing dark colors. On the other hand, my younger readers Ashley Dion

8 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 1 | | 401.353.4940

can be bold and daring in a more fun and trendy way. If you fall into that bracket, then don’t be afraid, go ahead combine colors to your heart’s content! Personally, I like to use neon colors to add a splash of fun and not take over the whole outfit. A nice way would be by adding a bold accessory - a necklace, bag or a scarf - anything that adds to the trend without overwhelming. For the bolder guys among us, your flash of neon could be a pair of pants or a jacket. One of my favorite accessories of the moment, for men, is a pair of shoes by Cole Haan. They come in a classic style with a pop of glow around the sole that makes them easy to wear, and

Daniel Dawson

can take your look from casual to a more classic one in instant. Neon comes in many different shades, so it is best to narrow it down and pick what looks best on you. For instance, if the bright electric green looks too strong, opt for a calmer, lighter green. Also, try on a variety of colors to see which ones bring out your features the most. For example, blue colors bring out blue eyes, while orange, yellow, and purple can bring out the highlights in your hair. The good news is - this spring trend can be worn no matter your age, sex or shape. However, keep these ‘Golden Rules of Neon’ in mind, and you will be ‘the eye catcher’ of the season!

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Cassandra Esposito At the age of 15, Cassandra is no stranger to the spotlight. She started acting around 10, and decided five years later to take a stab at modeling. Now she’s (almost) all grown up, standing at 5’10,” the tall beauty is hoping to take the modeling world by storm. If you could be any character in a TV show or movie, who would you want to be?”

“I’d want to be Alice from Alice in Wonderland. The change that she goes through as a character and what she encounters on her trip is fantastic.”

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12 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 1 | | 401.353.4940

TALENT TALKS TS: “If you could choose any other job (besides acting/ modeling), what would it be?” CE: “Proabably anything involved with drawing or singing. I love to sing, and drawing is so relaxing.” TS: “What one word would you use to describe yourself?” CE: “I would describe myself as right-sided (of the brain).” TS: “…and what one word would your mother use to describe you?” CE: One word my mother would use to describe me – “Unique.” When she’s not at school or on a modeling assignment, Cassandra loves to catch a variety of shows on TV. TS: “What types of TV shows do you enjoy the most?” CE: “I really enjoy sci-fi, horror and action TV shows. Those shows just peak my interest, particularly because it is a dream of mine, to act in one of those types of shows.” TS: “Who’s your favorite actor?” CE: “Johnny Depp is hands down my favorite actor! He is so diverse, you can put him in any role and he can work with it.” TS: ‘…and how about yor favorite model?” CE: “…Candice Swanopoel because of how sutnning she is in so many ways. Try or not, she is just a natural.” TS: “If you were a character in a TV show or movie, who would you want to be?” CE: “I’d want to be Alice from Alice in Wonderland. The change that she goes through as a character and what she encounters on her trip is fantastic.” TS: “What’s your favorite genre of movies?” CE: “Horror! It’s such a rush!!” Also a music lover, Cassandra enjoys Rock, Indie and Classical, but when it comes to picking her top band or singer, it is “… pretty even,” she says. “No one is better than the other, in my opinion.” TS: “If you could learn to play a musical instrument, what would it be?” CE: “I would love to learn to play the piano!” Like any teenager, Cassandra loves clothes, and describes her sense of style as “delicate grunge.” From the sound of it, 401.353.4940 | | Issue 1, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrest | 13

TALENT TALKS her wardrobe runs the whole gamut, “…lots of blacks, leather, studs, lace, fringe, high-waisted pants, pops of color, pastels, high-low skirts, beanies…” she says. Any other interesting favorites she’d like to share? TS: “…animal?” CE: “Tigers. They are such dangerous creatures, large and feared, yet stunning, graceful, agile and playful.”

She also has a favorite word. CE: “Scrumptious! Because the word itself sounds so true to its meaning.” Yummmm!

TS: “…form of exercise?” CE: “Either dancing, yoga or cardio”

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By Yemi Sekoni

On April 6th fashion designers, Rafael Rivero and Martin Polanco, flew in from the Dominican Republic to join local Latin designer and StyleWeekveteran, Maria del Carmen Mercado. The three were showcased in “Spring Colors 2013” - an annual fashion event, founded by Martha Villar, owner of Gennesis Boutique, (a clothing retailer in Providence). Castings were held the day before the show, and TRADE SECRETS’ Editorial Director, Julie, was one of 12 Donahue Models who attended. “I have only been on a few casting calls for runway events because when I have been booked through the agency, it has typically been through a direct submission.” There were over 30 unrepre-

sented models also attending. However, this didn’t make it any less competitive. “We were directed to line up according to height and walk,” Julie said, “…and to my surprise, most of the non-professional models brought attitude, confidence, and at times, a surprisingly good catwalk.” Call time, the next morning, was 11:30 a.m. at the Providence Marriott, to prep for hair and makeup provided by JLS Hair Design Salon and Nakala Lombard, a freelance makeup artist. By noon, the styling stations were all set up, and the frenzy began as they worked to execute the different looks each designer requested. Finding a balance was tricky, however, because each designer’s vision was dissimilar from the other and most of the models would be walking for more than one designer. Luckily for Julie, she was modeling Rafael’s collection only. To depict his 1940s Julie Dawson

inspired theme, her hair was curled and pinned into a bob. “My makeup included a cat-eye with black eyeliner, bold eyebrows, and a light pink lip.” Maria’s models were artfully made up in bright colors of teal and bronze, with a peach lip. The evening opened around 7:30 p.m. with a short dance routine by a group of ‘lollipop girls.’ Dressed in tank tops, tutus, platform heels and brightly colored thigh-high socks, they entertained the audience with

16 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 1 | | 401.353.4940


Ella Miller

bouquets of ballons, large lollipops, and handed out candy. After a few introductions, the show began with a few looks from Gennesis Boutique. Next was Maria's line; filled with swimsuits and resort wear in bold colors ranging from emerald green to neon pink, draping the models in silky fabrics that flowed around their legs as they sauntered down the 80-foot runway. This was followed by Martin Polanco, depicting a chic/sporty look. While his collection favored women in micro mini shirt-dresses, he didn’t leave out the men who were dressed in unisex jumpers.

Jennifer Tashjian

Rafael was the last designer to show. His line was a vision of whites, beiges and a smattering of denim. Accessorizing with layered gold beaded necklaces, chain belts and cuffs, he showed an impressive 28 looks that ranged from Peter Pan collars to caped cocktail gowns. Julie looked resplendent in her outfit. “I wore a gorgeous all-white cocktail length dress, caped with sheer fabric that draped slightly below the backside of my knees. It had a beautiful folded deep v-neck collar and gathered just under the bust line with built-in elastic to create an empire waist.” What made the whole week-

end even more interesting was the fact that all but one person on the coordinating team spoke no English. This meant that throughout the casting and all the prep, communication was a challenge to the majority of English-speaking, mono-lingual guests and models. However, once the show started, there was no need for any language. The night was filled with entertainment, color, hugs, laughter, applause…. And a whole lot of that good ol’ Latin flavor.

Pamelym DeOliveira and Julia Armstrong 401.353.4940 | | Issue 1, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrest | 17


Feeling the Fear: A Candid Conversation with the Force Behind

By Yemi Sekoni

“My biggest fear was having the community not see or grasp the vision I had… Explaining to them that a fashion week would not only help make Providence a fashion destination, but it would also boost the economy.” Meet Rosanna Ortiz Sinel, founder and president of StyleWeek, LLC. She created the company in 2009 as a platform for emerging fashion designers. Sinel worked, since 2001, in marketing and PR, managing major accounts for Fortune 500 companies including Estee Lauder and Origins; been co-owner of a boutique PR agency in Washington, D.C., and had a stint with Franco Sarto as a shoe representative . TS: “What ‘possessed’ you to tread where few would?” ROS: “I wanted to fill a void that I felt was missing. …Most fashion events … taking place in the New England area, were not being

executed as a professional event. I found that many really turned out to be glorified cocktail parties that were not business-focused, and I wanted to create a fashion week that would be taken seriously by the community and press…” TS: “But why RI?” ROS: “I lived in Boston for many years and when I moved to Providence, I absolutely fell in love with how central it is! Providence also holds a creative panache that is a bit more business oriented.” TS: “Were there any moments at the beginning when you thought, ‘Uh-oh, what have I gotten myself into?’” ROS: “Haha, I still have those! However, it’s more like a, ‘Wow, this is bigger than I thought it would be!’ moment. Like any labor of love you have, you have to go through the hard times to get to the successes.” TS: “There must have been that moment when the sheer scale of all this, sunk in…” ROS: “I do have that moment during closing night where I am looking around the room, watching the faces in the audience; …the smiles on the faces of our designers when they walk out at the end. It makes me indif-

18 | Trade Secrets | 2013 Volume 1, Issue 1 | | 401.353.4940

ferent to all the people who kept telling me that it couldn’t be done.” A graduate of Suffolk University in Boston (with a degree in Advertising), Rosanna knew she needed the perfect visual to convey the basic premise of her organization. TS: “The logo; how did that visual come about?” ROS: “It was created by my dear friend, Darren Marinelli, of Artinium. We wanted the logo to express the beginning of something; the start of art, for instance. So the red part of the logo is the beginning of a painting or a fabric swatch, we leave that to the interpretation of the viewer.” TS: “What has been your biggest surprise, thus far?” ROS: “How much I’ve learned about myself. Having your own business is one of the deepest learning experiences…I have changed so much in the past two years and have become more comfortable

with trusting my gut and not pleasing everyone. I take the time to think, ‘What is best for the brand?’ That has been one of the most freeing feelings I have ever had!” As if she didn’t have a full schedule already, Rosanna currently serves on the board of two key organizations - the American Heart Association of Southern New England and Fashion Group International, Boston. In 2011, she was selected by The Providence Journal as one of 11 people to watch, and was honored as one of Providence Business News’ “40 Under 40” in 2012. We suspect that she will be one to watch for many years to come. To be contd.

“Like any labor of love..., you have to go through the hard times to get to the successes.” 401.353.4940 | | Issue 1, Volume 1 2013 | Trade Secrest | 19

“...the entire shoot was a lot of fun! I think it was very diverse!�

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Trade Secrets May  

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