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What’s Your Season? -THE RIGHT COLORS FOR YOUR SKIN TONEor of the year.” But will that new “it” color look good against your skin? Yes – you just have to find the right shade to match your skin tone.

(spring or autumn). • If your skin is pale, dark, or has blue undertones, your veins will appear blue. This represents a “cool” tone (winter or summer).

• Chemistry 101: Skin tone is a combination of three basic pigments: melanin, hemoglobin and carotene. n January of 1980, Melanin is the primary pigCarole Jackson startment that determines how ed the color analdark a person’s skin will be. ysis craze with the • Beauty 101: Skin tone is release of her best classified based on the seaseller, “Color Me sons: spring, summer, auBeautiful.” Jackson changed tumn, and winter. the way we viewed clothing and shopping. It was not Before I jump to the seajust about wearing clothing sons, let’s talk a bit about that fit, but wearing clothing our veins. Yes, those visible that flattered your body and lines protruding from your your skin. skin like a meandering river.

Another easy test to determine skin tone is to take two scarves; one pink and one orange. Place one of the scarves next to your face. If you notice the scarf first instead your face, and your skin looks dull, then that color is not right for you. Try the next one and, again assess the results. If pink looks better against your skin, then you are summer/ winter. If the orange is the one that made your face shine, then shop for spring or autumn tones.

Today, color plays a major • If your skin has yelrole in the fashion industry. low-gold undertones and Each year, color authority your veins appear greenish, Pantone announces the “colthen you have a “warm” tone

So which colors will complement your skin tone? Let’s take it season by season.

By Lisa Shorr


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