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By June Monteiro


main focus and is the center thought of all decisions made throughout the planning process and, as we have all heard before, a collection begins with inspiration. Inspiration can come from anything as small as an object found in the street or as large as a whole era in time. Inspiration varies by designer, collection and season. My collections are usually based on women and/or events in history. I enjoy the factual information and unique glimpses into the past that I discover while researching my inspirations. The details are the small, yet most imThis season my inspiration is the women portant things that put a runway show of the Black Panther Party. I was inspired together successfully and as a designer, by their strength, courage, femininity my job is not just to create the collection and forward thinking. In an era that was seen on the runway, but to also present a filled with inequality, these women stood memorable show the audience will enjoy. as equals to the men in their organization and were truly trendsetters. Of course the collection has to be the s a newcomer to the StyleWeek roster of designers, I thought it would be a great idea to write about the experience of a runway show through the eyes of a designer. For most, attending a fashion show involves selecting a great outfit and enjoying the excitement of seeing the latest fashions walk the runway. But rarely are there thoughts of the backstage and the behind the scenes details that go into putting together a StyleWeek show.

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