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Awaken Your Skin’s

Age-Fighting Potential

with TimeWise® Night Restore & Recover Complex build a strong team: teambuilding challenge

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Message from the GENERAL manager Dearest Beauty Consultants, Congratulations for a great start in the new Seminar year! Your August performance was truly remarkable and you are well on your way to achieving your dream rewards and prizes this year as the exciting month of September unfolds. This is a great time to quickly assess what you have achieved so far so that you remain on track for the bigger and more challenging goals that you have set for yourself. This month also marks the launch of two new and exciting products – the TimeWise Night Restore and Recover Complex and the TimeWise Moisture Renewing Softener. I am optimistic that both existing and new customers would love these fantastic products because of their superb anti-aging benefits. Experience the miracle of these TimeWise products and show off your ageless look to all your friends and prospective customers. Another great opportunity to look forward to is this month’s team-building challenge. This is your chance to share the Mary Kay opportunity with others while continuing to grow your own Mary Kay business. Your determination and eagerness to bring a positive change to other people’s lives will bring you priceless rewards in terms

not only of tangible items but also of profound fulfillment from helping others. Furthermore, I would like to thank all of you for making the recently concluded Imagine… Your Way to Beautiful Philippine Seminar 2011 a great success. As Mary Kay Ash would always say, “those who show up, move up!” Your participation in this annual event means you are all geared up for a bright future in your Mary Kay career. Finally, I challenge all of you to continue dreaming big dreams this year. You have what it takes to reach your every dream. You just have to know it, want it badly enough and work on it consistently. Have a blessed September! Sincerely, Tente Alday

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calendar of activities Activity



sd meeting


4 pm



9 am



1 pm



9 am



6 pm



9 am



9 am



3 pm

DIQ Orientation


9 am


Quezon City


SD Meeting


4 pm

new sd pacesetter


9 am



1 pm



9 am

diq orientation

Quezon City

11 am



9 am



6 pm



9 am



6 pm



9 am

priorities, make another



9 am



2 pm

list of the most important



3 pm



3 pm


9 am

2 3

Mary Kay said it best

6 7

Fri Sat

Tue Wed

“In business, we‘re taught when it comes to being with our families, we can‘t place a dollar amount on



azb Baguio & south luzon 9


an hour. Just as you make a daily list of your work

things you want to do with your family. Include things you want to do during the time you spend with them each night and each






New BC Welcome Party Makati, Cebu, Davao & Zamboanga

Red Jacket University (RJU)


SD Meeting


New BC Welcome Party

10 10 & 17 17


Quezon City

General Assembly Cebu and Zamboanga

Product Knowledge Workshops Essential Steps to Reach Success (ESRS) General Assembly Makati and Davao




9 am





9 am





9 am



6 pm



9 am



2 pm



3 pm



5 pm


Quezon City

3 pm

All Beauty Centers are open Tuesdays to Saturdays (closed on Mondays and Sundays). Operating Hours: Makati, Quezon City, Cebu - 11am - 8pm Davao & Zamboanga - 10am - 7pm










6 pm





3 pm

*Check with your respective Beauty Centers to confirm the classes / activities or when it is rescheduled. applause september 2011


Makati, Cebu & Davao




SD Meeting

3& 10

AZB dumaguete & south luzon

that time is money. But


Beauty Center Schedule SEPTEMBER 2011 1 2 29 30

Thu Fri Thu Fri

All Beauty Centers open at 2pm All Beauty Centers open at 2pm Last day for ordering of BCs up to DIQs L ast day for personal orders of SDs

4- 7

A Boost for Beauty Sleep TimeWise速 Night Restore & Recover Complex can help your customers awaken the age-fighting potential of their skin at night. Read all about this new product, learn why nighttime is an important time for healthy-looking skin and discover the amazing results!


back cover

TimeWise速 Moisture Renewing Softener is a

Challenge yourself and be rewarded with a Fancy

prepare to have the softest skin

build a strong team this seminar 2012

preparing step in your TimeWise skincare

Heart Bracelet and Ring Collection when you

regimen. It fights the signs of skin aging by

build a strong team this September. See back cover

immediately infusing skin with moisture while

for more details.

helping to minimize the appearance of pores.

coming soon

new! the look edition

new location! davao beauty center

Let your regular and potential customers have an idea of the latest Mary Kay

The Mary Kay Davao Beauty Center will be moving to the Ground floor of the Philam

products through the latest issue of The Look! The Look September 2011

Life Building in Davao City this November 2011. The new Center will feature bigger

edition features the newest Mary Kay skincare, color trends and opportunity

training rooms, brand-new computer kiosks for online ordering, a product display area and an

on how Mary Kay can enrich women's lives. Available for sale beginning

experiental room for guests and customers.

October 1, 2011 - The Look (1 piece) - P40; The Look (pk/5) - P180.

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Awaken the

age-fighting potential of skin at night.

TimeWise® Night Restore & Recover Complex helps boost your beauty sleep.

Do your customers want to know one of

Formulated With:

the best secrets to have beautiful skin? It’s fighting the signs of aging while you sleep!

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7

With their knowledge of the ways on how skin behaves at night, the scientists at Mary Kay® developed TimeWise®

Cotton Seed Extract

Night Restore & Recover Complex with key ingredients that give skin what it needs when it needs it the most.

Acai Berry Extract

Pomegranate Sterols

Chestnut Seed Extract

TimeWise® Night Restore & Recover Complex


applause september 2011

Sweet Dreams

for your skin

TimeWise® Night Restore & Recover Complex awakens the age-fighting potential of your skin at night with these benefits*: Studies have shown that night is the best time to replenish the skin dermal matrix and restore the skin barrier by giving skin what it needs to help it recover and restore itself from the stresses of every day life. Activates collagen production*

TimeWise® Night Restore & Recover Complex builds on the science of sleep to help keep the visible signs of aging from showing up prematurely.

7 out of 10 women Targets the skin matrix*

agree that skin feels younger after one week.† In addition, during a 12-week independent consumer study:

76% said skin feels firmer. Helps skin recover from daily damage

69% said they saw a reduction in the appearance of expression lines.

70% s aid they saw a reduction in the signs of premature aging. Restores the skin barrier*

71% s aid there was a reduction in the appearance of environmental damage.

Cut this portion and keep it as your reference.

† Results reported during a 12-week independent consumer study * B ased on in-vitro testing for key ingredients


TimeWise® Night Restore & Recover Complex, P2,295 (Available in normal/dry and combination/oily)

Available for sale beginning September 16.

TimeWise® Night Restore & Recover Complex: (Normal/Dry) Part # 10-044985 (Combination/Oily) Part # 10-044986

The Company grants all Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants a limited license to duplicate this document in connection with their Mary Kay businesses. This page should not be altered from its original form. applause september 2011


Order of application. Here's your night regimen with the TimeWise® Night Restore & Recover Complex. Cleanse-ExfoliateFreshen

3-in-1 Cleanser

Supplement Moisture Boost or Refine & Replenish*

Moisture Renewing Gel Mask (10 minutes then rinse off) **


Microdermabrasion Set

Supplement Clarity, Condition, Contour, Cover

Replenishing Serum+C


Night Solution

Restore and Recover

NEW! Night Restore & Recover Complex


Age Fighting Moisturizer


Do not use TimeWise® Moisture Renewing Gel Mask and TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Set within the same day; however, you may alternate its usage during the week/month. If you are going to use the two products during the same week, you may want to limit the usage of each product to only two times per week.


If TimeWise® Moisture Renewing Gel Mask will be used overnight, use it after TimeWise® Night Restore & Recover Complex. It can replace the TimeWise® Age Fighting Moisturizer.

*** For the day, to reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles, TimeWise® Targeted Action Line Reducer can be used after moisturizer.

1. FOREHEAD With the index, middle and ring fingers, start at the center of the forehead and using both hands, work up the forehead and then outward to the temples with circular motions while applying slight pressure.

3. AROUND THE MOUTH / CHEEKS Placing the middle and ring fingers at the corners of the mouth, begin massaging upward and outward in circular motions that trace the apples of the cheeks, up to temples, and down along the jawline and back to the corners of the mouth. Repeat several times.

2. EYE / NOSE AREA Next, starting between the eyebrows, massage the TimeWise® Night Restore & Recover Complex using an upward circular motion while moving down the bridge of the nose and then sweeping fingers under eye areas using a U-shaped motion. Finish by pressing both temples, and massage with three clockwise rotations and three counterclockwise rotations.

4. THROAT Depending on individual's application behavior, one additional pump of TimeWise® Night Restore & Recover Complex might be needed to apply to the throat area. With the index, middle and ring fingers, apply the TimeWise® Night Restore & Recover Complex using upward and outward strokes from the collarbone to the base of the chin. Move fingers to the center of the chin, and with slight pressure, massage the product outward along the jawline to earlobes. Below the earlobes, increase pressure slightly and massage with three clockwise rotations and three counterclockwise rotation to release tension.

The Company grants all Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants a limited license to duplicate this document in connection with their Mary Kay businesses. This page should not be altered from its original form.


applause september 2011

Cut this portion and keep it as your reference.

Application & massage tips

Dream your way to beautiful*

Buy 1

Offer your customers the NEW! TimeWise® Night Restore & Recover Complex and let them feel the renewal of their beautiful and younger-looking skin.


Buy one (1) timewise® night restore & recover complex (of any variant - Normal / Dry or Combination / Oily) for P2,295 only Get one (1) FREE MINI-SIZE timeWise® Night Restore & Recover Complex (of the same variant). * Available from September 16 to October 15 or while supplies last, whichever comes first. Orders will be served on a first come, first serve basis only.

TimeWise Beauty Fair Promo* We're giving a beauty blow-out promo when you buy the NEW! TimeWise® Night Restore & Recover Complex and other TimeWise regular products!

+ Buy at least P6,000 worTH OF ANY TIMEWISE® PRODUCT/SET (section 1 items only)



= Reverse it!



* Available from September 16 to October 15 or while supplies last, whichever comes first. Orders will be served on a first come first serve basis only. The Company grants all Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants a limited license to duplicate this document in connection with their Mary Kay businesses. This page should not be altered from its original form. applause september 2011


Prepare for your softest skin ever. TimeWise® Moisture Renewing Softener hydrates, softens and prepares your skin to drink every drop of TimeWise® age-fighting goodness. When it comes to your fight against the signs of aging, you can never do enough. TimeWise® Moisture Renewing Softener gives you one more opportunity to get younger-looking skin. When you use this alcohol-free softener, you complete the cleansing process, leaving your skin immediately infused with moisture and feeling silky soft, hydrated and ready to soak in the benefits of the next steps of your age-fighting skin care regimen. How to apply: • Pour enough amount of TimeWise® Moisture Renewing Softener on a cotton pad. • Using the pad, sweep the softener over a freshly washed face, starting at the wider part, such as the cheeks or forehead, and moving in a circular motion from the center outward. • To finish, move the cotton pad in an upward and outward motion to apply the softener from the collarbone to the base of the chin. Order of Application • TimeWise® 3-in-1 Cleanser • NEW! TimeWise® Moisture Renewing Softener • TimeWise® Day Solution OR Night Solution • TimeWise® Age Fighting Moisturizer



TimeWise® Moisture Renewing Softener (Part # 10-039974)

P1,300 Available for sale beginning September 16.

FREE one (1) MINI-SIZE TIMEWISE® MOISTURE RENEWING SOFTENER for every purchase of one (1) TimeWise® Moisture Renewing Softener* * Limited offer from September 16 to October 15. Available while supplies last, whichever comes first. Orders will be served on a first come, first serve basis only.

ALSO AVAILABLE FOR SALE! Customers love to try-beforethey-buy so purchase the NEW! TimeWise® Moisture Renewing Softener Towellete (pack of 6) and let them feel the difference for themselves.


applause september 2011

NEW! TimeWise® Moisture Renewing Softener Towellete (Part # 10-046468)

P125 (pack of 6)

Let your beauty come out naturally with Naturally Beautiful You Gift Sets Have your customers experience an all-natural look when they purchase a Botanical Cleanser and Tinted Moisturizer Set.

Buy any set

Buy the NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL YOU GIFT SET* (Available in 6 sets) Each set includes 1 pc. Mary Kay® Botanical Customized Skin Care Cleanser** 1 pc. Mary Kay® Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF20*** for P1,475 only and FREE! 1 pc. Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick Toffee

Free 1 Lipstick Toffee

* Available until September 15 or while supplies last, whichever comes first. Orders will be served on a first come, first serve basis only. Sets are sold separately from individual items. ** Comes in Formula 1, 2 or 3 *** Comes in Ivory 2 or Beige 1

Enjoy a botanical blow-out treat FREE Customized Skin Care Miniature Set in Formula 3*

Buy any Botanical Skin Care Set

Free 1 Botanical F3 mini set

for every purchase of a Botanical Customized Skin Care Set (in Formula 1, 2 or 3) for P2,850 only. * Available until September 15 or while supplies last, whichever comes first. Orders will be served on a first come, first serve basis only. Sets are sold separately from individual items. (The Miniature Set comprises of F3 Cleanser, F3 Mask, F3 Freshner, F3 Moisturizer and F2 Liquid Foundation Sunscreen SPF 8 F2).

Some see lipstick. We see a more beautiful world. $1 will be donated from each sale of Beauty That Counts® Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick in Give Dreams (Coral Pink shade) by Mary Kay Philippines to support a local charitable institution in its efforts to help change lives of women and children.



Beauty That Counts® Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick in Give Dreams*

* Available while supplies last.

applause september 2011


mary kay pink car:

a fabulous reward

Mary Kay's most successful Independent Sales Force members are recognized... in their Pink Cars!

THE GORGEOUS MARY KAY PINK CAR There's nothing in the world like the feeling you get when you slide behind the wheels of a gorgeous Mary Kay Pink Car. The pink car is more famously known as the Pink Cadillac and our beloved Mary Kay Ash was the first person to ever drive a Mary Kay Pink Car. Here in the Philippines, Mary Kay's most successful Independent Sales Force members are recognized not only in their National Sales Director or Sales Director suits but also in their Pink Cars. The Pink car, which we call our "Trophy on Wheels", is the Pink Honda for Level 1 achievers and the Toyota Altis for Level 2 achievers. If you become Independent National Sales Directors like Christina Boyd or Nanette Mission, you will be given the Pink Pajero. The Pink Car is the symbol of a Sales Director's shining glory. It is proven to be a great teambuilding tool, serving as opening conversations to introduce more women to the Mary Kay world. A total of 33 Independent Sales Directors are currently Mary Kay Pink Car Achievers. In the Second Quarter of 2011, two new Sales Directors were recognized as New Car Achievers while another two re-qualified for the car program. The Pink Car shows that our top Mary Kay leaders have taken the Mary Kay dream and made it their own.

THE INDEPENDENT SALES DIRECTOR CAREER CAR PROGRAM An Independent Sales Director must have P4,000,000 unit retail production within 2 consecutive calendar quarters to be eligible for a Honda City or P6,000,000 unit retail production within 2 consecutive calendar quarters to be eligible for a Toyota Altis. For more details of the Independent Sales Director Career Car Program, please contact the Sales Development and Education Team.

"Every time a pink Cadillac goes by, people automatically think, “Mary Kay!� ...Did I have any idea it would someday become a mobile trademark? Not in a million years! " - Mary Kay Ash


applause september 2011

mary kay career suit:

stylish career symbol

Mary Kay's most successful Independent Sales Force members are recognized... in their Career Suits!

STYLISH MARY KAY SUITS Like the Mary Kay Pink Car, the Mary Kay Career Suits are symbols for Independent Beauty Consultants and Sales Directors to see how far they have gone in the path of their Mary Kay career. The Mary Kay Career suit embodies the image of a Mary Kay brand ambassador. It helps to differentiate a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant or

The Red Jacket Suit, a symbol as an up-and-coming Mary Kay leader.

Sales Director from the competition. One of the most familiar suits among the Independent Sales Force members is the Red Jacket. The Red Jackets found in major Sales Force events signify the Beauty Consultant's status as an up-and-coming leader of the Mary Kay Independent Sales Force. Once an Independent Beauty Consultant becomes a new Independent Sales Director, she is eligible to wear the Independent Sales Director Suit - a symbol of reward and recognition of how far she attained a career in the world of Mary Kay. Meanwhile, the top leadership role of the Mary Kay career is National Sales Directorship. A National Sales Director enjoys many perks and privileges. One

The Sales Director's Suit. The above photo showcased the previous Sales Director Suit in yellow mustard. For Seminar 2012, the prescribed color and suit is Orchid Jacket with Black Sheath and Orchid Sheath Dress.

of those is wearing the National Sales Director suit, a pride and distinction of being one of the top Mary Kay leaders. Despite having different career suits in the Mary Kay career path, the goal is still the same - to create a unifying professional image and to visibly show the great Mary Kay career anyone can have.

The National Sales Director suit, a pride and distinction of being one of the top Mary Kay leaders.

applause september 2011


Travel with style





REWARDS PROGRAM July 1 - September 30, 2011

Your day-to-day travel would definitely be complete when you have these stylish Mary Kay Travel Collection Bags - a Star Consultant treat for you this quarter.



NEW! TOTAL SECTion 1 RETAIL SALES REQUIREMENT: P90,000-P109,999 PIN: Ladder of Success Pin + SAPPHIRE gemstone REWARD: Star Reward SAPPHIRE + TRAVEL TOTE BAG NEW! Minimum Average sales/month: p30,000 SUGGESTed SETS TO SELL:

NEW! TOTAL SECTion 1 RETAIL SALES REQUIREMENT: P110,000-P129,999 PIN: Ladder of Success Pin + RUBY gemstone REWARD: Star Reward RUBY + TRAVEL TOTE BAG & ON-THE-GO TRAVEL KIT NEW! Minimum Average sales/month: p36,667 SUGGESTed SETS TO SELL:


2 Timewise Miracle sets

2 botanical customized skin care setS


2 (5-pc set) melacep SETS


2 Timewise Miracle sets

3 botanical customized skin care setS

2 (5-pc set) melacep SETS




NEW! TOTAL SECTion 1 RETAIL SALES REQUIREMENT: P130,000-P149,999 PIN: Ladder of Success Pin + DIAMOND gemstone REWARD: Star Reward diamond + TRAVEL TOTE BAG, ON-THE-GO TRAVEL kIT & TRAVEL HAND BAG NEW! Minimum Average sales/month: p43,334 SUGGESTed SETS TO SELL:

NEW! TOTAL SECTion 1 RETAIL SALES REQUIREMENT: P150,000 & above PIN: Ladder of Success Pin + emerald gemstone REWARD: Star Reward emerald + TRAVEL TOTE BAG, ON-THE-GO TRAVEL kIT, TRAVEL HAND BAG & overnight travel bag NEW! Minimum Average sales/month: p50,000


2 Timewise Miracle sets

3 botanical customized skin care setS

2 (5-pc set) melacep SETS


2 microdermabrasion SETS



3 Timewise Miracle sets

3 botanical customized skin care setS

2 (5-pc set) melacep SETS


3 microdermabrasion SETS

NOTE: 1. Ladder of Success pin will be awarded to first time achievers and gem stone will be given to consultants who qualify every quarter 2.The company reserves the right to replace any item with similar value in case of stock unavailability. 3. Design and sizes may vary from photos. 4. Claim your star gifts at the beauty centers from October 16 to November 15, 2011. Unclaimed gifts after this period will be shipped together with your order only. In the absence of an order, unclaimed gifts after November 30 will be forfeited.

To learn more about the Star Consultant Rewards program, please contact the Sales Development and Education Team.

Learn these top points in selling! Mary Kay Ash always said, "Nothing happens until you sell something." Here are some basic selling tips that you must learn in order to achieve the ladder of success at Mary Kay. • Always take the positive approach when you sell something to your customers. Have faith in God, faith in yourself, faith in your product and faith in your customers. • Know and believe the product. When you love and use the products that you sell, people can see that. They start not only to trust the greatness of the product but also start to believe what you say about the product. • Don't be afraid to refer to the product guide when in doubt. Customers appreciate your honesty. • Hold at least 3 skin care classes every week. Follow the 3+3+3 formula: Book at least 3 appointments a day to have at least 3 skin care classes a week and get at least P3,000 sales at each class. 12

applause september 2011

• Every good sales person believes in being punctual, especially when you conduct your first facial with a first time customer. You can build trust and relationship from that first meeting. • Contact your customers again in two to three months for customer follow-up. It builds a great relationship with your customers. When calling customers, coincide it with a birthday or a special occasion. • Remember to provide Golden Rule customer service. Always make your customers feel important. If you can see that invisible sign worn by your customers, then you are on your way to a successful career. Happy selling!





Be one of Mary Kay's Top Sellers and join the exclusive

St r Sellers' Soiree We're giving out MORE FABULOUS ST R TREATMENTS to our TOP CONSULTANTS who have at least P150,000 cumulative personal sales from August to September 2011 ENJOY THESE SPECTACULAR ST R TREATS • Exclusive Star Sellers' Soiree Party • Exceptional educational training from top Mary Kay leaders • Premium Star Sellers' Soiree prizes and gifts • Plus! MORE STAR REWARDS if you are one of the TOP 10 STAR SELLERS OF THE NATION

SALES DIRECTORS SPECIAL ST R CHALLENGE • All Independent Sales Directors who have at least 3 Star Sellers' Soiree Achievers in their unit and have P100,000 cumulative personal sales within the challenge period will be qualified to participate in the Star Seller's Soiree Party. • Challenge period is from August 1 to September 30, 2011

To learn more about the Star Sellers' Soiree, please contact the Sales Development and Education Team.

Star Consistency Program 2012 Challenge Period: July 1, 2011 - june 30, 2012

How you can be part of this program:

Be part of the Star Consistency Program and you will...

• Beauty Consultants and Sales Directors who achieve Ladder of Success (any level) in the 4 calendar quarters will be awarded the Star Consultant Consistency Award. Example: Sapphire level 1 - 4 quarters achieved. • Sales Directors with 4, 6, 8, 10 and more Ladder of Success achievers in the 4 calendar quarters will be awarded the Star Director Consistency Award as long as they are Star BCs themselves. Example: Sapphire level - SDs with 4 BCs who are in the ladder of success consistently in 4 quarters and a consistent LOS achiever herself of any level in 4 quarters. • Beauty Consultants and Sales Directors who achieve Diamond and Emerald Star Consultant and Star Director Consistency awards will also be awarded trophies and a signature watch.

• Parade on Seminar stage • Attend Royal Reception in Seminar 2012 and receive trophies on Seminar stage and a signature bag for Diamond and Emerald star consistency awardees • Receive a collector's item symbolical of the seminar year’s theme at Philippine Seminar 2012 • Have your name featured in Applause®

applause september 2011



Finding ways to teambuild


Red Jacket Rally



Pink Hot Teambuilding Tips

Challenge Period: July - september 2011


Join the Red Jacket Rally! If you are an Independent Beauty Consultant, Senior Consultant or existing Red Jacket who has never attended a Red Jacket Rally, then you can join!

Be part of the Red Jacket Rally!

With at least 4 new active personal recruits with P13,000 sales each within the challenge period, you will be able to JOIN THE RED JACKET RALLY in October 2011!

Plus! If you are at the Red Jacket Rally and... Have 6!

Have at least 6 new active personal recruits with P13,000 sales each when you are at the rally and you will receive an EXCLUSIVE RED JACKET SCARF and a PREMIUM BAG upon graduation.

Have 8!

Have at least 8 new active personal recruits with P13,000 sales each when you are at the rally and you will receive an EXCLUSIVE RED JACKET SCARF and a PREMIUM BAG upon graduation AND your very own MARY KAY RED JACKET! • The Company reserves the right to validate authenticity of recruits. Should there be any discrepancy, the Company reserves the right to disqualify the achiever. • The Company reserves the right to change, amend or revise these rules as deemed necessary for the best interests of the Company. • All gifts will be awarded at the RJ Rally. Failure to attend will mean forfeiture of gifts. To learn more about the Local Red Jacket Rally, please contact the Sales Development and Education Team.





Don't keep the Mary Kay opportunity a secret from your friends and fellow Beauty Consultants. We asked Independent Senior Sales Director LaChelle Seleski of Minnesota, USA to give some tips on how to incorporate teambuilding into your business. 1. Start at the skin care class. Show your guests how excited you are to be there with them. 2. One way you can convey your excitement to your guests and customers at your skin care class is to share your personal I-story. You may start with these talking points: Why did you choose Mary Kay? What has your business meant to you? Your excitement alone will show them how great the opportunity is. 3. Give your potential new team member a layering of information to help her make her decision. Send her to the ph website, set up another time to talk, invite her to a guest event or schedule a follow-up facial. Put the next appointment in place. 4. Learn how to overcome objections. Most of the time, objections are just reason to start a great conversation. You will only master this by doing it consistently.

Your strong career to directorship begins here.


DIQ Campaign

Challenge Period: July - september 2011

This is your opportunity to begin your career as an Independent Sales Director by finishing a strong Director-in-Qualification program through the DIQ Campaign. OPEN TO ALL DIRECTORS-IN-QUALIFICATION WHO HAVE: • At least 30 qualified unit members and a total of P840,000 unit sales (with each month not lower than P280,000) • At least 3 Red Jackets (Group Leader, Team Leader or Future Sales Director) by the end of the DIQ period. • A cumulative personal sales of at least P100,000 within the DIQ period 14

applause september 2011

BE A DIRECTORS-IN-QUALIFICATION ACHIEVER, AND: • Attend the 2-day New Independent Sales Director (NISD) Education in their respective Beauty Centers schedule in Sep 2011-March 2012 • Enjoy a 2-night accommodation for the duration of their NISD stay • Receive a special DIQ campaign token at the NISD class

Join Mary Kay's

Join Mary Kay's

Dallas Conference 2012 The road to Dallas begins here. Turn your Dallas dream into a Mary Kay reality.

Challenge Period: July 2011 - jANUARY 2012

Top Directors’ Trip 2012 Achieve at least P16 million retail unit sales from August 2011- July 2012 and have a fabulous trip with your spouse to Paris, France.

To learn more about the Top Directors' Trip 2012, please contact the Sales Development and Education Team.

Be one of the Catch the Dream Dallas Conference 2012 Challenge Achievers and receive: • Airfare accommodation to and from Dallas, Texas, USA • Five (5) days and four (4) nights hotel accommodation in Dallas, Texas, USA • Exclusive leadership education by top Mary Kay international mentors • Sisterhood bonding with fellow top Mary Kay Asia-Pacific Sales Directors • Tour of Mary Kay’s International Corporate Headquarters, Mary Kay Museum and Manufacturing Plant in Dallas, USA

Open to all new and tenured Sales Directors at any level. To learn more about the Dallas Catch the Dream Conference 2012, please contact the Sales Development and Education Team.

You're invited to the

New BC Welcome Party!

Clueless on your first few months as a Beauty Consultant? Be ahead of the game and join us at the New Beauty Consultants (BC) Welcome Party every 1st Friday of the month at Makati, Cebu, Davao and Zamboanga Beauty Centers and every 2nd Friday of the month at Quezon City Beauty Center and know what happens in the Mary Kay Community. • Get to know your Independent Sales Directors • Meet the Mary Kay staff and learn the best ways • Receive tips on how to have a successful of transacting business with the Company Mary Kay business • Enjoy snacks and refreshment and meet your • Be the first to try the latest products for the month new fellow Beauty Consultants applause september 2011


recognition | june 2011 Special Awards

Mary Kay’s Pride

Millionaires Club

Top in Unit Sales

Lourdes Felix 3,513,115

hitting P1 million in one month

Marites Ceña 1,867,215 Virginia Estepa 1,602,815 Bella Concepcion 1,576,090 Lia Reyes 1,528,890 Rochelle Lynn Guintu 1,349,005 Cecile Cahoy 1,297,440 Teresita Caraig 1,281,070 Marita Del Corro 1,265,740 Rochelle Pangilinan 1,229,815

Lourdes Felix

Marites Ceña

Virginia Estepa

Bella Concepcion

Lia Reyes

Rochelle Lynn Guintu

Cecile Cahoy

Teresita Caraig

Marita Del Corro

Top in Personal Sales Letecia Loloy 201,460 Antonio Raymundo Cajefe 200,035 Yvonne Cornejo 200,030 Grace Adriatico 160,190 Geraldine Cabato 150,405 Renelyn Gesmundo 147,105 Aileen Canlas 132,660 Iries Macapas 132,555 Maryfe Sabino 126,410

Anna Lorian Dato 203,125

Top in Personal Recruiting

Cherry May Bautista 10

Lynn Ninonuevo Sharon Rose Joy Alojado Jennifer Hernando Dyesabel Evarreta Ressha Honeylet Javatan Lota De Jesus Jenny Valerie David Marita Del Corro Realyn Revaldo

10 10 9 9 8 7 6 6 6

Rochelle Pangilinan

Armando Abinsay, Jr.

Marilou Manalo

On The Right Track June 2011

Rhona Lyn Guerrero

Honor Society June 2011

Top in Team Sales

Cyrille Lamzon 872,680

Rochelle Lynn Guintu 768,090 Aida Curiba 646,440 Corazon Tabucal 632,720 Marites Ceña 631,910 Charito Reyes 542,275 Leonida Romero 539,305 Teresita Caraig 436,410 Lourdes Felix 429,640 Rosemarie Grapa 419,855

Annamae Carissa Luces

Bebeth Mampen

applause september 2011

Lourdes Felix

Fabulous 50s June 2011

Lia Reyes


Jula Cassey Ching

Maryfe Sabino

Ma. Luisa Nohara

Special Awards New Car Achievers 2nd Quarter

Maria Jescyll Cordero

Car Requalifiers 2nd Quarter

Lia Reyes

Marilou Manalo

Leonida Romero

director’s profile | june 2011 New Senior Sales Director

NAME: Lia Reyes BEGAN MK CAREER: April 2005 UNIT NAME: Women of Faith

We would like to announce that:

Rochelle Lynn Guintu

Armando Abinsay, Jr.

is Princess 1 of the Queen's Court of Sharing of Seminar 2011

is Prince 2 of the Queen's Court of Sharing of Seminar 2011

Congratulations to our

New Sales Directors

NAME: Arsenia Agapito BEGAN MK CAREER: February 2010 UNIT NAME: Achiever Star SSD: Marilou Manalo

Much to our regret, the Company wishes to apologize for the erroneous announcement in the Court of Sharing category of the recentlyconcluded Imagine Your Way to Beautiful... Philippine Seminar 2011

DaddyContest & Me Winners!

NAME: Alma Cunanan BEGAN MK CAREER: November 2006 UNIT NAME: The Achievers SSD: Marilou Manalo

NAME: Sharon M. De Guzman BEGAN MK CAREER: August 2010 UNIT NAME: Eureka Angels ESSD: Marites Ceña

Congratulations to the three lucky winners of our Daddy & Me Mary Kay Philippines Facebook Fan Page Contest! Thanks also to all our Mary Kay Philippines Facebook Page Fans, our customers and members of the Independent Sales Force who made this contest possible and successful. See below the winning photos and lovely comments of our Daddy & Me Winners!

NAME: Brenda De Veyra BEGAN MK CAREER: February 2011 UNIT NAME: Roadrunners SSD: Armando Abinsay Jr.

NAME: Rutchie Ebita BEGAN MK CAREER: September 2010 UNIT NAME: Dream Weavers SSD: Maria Jescyll Cordero

NAME: Marilou Francisco BEGAN MK CAREER: January 2011 UNIT NAME: Faith 'n Joy SSD: Lia Reyes

NAME: Gypsy Joy Geduriagao BEGAN MK CAREER: October 2010 UNIT NAME: The Glamorous Beauties SSD: Rhona Lyn Guerrero

Joy Martinez's entry "I love you dad! Thanks for everything... I thanks the Lord for the gift of Dad in you! Keep up being the greatest Dad! Congrats!"

Lea Azucena Vergara's entry "I always thank God for giving me the best partner in life... Pa, thank you for everything. Thank you for being the great father to our kids... We just want to let you feel special on this father's day celebration.... You are simply the best. We love you very much!" NAME: Jennifer Hernando BEGAN MK CAREER: October 2010 UNIT NAME: Green Magic ESSD: Charito Reyes

NAME: Flocerpida Legaspi BEGAN MK CAREER: September 2010 UNIT NAME: Light in Faith SSD: Lia Reyes

NAME: Zenaida Malvar BEGAN MK CAREER: January 2010 UNIT NAME: Hot Pink Beauty Stars SSD: Virginia Estepa

NAME: Didith Madallang BEGAN MK CAREER: February 2010 UNIT NAME: Beat of the Heat SSD: Maria Fe Aliba

Directors-In-Qualification • June 2011

NAME: Caroline Zaragoza BEGAN MK CAREER: January 2011 UNIT NAME: Venus and Mercury SSD: Bella Concepcion

Rizalina Bagalay Sonia Camara Bibiana Casintahan Jingle Chicano Mary Jane Del Castillo Marirose Dela Cruz Arra Galleto Merlita Gutierrez Jennifer Hill Rosario Elizabeth Ezperanza Labalan Cyrille Lamzon Ma. Jessa Morelos

Madonna Norcio Jypsy Rose Lee Pal-ing Imelda Parojinog Grace Ramento Jeanne Red Evelyn Requina Honey Lyn Samillano Jacquiline Sta. Elena Raquel Tanglao Maria Luisa Tupaz Arlyn Villarosa

Donnabel Virtucio's entry "God took the strength of a mountain, the majesty of a tree, the warmth of a summer sun, the calm of a quiet sea, the generous soul of nature, the comforting arm of the night, the power of the eagles flight, the joy of a morning spring, the faith of a mustard seed, the patience of eternity, the depth of a family need, then God combined these qualities and then there was nothing more to add. He knew his masterpiece was complete and so he called it... Dad."

Keep checking our facebook page - - for more contests and promotions. applause september 2011


ten easy steps


to order your Mary Kay products online

Use Social Media and Online Tools to Connect with Customers

going online ordering

Use these 6 important digital tools

Log-on to Enter your Consultant # and Password.

Digital experience can create customers and we are providing you at least six diferent online tools that you can connect and share with your customers. Digital is not simply an “awareness tool” for your business, but also the majority of public consumers who engage with a brand online move from passive “receivers” to “advocate users” of your brand.

Under the Quick Links, click Order Online.

placing your order online

mary kay philippines WEBSITE provides the latest information, news, tips and trends on Mary Kay and its products.

To place your order, go to Cosmetic Orders and click Create a cosmetic order.

It is the home for Mary Kay's Virtual Makeover and eCatalog which you can share with your online friends through Facebook and Twitter.

Completely fill out all your Shipping Information. (Specified address or for pick-up at defined Beauty Center)

Visit us at

Click the Product (under Section 1 or Section 2) on the item/s that you will order. Input the Quantity. To add another product, click Update My Order, and then click another product. (Click as many products as you want.) You may order by part number or by one page order sheet.

is the community website for all active Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants. It provides 24-hour access to information and services that you need for your Mary Kay business like online-ordering, commission updates and production reports.

mary kay INTOUCH

Log in to Click Submit My Order once you have completed your order.


is Mary Kay Philippines' fastest-growing Social Media fan page with more than 7,700 fans and counting. It gives regularly updates about our brand and serves as online venue for interaction and inquiries by current and potential Mary Kay users.

Review your orders. Click Proceed to Payment.

paying online

us at marykayphilippines

A payment breakdown will be shown on your screen. Read the ordering guidelines and click on the box beside the statement (I agree to the Ordering Guidelines). Select Payment Type and click Purchase.

If paying through Credit Card or Smart Money, key in your Credit Card details & 3 digit security code once payment has been confirmed. Click Continue. (VISA and Mastercard accepted.) Your order has been confirmed and will then be processed for delivery to your preferred address. NOTES: • A P250 storage fee will be charged if pick up orders on regular days are not be picked up within 3 days from order date. • Month-end orders for pick up and delivery may take longer fulfillment and delivery days.


applause september 2011

Cut this portion and keep it as your reference when placing your order.

No credit card? Not a problem! Click Save Order. Save your order and pay by: 1. Send deposit information or bank transfer of fund (Bank, Amount, Date, BC Name, BC No. and Order No.) to MK Customer Service OR 2. Pay directly to our Customer Service counter and provide BC No. and Total Amount of order.

mary kay eBUZZ gives you monthly updates on what's new in Mary Kay which you can email and share with your online friends, loyal brand users and potential customers. It contains important reminders that you need for your business. Email us at to receive monthly updates

youtube CHANNEL enables you to view and see various Mary Kay product and information videos that can help in your business. The site also gives you access to share videos to your online friends through Facebook and Twitter. Watch us at marykayphilippines

Are you a brand new Beauty Consultant? Join the


philippines | march 2011








Enjoy free premium products when you consistently meet your single purchase goals in your first four months as a Beauty Consultant! FREE products with total retail value of P14,595.

Required Sales: P13,000 single purchase

Required Sales: P13,000 single purchase

Required Sales: P14,000 single purchase

Required Sales: P16,000 single purchase

Components: Miracles Happen Book, Mary Kay® Custom Compact, Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Color, Mary Kay® Nourishine™ Lip Gloss, Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color

Components: Satin Hands Pampering Set, Customer Profile Card Set – 2, Customer Order Form Pack

Components: Mary Kay SPF 30 Sunscreen, Lip Protect SPF 15, MK Bronzing Powder – Desert Sun, TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Step 2: Replenish and NEW! The Look (March 2011 edition) - 3 pcs.

Components: TimeWise® Day Solution Sunscreen SPF25, TimeWise® Night Solution, TimeWise® Age-Fighting Eye Cream, TimeWise® Age-Fighting Lip Primer, SKC Trays (5/pk), Disposable Facial Cloth (25/pk)

Total Retail Value: P2,445

Total Retail Value: P2,630

Total Retail Value: P3,780

Total retail Value: P5,740

Want more? Stretch your sales a little more and qualify for the Monthly Ordering Bonus Program and get more freebies!

Get ESRS-certified Essential Steps to Reach Success (ESRS) is a two-day program that will add success to your business. After completion of the ESRS, get a voucher worth P6,000 of products and a Color Showcase with your first single purchase order of P16,000!

Avail of Monthly Ordering Bonus Reward yourself with the TimeWise® Night Solution. It's a great night treat for yourself after reaching September's selling goals.

color showcase

This is yours FREE with a personal cumulative retail sales of P18,000 and above. MOB is open to all Independent Beauty Consultants including NCB participants.

The ESRS product set includes: Acne Clarifying Cleanser, Acne Pore Purifying Serum, Acne Spot Solution, Acne Body Spray, TimeWise Age-Fighting Eye Cream, Satin Lips Lip Balm, Microdermabrasion samplers pk/6, PLUS! Color Showcase.

To know more about the NCB and ESRS programs, visit or check out available flyers for details. The company reserves the right to replace items of equal or greater value in the event that supplies run out.

POWERNOTES september 2011

1. DELIVERY LEAD TIME orders received at the first and last three days of the month will take 7 working days for serviceable areas and 10 working days for non-serviceable areas.

2. PRODUCT / ITEM IMAGES are representation purposes only. The colors of the printed product / item images may slightly be varied from the colors of the actual product / item.

3. FOR ALL PROGRAMS AND PROMOTIONS, the company reserves the right to stop or replace items of equal or greater value in the event that supplies run out.

applause september 2011



SUCCESS. Teambuilding Challenge Earn this exclusive FANCY HEART bracelet and ring COLLECTION* when you: Have at least two (2) new Beauty Consultants with an order of P18,000 (cumulative) each from September 1 to 30, 2011. * Box not included.

Step up to sucess. Teambuilding Challenge Sharing the Mary Kay opportunity with others is, in and of itself, a reward of the heart. So, move yourself up in the ladder of your Mary Kay career and start building a strong team this new Seminar year.

* The company reserves the right to replace items of equal or greater value in the event that supplies run out. Claim your gift at the beauty center from October 16 to November15, 2011. Unclaimed gifts after December 15, 2011 will be forfeited. Gifts will be given on first come, first served basis.







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applause september 2011

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Enriching Women’s Lives

OVATION Vol. 1 No. 84

a recognition supplement to Applause® September 2011

Published monthly in recognition and inspiration for the sales force members of Mary Kay in the Philippines by Mary Kay Philippines, Inc., Makati City, Philippines.

“People with goals succeed and those without goals fail. It’s as simple as that. You must first choose your goal and then write that goal down and set a time limit. Don’t be a dreamer. Be a doer. Once you have set your goal, I suggest that you break your goal into workable parts. To protect that goal, tell everybody what it is and what your deadline is” - Mary Kay Ash

Perfect Start

Top SD with most no. of Perfect Start June 2011

New Independent Beauty Consultants with minimum P8,000 personal retail sales in her first two weeks from her start-up date.

SD Rowena Casis

*Perfect Start Achievers* from May 16, 2011 – June 15, 2011 Abada, Marina C. Abancio, Michelle P. Abanes, Maria Victoria B. Abarca, Mischelie Abeleda, Maria Elena M. Aberde, Yasmin M. Abuan, Ma. Romina L. Abustan, Rowena C. Adam, Norbeta C. Adriano, Czarina I. Agarpao, Rea N. Agcon, Fredelina S. Aglobo, Rizza Gene G. Agriam, Herme G. Aguila, Lorena D. Aguilar, Rochelle C. Aguirre, Aileen R. Alamada, Sarah L. Alcala, Marife T. Alcantara, Judy P. Alcantara, Richelle F. Alejandrino, Janice Alejandro, Marlyn A. Alimasag, Lea Jean Alina, Ma. Pia SM. Alterado, Cecille Alvarez, Wilma M. Amado, Teresita D. Amado, Yvonne C Amba, Kimchu Amoin, Kathleen Jade D. Ananayo, Dorothy Joy G. Andaya, Novelita R. Andres, Cecille O. Ang, Georgiana Dorene T. Angue, Lucia DC Angyab, Karen A. Anselmo, Glecie T. Antenor, Everly R. Aoanan, Aurora G. Apao, Lylene M. Apatan, Kimberly F. Apiag, Ma. Luz P. Apilada, Susan B. Apoya, Geraldine D. Aquino, Bracelia S.

Aquino, Maria Luisa E. Aragoncillo, Erlinda E. Areola, Emily L. Ariez, Junie Ann C. Ascura, Mary Jean P. Asing, Gracelyz C. Asuncion, Tweeny J. Ataggoy, Micah B. Atienza, Estharlyn D. Atienza, Margie M. Austria, Salvacion M. Bacena, Angela L. Bacquial, Noemi Badelles, Tresha C. Balanon, Louie E. Balawag, Kongan Balbawang, Cherry B. Baldado, Arlene T. Bale, J L C. Balilahon, Caryl Ann Balili, Niña Angelica Balistoy, Cynthia Rose M. Ballesteros, Rina Marie B. Baloaloa, Estrella B. Balog, Mary Jean Baloria, Jessamy D. Baluyut, Ma. Bernadette Bandivas, Josephine M. Bandojo, Rose Anne S. Banez, Irenia B. Bantic, Realyn K. Barba, Elma N. Barcita, Jenneth C. Baril, Analiza C. Barilea, Natalie L Barinque, Aileen M. Bartolome, Violeta P. Basilio, Cherry Lyn Basquial, Marivic B. Bassam Abdi, Laiela R. Batu, Mardy V. Batucan, Geraldine Bautista, Gilda M. Bautista, Jocelyn E. Bautista, Kristine Joy I. Bautista, Leilani S.

Bautista, Michelle S. Bautista, Milagros I. Bautista, Myrna Bayawa, Suzette G. Beason, Flordeliza L. Beligolo, Lodelyn C. Belmonte, Micha Ruth Angela A. Benedicto, Aileen Marigold J. Benedicto, Ma. Rhollette D. Benetua, Lynda Lee D. Bengco, Marie Vic P. Bengson, Juana Benitez, Leah B. Bernardino, Phoebe Beron, Marissa Beswilen, Princess Ann P. Betansos, Shekina Gracel A. Biel, Joanna April A. Bilog, Priscila E. Binayan, Jennifer P. Bofill, Maricris L. Boholst, Cerila A. Bola, Marifel L. Bolisay, Corazon L. Borja, Jonah I. Borja, Ma. Karina C. Borjal, Aireen B. Botigan, Glory B. Brodeth, Jojie T. Bronio, Maria Teresa S. Budionganon, Apple Gay Buencamino, Lutgarda M Buentipo, Isabelita B. Buga-ay, Janet B. Buntag, Ailyn Buray, Teresa Burgos, Concepcion V. Bustria, Connie C. Cabanca, Maria Theresa Cabato, Geraldine S. Cabio, Antonette D.C. Cabrera, Irislyn Cabuang, Jenny Lyn G. Cachero, Nonette A. Cadavez, Agnes V. Cadiente, Milagros P.

Cagas, Rizza V. Caguioa, Lynette M. Cajilig, Myrna M. Calacsan, Karen S. Calaguing, Remie Calaguing, Tracy Ann O. Cale, Marilou Calipay, Marichu A. Caluscusao, Aida P. Cambel, Mildred A. Camdas, Augustina C. Camilon, Mary Jhoanna Dee N. Canete, Myla Fe Canillo, Judith P. Canonigo, Agnes M. Canoy, Vivien F. Cantor, Cristeta M. Carcido, Danilo T. Carino, Eleonora V. Carlos, Cherry Carog, Rosemarie C. Carpio, Lealanie A. Carpiso, Mary Ann D. Carreon, Lynette Magnes Carrillo, Marjorette Rose M. Casis, Noemi B. Castanares, Fely B. Castaneda, Annette C. Castillejos, Grace P. Castillo, Bob Jayson L. Castillo, Christine Ana Maria B. Castillo, Emily Loren A. Castillo, Mylene V. Castro, Gladys F. Castro, Jesusa D. Castro, Karen H. Catalan, Nierly G. Catalan, Riza R. Catane, Wilhelmina Caubanan, Rubelyn M. Cauriz, Ryan Paolo C. Cawit, Liza B. Cayabyab, Catherine A. Cayabyab, Leah B. Cayanan, Priscilla Fe M. Caytap, Ana Liza S.

Celeste, Angelo C. Celestial, Theresa Ria G. Celestra, Rheyunitica M. Chio, Rosemarie I. Cipres, Gissell C. Co, Minda O. Colegio, Cristina S. Colegio, Elisa G. Colegio, Zenaida Coligado, Marivic A. Color, Rosalie O. Comson, Patricia Joy E. Contenido, Margie B. Coprada, Azucena B. Corpuz, Ellanie Corpuz, Leandro Jr. M. Cortez, Rhoann N. Credo, Margie G. Cruz, April Madeline Z. Cruz, Catherine Y. Cruz, Cynthia B. Cruz, Milagros A. Cruz, Monica M. Cruz, Ysmin N. Cuaresma, Divine Grace T. Culile, Corazon S. Cumeta, Mary Joy A. Cusi, Marja Leah L. Cuyco, Ma. Teresa M. Dacallos, Seth Aiza M. Dacles, Bienvinida R. Dagandan, Jeanette R. Dalino, Ana Lisa Dalipe, Lynmae A. Dalisay, Melyndie G. Dalusong, Marife P. Dano, Reynaldo G. Dano, Zalgie May Dargantes, Charito F. Datu, Maria Isabel David, Marie Jansen V. David, Zenaida S. De Belen, Maureen Roselle E. De Guzman, Edna Luz De Jesus, Feliza M. De Jesus, Marlene A.

De Jesus, Melissa A. De Jose, Alma A. De Lumen, Vilma J. De Mesa, Maricris G. De Ocampo, Annabel O. De Pano, Jennielyn B. Del Rosario, Clarita D. Dela Cruz, Benedicta U. Dela Cruz, Charisa Joy Dela Cruz, Chrisline S. Dela Cruz, Christie Austin C. Dela Cruz, Evelyn D. Dela Cruz, Juliet G. Dela Cruz, Marilyn B. Dela Cruz, Merlie L. Dela Cruz, Reina B. Dela Cruz, Ria E. Dela Paz, Maricel G. Dela Paz, Melody D. Dela Rosa, Teresa Mercedes Delen, Michelle L. Denola, Merlita C. Deriquito, Vanessa E. Diaz, Divina M. Diaz, Jacquiline L. Diaz, Peter Jay B. Dimen, Jeanny G. Disabille, Marites B. Diwa, Rosario O. Dizon, Sarah Kristine C. Domingo, Janine S. Domingo, Omega S. Donaire, Alona N. Dosal, Hanna Liya P. Dueza, Gina F. Dulnuan, Herminia A. Dumaboc, Sheryl M. Dungla, Carissa Mae D. Duran, Marites B. Durano, Rosejean Dy, Ramon L. Ebol, Ma. Paz O. Eduarte, Shyne I. Ejanda, Elvira L. Elad, Reida N. Eleria, Mary Ellen

Empestan, Amelita B. Encarnacion, Giselle M. Encendencia, Ritchelle T. Endo, Dylyn M. Enerio, Liza Marie Grace M. Entea, Jeannie Enterina, Michelle M. Ermitanio, Arnold A. Escarlan, Jennifer B. Escultero, Irma L. Esguerra, Racquel G. Eslabra, Eden H. Esparas, Flordeliza P. Espera, Ruby Remedios A. Espere, Juana L. Espinosa, Estrella P. Espinosa, Natalie Espiritu, Sharmaine D. Espirituoso, Christine Estanislao, Manilyn N. Estareja, Janice A. Estaris, Nemia P. Estopacio, Florencia E. Fabellon, Alicia A. Fabian, Victoria O. Fabito, Elizabeth B. Fantastico, Liezel M. Feliciano, Nimfa C. Fenequito, Annamae A. Fermil, Flor Aurelyn Fernandez, Cristina C. Fernandez, Herminita O. Fernandez, Weena J. Ferrer, Marianne A. Fideles, Richel C. Fidelino, Linda C. Fiedalan, Abegail F. Figuracion, Florenda C. Floremosos, Marlene Flores, Analyn B. Flores, Lovely Rio F. Flores, Ma. Glimil R. Flores, Marcelina P. Floresca, Ligaya J. Fontanilla, Jeanne Q. Francisco, Analiza M. *alphabetical order

Perfect Start

New Independent Beauty Consultants with minimum P8,000 personal retail sales in her ďŹ rst two weeks from her start-up date.

Francisco, Jenifer G. Francisco, Ma. Cristina S. Frondoza, Jacqueline G. Fuentes, Melissa Fujimoto, Teresita V. Gabiete, Sharon L. Gabuco, Genex Clifford S. Gacusana, Marijul C. Gado, Joiping C. Gagno, Arlene M. Galac, Baby Sheryl M. Galang, Julie S. Galeng, Normita D. Galeon, Eddie Galera, Iris Dei A. Gallardo, Florinda Gamba, Marietta C. Garcia, Araceli C. Garino, Muriel R. Garlit, Maria Angela DV Garlit, Melanie Rose DV Gaspili, Amor L. Gata, Shelemiah Gatdula, Smile E. Gattud, Claudette I. Gayona, Rona N. Geli, Crispa M. Gellecanao, Ana Marie D. Gentapanan, Jonalyn German, Siony Y. Geronimo, Sheryl Lou F. Gesmundo, Renelyn B. Gida, Lizel C. Gilongos, Rogielin J. Giron, Aniceta P. Go, Ma. Rizza Joan P. Gonzaga, Vivian P. Gotanggogan, Diane Nor E. Gragorio, Rodrigo F. Guanizo, Nena G. Guardiario, Virgie D. Guarino, Christine Melody Guarino, Farida B. Guazon, Jennifer C. Gubaton, Leonarda Guerrero, Jovita A. Guevarra, Filipinas D. Guia, Nellie Guillen, Angelita A. Guillermo, Darius P. Gumamit, Eunizel Gumiter, Anabella G. Gumpad, Jane V. Gutierrez, Apple M. Gutierrez, Jacqueline E. Gutierrez, Vester C. Guzman, Raquel T. Hadji Alon, Noraisa Hamidul, Kirana S. Hernaez, Remedios C. Hernandez, Emely A. Hernandez, Jocelyn E. Herrera, Elenore B. Hinay, Aprilyn Hinovila, Jennefer N. Hiwatig, Vivien Marie R. Hu, Salipa N. Hugo, Jeandel L.

Ibanez, Hannah G. Ibanez, Zhermina Q. Ico, Jocebed R. Idio, Bennifelle H. Ignacio, Mary Ann P. Ilagan, Ma. Consuelo E. Imperial, Kristine O. Inderez, Elsie G. Indino, Rolen J. Ingel, Nenita M. In-uyay, Recalyn C. Isles, Marina V. Jacinto, Roberto B. Jalando-on, Joy G. Jalando-on, Rosette Joy G. Jamila, Juvie A. Jamilla, Jocelyn I. Jania, Rajini C. Java, Kathleen Rose B. Javid, Maribel M. Javier, Jureta B. Javier, Reddy N. Jayona, Vivian M. Jimenez, Celma S.A. Jimenez, Joan Jochico, Jane Marie B. Johnson, Rosemarie A. Jose, Aleli A. Jose, Elena S. Jugarap, Maria Catherine Jungco, Susheila J. Kawada, Ma.Margarita C. Kim, Youlee Kimmayong, Carol Joy B. Labad, Arlyn Labitad, Divina Salve A. Labonete, Eva D. Labrador, Mildred P. Laconsay, Vivien Samyhla Lacuna, Jasmin Lagumbay, Ma. Loreta Lagumen, Marlyn Lalu, Rodelyn A. Laluan, Glory E. Lambo, Analyn M. Lanzon, Rolan A. Lapierre, Terrylie B. Laqueo, Jasmin P. Laurico, Elizabeth B. Laxamana, Marilu M. Layug, Kristine D. Lazaro, Ethel Grace R. Lee, Marites A. Leoncio, Jamie Katrina C. Leopardas, Elvinia U. Lipaen, Cristina C. Lising, Rocilla B. Liwanag, Cristy D. Lizada, Jessica Marie P. Llanes, Melani S. Lopez, Jemeele M. Lopez, Jennifer R. Loquias, Ma. Liza E. Lorenzo, Felipa T. Lorenzo, Loida A. Lozano, Georgyn L. Lu, Florinda F. Luceno, Felma M.

Luces, Mishelle Lukman, Milagros C. Lumase, Evangeline P. Luzada, Myra C. Macalinao, Lilibeth O. Macatangay, Jennifer E. Macdonald, Ma. Corazon A Macero, Engelin Madis, Brigette V. Madronio, Noli I. Magat, Rubi Ambrocia B. Magbuhat, Celerina C. Magdaraog, Maricel D. Magnaye, Myla C. Mago, Joie M. Mahan, Francis Carlo T. Malacas, Janice G. Malajacan, Jeanne Paula P. Malanyaon, Freda Q. Malapit, Hannah K. Malavega, Sheryl M. Malawit, Alma M. Malonzo, Judy B. Mamac, Ai Mae S. Manalac, Elizabeth C. Manaog, Delia B. Manaog, Michelle M. Manbiotan, Jeane L. Manipon, Merlinda F. Manlucu, Janice B. Mantawil, Mherlyn Manzanilla, Rebecca M. Manzano, Karissa P. Mapa, Juvy J. Mapayo, Vicente Ernecito T. Marcapobre, Cristy G. Marcelo, Sylvia Marie I. Marinog, Aisa Jay Marquez, Maria Teresa S. Marrero, Jenny B. Martin, Salvador L. Martin, Vicenta Maximo, Judith B. Mayo, Lizel G. Mayormita, Mechelle P. Mazo, Mimosa J. Medenilla, Edwina J. Medenilla, Sherilyn P. Medina, Rosita M. Mencias, Marita D. Mendoza, Alberlyn A. Mendoza, Cristina Mendoza, Owen E. Mercado, Melissa M. Merin, Marie Rose O. Miana, Rosaline D. Micutuan, Mary Evelyn S. Miguel, Jhomer F. Minaya, Divina S. Minglana, Chuaryl L. Miranda, Girlie S. Mission, Glenda M. Miyashita, Judy Ryn A. Mojado, Marife S. Moldez, Ricamyr C. Monfero, Teresita A. Montalbo, Jinky Zuzana M. Montederamos, Celia M.

*Perfect Start Achievers* from May 16, 2011 – June 15, 2011 Montevirgen, Norman Montinola, Estelita G. Morales, Rosemarie Morgado, Maria Luz Mutuc, Norilyn A. Muyco, Marie Aimee P. Nacawili, Helen R. Nagun, Didith R. Nalaunan, Leah V. Nalupa, Lucita Nanales, Avelina B. Naslangan, Benedicta D. Navaja, Sandra Navarro, Virsely Nazareno, Jingle Nerpio, Cris Ng, Priscila S. Nicandro, Charisma M. Nicolas, Angelynne R. Nicolas, Leonora P. Nierva, Anna Liza E. Ninonuevo, Lynn G. Nitullano, Lejani D. Nojor, Anthony Novela, Marife M. Novero, Guia Antonette L. Nungay, Ana Dulce T. Obguia, Rhea Mae Q. Obispo, Ma. Lourdes D. Obmerga, Shirley M. Obrador, Rhea L. Obusan, Resurreccion P. Ocampo, Maricel Ocampo, Rosemarie S. Oco, Ma. Toni Teresa L. Ole, Marivic Oliva, Lelani Q. Olpindo, Elma D. Olvido, Hanna Grace G. Olvido, Lily G. Omarali, Sitti Hilwa S. Ondevilla, Mary Anne P. Ong, Danilda Ong, Lian S. Oquindo, Heidi DL Orcine, Marian C. Ornedo, Jennifer C. Ornopia, Mayna M. Pablico, Maria Nieves G. Pablo, Anna Liezl C. Pabustan, Elna D. Pacaldo, Winda Padayao, Jingle A. Paez, Mariane Q. Palacio, Precious Princess A. Palayen, Julie Ann G. Paltao, Bernadette M. Paner, Faida A. Pangan, Lorna B. Pangan, Patricia J. Paredes, Wilma B. Parena, Maribeth Pascual, Flordeliza S. Pasquil, Mercy Patricio, Wilma Paulino, Mary Ann N. Pedrina, Yolanda S. Peralta, Febry Rose M.

Perez, Joselino D. Perez, Shelly Veronica A. Permano, Leziel Mae Pescuela, Jovy V. Petere, Vivian J. Picar, Gerard A. Pimentel, Gina B. Pinlac, Aida D. Pino, Rosanna M. Plaza, Cheryl Poblacion, Sally A. Poblador, Maria Theresa R. Policarpio, Sherlly F. Ponciano, Dulce Kathrina Ponseca, Milagros Prado, Gretchen F. Provido, Ma. Lina D. Pumarada, Jennifer S. Punla, Erlinda C. Puno, Flora Mae Purgatorio, Eva E. Querimit, Madilyn R. Quiambao, Chowlyn T. Quiblat, Edna E. Quijano, Ycarose P. Quinones, Liziel Quintos, Eileen E. Quirante, Ma. Isabel T. Quisco, Toni Rose Quizada, Amor Ragandang, Evangeline D. Ramel, Novelyn L. Ramilo, Ladily A. Ramirez, Annabelle V. Ramirez, Fernando N. Ramirez, Natalie Marie O. Ramos, Fraulein G. Ramos, Myrna M. Ranjo, Renalyn B. Recabar, Neraliza R. Recto, Maura Q. Regulacion, Cecilia D. Renigado, Sheryl A. Reodique, Natividad P. Reponte, Rudy P. Resurrecion, Margie M. Revacca, Anmer Revaldo, Realyn B. Revaula, Shirley M. Revista, Mercy S. Reyes, Ellen A. Reyes, Erwin B. Reyes, Juvie B. Reyes, Ma. Luisa M. Reyes, Melody A. Reyes, Ralph O. Reyes, Rose J. Reyes, Roxanne P. Ridulme, Nerissa A. Rivera, Alma L. Rivera, Desiree Lou M. Robles, Rebecca C. Rodriguez, Brenda T. Rojas, Rowena Romero, Elaine S. Romo, Ma. Peachy C. Roque, Amor N. Roque, Ma. Eliza A.

Rosales, Rosemarie Delilah L. Rosalinda, Joanne Rose P. Ruiz, KC Antonette C. Rumbines, Daryl C. Sagarino, Nelia G. Sagun, Hiyasmin S. Sakamoto, Elenita Salandanan, Henry Lyn N. Salazar, Jennifer M. Saldana, Evelyn D. Saligumba, Angela D. Saludo, Venus Salva, Marites P. Salvador, Hasmin S. Salvador, Irene Grace T. Samarita, Helen A. Samparada, Mikka Ella O. Samulde, Dezza Grace D. Sanchez, Alma V. Sanday, Aisa S. Sansano, June Lynne M. Santillan, Vilma C. Santos, Elvira Santos, Jennifer C. Santos, Myla C. Sanvictores, Irma Margarita Sasan, Moine Satentes, Anne Grace Savilla, Febangelyn M. Sayson, Heschelle T. Sazon, Jenet C. Seballe, Marie Grace DL Servano, Metelin D. Sese, Mary Cindyrella D. Sia, Naly B. Siddique, Minada A. Sinajonan, Estrelita A. Sinoy, Maria Josephine T. Solis, Mary Grace B. Sta. Elena, Eufrocinia M. Sta. Maria, Rosalie Start, Venancia S. Stein, Jocelyn S. Suarez, Luisito L. Suga, Amelia C. Suguitan, Arlene D. Sulatan, Jonelyn E. Sulit, Ma. Carmelita S. Tabugara, Crisdelyn R. Tac-an, Romano Tadeo, Edna E. Tajan, Delma L. Talaguit, Emy Luck T. Tamayo, Jennifer B. Tampus, Beverly D. Tan, Anabelle C. Tan, Kaye U. Tan, Laila M. Tan, Lulu Isabel Tan, Mary Grace S. Tan, Sheila May B. Tan, Vicky F. Tanchoco, Genevieve Tangco, Purificacion V. Tarnate, Lizel A. Taton, Ma. Cristina Te Eng Fo, Sheryl Tejano, Wendy Ann

Teodoro, Elizabeth M. Teologo, Liezl S. Tiangco, Teresita A. Tiangja, Cristita L. Timbol, Rosemarie T. Toledo, Generosa L. Tolentino, Florence P. Tolentino, Roselle Tomas, Elizabeth L. Tordillos, Jhappie M. Torralba, Maria Kristy J. Torres, Janice Lutgarda M. Trapago, Rowena T. Trinidad, Gladys Marnelli P. Tubana, Renita C. Tuliao, Marilou G. Ungab, Rowena Mae C. Untok, Derah U. Usman, Kuraiza M. Uy, Diana G. Valdehueza, Erminda Valenzuela, Ma. Elizabeth A. Valles, Arciel l. Vallesfin, Analiza B. Varona, Karen Mariel B. Velasco, Narlita L. Velasquez, Anne Brigette C. Veluz, Eleanor V. Veray, Juliet Vergara, Deborah D. Vergara, Lea A. Villa, Cherryle B. Villalobos, Graziella D. Villalobos, Rosemary N. Villaluz, Aurora A. Villaluz, Myra D. Villamin, Micaela H. Villamor, Gonzalo Jr. Villapaz, Daisy May Villarico, Nizza Lou A. Villaruel, Rex DC Villavito, Katherine May F. Villegas, Luz A. Villela, Teodorina B. Wagas, Anne Chantal Y. Walin, Natalia T. Wapanio, Emylen Wijangco, Dorothy Joy G. Willy, Alpha Marie C. Wong, Jamaica June DJ. Wong, Jaysie Jade Wong, Josefina DJ Yahiya, Sitti Rupina A. Yamaro, Jonalyn N. Yap, Katherine L. Ymas, Ahiera O. Yu, Felicidad P. Yu, Flora Joy B. Zaldivar, Lizsette E. Zapanta, Ma. Corazon C. Zapanta, Marivic P. Zaportiza, Diana Zita, Lucila L. Zorca, Lalaine A. Zosa, Gemma P. *alphabetical order

*New Consultant Bonus Program (NCB) Achievers - March 2011 batch

Top SD w/ most no. of NCB Achievers

Independent Beauty Consultants who successfully completed the New Consultant Bonus program (months 1-4)

Abas, Sheilah Ablaza, Rhea S. Abrasaldo, Maria Cristina C. Abuda, Ma. Rhodora D. Aday, Clarita M. Aganon, Susan B. Agudelo, Lulette B. Agudelo, Merma S. Agustin, Ivan Fritz N. Ajero, Honey Alcabedas, Rowena R. Alcala, Olivia D. Aldama, Gemma E. Alforque, Mary Grace M. Alih, Alwida A. Almoete, Catherine A. Alojado, Sharon rose Joy A. Alviar, Mary Hyacinth B. Amancio, Cerle Reim M. Amistoso, Gretchen S. Angeles Jr., Elpidio R. Anghag, Maylene B. Anticamara, Ana Ligaya A. Aparra, Fritzie A. Aquino, Agassiz J. Aquino, Mary Grace D. Arevalo, Ma. Cyrell A. Asino, Aileen E. Aspiras, Christine V. Avila, Jemily F. Babiera, Sarah Nathalie G. Balasta, Lyra G. Balindong, Aramilyn B. Balmes, Cristina P. Bantasan, Rea M. Bartolata, Milagros Basilio, Christine B. Basilio, Nancy P. Bataclan, Jealine V. Batasin-in, Brigida R. Bato, Nelinda A. Batuigas, Lalaine G. Bautista, Hannah Leah Bautista, Josielyn A. Bautista, Marmi F. Bayed, Mina Grace A.

Bedico, Jodi Fay S. Belen, Corazon Bernabe, Melinda T. Bertis, Bernalou A. Bestre, Sina Boac, Nieves Teresita D. Borbon, Jennifer D. Borracho, Ana Marie R. Botin, Jinky A. Briones, Thelma P. Buenviaje, Lorenza S. Bugtong, Olimpia B. Burlado, Josephine A. Buya, Jennifer A. Cabanayan, Nora T. Cabangon, Maria Cheereve P. Cabaya, Rosalie H. Caga, Jopete Calabun, Ginalyn U. Calina, Gernavie D. Camara, Sonia L. Camina, Jeana G. Canas, Lilibeth M. Canon, Gina L. Capila, Annie S. Capili, Sharibon P. Castillo, Pinky Castro, Melanie M. Celdran, Ma. Teresa R. Celino, Audrey Rose A. Cervantes, Misshelle Alexis R. Chicano, Jingle B. Conn, Loreta S. Cordero, Kathleen Mae B. Cordero, Lucresia A. Cordova, Ma. Cristine A. Cruz, Amelia P. Cruz, Cristina C. Cruz, Janice Joanne G. Cruz, Rosalyn D. Dalandag, Balmona P. Daquipel, Jenny Lyn D. Datu, Ethel T. David, Alely N. David, Maricel U. De Guzman, Diosdede O.

De Guzman, Jenny F. De Guzman, Julie Ann S. De Leon., Karyl Paz W. De Ocampo, Ma. Luisa De Pano, Norilyn B. Dealagdon, Flordeliza N. Del Rosario, Cynthia D. Del Rosario, Mercedita L. Dela Cruz, Meralyn B. Delos Reyes, Sarah D. Develez, Pechie O. Diaz, Rowena M. Dimalanta, Maria Joannia G. Dimamay, Mariquita S. Dizon, Ada Dizon, Marife L. Doron, Elsie Q. Dumalag, Joylyn S. Eduarte, Jacqueline D. Egar, Janice E. Elemia, Ronald l R. Emboltorio, Lynlee M. Ereno, Nida L. Espinosa, Joey Ann Esteban, Sunshine G. Estong, Muriel P. Estrada, Glorienne L. Estremos, Ursula C. Feliciano, Riza G. Felimon, Maricel J. Fernandez, Alex Andrea B. Fernando, Charito Fiel, Juanita D. Flores, Rosenie R. Folio, Grethel Y. Francisco, Gladys C. Fulgencio, Cherry Ann S. Gabriel, Lorelei D. Gadit, Jessica R. Galecia, Myrene G. Gallego, Peter D. Gamo, Whitney B. Ganancial, Lenie P. Ganancial, Sarah O. Gantalao, Orpha D. Garcia, Cheryle E.

SSD Lourdes Felix

Garcia, Evangeline S. Garcia, Lolyn Garde, Rea G. Gasper, Violeta C. Gaudia, Elena A. Gelisanga, Ma. Krissha Rita B. Gerdes, Rowena Go, Ma. Dina S. Gonzaga, Agnes G. Gravador, Venus A. Gravoso, Rosita Guanlao, Jed Andrew T. Guanzon, Ruby Ann M. Guerrero, Rosemarie V. Guevarra, Diana Grace F. Guialel, Sohra P. Gunzon, April Grace A. Gutierrez, Agnes P. Hazal, Celia B. Hernandez, Amalia B. Hill, Jennifer V. Hipe, Elvira L. Hombrebueno, Mariden A. Homecillo, Juvy E. Ibrahim, Alia Ico, Angelo D. Idris, Ma. Eloina S. Inaldo, Amy Jean S. Inciong, Rafael L. Isidoro, Josephine B. Jacinto, Jeanabeth D. Jacinto, Melodie A. Jaime, Lilybeth A. Jalando-on, Hermely A. Jalbuena, Marife N Jaurigue, Emelita F. Javier, Lorena Jumantoc, Ginete Jumuad, Charito R. Kimura, Penafrancia M. Kuan, Lany P. Lacamen, Xmy B. Lagorra, Marites E. Lalic, Rosita S. Landero, Excelyn C. Laquihon, Ellen P.

Larisma, Ma. Chona R. Leano, Gail B. Lee, April Joy A. Lee, Ma. Grazia Loayon, Rosalie D. Lobos, Elvira P. Longakit, Lilibeth M. Lopez, April Love C. Lorico, Juanita V. Lucena, Aileen R. Lucido, Elizabeth Margareth B. Lunzaga, Ellen N. Macabalang, Nora A. Macalindong, Annalyn B. Macayana, Xylene S. Magat, Thelma Y. Magtuba, Algerico A. Mahendra, Rika K. Maldan, Aileen N. Manaloto, Ma. Kris Ann Mandain, Rhu-Ina S. Mangila, Janet D. Manila, Avelina T. Marcelo, Ma. Theresa S. Martin, Gladys L. Masudo, Virnelyn S. Mendiola, Ma. Luisa M. Mendoza, Criselda M. Mendoza, Donalisa Ana V. Mendoza, Elizalde B. Meode, Mineth Mercado, Abigail B. Mercado, Remedios G. Millares, Mylyn T. Misajon, Gina G. Moerch, Lucy B. Mojica, Carlita O. Monton, Jennifer J. Morados, Nanette D. Moraleda, Cecilia M. Nacua, Phoebe M. Nagal, Laarni Na-oy, Elena M. Narciso, Zilpah Luisa Natividad, Anita S. Naval, Irish S.

Navida, Aimee Marie Nebres, Michellaine O. Nicolas, Florence Noble, Jennifer M. Nulla, Phoema M. Obatonon, Maria Theresa Obmerga, Anelyn O. Ochoa, Remedios S. Ochoco, Rowena C. Ocuaman, Jema O. Oliver, Martina C. Oliveros, Puri B. Ongpico, Ma. Cristina C. Oquindo, Maripaz D. Orana, Arianne Abigail I. Orpilla, Reynaflor L. Ortega, Fredaliz Padilla, Louella Q. Paghunasan, Melanie S. Palomino, Marlyn G. Panado, Imelda I. Pandi, Arbaya T. Pardillo, Mitchelle Parojinog, Imelda A. Pasco, Renee C. Pastor, Darling E. Patacsil, Rosalie L. Penaloga, Bonnabie B. Penano, Ellen C. Penero, Marissa M. Peralta, Editha G. Perey, Marlene P. Petil, Aisa Joy S. Pineda, Lady Trace A. Polveras, Florence T. Punla, Kristine C. Puyao, Annie B. Rarugal, Ma. Rosalie M. Ratag, Liz-Laudette S. Regalado, Marnellie G. Reodique, Cathylene M. Requina, Evelyn B. Reyes, Lyle T. Reynes, Benilda Rivera, Marites DC. Ruayana, Richard B.

Saclolo, Annie S. Salon, Rachelle G. Samidan, Kristen May R. Samillano, Honey Lyn P. San Diego, Catherine P. Sapin, Jovita P. Satunero, Leda Saturinas, Ailyn C. Sayson, Evangeline A. Sayson, Marina R. Segurian, Stephanie M. Selga, Juliana C. Sicat, Mercedita R. Signey, Yolanda D. Sinque, Paz D. Socorro, Ana Lissa D. Sonbise, Jean Christine A. Suemith, Ma. Wilma R. Suico, Mariza G. Tacorda, Nelia N. Takingan, Enelita B. Talembo, Aisa E. Tallud, Irma I. Tan, Marie Gabrielle B. Tan, Sherah S. Tarrayo, Jenny B. Tenorio, Ma. Cristina DP. Tolentino, Aubrey T. Tolentino, Genevive C. Torio, Rhodora L. Torres, Evelyn B. Tubio, Celeste S. Tumamao, Vanessa Y. Uychocde, Charmaine Joy R. Victoria, Ma. Anatalia Villanueva, Baby Lou B. Vinluan, Helen D. Vitug, Haidi Yabut, Ana Marie M. Ymson, Faith Marie F. Yu, Carlota S. Zapanta, Marjorie Joy D.

Carpiso, Mary Ann D. Casanova, Mhelanie B. Castro, Karen H. Caunga, Jinky Fheb C. Celeste, Richard S. Celino, Sharie O. Celis, Lovely V. Chua, Susan Comson, Patricia Joy E. Cornelio, Mary Grace J.

Cua, Grace S. Culminas, Richelle P. Daria, Jenafrille A. David, Zenaida S. De Guzman, Madelyn D. Dela Cruz, Maria Corazon C. Dela Cruz, Victoria L. Delantero, Mary Grace E. Dionio, Analiza Doctolero, Rosalie N.

Emboltorio, Edenne T. Emboltorio, Lynlee M. Endo, Dylyn M. Erasquin, Jinaline A. Escultero, Irma L. Espiritu, Marieta O. Faderagao, Daisy F. Fernandez, Alex Andrea B. Flores, Mary Grace C. Fuentes, Rachel L.

*alphabetical order

*First Time Senior Consultants for June 2011

Independent Beauty Consultants with 1 to 2 active team members for the ďŹ rst time in a given month.

Absulio, Arlene O. Ajero, Honey Akbar, Rhahaida S. Alforque, Mary Grace M. Alquizar, Fe Visminda S. Andrion, Ferliza C. Anselmo, Glecie T. Arola, Fatima O. Asupan, Melody S. Atablanco, Nonette A.

Atillo, Carla A. Auguis, Adora D. Bacani, Meliza C. Balagot, Ma. Kathrine B. Ballesteros, Rina Marie B. Barcita, Jenneth C. Bautista, Gilda M. Bautista, Michelle S. Begino, Mariches E. Belen, Corazon

Beltran, Julieta D. Benwick, Meilanie V. Bertis, Bernalou A. Boac, Nieves Teresita D. Booc, Twyla Bornilla, Zolaikha V. Botigan, Glory B. Bual, Jennifer I. Bugtong, Olimpia B. Buray, Teresa

Burgos, Charmine Bustangit, Benita A. Cachero, Nonette A. Calaguing, Tracy Ann O. Calid, Jenny Calina, Gernavie D. Camdas, Augustina C. Camina, Jeana G. Campos, Olive Joy D. Canlas, Aileen A.

*alphabetical order

*First Time Senior Consultants for June 2011

Independent Beauty Consultants with 1 to 2 active team members for the first time in a given month.

Gacusana, Marijul C. Gagno, Arlene M. Gauiran, Mary Claire L. Gonzales, Joana Y. Gumamit, Eunizel Gumisa, Wendy Hernan, Jennifer C. Ibarrientos, Ofelia C. Ilang-Ilang, Princess M. Inciong, Victoria Debbie S. Jamilla, Jocelyn I. Javid, Maribel M. Jayona, Vivian M. Labrador, Mildred P.

Lapierre, Terrylie B. Lapuz, Riza P. Lasam, Fides Kim M. Legaspi, Luz Lopez, Emee D. Lorenzo, Felipa T. Lorenzo, Norma O. Loseno, Merlita G. Luces, Mishelle Lucido, Elizabeth Margareth B. Lumabas, Victoria S. Lumawig, Marsha Leah P. Macabalang, Aishah Macabalang, Claire

Macaspak, Mary Grace B. Malabed, Elizabeth C. Manzo, Riquebelle P. Mapayo, Vicente Ernecito T. Marzan, Maria Leizelda Maximo, Judith B. Mercado, Carolina V. Miranda, Girlie S. Molato, Monalisa B. Montalban, Erlinda Montederamos, Celia M. Monterola, Alma Fe O. Montiague, Cherryl Munji, pamela R.

Natividad, Arlene P Nicolas, Cristina M. Nunag, Mary Jane D. Nuqui, Raquel O. Obmerga, Anelyn O. Olvido, Lily G. Ovejas, Luisita A. Paner, Faida A. Paredes, Jaemie-Ann B. Paredes, Wilma B. Pascua, Laila G. Patricio, Wilma Pellesco, Regina D. Pelobello, Melchor John P.

Perez, Joselino D. Pineda, Lady Trace A. Poblador, Maria Theresa R. Poblete, Ma. Victoria D. Punla, Kristine C. Rabanzo, Mary Cris N. Rada, Yolanda Jane A. Ramones, Feliza C. Recto, Eleanor G. Resurreccion, Mary Grace A. Reyes, Brenda Reyes, Josephine B. Reyes, Leonor D Reyes, Roxanne P.

Ricohermoso, Jonalyn M. Ridulme, Nerissa A. Salao, Roylyn L. Salcedo, Fedelina L. Saldua, Patchie E. Salva, Marites P. Samidan, Kristen May R. Sansano, June Lynne M. Saquilabon, Rizza S. Serrano, Elena T. Sese, Mary Cindyrella D. Sicat, May Ann R. Solis, Mary Grace B. Soriano, Jocelyn P.

Sulatan, Jonelyn E. Suzuki, Zenaida C. Talapi, Lourdes N. Tamayo, Jennifer B. Taronas, Herminia L. Trinidad, Gladys Marnelli P. Trinidad, Krisanta P. Tupas, Fatima Vergara, Lea A. Vidal, Fe T. Villamor, Cheery Villegas, Marie Abigail D. Wootten, Jenalyn S. Ybanez, Maria Devina L. *alphabetical order

*First Time Group Leaders for June 2011

*First Time Team Leaders for June 2011

Independent Beauty Consultants with 3 to 4 active team members for the first time in a given month.

Independent Beauty Consultants with 5 to 7 active team members for the first time in a given month.

Abuda, Elizabeth L. Abustan, Rowena C. Adriatico, Maria Wilma O. Balbawang, Cherry B. Belamide, Maricel DV Borracho, Ana Marie R. Braza, Rae Cheryll E. Calbid, Elvie D. Carillanes, Rowena I. De Guzman, Rosalinda S. Diaz, Rowena M. Dimaano, Maria Rowena S. Dizon, Marife L. Doron, Elsie Q. Ebol, Ma. Paz O. Eladjoe, Lourenza Elgario, Maristel L.

Abella, Delia Adriano, Carmela I. Alcantara, Richelle F. Alvarez, Wilma M. Asuncion, Tweeny J. Atienza, Starlyn S. Basco, Lady Diana Allen C. Bataclan, Jealine V. Buenviaje, Lorenza S. Capila, Annie S. Cawit, Liza B.

Emiliano,Soledad L. Estremos, Ursula C. Fagaragan, Princess Hazel L. Galeno, Gergie R. Garcia, Cheryle E. Garcia, Lolyn Gasalao, Opel A. Gerna, Gerlyn B. Gornez, Ann Charlotte C. Ico, Angelo D. Itchock, Daisy B. Jalimao, Nanette Q. Jose, Elena S. Laquihon, Ellen P. Larisma, Ma. Chona R. Legacion, Rolerin S. Lopez, Aileen M.

Medina, Barbara C. Mendoza, Aizle R. Moerch, Lucy B. Montalbo, Jinky Zuzana M. Oliva, Lelani Q. Palomino, Angeli Pamatmat, Marie Joseph S. Rudio, Jonalyn Saligumba, Jennifer T. Salvador, Irene E. Sobrado, Leosene G. Sumaya, Maria A. Varona, Karen Mariel B. Villamor, Mary Ann P. Zita, Danica M.

Casicas, Adel Rose N. Cayot, Luzceria Ceron, Jennifer F. Daquipel, Jenny Lyn D. De Jesus, Julieta D. De Jesus, Lota L. Dela Cruz, Adelma M. Diaz, Rowena O. Dimaapi, MaryAnn H. Gravador, Venus A. ` Guerrero, Rosemarie V.

Obatonon, Maria Theresa Oquindo, Maripaz D. Palayen, Julie Ann G. Ramirez, Judith Marie P. Revaldo, Realyn B. Rueda, Mae Jean E. Sardea, Amelia T. Saturinas, Ailyn C. Talembo, Bailyn E. *alphabetical order

*alphabetical order

*Red Jacket University Graduates for June 2011 Almo, Marivic T. Artizada, Miles S. Astorga, Frediz L. Babiera, Sarah Nathalie G. Bacay, Reyma N. Bantasan, Rea M. Barcita, Jenneth C. Bautista, Cherry May F. Bilog, Priscila E. Brodeth, Ma. Winlove M. Capila, Annie S.

Cayot, Luzceria Ceron, Jennifer F. Dadule, Ofelia L. Daquipel, Jenny Lyn D. David, Jenny Valerie D. De Jesus, Julieta D. Gesmundo, Renelyn B. Lopez, Jocelyn D. Lucas, Amparo S. Manalon, Marian V. Matampac, Claire P.

Jacinto, Jeanabeth D. Lacia, Rosalie L. Lopez, Jocelyn D. Marcelo, Irene Margaret S. Mathisen, Marites Mercado, Joana G. Monterola, Alma Fe O. Obmerga, Anelyn O. Omay, Rugenia G. Sibayan, Teresita E. Tupaz, Maria Luisa C.

*First Time Future Sales Directors for June 2011 Independent Beauty Consultants with 8 or more active personal members for the first time in a given month.

Alojado, Sharon Rose Joy A. Apresurado, Leizel W. Bautista, Cherry May F. Bentayen, Judeline P. Brodeth, Ma. Winlove M.

Campano, Analiza V. Dalandag, Balmona P. De Guzman, Ana Clarisa C. De Jesus, Lota L. Dela Cruz, Adelma M.

Jacinto, Jeanabeth D. Javatan, Ressha Honeylet A. Macabalang, Nora A. Ninonuevo, Lynn G. Talembo, Aisa E. *alphabetical order

Top Sales Director

with the most number of ESRS graduates for June 2011

*alphabetical order

SSD Virginia Estepa

“Plan your work. List the active steps that you have to take to move toward your goal. Remember, nobody plans to fail, but a lot of people fail to plan. ” – Mary Kay Ash

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