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Whoa! We have had a busy month! The eighth season of StyleWeek, (Autumn/Winter 2014), was last month and we are bringing you all things ‘StyleWeek.’ With 19 shows over seven nights, that consisted of 18 fashion designers, 12 student contestants, a bridal couture installation, and a myriad of models, makeup artists and hair stylists - there was a lot to cover, so please enjoy our StyleWeek recap. We also bring back our “StyleWeek’s Most Stylish” – 14 of the best-dressed men and women picked by our team over the seven nights. This time though, we have an honorable mention; 10-year old Aidan Marinelli; we couldn’t resist acknowledging his efforts. For our Crimes of Fashion segment this month, our Fashion Consultant, Sira D’Arpino, takes on the topic of how much is too much; skin, that is! How much should we show, ladies, before crossing the class vs. trash line? Our Talent Talks spotlight is the beautiful Kelsey Shank. She shares how she started modeling, her desire to work in the prison system, and how she wants to change the world! There are several other great write-ups in this month’s issue. In the spirit of handbags, we spotlight local handbag company, Zarusa, while our Italian contributor, Cinzia Antonelli talks about the handbag culture in her country. Managing editor, Jaclyn Pelopida, shares her favorite Valentine’s Day movies, and June Monteiro, owner of Enamour, takes us on a very riveting journey as a StyleWeek designer. To round out this month, makeup artist, Jessica Berndt teaches us about some great habits to help keep wrinkles at bay. It’s both Valentine’s Day and Black History Month here in the United States. To all our readers, I wish you the very best of both; and as I always say…

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By June Monteiro


main focus and is the center thought of all decisions made throughout the planning process and, as we have all heard before, a collection begins with inspiration. Inspiration can come from anything as small as an object found in the street or as large as a whole era in time. Inspiration varies by designer, collection and season. My collections are usually based on women and/or events in history. I enjoy the factual information and unique glimpses into the past that I discover while researching my inspirations. The details are the small, yet most imThis season my inspiration is the women portant things that put a runway show of the Black Panther Party. I was inspired together successfully and as a designer, by their strength, courage, femininity my job is not just to create the collection and forward thinking. In an era that was seen on the runway, but to also present a filled with inequality, these women stood memorable show the audience will enjoy. as equals to the men in their organization and were truly trendsetters. Of course the collection has to be the s a newcomer to the StyleWeek roster of designers, I thought it would be a great idea to write about the experience of a runway show through the eyes of a designer. For most, attending a fashion show involves selecting a great outfit and enjoying the excitement of seeing the latest fashions walk the runway. But rarely are there thoughts of the backstage and the behind the scenes details that go into putting together a StyleWeek show.

Daringly Dark. This Winter's Makeup

Expressing Your Winter Fashion Personality


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Once inspired, like many designers, I begin sketching the collection. The first sketches are rough ideas usually scribbled in a notebook with words and images. From there I solidify the design with flats that help me to finalize the design structurally. This is my process, but I’ve known designers who design first by choosing their fabric, others who collage, paint, and even drape their sketches. After creating the sketches, samples then have to go into production. This consists of pattern drafting, mock ups, fittings, and a final garment to be produced. A huge part of production is fabric and notion selections. The fabrics need to be appropriate for the season and for the function of the

garment, but also should convey your inspiration as a designer. The same principles are taken into account when selecting notions, (zippers, buttons, etc.), for the garments in a collection. Production is my favorite part of the design process. I love seeing a 2D sketch and all of the elements selected for the garment come together to create a sample. For me, as a designer, this process has the most possibilities and allows for such creative moments to arise. It’s also the time where each garment has individuality outside of being thought of as a part of a whole; because once the samples are done and model fittings begin, it’s at this point that the cohesiveness and presentation

6 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

of the collection are most important. All aspects of a runway show from the music, models and accessories are integral, so everything is cross referenced and discussed in comparison to one another. Very few designers go through this process alone. For my first StyleWeek show, I enrolled the expertise of stylist Vinija Varghese. Vinija is a stylist based in New York City; she has experience in commercial, editorial and personal styling. I have seen some of Vinija’s most recent work online and knew she could take my vision of “structured femininity” and convey it on the runway. A stylist puts the vision together, thinking of all of the parts the audience will see: hair, makeup, shoes, garment, and accessories. The stylist thinks of all these things and creates a style for each garment to be presented on the runway. Vinija and I first set out to select an accessory designer. The inspiration of the collection usually dictates who the accessory designer will be. The accessories for a show can range from jewelry and sunglasses to handbags, hats and even masks, depending on what the designer wants to convey on the runway. We decided on Ash&Willow, a new accessory company that has a great selection of both gold and silver costume jewelry that would really complement the muted palette of my upcoming collection. Once selected, the stylist makes pulls, (selections from the accessory designer’s line to be used for the show) then the model selection and fittings need to occur. Model selections happen in the same manner as accessory selections. A designer’s models usually convey a feeling the designer wants to get across to the audience viewing their collection. I usually want a tall model with a strong walk, but depending on the designer, there can be any array of reasons models are chosen.

401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 7

Once models are selected, fittings are complete and garments are assigned to each model, I like to think about music and the run of show, (order in which the models/garments will walk the runway). In most cases I select music that I’ve listened to in the studio while creating the collection. I like current, upbeat music that relates to my collection’s inspiration. Most designers would agree that the music played during a runway show should drive home the show theme or inspiration and engage the audience. The finalized music selection is then sent to the DJ for discussion on mixing and if the selections will work. Around the same time, hair and make-up are

discussed. Based on designer suggestions, stylists will usually give multiple makeup and hairstyle ideas. These ideas are shared with the shows lead make-up artist and hair stylist. They decide if the ideas presented will translate on the runway, and give suggestions about changes or substitutions. Once approved, it’s time for the stylist and designer to meet again, this time to finalize accessories and model line-up based on quick changes and the order of garments. Once everything is finalized…we wait. And no matter how organized you are, the day of the show is always hectic. The day of the show requires a lot of meetings, double checking and last minute fixes.

8 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

On average this would be a typical Designer Check List for the day of a fashion show:

• Arrive at Venue • Set up dress racks and garments • Do any last minute models fittings • Fix any garments that may not fit right • Meet with hair and make-up about runway looks • Rehearsal- finalize runway lighting and model walks • Meet with DJ about music • Meet with stylist to solidify each looks with accessories and shoe line up • Steam finalized looks • Meet with dressers and go over each quick change for clarification • Dress all models in first looks And once everything is checked off…finally it’s Showtime!

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Five Easy Great Habits

to Keep the Wrinkles At Bay

By Jessica Berndt


ith over a decade of experience as a professional makeup artist and skin care specialist under my belt, I spend a good part of my life helping clients master the art of caring for, and perfecting the appearance of their skin; the majority are looking for smoother, younger skin, a goal in which I consider perfectly attainable. Here are my top five daily suggestions to help you have the best possible skin for the rest of your life.


. This is big! If there is one thing that I tell every single client, regardless of age, race, or gender, it is to wear sunscreen every day; rain or shine, and yes, even in the winter! This is not just for fair-skinned folks either. Did you know that according to 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer within their lifetime? Not only does sunscreen protect you from cancer, (which really, should be reason enough to wear it), but it’s the best defense against aging. And the following arguments won’t work:

“I work indoors…”-Sunlight passes through windows and those windows don’t filter out UVA and UVB light. Even if you aren’t near a window, you most likely traveled to work in a car/train/bus with windows. Once you are indoors, (unless you are working by candlelight), studies show many lightbulbs may also emit at least some UV light. “It’s in my makeup/or moisturizer…”- Look, unless you are caking that

10 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

stuff on, it’s not enough; it’s a layer. Long underwear does not replace your winter coat, and that bit of SPF in your makeup or moisturizer won’t replace a good sunscreen. Next time you are out at the store, buy sunscreen with at least SPF 30. There is a formula for everyone. Look for something labeled “broad spectrum.” Pick a texture that makes you happy. I personally prefer a formula that is water-based and fragrance free. During the brighter months I recommend applying sunscreen twice a day. And wear a hat!



Our bodies function better in general when we get enough oxygen. The best way to do that is to exercise regularly, and avoid smoking. As far as exercise goes, walking does count; any movement is better than nothing at all. So don’t be intimidated if your social media feed is filled with people listing how many squats they did or how many miles they ran this morning. If you move more each day than you did the day before, you are making progress. One of the perks of that regular movement is improved circulation, which will help brighten and plump your skin and even minimize dark circles and puffiness. That’s my positive part of this section; here is my bossy part... The fastest way to put a bee in my bonnet is to complain to me about your crow’s feet and lip lines by telling me that you’re wearing your sunscreen and using all sorts of prescription skincare and then telling me you

smoke. You certainly have every right to do whatever you like with your own body, but if your appearance is really that much of a concern to you, smoking is the worst thing you can do to your body, outside of illicit drugs. Google the words “smoking studies twins” and you will immediately stumble upon images of twins where one smoked and the other didn’t- the difference is striking. So in addition to reducing your risk of cancer, emphysema, asthma, and a number of other horrible conditions, you will age better, and have healthier skin. Put...the... cigarettes...down!


cally effects the outside appearance, I’m not just talking about weight either. When we feed ourselves the wrong things such as food laden with preservatives and chemicals, it shows up on our skin. When we are young it often manifests as acne. As we age it makes us look dull, lackluster, and sometimes even gray. When we fuel our bodies with healthier choices like fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy grains and proteins, and lots of water, our bodies can filter out toxins better because they aren’t working so hard to process the junk on the inside. This shows up as bright, clear skin. So, put down the cheese curls and pick up the carrots.

What we put in our bodies drasti401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 11

“Over-scrubbing can break down

collagen leading to sagging, or make your skin more vulnerable to bacteria by stripping your skin, leading to breakouts. And really, few things are more annoying than pimples after 30. ”


. Exfo-

liation is key to healthy, smooth skin. Our bodies naturally shed about 40,000 skin cells an hour. But as we age the shedding slows down. The cells stick and this can make us appear a tad more wrinkled and dull. Regular exfoliation helps keep us on track. How you exfoliate depends on you and your skin. Some of us really benefit from a physical exfoliant like a scrub, or microdermabrasion. Some of us are better off with a chemical exfoliant like an enzyme mask, or a chem-

ical peel. Regardless of whether you prefer physical, chemical, or a combination of the two, you need to proceed gently. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing when it comes to your exfoliation. Avoid rubbing too hard. If you are rubbing harder than you would on a newborn infant, you are rubbing too abrasive. If you experience a tingling or warming, that’s fine, but burning is too much. Overdoing it can lead to outcomes that are as bad as the wrinkles you are combating. Over-scrubbing can break down collagen leading to

12 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

sagging, or make your skin more vulnerable to bacteria by stripping your skin, leading to breakouts. Most of us are fine exfoliating two to three times a week. Those with delicate skin should probably only exfoliate once a week. Also, no one should use those awful, brutal apricot scrubs.


. As with

most things, when our skin is protected, it can function optimally. Moisturizer doesn’t have to be heavy, or greasy, though admittedly, I adore a rich, luscious cream. Find a product that is gentle, whose texture you enjoy, and use it every day. In fact, use it twice a day. Most people are better off with something fragrance free. Natural is wonderful, though I think it should be noted that some of us are more likely to react to botanical heavy creams. Avoid gimmicks. Just because a cream is hundreds of dollars doesn’t mean it is the right cream for you; especially if it means not being able to afford to buy the fruits and vegetables previously mentioned. Regardless, find a cream you will actually use, and use it!

“Avoid gimmicks. Just because a cream is hundreds of dollars doesn’t mean it is the right cream for you. Especially if it means not being able to afford to buy the fruits and vegetables…”


. Don’t get worked up about it. It is so easy to work yourself into a tizzy about your face. I see peo-

ple scrutinize themselves mercilessly in magnifying mirrors with a spotlight shining down beating themselves up. It’s not worth it. I know plenty of people who use Botox and other injectables and are very happy with their results. I take pride that my smile lines are deeper than my frown lines. It means my life has consisted of more smiling, and to me that is beautiful. Don’t let a “friend,” or a salesperson, or anyone for that matter make you feel bad about your appearance. Even if you have sunbathed, and smoked, and eaten cheese curls, you have every right to feel beautiful. Take these suggestions if you want to make a change, or don’t. Just make room in your life to smile and feel good. Because if we are fortunate enough to grow old, there will be wrinkles no matter what, and let us have more smile lines than frown lines!

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StyleWeek’s Most Stylish By the Trade Secrets Team


e are back at it again! StyleWeek Northeast teamed up with the Providence Biltmore for a week-long line up of runway shows, and in the spirit of the week, many were inspired to express their own unique styles in ways that made them shine. We featured our top picks of snazzy dressers last August, and the articles were such a hit, that we decided to do it again. It was a tougher exercise this time, and there was a lot of deliberation. But here we have it! Drum roll please, ladies and gents, as we bring you “StyleWeek’s Most Stylish!”

14 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

Aidan Marinelli Age: 10 From: Providence, R.I. Wearing: A red shirt and vest from Nordstrom with jeans from The Gap. The tie is from Kohls, and sneakers are Jordans, “of course!” TS: “What inspired your look?” AM: “I wanted to do something with a pop of color, even though I don’t do that usually.” TS: “How do you feel in your outfit?” AM: “I feel great!” TS: “How would you describe your style?” AM: “Usually I don’t like pops of color, so this is a stretch. I wear a school uniform during the week, but I like a dapper look whenever I have the opportunity!”


Rebecca Hancock Occupation: Senior Marketing Office at Rhode Island Hospital From: Providence, R.I. Wearing: A pair of red flared pants by Susan Troy, with a white boiled wool cropped jacket that she bought on vacation in Barcelona. “I accessorized with a vintage statement necklace and red capped pointed-toe heels” (that she found at a flea market). “My bag is from Brahmin.” TS: “What inspired your look?” RH: “Being here at StyleWeek. I wanted to pay tribute to Susan Troy tonight. I started my look with the pants and everything fell into place after that.” TS: “How do you feel in your outfit?” RH: “Comfortable. Classic. Fantastic- Like I can go anywhere!” TS: “How would you describe your style?” RH: “Clean, classic, but always with a twist!” 16 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

Mark Streisand Occupation: Personal clothier and owner of Marc Allen custom clothing From: New York originally, now Rhode Island. Wearing: A gray cashmere suit jacket with double toast window pane design, a violet and orange pocket square, chocolate brown merino zip bomber over a white, chocolate, and maroon button down plaid shirt, winter white flannel pants, and chocolate brown Michael Toschi glove leather shoes. (Wardrobe is all of his own design) TS: “What inspired your look?” MS: “Elegant luxury.” TS: “How do you feel in your outfit?” MS: “Comfy.” TS: “How would you describe your style?” MS: “Classic with a twist on the end- a little edge.”


Toyin Omisore Occupation: Reservations / Event Director at StyleWeek, and Founder of The PreFIX From: Providence, R.I. Wearing: A black flared leather mini skirt from TJ Maxx, and a soft black & white blouse. “My booties are from Bakers and the stockings are Urban Outfitters. My accessories were borrowed from StyleWeek stylist Stephanie Emond.” TS: “What inspired your look?” TO: “I bought the leather skirt and stockings and I just worked from there!” TS: “How do you feel in your outfit?” TO: “Fierce – Looking for ‘POW’ was the goal.” TS: “How would you describe your style?” TO: “Solids and bright colors. I don’t have a specific style. I just mix and match to look fabulous.”

18 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

Cpl. Kyle DeAndrade Occupation: United States Marine From: New Bedford, Mass. Wearing: A pair of jeans, yellow shirt from Express, with a sport coat from Joseph A. Banks. “The cowboy boots are vintage. I found them in my Grandmother’s closet!” TS: “What inspired your look?” KD: “Looking good for my girlfriend who is modeling tonight!” TS: “How do you feel in your outfit?” KD: “Good, comfortable and a little tall, (thanks to my boots!)” TS: “How would you describe your style?” KD: “When not in uniform, classic and comfortable.”


Iryna Maklouf Occupation: General Manager at Nara Restaurant and Hookah Lounge From: Belarus Wearing: A black and white blouse with a short flared black leather skirt, paired with a mix of suede and leather red and black booties. “The shoes are from Belarus.” TS: “What inspired your look?” IM: “The fall and winter trends and bright pops of color.” TS: “How do you feel in your outfit?” IM: “Great!” TS: “How would you describe your style?” IM: “Classically safe. I always look to see what is out there, but I also know what works for my body. In this tough economy, I try to mix high and low. I pick what appeals to me, and I like to be different, so when it comes to my wardrobe, I try to think outside the box.”

20 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

Antonio Wormley Occupation: Chef at Vanity Supper Club From: Philadelphia, Pa. Wearing: A rose red striped shirt from H&M, with a gray and black blazer with matching vest and pants from Express. Accessorized with a wristwatch from Michael Kors. TS: “What inspired your look?” AW: “StyleWeek brings a lot of tourism to the state.We are a smaller market learning from the bigger markets, and I wanted to duplicate that ‘big city style.’” TS: “How do you feel in your outfit?” AW: “Confident.” TS: “How would you describe your style?” AW: “Laid back, relaxed and unique.”


Ting Barnard Occupation: Owner of Tong Collection, philanthropist, and finance guru From: Southeast Asia Laos/ Thailand originally, “but I came to America when I was only a year old.” Wearing: An Ann Taylor pencil skirt and a retro top with sparkles. My accessory for the evening is a pearl necklace constructed by two local designers, Jonathan Joseph Peters and Jess Abernethy.” TS: “What inspired your look?” TB: “I absolutely try to shop locally because in order to achieve a unique style, some of the best pieces I own are handmade or locally manufactured. I support everything made in America, particularly beautifully crafted garments and accessories.” TS: “How would you describe your style?” TB: “I have a love for color, but in the financial industry I work in, lots of black is involved. I always tell people by including color, textures and some vibrant accessory, I am adding my flair to the business world!”

22 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

Wesley Sweeney Occupation: Marketing From: Providence, R.I. Wearing: A maroon sweater, purple shirt, brown pants and shoes, all from Banana Republic. The sports coat and tie are from H & M. TS: “What inspired your look?” WS: “A royal-regal color combination. I always like to stand out with one statement piece, whether it be my tie or a pocket square.” TS: “How do you feel in your outfit?” WS: “I feel confident! Clothes make the man!” TS: “How would you describe your style?” WS: “Conservative with a statement or pop.”


Jennifer Dalomba Occupation: Auditor for the State of Rhode Island From: Providence, R.I. Wearing: A red dress from Cache, paired with gold animal print shoes and a gold sequined clutch from Aldo. TS: “What inspired your look?” JD: “I am inspired by success and passionate about fashion. So when I came to the Susan Troy show on opening night and saw how they teased the models’ hair, I wanted to duplicate that. It took me five minutes to actually get my hair like that.” TS: “How do you feel in your outfit?” JD: “Comfortable. Me.” TS: “How would you describe your style?” JD: “Chic. Elegant.”

24 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

Mario Hilario Occupation: News Anchor – WJAR Channel 10 From: Cranston, R.I. Wearing: A gray vest from I.N.C. over a gray Versace shirt with Levi’s jeans. TS: “What inspired your look?” MH: “Justin Timberlake.” TS: “How do you feel in your outfit?” MH: “Young!” TS: “How would you describe your style?” MH: “Classic with an edge.”


Kristi Beaman Occupation: Co-owner of Studio B Salon From: Cranston, R.I. Wearing: A black and white flared skirt and headband from Francesca’s, with a black cropped fitted top, tights and shoes from Nordstrom. Accessorized with pearls from Macy’s. TS: “What inspired your look?” KB: “‘60s vintage hair – my outfit was styled after that!” TS: “How do you feel in your outfit?” KB: “Retro glam.” TS: “How would you describe your style?” KB: “Depends on how I feel each day. Audrey Hepburn to Grunge to Bridget Bardot!”

26 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

Kent Stetson Occupation: Designer From: New Hampshire Wearing: A black shirt from Versace under a black and grey jacket from Pose London. Gray cargo-type pants from Ralph Lauren, metallic silver sneakers from Hugo Boss, and a pair of custom glasses from Providence Optical. TS: “What inspired your look?” KS: “Zippers!” TS: “How do you feel in your outfit?” KS: “Original.” TS: “How would you describe your style?” KS: “Original. Tongue and cheek. I have fun!”


Lauren St. Hilaire Occupation: Hair stylist and special effects makeup artist From: North Providence, R.I. Wearing: A cream and black flared polka-dot dress (from a boutique on Newbury Street in Boston), black thigh-high socks from Betsy Johnson, and Steve Madden wedge booties. TS: “What inspired your look?” LSH: “I like to have fun with my outfits; never anything too serious.” TS: “How do you feel in your outfit?” LSH: “I feel confident, comfy, pretty and always sassy!” TS: “How would you describe your style?” LSH: “I have no rules, but I would say - crazy and classic!

28 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

Gustavo Leon Occupation: Managing editor for the “Boston Herald” From: Boston, Mass. Wearing: A velvet jacket from Hugo Boss paired with motorcycle pants from Zara and a Gucci belt. “I like to add a twist to my look, so I chose to wear boots (from Prada) and this black scarf from Pancaldi in place of the traditional tie.” TS: “What inspired your look?” GL: “It is Fashion Week, so it is okay to take risks, but it always has to feel comfortable on me. If I don’t look comfy, I don’t do it. It’s all about finding the right look for the right event.” TS: “How do you feel in your outfit?” GL: “Like I am in my pj’s. I feel very comfortable.” TS: How would you describe your style? GL: “Classic, with an edge. I always go back to the masters of design, but with a twist.”



KELSEY SHANK Hailing from West Greenwich, R.I., 20-year-old Kelsey Shank has her hands full between studying for college, working, modeling, and participating in charitable events. “Right now I am a full-time student at URI, double majoring in psychology and sociology with a focus in crime and criminal justice,” Shank said. Talk about a mouth full! Not only is Shank a full-time student, but she also works for West Bay Residential Services, a nonprofit agency that provides 24/7 assistance to adults with physical and mental disabilities. “I love helping others and trying to make the world the best place it can be. In today’s difficult times I think it is really important to be kind to others and work together to improve our country instead of destroying it,” Shank explained. 30 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 31

TS: “How long have you been modeling?” KS: “I have been posing for any and every camera since I can remember, but I started really getting into modeling in my senior year of high school in 2011.” TS: “How did you first get started?” KS: “I went to a Barbizon convention and was told that I had a good commercial look, but it was too expensive for me to afford, so I didn’t look much into it after that. Then, one day a freelance photographer contacted me on Facebook saying that she loved my look and wanted to shoot me. I had such a blast working with her that I began to contact different agencies around the area to see what my options were.” TS: “What was the last modeling job that you did?” KS: “Lately I have been working with Clear Channel a lot and I have loved it. I have been doing their Patriots events with 94 HJY and Bud Light. It is so much fun because I get to socialize and give out free prizes, not to mention watch some football at the same time.” TS: “Since you’re currently studying crime and criminal justice at URI, would you choose a job in that field after you graduate?” KS: “After I graduate I want to work in the prison system. My 32 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 33

main interest is working with juvenile delinquents to try to help them turn their lives around so they can be successful in their futures and not end up in more trouble or in prison. I’m really interested in rehabilitating prisoners so that they don’t return to prison over and over again. I see our prison system as a major issue in this country today and it costs a ridiculous amount of money to keep someone in prison, even for just a year. This takes away valuable tax dollars from other programs like education and healthcare.” Described as being outgoing and having “a heart of gold” by her parents, Shank is always putting everything and everyone before herself. “Sometimes I get really stressed out because of this and my parents are always there to help me get through it,” Shank said. Her friends also rely on her for advice about family, friends, and relationship issues, “I am willing to drop everything to help them.” Kelsey is very involved in charitable events and giving back to those who are in need. She has worked with many different charities, whether it is through her job or through modeling. “My most memorable modeling job so far would have to be the runway show that I am 34 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 35

Outfit and Location: LOLA Fashion Boutique

Her friends rely on her for advice about family, friends, and relationship issues, “I am willing to drop everything to help them.�

Dress: LOLA Fashion Boutique

36 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

Outfit and Location: LOLA Fashion Boutique

401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 37

38 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

able to do every year with a photographer called Laura Ink Photography. This is our third year putting on the prom gown fashion show; where all of the gowns are supplied to us by local boutiques. Each year we chose a different charity to donate our funds to and every cent raised goes towards the chosen charity. It’s so much fun because we have a great group of girls who really put their all into the show. For most of the girls, this is their first time ever doing a runway show, so I really enjoy helping them with their walks. Seeing their confidence grow as the time goes on is amazing. I also love seeing how thankful the charities are, and watching all the local businesses come together for a good cause. In the past we have helped out the Invisible Children Foundation and the Station Night Club Fire Foundation. This year our goal is to raise enough money to fund one child’s full tuition to School One in Providence,” Shank said. TS: “Who’s your favorite actor or model?” KS: “Tyra Banks. Not only is she beautiful and successful in everything she does, but she is always giving back and doesn’t let fame go to her head. She helps others and is humble even with all of her fame and fortune. And, of course, she was a Victoria’s Secret Angel, which is my impossible dream.”

401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 39

TS: “How would you describe your sense of style?” KS: “I would describe my style as trendy and comfortable. I love leggings and oversized sweaters in the winter and high waisted shorts and crop tops in the summer. I also love shoes, especially wedges, because they make me taller and they’re so comfortable I feel like I could run a marathon in them.” A typical college girl who loves Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, watching romantic comedies and dissecting “Law & Order” episodes, Shank has a very untypical answer to what she would do with her first million if she made it really big as a model/actor. “I would like to start an afterschool program for at-risk youth in inner-cities like Providence. I think that having positive afterschool programs run by community members that children look up to will greatly help them stay out of trouble and stay on the right track to a successful lifestyle. It will also help the many single parents who struggle to work and cannot afford daycare, pay for their bills and their children’s needs,” Shank said. A heart of gold is truly the most accurate description of Kelsey Shank.

40 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

Sweater: LOLA Fashion Boutique

401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 41

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By Jaclyn Pelopida


kay, say it with me now, ZAH-ROO-SAH. See, it’s not so bad, is it? With over 40 years of combined jewelry and apparel background, Michael and Melinie Lee could very well be considered experts in the accessories industry.

“I have been in the jewelry industry for about 10 years and began designing one-ofa-kind jewelry pieces. I was also in the beauty field but I knew I was better as a jewelry designer and that jewelry was my true passion,” Melinie said. And as for Michael, “My background includes over 30 years in the apparel business covering sourcing, production, product-development, and import logistics.” Growing bored of the same old jewelry designs that one sees out and about on a daily basis, Melinie decided it was time to begin making her own unique pieces. “I grew tired of buying jewelry that everyone else could buy, so I began making oneof-a-kind pieces. The people I showed them to loved them and I sold a few pieces to my clients at the beauty salon where I was working at the time. I fell in love with the pieces I designed and I loved the positive feedback that I received from others,” she explained.

44 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

Model: Melanie Deak

TS: “How did you come up with the name Zarusa?” MELINIE: “Our handbags and footwear are made in South Africa and our business is established in the U.S.A. I am South African while Michael is American. One night as I lay in bed, I was trying to come up with a name for our business that would reflect these elements. I took ZAR, which is the abbreviation for South African currency and combined it with USA. I liked the sound of the two together and ZARUSA was named.” TS: “How did you two begin the business together?” MELINIE: “I went to South Africa in Sept. 2011 and brought back a pair of Springbok sandals that my mother had bought me as a gift. I wore them often and was frequently asked by people, ‘Where did you get those sandals?’ So I told Michael about all the comments I was getting and that I thought we should have them made and sell them in the States. Michael agreed with me and we went to work sourcing the sandals.” MICHAEL: “I researched potential sources to make the sandals and during this process, we decided to add handbags and other footwear from South Africa, and also offer Melinie’s jewelry to build a unique luxury accessory collection.” TS: “Where do your inspirations come from for designing the jewelry, handbags and footwear? MELINIE: “South Africa. I love my home country and

its people, culture, wildlife and traditions. I want to design jewelry that reminds me of South Africa, but with a modern twist.” MICHAEL: “This is true of the handbags and footwear as well. Our raw materials have an obvious African influence, and we strive to add a level of quality, craftsmanship, and design detail to appeal to modern women.” Located in Riverside, R.I., Zarusa’s byline is “Luxury accessories for women with style.” The company offers a unique, handcrafted, high quality collection that brings a touch of exclusivity and style to the woman that wants to stand out from the crowd. “Every piece of jewelry is one-of-a-kind, and since no two skins are identical, no two handbags or pair of footwear is identical either,” Melinie explained. TS: “What is your favorite piece of jewelry, footwear and handbag?” MELINIE: “I love all the jewelry because to me, each and every bead is special. I use both vintage and new beads in my designs. The older beads come from many places such as auctions, yard sales, thrift shops, gifts, etc. I take the necklaces and bracelets apart and then reuse these beads, sometimes with new beads, in designing a new necklace. I believe my used beads each have a life story behind them, similar to you or me. When it was part of a new piece of jewelry, someone loved it, but when it grew old, it was replaced by

401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 45

something newer and either passed on to someone else or was pushed aside and forgotten. I give new life to these beads, creating something new, loved, and valued. This is why I cannot choose a favorite piece. My jewelry, the beads, and components are all special to me and all have their own special story.” MICHAEL: “Both Melinie and I love all of our handbags and footwear, and we especially like the zebra pieces in our collection. The Zelda Weekender, which is cowhide with a zebra print on black leather, is probably my favorite.” TS: “Since you find materials for your jewelry line from auctions, yard sales and factories, where do you find the materials for your footwear and handbags?” MICHAEL: “All of the raw materials for our footwear and handbags are sourced in South Africa. The ostrich and cowhide are bi-products of domestic meat production while the Springbok and Burchell’s zebra come are obtained during the culling season in South Africa. Giraffes are not hunted; giraffe hides are very rare, and only become available due to the natural death of the giraffe. [(Note: All Springbok hides and Burchell zebra hides are C.I.T.E.S. approved to ensure that there has been no illegal culling or poaching of these pelts. C.I.T.E.S., the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, is an international agreement between governments. Its aim is to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival.)] TS: “How do you come up with the unique names of your products? Such as ‘The Zelda Weekender?’” MICHAEL: “All of our handbags and footwear carry a woman’s name, and most of the time we name it after someone we know and like. We have named bags after mothers, daughters, 46 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 47

Model: Melinie Lee

“Every piece of jewelry is one-of-a-kind, and since no two skins are identical, no two handbags or pair of footwear is identical either.�

Model: Hayley Klaudt

48 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

Model: Yemi Sekoni

sisters, nieces, godmothers, neighbors, TV stars, business acquaintances and friends. We are actually planning to run a contest to have one of our fans name a new handbag.” TS: “What is your best-selling piece for jewelry, handbags and footwear?” MELINIE: “My African inspired necklaces are our best sellers.” MICHAEL: “Our Bettie Boots have been our best-selling footwear item, but we expect that the Melinie Sandal will be outstanding. Our zebra print cowhide bags have been the leaders in handbags.” Looking to make your own custom, one-of-a-kind design? Michael and Melinie welcome your ideas! “We arrange a meeting with the client either on Skype or in person and discuss their ideas. If its jewelry, I will submit a sketch or mock-up with sample beads to make sure we are on the same page, and if the customer agrees, we then quote a price and complete the finished piece,” Melinie said.

“With handbags, we also meet or Skype to discuss the styling, skin, lining, and color options that the customer would like. We will then confirm price and delivery with our factories and submit quotes and images for approval by the customer,” Michael explained. What does the future hold for Zarusa? Still in the growing stages, Melinie and Michael said they are excited and looking forward to making many new products, with plans to add additional retail accounts as their business develops and opportunities arise. Zarusa’s full collection is available on their website, zarusa. com, and at West Side Eyewear Boutique at 328 Atwells Ave. in Providence, R.I. They also sell their collections at home parties, and craft and trunk shows.

401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 49


RECAPPING By The Trade Secrets Team Photos by Valencio Small


he eighth season of StyleWeek was a wild one…with Sephora brand cosmetics that is! Director of artistry, Holly Dalton, used refreshingly bright colors, beautiful metallics, and some seriously fierce liner! And although the hair and makeup looks varied drastically from one collection to another, one thing was for sure, perfectly even complexion and highlighted skin was a common theme for fall 2014! 50 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940


JESSICA ABERNETHY Jess Abernethy’s collection for fall 2014 is readyto-wear fashion that can be taken right from the runway to the streets! Her collection is best described as ‘70s everyday sophistication. The women’s wear line consisted of floppy hats, above the knee high-waisted skirts, and dresses and sweaters embellished with gold accents, drenched in Earth tones- a vision of wine and cranberry reds, hunter green, brown, and versatile sized dark florals. 401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 51

SUSAN TROY A collection that marries comfort and chic for the classy, mature woman, Susan Troy’s collection called “Urban Toile,” showcases all natural fabrics, from silk chiffon to wool knits with textile designs. Troy’s collection comprises of navy and brown high-waisted pants, tailored wool blazers, and above the knee skirts and dresses paired with heeled booties and brown leather saddle bags. 52 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940


AMY STETKIEWICZ The collection “Stetkiewicz� by designer Amy Stetkiewicz is a fashion-forward futuristic line of form fitting pieces- with metallic everything! From gold and black color-block pants, silver long sleeved tops, gold above-the-knee slanted hem dresses, and leather pants with fur overcoats paired with heeled booties and funky geometric sunglasses that would make Lady Gaga drool! 401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 53

CARISSA LYNNE DESIGNS A celebration of femininity flitted down the runway showcasing Carissa Lynne Designs fall 2014 collection. The dresses were playful, and jumpers sexy! Pastel tones of pink, sage, and beige delighted the eye while the deeper tones conveyed a fiercer look. Overall – a fun, flirty celebratory collection! Hair and makeup for Carissa Lynne Designs was very ‘50s inspired. Each model’s hair was teased to perfection for mega volume in the front, and styled in beautiful structured updos, ranging from French twists to pony tails. Makeup for the show featured a soft, gray smoky eye, flawless skin, lightly blushed cheeks and a nude pink lip. 54 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940


MEGHAN DOYLE Bold confidence and sophistication exuded from each look by Meghan Doyle. This sexy readyto-wear collection in black and deep reds beautifully showcased a woman’s silhouette. Crop tops, pencil skirts, short suits and black jumpsuits can all transition from workday to nighttime play! The beauty looks were the perfect combination to her gorgeous clothing. A dark and dramatic eye with a heavy winged liner was the focal point of the look, along with a cherry red lip color. A simple tight and sleek ponytail complimented the makeup. 401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 55

MONDAY SHALYN WEBBER Stand up and pay attention please – Shalyn Webber is making a statement! Knit infinity scarves and ankle warmers softened each avant-garde, streamlined piece. An eclectic mix of sharp, lunar shoulders, mystical prints, unexpected tulle playfully enhanced solid colors that not only intrigued the entrance, but the exit as well! Hair was heavily teased and styled into ponytails or messy buns, while the makeup featured white metallic tribal designs drawn on to the flawless faces, complemented by a very soft pink blush and frosty white lip gloss. Shalyn also incorporated accessories and jewelry from designers – T’Racy & The Kitchen Sink – in the form of wristlets, finger bracelets, and wrist bags. It was an interesting play on edgy and soft. 56 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940


IRYNA KAVALENKA European flair of the 1940s is the first impression from Iryna Kavalenka’s line. A romantic and nostalgic theme threaded each piece together with beautiful details and a combination of fabrics that ranged from furs to silks, and bold, colorful patterns juxtaposed with solids. Kavalenka’s line incorporated structured and flowy dresses, as well as suits that demonstrated a new take on draped, baggy pants. 401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 57


ENAMOUR Sexy, sassy, modern, feminine and bold all at the same time. June Monteiro has quite the knack for combining leather and silk. Most of her line is wearable for almost any age. The models were accessorized with jewelry from Ash & Willow, complementing the mix of fabrics and adding an edge to each look. 58 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940


SEED Give 12 college students a design challenge to create their interpretations of the four elements fire, water, air and Earth, the result - imaginative and resourceful creations. Each step down the runway surprised the audience and judges with a creative use of repurposed materials, from melted trash bags and old rolls of camera film, to the winning design depicting “air” made of window blinds. SEED opens the window to emerging designers and allows them to soar! Congrats to all entrants, and to the winner, Gloria Im, for her piece titled “Valkyrie.” seed 401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 59


CHANCES R DESIGNS Chances R Designs presented a ‘high-society city girl’ meets ‘Hollywood glam’ kids’ line! From Coco Chanel inspired tailored jackets to short coordinates in tweed and leather, to peplum tops with matching leggings and lace dresses, each piece brought sass, class and an infectious youthful spunk to the runway. 60 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940


RESTORED BY DESIGN Reduce, recycle, and rejoice! Martha Jackson created a warm and figure flattering fall collection masterfully pairing mixed prints and materials into dresses, sweaters, vests and skirts. Jackson embellished the pieces with her signature jewelry collection of statement floral necklaces, bejeweled peacock feathers and bohemian headpieces. 401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 61

CHEVALIER HOMME With only the second allmale line to ever show at StyleWeek, fall 2014 just got a lot brighter. Reginald Merome’s collection was a stylish anthem of lemon yellow, lime green and raspberry hues cut into conservative pieces of Bermuda shorts, button-downs and cardigan sweaters. Daring men to be audacious, loud, and unapologetic.! 62 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940


SAMUEL VARTAN Samuel Vartan presented a modern selection of clean lines in wearable fabrics that can translate from day to night. The audience was treated to an extensive array of cat suits and figure-hugging dresses that boasted of feminine allure and oodles of sex appeal; while raising eyebrows and turning heads in the office with his sophisticated, yet bold, pinstripe suits. 401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 63

JILLIAN BANTA A dark Parisian romance story unfolded with each sultry look. Sprightly butterflies left their conservatory and alighted upon the rich, jewel-toned designs instilling, not only hope, but an element of surprise too! The models sauntered their way down the runway in a range of indigos, royal blues and burgundies, with smoldering metallic eyes and a dark lip. 64 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940


ALISTAIR ARCHER Alistair Archer demonstrated to the audience how to wear and pair mixed prints. Intricate patterns dominated his collection of mod dresses, knee-length skirts and stylish trench coats. Modern appeal with a ‘60s feel, the dresses were cut to fit beautifully on the body. Sharp, chic and well put-together. 401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 65


YELLOW CLOVER BY SARAH PROST Masterfully coiffed whimsical hair complemented each soft, feminine creation by Sarah Prost. A garden party of A-line skirts, swaying palazzo pants, shiny sequins and a variety of beautifully tailored jackets floated down the runway in Earth tones of creams and cranberries. 66 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

SATURDAY SEAMS COUTURE This final night of StyleWeek begins, with an installation. Three models, poised, elegant and statuesque, inhabit the space in the reception area. Positioned on white square cushioned platforms, they were a vision to behold. One in a white brocade wide leg pant suit, another in a demure gold bodice with and off-white full tulle skirt and the third in a grey structured corset covered with white circular embellishments and a skirt that tapered at the knee and flared to the ground in an elaborate fish-tail. Whatever your style preference for bridal attire, designer Harper Della-Piana might have the couture look for your unique taste. 401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 67

NICK PINI Pini’s creations emphasize the importance of both the entrance and the exit of a look. Short loosely draped frocks in a color palate of black, cream and gray were simple in the front, and party in the back, with a deep u-shaped backline! A true winner was a cream-colored Roman Empire inspired mini dress complete with gold embroidery and a stunning flowy train. 68 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940


SELAHDOR This multi-talented artist delivers urban chic for fall 2014. The men had a modern look with slim pants and lunar cowlneck shirt, while the ladies channeled a ‘70s vibe with wide brimmed hats, monogram T-shirts, flowing maxi dresses and flared pants. 401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 69


JONATHAN JOSEPH PETERS Known for encouraging and enabling women to make a bold fashion statement – Jonathan Joseph Peters closed out the weeklong event. With accentuated waists, bold color choices of black, white and fuchsia, (and his Red–onthe-Runway dress), audacious neck bows, high turtle necks and sequins too, this is one designer who inspires women to cheer, “Look at me – I am here!” 70 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

See you next season! 401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 71


HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH? The Dos and Don’ts of Showing Skin

H By Sira D’Arpino

ow good does it feel when we get attention for what we’re wearing? It doesn’t matter what our age or size is, all women love attention, especially when we are wearing something that fits us beautifully. Many of us try too hard to accomplish it; if attention is what we want, we assume wearing a skimpy outfit will get us noticed, but honestly, how comfortable are we in it? We will definitely make a few heads turn, and we might even get a free drink from a creepy guy watching from across the bar. Unfortunately, there is a lot of confusion between women on what sex appeal is, or what is considered to be sexy. Most of the time the idea to wear something that is so-called “conservative,” gets eliminated to be replaced by something shorter, tighter, and flashier because it is considered to be sexier. However, I think that could not be more wrong. 72 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

t ’ n

401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 73

Model: Ariana Guilford


We need to remember that opting for a classy look will always be sexier than looking like we want to be in the next “Jersey Shore” cast! Regardless, dressing in a low-cut skimpy top, black leather mini skirt that is two sizes too small, and a pair of 10-inch leopard print stilettos we can hardly walk in, will never be sexier than wearing something classy that accentuates our best features without exposing them.


t ’ n

74 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

Model: Alejandra Restrepo

o D

It’s possible to dress sexy while still being classy, the key is balance; we should always know what is appropriate, and what is not, for every occasion. We also need to be aware of the clothing that we are wearing, and how they will make us look and feel. For example, if we are wearing the classic LBD (little black dress) that emphasizes the cleavage area, the other parts of the body should be covered. If we show too much skin, we send the wrong message to people, giving an impression of us that may be far from the truth. Wear your highest heel with a nice pair of crop pants or a skirt that hits at, above, or below your knee and pair it with a more revealing top to create that balance of ‘classy and sexy.’


t ’ n

o D

401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 75

! o


t ’ n


76 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

Always try to explore how to work with color, cut and texture to create a unique style that flatters your figure, rather than experimenting with how little fabric you can wear before being arrested for standing on the corner! I once heard on “What Not to Wear,” “If you are going for a sexy look, ditch the trash and keep the class,” and it has stuck with me ever since! “A girl should be two things – Classy and fabulous.” - Coco Chanel

401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 77


HAND BAGS An Investment, Not Just a Fashion Statement

By Cinzia Antonelli


ne of the objects most women worship and desire are certainly handbags, which we always consider our most dear and trusted friends. Admiring the biggest designers on all of the runways, and walking through the streets of the center of our towns, our eyes are attracted, without doubt, by real masterpieces of art; designed and created by true artists, using high quality materials that many Italians consider the best. More than just “Made in Italy,” I would say handbags are a “Passion of Italy.” The versatility of styles, colors, shapes and sizes will make us daydream, while also making us fall in love at first sight.

78 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

Clockwise from top left: Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Emilio Pucci, Burberry

This season, (and certainly within the next few months), the best investment in fashion will be in handbags: shoulder bags (small and large), clutches, totes and soft bucket bags. Every woman’s taste will be satisfied, and look fashionable at each occasion, toting a glamorous handbag. But how do we choose the most suitable bag for us, and one for the right occasion? In general, I can say that whichever shop I went to, I noticed bigger bags make a statement, while super-glam clutches seem to disappear into the

hand- leaving only a glimpse of a jeweled clasp. There are also smaller handbags with chain straps, making it a great piece to instantly update our wardrobe. However, don’t worry if you are the kind of woman who likes having a beautiful, capacious tote bag, one where all of your life’s belongings linger. Personally, I love most of the oversized bags that can carry all of my needs for everyday occasions. But for nights on the town, going to a formal dinner, or out to the theatre, I leave my oversized bag in the car and bring a

401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 79

Clockwise from top left: Gedebe, Dior, Miu Miu, Piero Guidi

As seen from red carpet celebrities to queens of soirees, pochettes by Emilio Pucci, either Some of the most beautiful and glamorous de- full of valuable stones and strass, or the mini signer bags this season are covered with crysleather shoulder bag of Chanel, are absolute tals and precious stones by Valentino Garavani, must haves! In town, walking like a cowgirl of the Old West, we can wear the suede, and soft while others are covered in prints. If that’s not your style, you can never go wrong with leather bucket bag of Emilio Pucci or Burberry. a black clutch or the sophisticated, red Ruby Chasing the feline allure, for the lovers of by Dolce & Gabbana. Another bag to admire is the return of the case bag in a classic style animal-style, we can admire the handbag with called, “Lady Lock,” with a bamboo handle rigid closure of Gherardini and the mini shoulmade by Gucci. der bag with crystals of Gedebe. For a Bon-Ton style, the most suitable are Dior and Miu Miu little jeweled clutch.

80 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

Clockwise from top left: Romeo Santamaria, Moreschi, Prada, Piquadro

in the color pink. For the women who love to carry the whole world in their capacious tote bags, Piero Guidi and Romeo Santamaria have stunning creations. For men, some accessories like bags are indispensable in their daily lives nowadays. We can admire many spacious and classic square briefcases for their job on the runway, as seen with the elegant spectrum of designs by Moreschi or Dolce & Gabbana. Comfortable and easy handling ultra-light backpacks, with high-tech materials to carry laptops, smartphones, head-

phones, etc., are also present for the everyday male. Last, but not least, we must not forget about Prada, Borbonese and Piquadro’s fine leather and shoulder belt baldric creations. Now we’ll go out and decide what kind of “investment” we want to make for the next few months. I think the best bag is one that will come into our wardrobe and never leave! Ciao from Italy.

401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 81


The Five Best Valentine’s Day Movies Whether You’re Single, Coupled Up or Hate That Stupid Cupid

By Jaclyn Pelopida


h Valentine’s Day, a day full of romance, chocolate, flowers, candle-lit dinners, and couples happily in love. And then on the other hand, it’s also considered a day of crying, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, sweat pants and couch surfing with your best girl friends, all while cursing the male existence up a storm. Well, whether you’re single, coupled up, hate Valentine’s day entirely, or just don’t care one way or the other, I’ve compiled a list of the five best movies to watch on this so-called holiday.

“The Notebook.” Dir. Nick Cassavetes. (2004).

“The Notebook” - The first and most obvious choice of the Nich-

olas Sparks’ book-turned-film, this one is just an absolute classic. Not only is Ryan Gosling one of the hottest guys on this planet, the fact that he and Rachel McAdams actually fell in love while filming this movie makes it that much more romantic. How could you not fall in love with someone who jumps onto a Ferris wheel just to ask you out? Nowadays the best you’ll get is a quick, unemotional text. Let’s also not forget about that scene, yes that scene, in the rain when Noah confesses he wrote Allie 365 letters, (one for each day of course), and that it wasn’t over seven years ago and it still isn’t over. Just goes to show you that even after seven years of no communication, true love always prevails in the end. You’re meant to be with who you’re meant to be with. 401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 83

“A Walk To Remember.” Dir. Adam Shankman. (2002).

“A Walk to Remember” - I know, I know, another Nicho-

las Sparks’ movie. For those that hate Valentine’s Day, feel free to roll your eyes, but I didn’t forget you! I must admit, I do favor this movie over “The Notebook,” probably because it was my first introduction to Sparks and all of his romantic ways. Not only that, but at the time this movie came out, Mandy Moore was leaving her “Candy” days behind and stepped up to show the world that she can actually act. Of course, Shane West as eye candy doesn’t hurt either! It’s the classic bad-boyturned-good once he meets and falls in love with the good, Catholic girl. This movie also gives us girls a glimmer of hope that someday, someone will name a star after us and take us somewhere where we can be in two places at once; except chivalry is dead and a Sparks’ movie is nowhere near real life. But, that’s what the magic of movies are for!

84 | Trade Secrets | 2014 Volume 1, Issue 10 | | 401.353.4940

“He’s Just Not That Into You.” Dir. Ken Kwapis. (2009).

“He’s Just Not That Into You” - Six words you definitely don’t

want to hear, but it certainly does make for one funny, touching movie. With an all-star cast that includes Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Connelly, Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, Scarlett Johansson, Drew Barrymore, Justin Long, Jennifer Goodwin, and Kevin Connolly, phew, did I miss anyone? It’s easy to write this movie off as another awful ensemble movie like, “What To Expect When You’re Expecting,” but this flick has a lot of heart and each storyline is incredibly relatable. “He’s Just Not That into You” is considered empathetic because it’s based off the book by the same name, which combined stories of real women and their dating woes. This movie is like your best girl friend: blunt and isn’t afraid to tell you the truth about your dating troubles, hence the notable line, “you are the exception, not the rule.” This is definitely one to watch, and laugh, with your girlfriends. 401.353.4940 | | Issue 10, Volume 1 2014 | Trade Secrets | 85

“John Tucker Must Die.” Dir. Betty Thomas. (2006).

“John Tucker Must Die” – One of my all-time favorite movies,

regardless of the occasion or “holiday,” this movie just cracks me up. And boy, did it give me a few good ideas on how to get revenge on some high school exes. There’s always that one, popular guy (Jesse Metcalfe) who thinks he owns everything and every girl in high school, and cheats his way around his grades and his girls. Enter the new, innocent girl (Brittany Snow) who is one of the few that John has been unable to make swoon. After John’s three ex-girlfriends find out he’s been cheating on all of them, the four girls decide team up and do the impossible, break John Tucker’s heart. It’s a great movie if you’re currently hating the opposite sex and want to watch a team of smart girls get revenge on a stupid guy, and watch him crumble and fall.

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“Magic Mike.” Dir. Steven Soderbergh. (2012).

“Magic Mike” – Three words: Channing. Tatum. Naked.

You’re welcome.

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WHO’S WHO YEMI SEKONI, editor-in-chief, is the owner and director of Donahue Models & Talent - Rhode Island’s oldest model

and talent agency. Her company books some of New England’s top professional models and talent to work with many corporate giants across the region, helping these companies convey critical marketing and advertising messages to their target audiences.

With over 35 years of experience in various areas of the acting and modeling industry, including theater, TV, film, print and runway, Yemi also holds a Bachelor of Arts in education, a post-graduate diploma in marketing and an MBA. TRADE SECRETS magazine is a culminating outlet for all of her passions – education, performing, marketing and creative writing.

JULIE DAWSON, editorial director, is a native Rhode Islander and an alumna of the University of Rhode Island, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and public relations. Julie’s journey with Donahue Models and Talent started in 2009, which has enabled her to gain experience in every area of the industry. From runway to commercials, and print to promotions, she seizes every opportunity that comes her way. Julie describes herself as a tenacious and self-motivated young woman with a passion for entertaining people, especially when it comes to making them laugh.

ALISHA NEWTON, creative director, graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Arts in

communications. She currently works at Foxwoods Resort Casino as their Advertising Executive, and has been with Donahue Models & Talent since 2011.

Alisha has had the honor of working with, and learning from, not only some of the smartest people in the business, but also folks who know nothing of fashion or advertising but know a lot about life. Remaining very hands on, she prefers to roll up her sleeves and teach (or learn). You can lose vision in the forest, but in fact, she sees most clearly, when immersed in the environment. She encounters every challenge with a positive attitude and the tenacity to overcome it. But isn’t that what life is about? Facing challenges and conquering them each and every day, for the opportunity to savor the sweet success.

JACLYN PELOPIDA, managing editor, graduated from Iona College in 2007 with a Bachelor of Arts in mass communication with a concentration in journalism and a minor in psychology. She was the arts and entertainment editor of her college newspaper, “The Ionian.” Throughout her college career, she was an editorial intern for “M Magazine,” a web editorial intern for “Seventeen” magazine, and a public relations intern for MTV Networks. She is in the midst of writing her first novel and currently resides in Cranston, Rhode Island. To read one of Jaclyn’s blog, please click on the link below:

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SIRA D’ARPINO, fashion consultant, was born in Italy, bringing an international flair and elegance to her company

City Chic Image Consultants.

Sira has over 20 years of experience sewing and performing custom alterations. During her time at an upscale boutique in Providence, R.I., she added retail, merchandising and personal shopping to her range of experience. Sira helped many clients develop and enhance their personal style, using her love of fashion to help people look and feel their best. Her favorite quote: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” Oscar Wilde.

LISA SHORR, onsite stylist, says beauty and style is in her DNA. Since childhood, Lisa has immersed herself in the personal care industry, having her Grandma Belle, a successful cosmetics consultant, as her mentor and inspiration.

A Cum Laude graduate with a degree in marketing, Lisa learned the art of branding, and as co-owner of PC Troubleshooters, an IT Services Company, she has spent the past 15 years making her business look good. Coupling her expertise in branding with her passion for fashion, she launched Shorr Style in 2012, and as a personal stylist, she works with professional men and women, helping them build their own personal brands. She has an eye for detail and educates each client on the importance of looking your best to achieve success. Her mission: “Inspiring confidence through fashion!” She is excited to be a part of the Trade Secrets team.

HAYLEY KLAUDT, makeup, a Florida native, grew up in New England. In high school, she found her love, (more

like obsession), for makeup. After graduation, she packed up and headed to Boston, where she has resided for the past five years. No stranger to the cosmetic industry, she has trained with brands such as Lancôme, Laura Mercier, Too Faced and MAC Cosmetics. She has worked on location at many editorial photoshoots and worked recently on the makeup team for StyleWeek Northeast in Providence, Rhode Island. Now officially a model with Donahue Models, she is a girl of many talents and a force to reckon with!

MELISSA WILSON, hair, has a passion for the beauty industry. With nine years of experience as a professional cos-

metologist, Melissa’s experience ranges from working behind the chair of various salons in Rhode Island, to the makeup counter of busy New York City. In November 2011, Melissa opened M.A.W. Beauty Hair & Makeup Studio, where she works with a variety of multicultural clients. Servicing clients throughout New England, Melissa specializes in blowouts, bridal hair and makeup artistry. She stays updated with latest trends and techniques in the beauty industry by attending classes, workshops, seminars, and tradeshows.

VALENCIO, photographer, chooses to remain an enigma.

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GUESTS JUNE MONTEIRO. Upon graduating from Maryland Institute College of Art with a degree in Fine Arts, June Monteiro interned as an assistant stylist for Kate O’Connor L.A. Fashion Week. It was through this experience that she knew she wanted to pursue a career in design. After featuring her fun and edgy designs in multiple shows in Boston, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Cape Cod, she co-founded Montucia clothing, acting as Principal Designer for a period of time while attaining her fashion design degree from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. At the end of 2010, June created ENAMOUR. She was featured in the 2010 Rising Design Fashion Show during Boston Fashion Week. The debut of her preview collection, “Monarch” made quite an impression, garnering positive reviews in publications such as the Boston Globe, Stuff Boston, and multiple fashion blogs. Each year since the debut of her preview collection June has continued to grow the ENAMOUR brand by being featured in multiple fashion shows in various states spanning the East Coast, participating in fundraisers as well as trunk shows and continually getting publicity both in newspapers, magazines, television and on blogs. June’s goal for the ENAMOUR brand is to have a flagship store where she can bring events, fashion and trunk shows as well as weekly classes to the community and fashionistas of all ages.

JESSICA BERNDT has been a makeup artist for over 20 years. She has worked across the United States as well as abroad, creating looks for runway, print, advertising, and real-life. She worked as the makeup director for the first six seasons of StyleWeek Northeast, and continues to work for New York Fashion Week. Throughout the years, she has established a reputation for having a keen eye for detail, passion for her work, no-nonsense honesty, and never taking herself too seriously. She is constantly striving to hone her craft. When she isn’t working, she can be found spending time with her husband and their three dogs, cooking, or working in her garden. Visit her website here,

CINZIA ANTONELLI resides with her husband Gian and their 12-year-old daughter, Enrica, in the small town of Cassino, Italy. Inheriting her creative and artistic flair from her father, a painter, and her grandfather, a novelist, she grew up with a love for fashion, and a passion for creating costume jewelry. When she is not busy with daughter or helping her husband with his business, she can be found designing and creating new lines of costume jewelry - inspired by the ancient royals of the world, primitive prints and nature. Through her craft, her goal is to express her unique personality, as she believes that creating an object for the body is also a universal form of communication and language.

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Kelsey’s Wardrobe provided by LOLA Fashion Boutique 120 North Main Street Providence, RI 02903 401.383.0021

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“Who says I’m too

old for recess!?”

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Trade Secrets February  

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