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Give Her a

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Just for Eyes AND Just for Lips


to promote Global Tagline for 2014


Mary Kay said it best

To me, happiness is having work that you love to do something you like so much you'd do it even if you weren't paid - someone to love and having something to look forward to. Mary Kay has helped countless women throughout the world find success on their own terms and be their own bosses. Learn more about her timeless principles and influence in The Mary Kay Way book. Available in Section 2 items.

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Message from the

General Manager Dear Beauty Consultants, When I joined Mary Kay Philippines five years ago, my dream was to see that day when there is a long queue of people at the company gates waiting to become part of the happy Mary Kay family either as employees or members of the independent sales force. Well, that day hasn't come yet but I am confident that we are on track to making that dream a reality. I dare share this personal dream with you because you are part of my dream and you certainly play an important role in making this dream come true. You have dreams of your own too and I know that Mary Kay is a place where you can reach your aspirations for your family and loved ones. The company is always there to support you with a rewarding career opportunity, irresistible, top-selling products and abundant opportunities for you to make a positive impact in your community. Your Mary Kay family is always there to hold your hand and walk with you toward the fulfillment of your dreams. For this month, we bring you the new limited-edition marykayatplay® Just For Eyes and Just For Lips sets that your customers will surely love. If they liked the marykayatplay® Baked Eye Trio and Jelly Lip Gloss products, these limited-edition colors could be a big hit too because they are fun, affordable and fabulously gift-able items! By reaching lofty sales goals this month, you get yourself on-track for the 1st Quarter Star Consultant Rewards Program and for the Monthly Ordering Bonuses. You will receive both material rewards and a great sense of fulfillment from knowing that your products bring can enrich women's lives and make them feel beautiful inside and out.

February is a great time to continue building your team with the help of the ongoing "Asia-Pacific Red Jacket Rally Challenge." Complete the challenge requirements to have the opportunity to fly to China for an exclusive leadership education by top Mary Kay Asia-Pacific independent sales directors. Keep in mind that this challenge not only concludes with a memorable trip; but also gives you the opportunity to fast-track your journey toward sales directorship.

As Mary Kay Ash said, “The success of Mary Kay is much deeper than just dollars and cents and buildings and assets. The real success of our Company is measured to me in the lives that have been touched and been given hope and a new lease on life that a career as a Mary Kay Consultant has given to so many.” Warmest regards, Tente Alday

TIME 9 am-5pm 9 am-3pm 3 pm 2 pm

(after SD Meeting)

9 am 6 pm 2 pm 6 pm 9 am-3 pm

9 am-5 pm 9 am-11 am 3 pm 6 pm 6 pm 9 am-3 pm 9 am-3 pm 3 pm 6 pm 6 pm 9 am-3 pm 3 pm 6 pm


Essential Step to Reach Success (ESRS) SATURDAY. 9am-5pm Makati, Cebu, Davao City Beauty Centers.

Essential Step to Reach Success (ESRS) SATURDAY. 9am-5pm Quezon City Beauty Center.


18-21 Discover What You Love Leadership Conference 2014. TUESDAY-FRIDAY Star City Saigon Hotel Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. (Exclusive for SDs and DIQs)


Be part of the legacy of giving back.

I am proud to say that, in Mary Kay, you can see a bright and blessed future unfold before your very eyes. As you marvel at the abundant fruits of your hard work from skin care classes and team-building activities, you help others see that their dreams can also come true.

february 2014 dates to remember

VENUE Makati/Cebu/Davao/Zamboanga Beauty Centers ESTB Quezon City Beauty Center Guest Event All Beauty Centers SD Meeting Makati/Cebu/Davao Beauty Centers Leadership Con Briefing Makati/Cebu/Davao Beauty Centers ESSD Program Davao Beauty Center Guest Event All Beauty Centers SD Meeting Zamboanga Beauty Center Guest Event All Beauty Centers ESTB / Skin Care Makati/Cebu/Davao/Zamboanga Products Workshop Beauty Centers ESRS/RJU Quezon City Beauty Center ESSD Program Makati/Cebu/Zamboanga Beauty Centers Guest Event All Beauty Centers Guest Event All Beauty Centers Guest Event All Beauty Centers Developing Offspring Makati/Cebu/Davao/Zamboanga Course Beauty Centers Colors Workshop All Beauty Centers Guest Event All Beauty Centers Leadership Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Conference Guest Event All Beauty Centers Guest Event All Beauty Centers Skin Care & Products Quezon City Beauty Center Workshop Guest Event All Beauty Centers Guest Event All Beauty Centers

: g in treMnad ry Kay


Happy L ve Month! February is the month of love. So, spread the love of Mary Kay with your loved ones, families, friends and customers. Let them discover the goodness of Mary Kay through our irresistible products, rewarding opportunities and discovering we are a Company with a heart.

Mary Kay Philippines gives back: help us help others. Visit or see page 21 for details.


marykayatplay® Just For Eyes and Just For Lips

7 8 11

Share the Love Promotions

Do the

Keep entering your customers' and hostesses' names in from January 13 to March 22 and receive Mary Kay freebies. Cut-off per week: Mondays-Sundays

12-13 15



27 22 28

SATURDAY. 9am-3pm Makati, Cebu, Davao City Beauty Centers.


Be a fan, a follower and more...


Skin Care ProductsWorkshop SATURDAY. 9am-3pm Quezon City Beauty Center.

FRIDAY. Last day of personal orders of SDs at Beauty Centers

MK Link: Essential Steps to Reach Success (ESRS)


Express your love for art that's simply beautiful. Download any of the nine Discover What LoveTM digital wallpapers to make over your mobile phone, computer, tablet, Facebook cover and more! Availabe at

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2ND TO THE LAST MONTH: Asia Pacific Red Jacket Rally Challenge


Digital Wallpapers

SATURDAY. 9am-3pm All Beauty Centers

Power 10: 10-week Challenge


Find us on Facebook DWYL Heart Icon 2

Color Product Workshop

Discover What You LoveTM Career Conference 2014


Get social with us. #MKLove

THURSDAY. Last day of orders of BCs to DIQs at Beauty Centers

Super Stars


to promote Global Tagline for 2014

Skin Care Product Workshop

Monthly Ordering Bonuses


10-week ChallEnge

Watch us on YouTube



Dreaming Big in Mary Kay


Mary Kay's Pride


Come on in. Join the fun.

to promote Global Tagline and promotional messaging on multiple communication platforms for 2014 and beyond

NOTE: Please confirm the schedules of classes and activities with your respective Beauty Centers. TM

BUSINESS DAYS: Makati and Quezon City Beauty Centers are open Mondays to Saturdays. • Davao, Cebu and Zamboanga City Beauty Centers are open Tuesdays to Saturdays. • Training Rooms in Davao, Cebu and Zamboanga Beauty Centers may be used on Mondays with advance reservation through Customer Service. BEAUTY center Operating Hours: Makati, Quezon City, Cebu: 11am-8pm • Davao & Zamboanga: 10am-7pm online ordering service: Open 24 hours, 7 days a week CUSTOMER CARE HOTLINE: (02) 859-6200 Mondays to Saturdays 9am to 8pm •


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at TM


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S CT U D ROOVE ry 1! P L W ua NE TO Febr g rtin a t s

Love Live Share

PL y

Introducing NEW Limited-Edition marykayatplay® Just For Eyes and Just For Lips

Tools to Share

ks Fun Makeup Tric

marykayatplay® videos

EYES marykayphilippines

A. Highlighter (Gold). Light and shimmery shades are great for highlighting inner corner of eyes, along brow bones or blended with other colors for illuminating effects. B. Midtone (Teal). Deep eye shades work anywhere on the eye and are perfect for blending with looks to create dimension. C. Accent (Black Gold). Dark glitterly shades work best as accent colors in eye crease, along lashlines and for smoky eye effects.

Pampering Invitation P 40 per pack of 20

B. C.


Virtual Makeover


A. Basic Lip Look (Pink & White). A basic lip look that looks natural and that doesn't detract from other facial features usually has a pinkish brown tone. B. Stained Lip Look (Red & White). A stained lip look has a brighter gloss. Dark reds or berries work best. The more layers, the longer the stained lip will last.


Be more color confident! Attend the Mary Kay Color Workshop in Mary Kay Beauty Centers. For inquiries, you may get in touch with any of our Beauty Center Representatives.

Color Expert Guide, P95 Color Expert Guide DVD, P50 Brush up on your makeup skills using the great techniques from this color book and its DVD version.

Brushes to Use For Eyes: Mary Kay® Eye Color Brush

(part of the MK Brush Collection Set, P2,200 not for individual sale)

lors d co Other ilawbleewllhi-lleosuvpeplie s last. Ava

marykayatplay® Baked Eye Trio, P499

marykayatplay® Jelly Lip Gloss, P355

Mary Kay® Eye Crease Brush

(part of the MK Brush Collection Set, P2,200 not for individual sale)

For Lips:

Mary Kay® Retractable Lip Color Brush, P110 (Get it for free see page 7 for details)

Gabriella is wearing marykayatplay® Just for Eyes: gold on the entire eye areas and inner corners; black gold in a “V” shape on the outer corners; teal from lashlines to creases and on the lower lashlines. Her lips feature marykayatplay® Just for Lips: dark pink and clear shimmer are mixed together to create a shiny, soft pink look. Desert Sun mineral bronzing powder on the cheeks and Mary Kay® Lash Love® Mascara in I  black finish the look.

Intense. Vivid. Playful.

NEW Limited-Edition marykayatplay® Just for Eyes, P599 (Includes Teal, Gold and Black-Gold eye shadow shades)

Superglossy. Drenched in fun color.

NEW Limited-Edition marykayatplay® Just for Lips, P545 (Includes Dark Pink, Clear shimmer and Red lip gloss shades)

applause february 2014

ocean view

on the horizon


berry me

hot tamale

The marykayatplay® color products spice up the mood of my customers in all my make-up classes that I conduct. First, I always make sure that I use it as my makeup so that my customers will see how it actually looks like when applied. Second, I teach them how to use the different shades for morning and evening look. For being a walking advertisement and to a makeup guru, great sales comes along! :) Thank you Mary Kay for this pretty amazing color collection. :)

- Independent Senior Sales Director Jeremeh Abante

Available for sale beginning February 1, 2014 and while supplies last.


earth bound

teddy bare

se Gift with Purcha to Customers marykayatplay® Keep It Cool Tumbler, P275 each (Availabe in 3 colors: Orange, Purple and Lime) sample selling tip:

Give it to your loyal customers who buy at least P3,000 from you this month!

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Rescue Skin With

Age Fighters and Hydrators.

Factors like temperature, humidity, age and hormones can upset the skin’s moisture balance. Experts recommend optimal moisturization for all skin types to leave skin soft, smooth and youthful-looking.

Share the


Dr. Beth Lange Mary Kay Chief Scientific Officer "Without surface protection, water is lost from the skin making it prone to dryness and flakiness. Moisturizers create a barrier that helps seal in moisture to help keep skin soft, supple and healthy."

Moisturizing Prep Step

Show your customers how much you care this LOVE MONTH with these five irresistible Mary Kay® product promos!

Promo from February 1 to 15 and while supplies last, whichever comes first

Promos from February 16 to March 15 and while supplies last, whichever comes first

Swipe on to complete the cleansing process. Prepares skin to drink in every drop of age-fighting goodness in your customers' TimeWise® regimen.

3 

Moist Thy Skin Anti-Aging Treat

1 Hydration Build up Promo

TimeWise® Moisture Renewing Softener P 1,300

BUY 3 ®

TimeWise AgeFighting Moisturizer (of same formula) in single receipt and

GET THE 3RD P Moisturizer for 760 1,280 + 1,280 + 1,280 = P 760



Quick-Absorbing Hydrator

Tones, firms and defines while hydrating skin.

TimeWise BodyTM Targeted-Action® Toning Lotion P 2,100

Pampering Face Mask

TimeWise® Moisture Renewing Gel Mask, P1,350

Your skin’s dermis layer is made up of approximately 70% water. When skin is not properly hydrated, it can’t perform at its best, and lines and wrinkles can become more noticeable along with other signs that skin is out of balance, such as surface roughness and flaking. That’s why in order to maintain the youthful appearance of skin, it’s critical to use customized skin care products that are formulated not only to add moisture, but also to help seal it in.

Oily skin can become dehydrated just as dry skin can. It’s a myth that women with oily skin don’t need moisture, since skin can become dehydrated regardless of how much oil the skin produces. They sometimes think that adding moisture means adding extra oil. So while dry skin doesn’t have enough oil and oily skin has too much, they both need to be hydrated properly to stay in balance. All skin types need some kind of moisture to leave skin feeling soft and smooth and looking more youthful.


applause february 2014

4 


BUY Mary Kay Section 1 products

Nourishing Beauty Treat




Hydrating Gel for P520 P

Available for FIRST 500 orders ONLY! beginning February 1

NouriShine Plus® Lip Gloss (any shade)

Mary Kay Oil-Free Hydrating Gel in single receipt and

P 1,450 + P1,450 + 1,450 = P 520

worth at least P15,000 in single receipt

2 

BUY 3 ®

TimeWise® Day Solution Sunscreen SPF 35

* Use the regular part numbers when ordering. Beauty Consultants can avail of this promo ONLY ONCE.

Your Skin Needs Essential Hydration

3,320 only


Moist Thy Skin Face Supplement Treat

Mary Kay® Oil-Free Hydrating Gel, P1,450

Hydrates, locks in moisture, de-stresses, purifies, nourishes, calms, firms, smooths, softens and minimizes pores. Overnight hydration.

for a total of

* Use the PROMO part numbers when ordering. Multiple orders in single receipt are allowed. No mix-and-match of formulas. Beauty Consultants may avail of this promo more than once. Promo is based on suggested retail price.

Nongreasy gel absorbs quickly, leaving skin feeling refreshed while hydrating it for up to 10 hours. Perfect for normal, combination and oily skin.

All-over Body Smoothness




Lip Liner (any shade)



Mary Kay® Retractable Lip Brush

for a total of

3,420 only


* Use the PROMO part numbers when ordering. Multiple orders in single receipt are allowed. Beauty Consultants may avail of this promo more than once. Promo is based on suggested retail price.

5 

Moist Thy Skin Colors Treat BUY 4


True DimensionsTM (of any shade) in single receipt and


True DimensionsTM Wild About Pink

in single receipt for P1,205 only * Use the regular part numbers when ordering. Multiple orders in single receipt are allowed. Beauty Consultants may avail of this promo MORE THAN once.

BUY 4 = FREE 1

for a total of

3,440 only


* Use the regular part numbers when ordering. Multiple orders in single receipt are allowed. Beauty Consultants may avail of this promo more than once.

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Join the New Consultant Bonus Program

Qualify for Monthly Ordering Bonuses

Enjoy free premium products when you consistently meet your single purchase goals in your first four months as a Beauty Consultant! FREE products with total retail value of P15,055.

Get these for FREE when you avail of the Monthly Ordering Bonuses (MOB) in February 2014. One item per Beauty Consultant only.





Get Your True Clean.

Reveal the Skinvigorate™ difference.


Required Sales: P13,000 single purchase of Section 1 products Components: • Miracles Happen Book • Mary Kay® Compact • Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Color • Mary Kay® NouriShine™ Plus Lip Gloss • Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color





Retail Value: P2,495 Required Sales: P13,000 single purchase of Section 1 products Components: • Satin Hands Pampering Set • Customer Profile Card Set • Customer Order Form Pack

Exclusive for February MOB Level 2 achievers!

Mary Kay® Skinvigorate™ Cleansing Brush

TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Step 1: Refine

Set includes cleansing brush, 2 brush heads, 2 AA batteries and instruction booklet.


Mary Kay® MelaCEPTM Whitening System Foaming Cleanser

Benefits At-a-Glance • Removes

makeup 85% better than cleansing by hand†

Total Retail Value: P2,630

• Boosts absorption of your next skin care product • Starts improving skin’s appearance immediately



Required Sales: P14,000 single purchase of Section 1 products Components: • Mary Kay® Lotus & Bamboo Body Lotion • TimeWise® Hand & Decollete Cream SPF15 • Mary Kay® Beauty Blotters - 2pcs • Mary Kay® Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover • Mary Kay® Liquid Lip Color • Bella Belara® Fragrance Sampler • The Look September 2013- 3 pcs

• H  elps polish away the look of past skin damage for a more even-looking complexion





• Softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles


• Feels like a spa facial treatment • Perfect for all skin types




Total Retail Value: P4,190


Valued at


NEW! Mary Kay® SkinvigorateTM Cleansing Brush

Required Sales: P16,000 single purchase of Section 1 products Components: • TimeWise® Day Solution Sunscreen SPF35 • TimeWise® Night Solution • TimeWise® Age-Fighting Eye Cream • TimeWise® Age-Fighting Lip Primer • SKC Trays (5/pk) • Disposable Facial Cloth (25/pk)

• W  aterproof (suitable for use at the sink, in the shower or bath area, but not recommended to be fully submerged in water) †

Results based on a one-day, controlled clinical study with panelists

scan and watch this video.

GET YOUR TRUE CLEAN. Get the free mobile app at

Cleansing by hand? There’s a lot you’re missing! In an independent clinical study, women applied florescent makeup. Using the same cleanser, they washed one side by hand and the other side using the Skinvigorate™ Cleansing Brush. Check out the results that were seen under an ultraviolet light!

PINK = makeup residue remaining

Using Skinvigorate™

Cleansing by hand

Total retail Value: P5,740 To know more about the NCB program, visit or check the Beauty Center for details.

The Company reserves the right to replace items with others of equal or greater value in the event supplies run out.

Nylon bristles feature with polished tips and rounded end so they feel super soft against your skin.

Simple Steps to the SkinvigorateTM Difference

avail of the satinhands® treats

Limited-edition Fragrance-Free MINI Satin Hands® Pampering Set



Available beginning Feb 16, 2014 and while supplies last.


applause february 2014

Limited-edition Vanilla Sugar Satin Hands® Pampering Set

2,600 (regular-size)


Available beginning Feb 16, 2014 and while supplies last.

Peach Satin Satin Hands® Pampering Set (regular-size)



Step 1: Remove eye makeup. Wet face and SkinvigorateTM Cleansing Brush. Step 2: Apply  your favorite Mary Kay® cleanser to your face. You can also use this brush with TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Step 1: Refine. Step 3: Push the "on/off" button to turn the brush on, then press the "Speed Control Button" to switch between low and high speed. Step 4: Cleanse your face using gentle massaging motions. Spend 15 seconds on each four areas: each cheek, the nose and chin and then the forehead. Suitable for use twice a day (morning and evening)

15 Seconds

Speed Control Button 15 Seconds

On/Off Button

TIP: Avoid the eye area and hairline.

Step 5: R  inse your face. Then rinse brush head with warm, soapy water. Step 6: A  pply your next skin care products.

15 Seconds

Angled design hugs the contours of your face. Helps thoroughly clean.

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Pattern 1

DWYL Flowers Pattern 1


DWYL Fun Heart Pattern 2

or merchandise to promote Global Tagline for 2014

Bath. Bed. and Beyond. to promote Global Tagline for 2014

branding recommendations for merchandise to promote Global Tagline for 2014



to promote Global Tagline for 2014


Hair Towel & Bath Robe Set


DWYL Flowers Pattern 2


1. Snuggle Pillow AND 2. Hair Towel & Bath Robe Set


Juice Pitcher and Tumblers Set


1. Acryclic Engraved Tray AND 2. Juice Pitcher and Tumblers Set

Super STARS! 08/26/2013

The Mary Kay Star Consultant program rewards you for working your Mary Kay business one goal, one step at a time. And every quarter, you have a chance to reward yourself all over again. How GREAT is that?

Five Habits of a Star Consultant Being a Mary Kay Star Consultant has advantages to your Mary Kay business. At first, you may do it for all the cool prizes, but soon you may realize that this is your recipe for success in Mary Kay business. Consistently focusing on the basics of selling and building a strong customer

Embracing the Star Consultant

base, which is the objective of the program, will help you become more confident, move up

program means you want to sell and

the Mary Kay career path, become an Independent Sales Director and earn the use of a

earn! Exclusive quarterly prizes are part of

Mary Kay pink car.

the fun, but the true reward is how you can create consistency and build a

or merchandise to promote Global Tagline for 2014

DWYL Fun Heart Pattern 2


DWYL Flowers Pattern 1 to promote Global Tagline for 2014

n Heart Pattern 2

Nothing is more motivating

and pass the Mary Kay opportunity

Kay products.

than success. If you’re setting and

You can do this at skin care classes,

achieving consistent goals, you can

in line at the local coffee shop, at your

do anything. All Quarter 1 Star

child’s school – wherever! The more

Consultant Rewards Program

you’re in front of others, the more

will receive on stage recognition

The Ladder of Success pin of the Star Consultant program is awarded to a first time Star Consultant achiever (beside the quarterly prizes that she earns).

potential customers you have. Talk

in Career Conference 2014.

A gem stone will be given to her/him every time she/he qualifies for a new quarter of the program.

best skin care and color products!

Total Section 1 Retail Sales Requirement:

Total Section 1 Retail Sales Requirement:

Pin: Ladder of Success Pin + Sapphire gemstone Reward: Star Reward Sapphire + Hair Towel & Bath Robe Set Suggested sets to sell this month: P30,000 AVERAGE SALES/MONTH

Pin: Ladder of Success Pin + Ruby gemstone Reward: Star Reward Ruby + Hair Cover & Bath Robe Set + Snuggle Pillow Suggested sets to sell this month: P36,667 AVERAGE SALES/MONTH

P90,000-P109,999 P110,000-P129,999 mendations for merchandise to promote Global Tagline for 2014

2 TimeWise® Miracle Sets 2 pcs TimeWise Plus+ Day Treamtent 2 pcs TimeWise Plus+ Night Treamtent

1 pc Just for Eyes 1 pc Just for Lips 1 Lip Gloss 1 Lip Liner 1 Satin Hands Pampering Set

2 TimeWise® Miracle Sets 2 pcs TimeWise Plus+ Day Treamtent 2 pcs TimeWise Plus+ Night Treamtent


to promote Global Tagline for 2014

3 pcs Just for Eyes 2 pcs Just for Lips 2 Lip Glosses 2 Lip Liners 2 Satin Hands Pampering Sets

Total Section 1 Retail Sales Requirement: P130,000-P149,999 Pin: Ladder of Success Pin + Diamond gemstone Reward: Star Reward Diamond + Juice Pitcher and Tumber Set Suggested sets to sell this month: P43,334 AVERAGE SALES/MONTH 2 TimeWise® Miracle Sets 2 pcs TimeWise Plus+ Day Treamtent 3 pcs TimeWise Plus+ Night Treamtent

3 pcs Just for Eyes 3 pcs Just for Lips 3 Lip Glosses 3 Lip Liners 3 Satin Hands Pampering Sets


Total Section 1 Retail Sales Requirement: P150,000 and above Pin: Ladder of Success Pin + Emerald gemstone Reward: Star Reward Emerald + Juice Pitcher and Tumber Set + Acryclic Engraved Tray Suggested sets to sell this month: P50,000 AVERAGE SALES/MONTH 3 TimeWise® Miracle Sets 2 pcs TimeWise Plus+ Day Treamtent 3 pcs TimeWise Plus+ Night Treamtent

3 pcs Just for Eyes 3 pcs Just for Lips 3 Lip Glosses 3 Lip Liners 3 Satin Hands Pampering Sets

NOTES: Ladder of Success pin will be awarded to first time achievers and gem stone will be given to consultants who qualify every quarter • The Company reserves the right to replace any item with similar value in case of stock unavailability. • Actual designs and sizes may vary from photos. • Claim your star gifts at the Beauty Centers from April 16 to May 15, 2014. Unclaimed gifts after this period will be shipped together with your orders only. Unclaimed gifts after June 30, 2014 will be forfeited.

Be a 2014 STAR CONSISTENCY Achiever!

july 1, 2013 – june 30, 2014


applause february 2014

• Beauty Consultants and Sales Directors who achieve Ladder of Success (any level) in 4 calendar quarters will be awarded the Star Consultant Consistency Award. Example: Sapphire Level with 4 calendar quarters achieved. • Sales Directors with 5, 7, 9, 11 and more Ladder of Success achievers in 4 calendar quarters will be awarded the Star Director Consistency Award as long as they are Star Consultant Consistency Achievers themselves.

AWARDS & RECOGNITION: a. Receive a collector’s item symbolical of the seminar year’s theme b. Parade on stage at Seminar c. Be featured in Applause® (names only) d. Beauty Consultants and Sales Directors who will achieve Diamond and Emerald Star Consultant and Star Director Consistency awards will attend the Royal Reception in Seminar 2014 and will also be awarded trophies on stage and a signature bag.

I encourage every Beauty Consultant to achieve the Star Consistency status because it brings great rewards, like bigger income and more recognition, to your Mary Kay career. Consistency is the key to earn big in this business. - Senior Sales Director Bella Concepcion

motivates you.

people and introduce them to Mary


DWYL Flowers Pattern 2


branding recommendations for merchandise to promote Global Tagline for 2014

Strike up conversations, meet new

3 Know what

strong customer base, sell products

on to others. Pattern 1

1 High visibility. ®

about the product benefits, the great opportunity it’s afforded you and how you would love to pamper them with the

2 E xceptional customer service. Once you get

4 Get family involved.

Show the Star Consultant prizes to your husband and family, and together, ask their support to work toward this goal. It’s fun to see

customers, keep them coming

how excited and encouraging they

back! You may want to have products

become, which only motivates you

on your inventory readily available,


listen to their needs and recommend appropriate products. Follow up. You can use the Mary Kay 2+2+2 rule,

5 Sell, sell, sell.

The more you sell, the better

which is follow up two days after the

your skills and the more

purchase; two weeks after the initial

confident you become. When

appointment to check in and schedule

you’re pumped after a great

a personal color appointment; then in

sale, seize the moment and use

two months for a reorder. Don't forget

that energy to call prospective

to update your contact details to our

customers. They sense your

Customer Care Team at (02) 859-6222

enthusiasm and will want to be a

so customers know where to reach or

part of it!

call you.

applause february 2014



tious Consultants a bi am r ou g rin fe of ing, YOU e is rapidly approach m the MASTERS! fro ng ni ar le Career Conferenc by s . er expand your future enhance their care to to d ty in ni m rtu ur po yo op nd re ra expa attend! You have to - Mary Kay Ash cannot afford not to


n and loads of fu , g in rn a le t a rence is is a full DAY of gre event, Career Confe g” in ng Career Conference ha -c fe “li a nt n referred to as er independe th o y b d e surprises. Ofte ir p s tivated and in you. It is a great where you are mo rs who have walked the path before ar. ade ish the Seminar ye fin u yo as n o ti sales force le a tiv iration and mo source of insp


tes Mark the das: and venue

MANILA April 26

anila tion Center M SMX Conven omplex, Pasay City Mall of Asia C

Register beginning February 1, 2014 Open to all Independent Beauty Consultants, Independent Sales Directors and Spouses

Register via online ordering Log on to and go to Online Ordering Section 2 items. Click on the Career Conference Ticket for you and/or for your spouse.

Registration fee P775 per Beauty Consultant/Spouse

(inclusive of attendance to the educational classes and general assembly, lunch, attendance gift, conference packet)

scan and watch this video.

CAREER CONFERENCE – A CAN’T MISS EVENT! Get the free mobile app at


applause february 2014


Pay P700 only

Learn from the Best!

Be recognized

• Learn the best ways to grow your business. • Hear inspiring career stories from our seasoned Independent National Sales Directors and Sales Directors • Be among the first to know and see upcoming Mary Kay products and programs

• Standing and onstage recognitions • Be recognized by your Mary Kay sisters if you are on-target and/or an achiever in various Mary Kay selling, teambuilding and Queen's Court challenges!

Career Lunch • Get lunch when you register for and attend the Conference. • Sit down lunch for the 12% Consistency Club Special Luncheon Challenge Achievers

id Hotel Garden Orch a City Zamboang

Register online from February 1-28

Conference Attendance Gift

Register online from February 1-28 and receive a TimeWise® Night Solution MINI for FREE!

Receive 4 pcs Mary Kay® Best-Selling Mineral Eye Colors (Amber Blaze, Honey Spice, Cinnabar, Sweet Plum) as your Attendance Gift* when you attend the Conference.

Special Seating Challenges (per venue)

when you register from February 1 to March 31

Cebu City

s Hotel Pinnacle Suite ity C o va Da

* To be given on the day of the Conference. In the event that supplies run out, the Company reserves the right to change the product of equal or greater value


CEBU May 10

GA N A O B M A Z May 17

* To be given ONLY on the day of the event. Beauty Consultant must be present to claim the gift.

• Unit with the highest number of Career Conference registrants from February 1- April 15

honey spice

amber blaze


sweet plum

• Unit with the most number of Star Consultants Quarter 1 from January 1 - March 31

12% Consistency Club SPECIAL LUNCHEON CHALLENGE Have at least 12% team building commission every month from January to March 2014 AND join us in Discover What You LoveTM Career Conference Special Luncheon. Open to all Independent Beauty Consultants to Sales Directors.

applause february 2014


: 10-week ChallEnge

Remember 3+3+3+1

Continue doing the

At least EVERY WEEK: 3 skin care and color classes + 3 team building interviews + 3 customer service activities + 1 new happy customer

The habits of a successful Independent Beauty Consultant and even of Mary Kay Ash!

Let You and Your Customers join this fun, easy, great way to reach your success and earn rewards from Mary Kay.

Skin Care Class: Your Bread and Butter The skin care class is your bread and butter in Mary Kay. This is where you get your sales, your income, your customers, your hostesses, your potential team members and other wonderful opportunities in Mary Kay. The skin care class is Mary Kay Ash's way of introducing the irresistible products and the rewarding opportunities to enrich the lives of others. This photo shows Mary Kay hosting a skin care class during National Ten Show Week in 1975. During the week, Mary Kay challenged herself and the independent sales force to hold 10 skin care classes in one week. During the week, Mary Kay booked a total of 19 skin care classes and had four prospective team members.

Let the fun begin from

January 13 to March 22

Do what I am doing!

 

mer's name & Submit at least 1 new custo LY 3 hostesses' names WEEK customers' For a total of at least 10 new mes within the names & 30 hostesses' na Mar 22) challenge period (Jan 13 to Kay Philippines Enter the names in Mary InTouch (www.marykayintou -Sunday Weekly duration: Monday

 

3 Skin Care Classes a week

! It's so E-A-S-Y

Team Building Activities: The Opportunity to Grow in Mary Kay Conducting team building interviews gives you the opportunity to grow in Mary Kay, not only for yourself but also for other people that you bring in this great Company.

1 Happy New Customer a week 3 hostesses a week

Remember when you do team building activities, like coaching your potential team member to run her own Mary Kay business or showing the Marketing plan to your hostess, you are able to share the opportunity of Mary Kay to enrich other lives to men and women out there.

I am a Power

SpecPiarlize Raffle

Photo shows that with her past experience, her plan, and $5000 in savings, Mary Kay Ash launched Beauty by Mary Kay, opening its Dallas headquarters' doors for business and doors of opportunity for women in 1963.


worth ch 5,000 ea y for luck ers stom

10 Cu Importance of Customers and Your Service If you turn the people around you as your new happy customers, your life in Mary Kay becomes forever. They will talk about your products and services. They will help spread the beauty of Mary Kay through their friends, neighbors, loved ones and colleagues. The kind of service that you give to your customers in skin care classes like - make them feel important, Go-Give Spirit - shows your values in Mary Kay.

of the At the end ge challen


FIf I completed the--c--h--a--ll--e--n--g--e--..--. CI onwillfeberencrecoe gnst ized in Ovation and on Career ag  anI wdillabespaweciaarlded aeCertificate of Recognition Po  thI weillmbeosfet nuaturmed inwAerpp10laBususeinifesous rBunindeit rhoCldasse ®

Special Gift For Me!!!

(plus, a special se at for

me on that event)


ber of Power 10 Champs!

It's so G-R-E -A-T!

On October 31, 1990, Mary Kay traveled to Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA to help deliver sunscreen and other products to the troops. On June 7, 2000, she received an e-mail from Sergeant Thomas Al Lopez, a retired Army soldier who was there that day: “On behalf of myself and many soldiers that I have come across during my career, a big thank you. A soldier that will always remember you.”


applause february 2014

applause february 2014


/2013 08/26

/2013 08/26





HS NT !!! M G T

flyHIGH ! ! moveUP



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te Globa



to promo




to Hangzhou China to Sales Directorship


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to promo


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to promo


education by top Mary Kay Sales Directors from Asia-Pacific



accommodation in Hangzhou, China

sisterhood bonding with other Mary Kay delegates





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Challenge Period: JULY 1 - FEBRUARY 28, 2014

The Asia Pacific Red Jacket Rally will fast track your path to Directorship! exclusive leadership



tour of

Mary Kay's manufacturing facility in Hangzhou, China

Achieve the trip AND be on your way up in your career:

Become a Catch the Dream Dallas 2014 Conference achiever and on own your way to become a top Sales Director: Enjoy these rewards and opportunities: • 3-day leadership education by top Mary Kay global mentors • Round trip airfare Manila-Dallas-Manila • 5-day 5-star hotel accommodation in Dallas, Texas, USA • Sisterhood bonding with Mary Kay Asia-Pacific Sales Directors • Tour of Mary Kay's International Corporate Headquarters, Mary Kay Museum and Manufacturing Plant in Dallas, Texas, USA

For Beauty Consultants to Future Sales Directors • Have at least 15 new team members within the contest period. • All new team members should have at least P18,000 cumulative sales inclusive of at least one (1) order of TimeWise Plus+TM Regena-FirmTM Day Treatment with SPF30/PA+++ AND one (1) order of TimeWise Plus+TM Night Treatment within the contest period. • Qualified new team members must not be in terminated status by the end of the contest period. • Qualifying Red Jackets must be in active status by the end of the contest period with a cumulative personal sales of at least P200,000 inclusive of at least one (1) order of TimeWise Plus+TM Regena-FirmTM Day Treatment with SPF30/PA+++ AND one (1) order of TimeWise Plus+TM Night Treatment within the contest period. • A maximum of 3 qualified new team members recruited from January 1 to 31, 2014 with at least P18,000 cumaltive each will be counted twice for the APRJR challenge requirements.

Get this limitededition Mary Kay® product trolley*

For Sales Directors • Have at least 3 Asia Pacific Red Jacket Rally Achievers • Have at least 15 new team members within the contest period. • All new team members should have at least P18,000 cumulative sales inclusive of at least one (1) order of TimeWise Plus+TM Regena-FirmTM Day Treatment with SPF30/PA+++ AND one (1) order of TimeWise Plus+TM Night Treatment within the contest period. • Qualified new team members must not be in terminated status by the end of the contest period. • Qualifying Red Jackets must be in active status by the end of the contest period with a cumulative personal sales of at least P200,000 inclusive of at least one (1) order of TimeWise Plus+TM Regena-FirmTM Day Treatment with SPF30/PA+++ AND one (1) order of TimeWise Plus+TM Night Treatment within the contest period. • A maximum of 3 qualified new team members recruited from January 1 to 31, 2014 with at least P18,000 cumaltive each will be counted twice for the APRJR challenge requirements.

Keep track of your numbers. You might be one of the On-Targets for the Asia Pacific Red Jacket Rally.

2012 Catch the Dream Dallas Conference Achievers

Open to all new and tenured Sales Directors and National Sales Directors

The Top 5 Red Jacket Achievers with a minimum of 20 qualified recruits will get the Mary Kay Product Trolley. Ties will be broken by the team sales of their qualified team membbers. * products in the photo not included

To learn more about the challenge, please contact the Sales Development Team at (02) 859-6222 or email

Innovative Solutions

for Advanced Signs of Aging TimeWise Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ Skin Care Intensive Serum (P4,095) Day Treatment with SPF30/PA+++ (P3,480) Night Treatment (P3,755) Correcting Eye Cream (P2,395)

Target these signs of advanced skin aging: • Deep lines and wrinkles, including the eye area • Loss of firmness and sagging skin • Loss of skin volume • Skin crepiness • Eye area puffiness and dark circles • Wrinkles & crepiness in the neck area • Age spots and uneven pigmentation • Thinning, more fragile & sensitive skin • Uncomfortable dryness

New Sales Directors from August 1, 2012 - July 1, 2013 must complete the following requirements by December 31, 2013: • P3 million cumulative retail sales (No month lower than P250,000 and must be a Sales Director in good standing (not in flag status) by March 1, 2014) • Personal sales of at least P250,000 and attended the NISD education • 50 unit size (non-terminated status) by the end of December 2013 • 20 new team members with P36,000 personal cumulative sales each and not in terminated status by the end of December 2013 New Sales Directors from August 1, 2013 and onwards must complete the following requirements by the end of February 28, 2014. • P3 million cumulative retail sales (No month lower than P250,000 and must be a Sales Director in good standing (not in flag status) by March 1, 2014) • Personal sales of at least P250,000 and attended the NISD education • 50 unit size (non-terminated status) by the end of February 28, 2014 • 20 new team members with P36,000 personal cumulative sales each and not in terminated status by the end of February 28, 2014. Tenured Sales Directors from July 1, 2012 and earlier must complete the following requirements by February 28, 2014: • At least P6 million unit sales • 50 unit size (non-terminated status) by end of February 2014 • 20 new team members with P36,000 personal cumulative sales each within the contest period and not in terminated status by end of February 2014 • Personal sales of at least P250,000 during the contest period • One new offspring (Sales Director for less than one year by July 1, 2013) achieving the requirements for the “Catch The Dream Conference” Challenge National Sales Directors • At least 25% sales growth of the commissionable area for the period July 2013 - February 2014 versus July 2012 - February 2013 • At least 5 first line offspring Sales Directors achieving the requirements for the "Catch the Dream Conference" Challenge

Open to all new Sales Directors!!! Achieve P16 million and above retail unit sales from August 2013 - July 2014 and enjoy a fabulous holiday with your spouse to Hawaii, USA absolutely FREE. • In case qualifiers are unable to go for whatever reason, the trip is neither bankable for future trips nor convertible to cash. • Passport and other documentation such as photos, marriage and birth certificate expenses will be shouldered by the Sales Director.

• Visa expenses will be shouldered by the Company. • Free trip will only include cost of airfare, hotel accommodation, meals and any tours the company will provide from Manila to destinations and back to Manila.

• Upon written notification of the Company, awardees must confirm in writing their participation on or before August 31, 2014. • All incentive trips are subject to creditable withholding tax of 10% under section 2.57.2 (0) of the National Internal Revenue Code.

To learn more about these programs, please contact the Sales Development and Education Team at (02) 859-6222 or email


applause february 2014

applause february 2014


Link and Learn Where to start after you sign up for your Mary Kay business?

Attend the MK Link training programs It's your LINK towards success in Mary Kay!

FOR NEw indepedent beauty consultants to future sales directors New Consultant Orientation (NCO)

* Company / Independent Sales Director-initiated Guest Events

Essential Steps to Reach Success (ESRS) * Company / Independent Sales Director-initiated REGISTRATION FEE: P200

Skin Care Product Workshop

* Company / Independent Sales Director-initiated REGISTRATION FEE: P200

Color Product Workshop

* Company / Independent Sales Director-initiated REGISTRATION FEE: P350


New Consultant Orientation (NCO)

WHO: Open to new Independent Beauty Consultants WHERE: Company-run and SD-initiated Guest Events WHEN: Weekly / As scheduled* WHAT (Topics): • The Company, philosophies and values • The First 6 Most Important Things to Do • Role of an Independent Beauty Consultant • New Independent Beauty Consultant Programs NO REGISTRATION FEE


Essential Steps to Team Building (ESTB) * Company / Independent Sales Director-initiated REGISTRATION FEE: P200

Red Jacket University (RJU)

* Company / Independent Sales Director-initiated REGISTRATION FEE: P350

Asia Pacific Red Jacket Rally (APRJR) * Company-initiated challenge program

FOR Independent Sales Director to Executive Senior Sales Directors New Independent Sales Director Class (NISD) * Company-initiated

Train the Trainer Course (TTT) * Company-initiated

Developing Offspring Course * Company-initiated

Catch the Dream (CTD) Dallas Conference

Essential Steps To Reach Success (ESRS)

WHO: Open to new Independent Beauty Consultants WITHIN their first 60 days WHERE: Company-run and SD-initiated WHEN: Company-run at least once a month per Beauty Center / 1-day / Saturday / 9am-5pm* WHAT (Topics): • Mary Kay company, culture and values • Experiencing the Products - expanded Skin Care Class • Professional Image and Makeup • Booking, Skin Care Class and Selling • Power 10 • Whys, Goal Setting, Your Month 1 Goals REGISTRATION FEE: P200 REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 1 day prior to class REWARDS: • ESRS Handouts • ESRS Certificate • ESRS Product Voucher Set can be availed by

* Company-initiated

placing a single P16,000** order after class and redeemable until the end of the following month.

Executive Senior Sales Director (ESSD) Development Program

The ESRS product set includes: Botanical Effects® 3-in-1 Cleanse Formula 2, Botanical Effects® Hydrate Formula 2, Botanical Effects® Mask Formula 2, TimeWise® Targeted-Action Eye Revitalizer, TimeWise® AgeFighting Eye Cream, TimeWise® Microdermabrasion samplers pk/6 and Color Showcase (Color Expert Guide, Color Expert DVD, Cheek and Eye samplers)

* Company-initiated program

National Sales Director (NSD)-in-the-Making * Company-initiated challenge program

* Please contact the Sales Development and Education at 02-859-6222 for more information • For company-run class, please confirm the schedules of classes and activities with your respective Beauty Centers. No onsite registration. Only duly registered Independent Beauty Consultants may register and attend. For SD-initiated class, please ask your Independent Sales Director for the schedules of classes.


applause february 2014

Dreaming big in Mary Kay Executive Senior Sales Director Olivia “Olive” Gonzales began her Mary Kay business with almost nothing but with a big dream. HUMBLE BEGINNINGS “Back then, my own business went bankrupt. I was incurring big debts. My family was struggling financially. It was only my husband Jun who supported our growing family,” Olive recalls. “I hit rock bottom. I felt my world was falling apart because everything was not working according to my plan.”


Olive had to start again from scratch. It was back to square one in building dreams for herself and for her family. She just took a leap of faith when she signed up as an Independent Beauty Consultant back in 2005.

“Let’s face it, I was not getting younger when I started in Mary Kay,” she says. For Olive, remembering Mary Kay Ash’s quote ‘it’s not where you start; it’s where you finish’ is more important than the age, physical appearance, background and gender in Mary Kay. “As long as you have the dream and passion to make it big in this business, then you are very much welcome to join,” Olive remarks. “Where else could I find another Company that hugely supports people’s dreams and aspiration? It made me realize that I signed up with the right Company and people.”

GOD FIRST, FAMILY SECOND, CAREER THIRD Through the course of time, Olive was able to build her confidence in doing the business. “Before joining Mary Kay, you wouldn’t hear me talk to a big crowd or see me fully made up with makeup and accessories,” she recalls. “I am glad that my family, friends and peers recognize the transformation I have been through in this career.”

Family is what matters most for Olive. Her source of pride and inspiration in Mary Kay. (Top photo) Olive together with her family loved ones - her husband, children and grandchildren in an intimate family gathering. (From left to right) Olive and her husband Jun in South Africa for the Top Sales Directors' Trip 2013. Olive giving her speech after receiving the prestigious Quarter 4 Go-Give® Award. Her recent trips in Singapore for the NSD-in-the-Making Conference and in Thailand for Leadership Conference. Nevertheless, Olive is very grateful that Mary Kay is not an ordinary company. "I really treasure its balanced priorities of God first, Family second and Career third. This career has further developed my faith and belief in the Power of Prayer." Olive admits there is no such thing as an easy and perfect journey. “I have my ups and downs, mistakes and failures in this business,” she reminds herself, “But I keep on moving forward, doing my best on my career, and knowing that God is with me. Seek His guidance and He will never let you fail," she says. For Olive, surpassing failures and trials are God's plans to make her a stronger person, and to prepare her to become a better leader in this career since Mary Kay is also a career of building people and relationships.

"Nine years in this business, I thank God that I can see myself as a blessing to others in enriching their lives. God is good," she says.

To date, Olive is one of the successful Independent Executive Senior Sales Directors in Mary Kay. Her recent feats include being a Queen’s Court of Unit Sales (Circle of Achievement member having more than P11 million unit sales in a year), a Top Sales Directors Trip Achiever, and a NSD-in-the-Making Achiever in Seminar 2013.


Through Mary Kay, she traveled several countries like the United States, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and South Africa. She is a current Mary Kay Pink Car achiever and was honored the prestigious Seminar 2013 Quarter 4 Go-Give® Award and Seminar 2014 Quarter 1 Go-Give® Award.

Olive continues,“What is your dream? Is it a good future for your family? Do you want to have your dream house, car or vacation? Are you looking for financial freedom? Do you want to develop your personality and be strong emotionally? Are you looking for spiritual growth?"

Olive debuted as an Independent Sales Director five months after she signed up, developed her first offspring Sales Director by December 2005 and became an Independent Executive Senior Sales Director a year later.

According to Olive, Mary Kay provides you the opportunity for a brighter future as long as you have a dream, enjoy your work, and pray.

“Remember I started with almost nothing. Never in my dreams that I can make it big in Mary Kay," she says.

"Everything will fall on its proper place when you do your business the Mary Kay way, when you have faith and when you believe in the miracles that happen in the power of prayer," she concludes.

applause february 2014


Recognition • November 2013

Director's Profile • December 2013

Mary Kay’s Pride

Be part of the legacy of giving back.

New Sales Directors

Keepers of the Dream

Top in Unit Sales

Senior National Sales Director

Luzminda Ali 1,024,359 Yvonne Cornejo 1,020,240 Cecile Cahoy 1,017,029 Kathleen Yulisys Gemoto 824,553 Carina Adino 815,622 Marie Fe Olayvar 815,321 Anna Gayle Guerrero 808,107 Amando Abinsay, Jr. 800,557 Sonia Agustin 773,745 Marita Del Corro 1,118,799

New First Line Independent Sales Director Offspring Sales Director April Love Oraiz

NAME: Editha Aranes BEGAN MK CAREER: May 2013 UNIT NAME: Dynamics SSD: Laarni Carpio

NAME: Mary Ann Asis BEGAN MK CAREER: Jan 2013 UNIT NAME: Magnificent Star SSD: Kathleen Yulisys Gemoto

NAME: Bernadette May Flores BEGAN MK CAREER: Jan 2013 UNIT NAME: Golden Bee SSD: Emilou Edrote

Christina Boyd

Special Awards

Top in Personal Sales

Millionaires Club

hitting P1 million unit sales in one month • November 2013

Melinda Castillo Cristina Tolentino Arleen Banggos Alma Agustin Hesel Calingayan Ma. Elizabeth Aposacas Kathleen Kara Roa Cherry Lyn Basilio Anita Jane Magaway

200,276 148,010 128,921 102,210 100,455 100,310 89,226 86,870 84,864

Luzminda Ali 215,250

NAME: Ma. Dina Go BEGAN MK CAREER: Mar 2011 UNIT NAME: D’ Studded Glamour Group SSD: Rhona Lyn Guerrero

Marita Del Corro

Christina Boyd

Luzminda Ali 13

August 2013 October 2013

12 11 10 10 8 7 7 6 6

NAME: Janet Quijano BEGAN MK CAREER: Nov 2013 UNIT NAME: Unstoppable Achievers SSD: Mary Grace Resurreccion

NAME: Virginia Ramones BEGAN MK CAREER: Jan 2004 UNIT NAME: Ramones Star SSD: Anna Gayle Guerrero

505,658 460,987 451,620 419,455 405,765 378,879 343,560 340,365 324,699

New Senior Sales Directors NAME: Liberty Senierez BEGAN MK CAREER: May 2013 UNIT NAME: D' Stunners of Fire SSD: Carina Adino

NAME: Baby Soledad Silvino BEGAN MK CAREER: Apr 2013 UNIT NAME: Glitz & Glamour SSD: Avegail Pansacala

November 2013

NAME: Geraldine Cabato NAME: Laarni Carpio NAME: Kathleen Yulisys Gemoto NAME: Emilou Edrote BEGAN MK CAREER: Dec 2012 BEGAN MK CAREER: Nov 2012 BEGAN MK CAREER: May 2012 BEGAN MK CAREER: May 2011 UNIT NAME: Pink Blossoms UNIT NAME: Bee the Best Star UNIT NAME: The Golden Quest UNIT NAME: Eternal Beauty Queens

Ma. Larcidita Arzanique Genalyn Cabanag Rosie Camano Jennifer Concha

Eva De Los Martirez Ma. Cecilia Javier Cherry Manresa Josie Page

NAME: Mary Grace Resurreccion NAME: Carina Adino BEGAN MK CAREER: Apr 2011 BEGAN MK CAREER: Sep 2011 UNIT NAME: Beauty That Dreams UNIT NAME: 'D Stunners

Please email us your name, branch of the bank where the money was deposited and total amount to or send a text message to 0917-8660488.

Julieta Resurreccion Melody Viste

"Think success and talk success. Keep in mind you will never achieve more than you think you are worth, so begin now to believe and imagine yourself having reached your goals." - Mary Kay Ash

Virginia Estepa 517,002

Mary Kay Philippines will match whatever amount you will donate to make our monetary contribution more meaningful. So, if you will give P1,000, we will donate another thousand to match it. If you would like to donate money to Typhoon Yolanda Victims, you may do so via Mary Kay Philippines BPI Bank Account # 1885113016.

Director's Profile • December 2013

Directors-in-Qualification Luzminda Ali Armando Abinsay, Jr. Cecile Cahoy Melinda Castillo Marites Ceña Sylvia Ruth Relleve Meljureto Calfoforo Rosalina Maquiling Virginia Ramones

applause february 2014

NAME: April Love Oraiz BEGAN MK CAREER: Jun 2013 UNIT NAME: His Loving Light SNSD: Christina Boyd

Nanette Mission

* Ties are borken by Team Sales

Major calamities recently struck our nation. As a country, we strive to cope with these devastations and we are in the process to rise above these challenges. Now, Mary Kay Philippines appeals to your generous hearts to further share your monetary blessings to our fund raising activity which we have created to support the rebuilding and rehabilitation efforts in affected communities.

Olivia Gonzales Cecile Cahoy

Top in Team Sales


NAME: Marivic Matulac BEGAN MK CAREER: Jul 2013 UNIT NAME: Oasis SSD: Yvonne Cornejo

Yvonne Cornejo

Go-Give® Awardee Quarter 1

Top in Personal Recruiting* Virginia Estepa Ma. Dina Go Leah Pawaki Alma Alburo Marites Mendrez Mary Ann Asis Rosheen Maquiling Rosalina Maquiling Joerelyn Ogoc

Luzminda Ali

NAME: Rossana Lacandula BEGAN MK CAREER: Apr 2013 UNIT NAME: Queens of Beauty SSD: Geraldine Cabato

Mary Kay Ash founded her Company based on the golden rule, which is do unto to others what you want others to do unto you, and emphasized the importance of giving back to others. That’s why everyday Mary Kay is changing the lives of men, women and children around the world. The act of giving back to our community is part of Mary Kay’s heritage, and we are honored to continue her legacy of making a difference.

"The seeds you plant in the hearts and minds of others will be what you receive in return – 100-fold. Only sow that which you wish to receive in return. Sow good, receive good!" - Mary Kay Ash

NAME: Avegail Pansacala BEGAN MK CAREER: May 2011 UNIT NAME: Dynasouls applause february 2014



How to order your Mary Kay products online

for your Business

(open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day)

1. go online ordering A. Log-on to www. Enter your Consultant # and Password.

Your very own virtual assistant! B. Under the Quick Links, click Order Online.

myBusiness® is your very own online personal assistant, taking the guesswork out of your business, and giving you income-producing information right at your fingertips. This includes the following:

2. place your order online A. To place your order, go to Cosmetic Orders and click Create a cosmetic order.

• A full suite of real time business reports • Birthday and anniversary prompts of your members • Personal, Team and Offspring production (depending on your career level) • Recognition and achievements • Month-to-date, Quarter-to-date, Year-to-date figures

D. Submit My Order once orders completed.

B. Completely fill out all E. Review Shipping Information. your orders. (Specified address or Proceed to for pick-up at defined Payment. Beauty Center) C. Click the Product (under Section 1 or Section 2) on the item/s that you will order. Input the Quantity and click Update My Order. Click as many products as you want. You may order by part number or by one page order sheet.

myBusiness® tip of the month: Click tab “Opportunities” This section provides you your career growth information in Mary Kay for the month, your team commission, and the contest on target information. This is useful for Independent Beauty Consultants who are starting to track on their business or Independent Sales Directors who are vying for various Sales and Team building challenges.

make me feel important Go online and check out myBusiness® at MKInTouch. Take time to familiarize yourself with the features of this new tool. It will surely benefit you and your Mary Kay career.

B. The page will be redirected to BPI SecurePay page for the payment process. Enter Credit Card Number, Expiry Date, and Card’s 3-digit Security Code. Then, enter your Personal Security Code. Once payment is approved and you will be redirected to the Mary Kay Online Ordering page.

Updates in Quezon City Beauty Center

C. Your order has been confirmed and will then be processed for delivery to your preferred address. NOTES: • A P250 storage fee will be charged if pick up orders on regular days are not be picked up within 3 days from order date. • Month-end orders for pick up and delivery may take longer fulfillment and delivery days.

D. Link to 2GO web page will be displayed with parcel tracking information.

Your SECURITY is our prime concern! NEVER DISCLOSE your PIN/Password to anyone. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted when performing your payment transaction. Reject any offer of assistance from strangers.


applause february 2014

Selected Mary Kay® products are already available for purchase in Quezon City Beauty Center. This limited run will enable you to purchase Mary Kay products for immediate delivery to customers within the vicinity thereby making it easier for you to sell more and reach more customers faster. Product purchases requiring plastic bags will have an additional of P2.00 per bag in compliance with the Quezon City Ordinance. The proceeds will be donated by Mary Kay to community projects in Quezon City. Cut this portion and keep it as your reference when placing your order.

B. Click Specific Order Date.

C. Click Shipment Tracking.

Mary Kay coined this term to describe the selfless pursuit of the greater good. The rewards of lending a helping hand to others or being the recipient of an act of kindness leads to an atmosphere of trust, caring and relationship building.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." This tried-and-true principle has stood the test of time and is the cornerstone of our Leadership Practice Rules. We also believe in an atmosphere of teamwork, respect for others and fostering relationships built upon trust, honesty and caring.

A. A payment breakdown will be shown on your screen. Read the ordering guidelines and click on I agree to the Ordering Guidelines. Select Payment Type - Credit Card and click Purchase. No credit card? Not a problem! Click Save Order. Save your order and pay by: 1. BPI online payment at or deposit payment over the counter at any BPI or BDO branch. Send deposit information (Bank and branch name, Amount, Date, BC Name, BC No. and Order No.) to MK Customer Service 2. Pay directly to our Customer Service counter and provide BC No. and Total Amount of order.

A. Check status of your Home Delivery Order Online. Click "Order Status" to view orders.

go-give® spirit

the golden rule

3. pay online

4. check order status online

our values

Mary Kay Ash once said, "It's so simple, yet makes such a difference. Pretend that every single person you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, 'Make me feel important.'" At Mary Kay, this is a reality - from being recognized for a job well done to people taking an interest in your life.

balanced priorities We recognize the importance of building a balanced life. In fact, Mary Kay Ash often shared her priorities of "God first, family second, career third." Following this tradition, encouraging our Independent Sales Force members to find the proper balance of priorities in their lives has remained a vital part of our culture. At Mary Kay, we understand that a successful career is just one part of a balanced DWYLlife. ‘Message & Icon’ Logo Graphics1


to promote Global Tagline and promotional messaging on multiple communication platforms for 2014 and beyond

Invite your guests to visit the Quezon City Beauty Center for a Skin Care or color class and you may immediately serve your guests‘ orders after a class, as inventories are available to fulfill your needs. Availability of products will be from January 22 to April 30, 2014.

POWER NOTES AS OF February 2014


1. SOFT PHASE OUT. The Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick Hibiscus and Mary Kay® Tinted Moisturizer with Sunscreen SPF 20 will have a soft phase out within February 2014 and will be available while supplies last. 2. CHANGES/UPDATES IN CONTACT INFORMATION like mobile number and shipment address of an Independent Beauty Consultant should be coursed through the Customer Care Team at 02859-6200/6222 or email to


3. DELIVERY LEAD TIME orders received on the first and last three days of the month may take 7 working days for serviceable areas and 10 working days fornon-serviceable areas.

applause february 2014




the way beauty shines from the inside out.

we NEW! Limited-Edition Discover What YouTM T-Shirt



Available beginning Feb 1, 2014 and while supplies last (Free size for women)

Open to all Beauty Consultants, Sales Directors, Spouses and Guests QUEZON CITY begins DAVAO CITY CITY and until ZAMBOANGA CITY Registration November 1,CEBU 2013 all seats are taken.


2nd Floor, Allegro Center 2284 Pasong Tamo Extension Makati City Tel: (02) 859-6222 / 859-MARY Mobile: (0917) 866-0494 (call only) (0918) 990-6390 (0922) 889-4128 (0917) 866-0488 (SMS only) Fax: (02) 859-6299 Email:

Mezzanine, Unit M-14A Shoppes@Victoria Victoria Towers, Timog corner Panay Avenue Quezon City Tel: (02) 371-8355 / (02) 371-8322 Mobile: (0923) 724-6431

Ground Floor, Philam Life Rizal Street, Davao City Tel: (082) 224-5956 Mobile: (0923) 724-6432 Fax: (082) 224-5955

Ground Floor Cebu Capitol Comm. Complex N. Escario Street Camputhaw, Cebu City Tel: (032) 254-8081 Mobile: (0923) 724-6433 Fax: (032) 253-4661

2nd Floor, YPC Building Veteran's Avenue 7000 Zamboanga City Tel: (062) 992-6222 Mobile: (0923) 252-0153

Watch us on Find us on YouTube Facebook


Enriching Women’s Lives

OVATION Vol. 3 No. 2

a recognition supplement to Applause® February 2014

Published monthly in recognition and inspiration for the sales force members of Mary Kay in the Philippines by Mary Kay Philippines, Inc., Makati City, Philippines.

“There are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened. We all have a choice. You can decide which type of person you want to be. I have always chosen to be in the first group” - Mary Kay Ash

Perfect Start

New Independent Beauty Consultants with minimum P8,000 personal retail sales in her first two weeks from her start-up date.

Top Sales Director with most number of Perfect Start November 2013

Sales Director Baby Soledad Silvino

*Perfect Start Achievers October 16, 2013 – November 15, 2013 Abad, Catherine C. Abad, Frances Jakelyn Abanilla, Elena D. Abano, Alain Karl A. Abante, Heide B. Abanza, Ruchel M. Abawag, Bernadette S. Abellana, Frances Marnelli P. Abello, Jenilen N. Abujos Jr., Rogelio O. Abujos, Teresita O. Acabado, Elma R. Acquisio, Charisse C. Adajar, Maria Concepcion J. Adam, Maylanie S. Adto, Hector G. Aga, Donnah Ivy L. Agcaoili, Jennifer Albaladijo, Mary Grace G. Albancis, Bernadeth A. Albor, Anna Lynda V. Alcordo, Abegael S. Alcos, Elena T. Alibcag, Bertha Padalla Alih, Rohelmina H. Alivio, Alton Lyndon Jude G. Allonar, Rhecel C. Almedora, Arnel B. Almeria, Myrna A. Almonte, Juliet I. Almoro, Violeta B. Alolor, Lucel A. Alvarez, Rhodora O. Alvarez, Verna O. Amante, Hannah O. Amene, Kristel G. Ancheta, Brenda C. Andaya, Vicente P. Aninion, Naffertiti G. Anqui, Ma. Gina G. Antonio, Imelda S. Antonio, Virginia P. Apid, Geraldine V. Aragoncillo, Janet O. Ararao, April Anne R. Arellano, Charito R. Arguelles, Rocely C. As-ason, Sheryll L.

Asis, Carlene Anne V. Atam, Sheryl C. Atondo, Marilou S. Aum, Christine R. Avergonzado, Sharon T. Babon, Mary Grace M. Bacud, Valentina D. Badding, Amilyn K. Bade, Rahima A. Bagares, Gena M. Bahalla, Sheila Mae B. Bajan, Keziah Dawn A. Balbin, Cynthia Carmela A. Bales, Daryll Baligat, Criselda D. Ballesteros, Jasmin S. Ballesteros, Maribel H. Ballonico, Mary Jane L. Balsamo, Josefina C. Banaga, Angelyn D. Banares, Joanna Rae M. Bangi, Jess V. Bangud, Florence P. Bantayan, Glaiza D. Barbadillo, Maribeth E. Barbas, Delight Kate Barro, Rowena Barros, Jamie Ruth E. Baruela, Ma. Fena C. Basa, Norlyn Rose T. Basilio Jr., Nelson T. Basri, Lyna H. Basuel, Adeline G. Batulanon, Cheryll May I. Batute, Elizarde Bautista, Maria Rosario J. Bautista, Marvin A. Baydal, Alma C. Bechayda, Michelle Ellen M. Bejerano, Marivic A. Belmonte, Amalia A. Belocura, Phoebe E. Belocura, Shirley Ann B. Benito, Zenaida C. Berces, Ma. Salve Bernabe, Consuelo R. Bernal, Stella May E. Bernardo, Esra C.

Bernardo, Mary Grace G. Besmonte, Jean Paula D. Bionson, Elyfehr B. Bogay, Maria Fe L. Boko, Mae Ann Bolingot, Vanissa L. Bolos, Michael D. Bondoc, Jenny June S. Boniao, Publea S. Bonsucan, Agnes L. Bordallo, Leah M. Borillo, Rocelia S. Borja, Mary Rose R. Branzuela, Neriza Jane T. Brigole, Julieta B. Brosas, Maria C. Bucayon, Maribel D. Buena, Rosalie Joy L. Buffe, Nenita A. Bulaon, Dinah M. Bullecer, Sharon S. Buno, Mary Anne R. Buot, Micca G. Bustria, Charmie B. Buyagawan, Gertrude A. Cabaluan, Pedro Cabana, Ronilio T. Cabanag, Tesa May T. Caberte, Maria Elna D. Cabiles, Jeniffer Violet A. Cabrera, Lilian Andrea Morano Cabrezos, Myra C. Cacao, Violeta C. Cadag, Evelyn R. Cadezal, Cristina R. Cadorniga, Jovelyn R. Cadwagan, Jennylyn A. Cafe, Arlene C. Cagadas, Marvilyn F. Cagalawan, Mary Ann S. Calagos, Ma. Cheene Rose V. Calderon, Marijo R. Callino, Estrellita A. Calora, Beverly E. Caneo, Aurora B. Canete, Diorlyn H. Canillo, Lelibeth T. Cantes, Rechilda R.

Cantes, Salve C. Canzana, Joseline A. Caraoa, Almira S. Caraoa, Ma. Erwynnah Cardiel, Myrla C. Cariga, Nabela N. Carpio, Liezel C. Casalem, Imelda B. Casas, Mildred P. Casera, Lielane M. Casilang, Jasmin G. Castanos, Eleanor A. Castillo, Milagros N. Castro Verde, Efril L. Castro, Bernie F. Castro, Ma. Theresa F. Catacutan, Marelene B. Catap, Perlita O. Catubay, Clemence D. Cayetona, Rona Mae P. Celocia, Nerelita M. Ceniza, Rizalyn Cepeda, Melody B. Cervantes, Vimen C. Chaves, Analiza B. Chio, Janice Abigail C. Chiong, Aurora J. Chiong, Roselle M. Clamor, Arlene Z. Clar, Flordelyn B. Claros, Zenita I. Clemente, Maria Cecilia J. Co, Donalyn R. Coloma, Ma. Josefina J. Coloquit, Emerlyn D. Concepcion, Mary-An G. Cordova, Herwin L. Corona, Jocelyn L. Corral, Nerry B. Cruz, Elmer Cruz, Jessamine S. Cruz, Mark Lester E. Cuasay, Catherine Mae G. Cuya, Maria Vanessa R. Cuyob, Alecia A. Daaca, Angelyn P. Dacules, Elizabeth T. Dacuno, Rubie Jane C.

Dagmang, Dolores M. Dagudog, Joy J. De Asis, Faith C. De Casa, Monalosa D. De Leon, Rosa Lee E. De Leon, Sheila Marie N. Dedicatoria, Jean C. Del Mundo, Brenda H Del Rosario, Ederlinda F. Del Rosario, Rhodora C. Dela Cruz, Carmelita B. Dela Cruz, Hartzel L. Dela Cruz, Jane Marie M. Dela Cruz, Marie Liezllove T. Dela Cruz, Meldy C. Dela Cruz, Sally T. Dela Mota, Madonna S. Dela Paz, Florence R. Dela Pena, Angela B. Dela Pena, Evelyn L. Dela Rosa, Nartesa P. Dela Soledad, Emily C Dela Torre, Ma. Lorainne C. Deliva, Noel B. Delos Reyes, Amy I. Delos Reyes, Sybelle B. Demoni, Evelyn C. Denaga, Rizalyn S. Deocades, Alma E. Desebayla, Jeraldine E. Diaz, Sienna Josefa C. Diesta, Celsa A. Dimaandal, Irene R. Dimaapi, Bersafely S. Dimacuha, Andrea D. Dimakuta, Nor-aine G. Dimal, Mary Princess Sese Dionco, Edelyn Dionisio, Jennifer D. Diplomo, Nancy R. Dizon, Cyd Charisse N. Domingo, Eleanor C. Domingo, Jacqueline C. Domingo, Remedios J. Dongalo, Rufina L. Dorado, Emmanuel Philip T. Dumdum, Jun Michael V. Duque, Conchita B.

Duque, Felisa M. Duran, Jamesreuben C. Ea, Sarah Joy Eco, Nimfa H. Elarde, Rosielyn N. Elloso, Carmel Anne K. Elloso, Mark Jeronimo K. Emata, Marites M. Emiliano, Soledad L. Emperio, Elisa P. Enghog, Ariel Y. Enriquez, Sheena Mae A. Entea, Jeannie P. Erauda, Jennifer E. Eridoni, Mikaela Tan Escalada, Erna A. Escolin, Jennifer C. Escopete, Maricar A. Escoro, Charife R. Esguerra, Imelda S. Esmeralda, Evangeline R. Esmero, Maria Leonora D. Espano, Myka P. Espe, Ma. Gracia P. Espinosa, Mary Ann H. Esposito, Marylou I. Estayani, Zhara Ly M. Estimo, Jennifer C. Estoy, Cherry Anne G. Estrella, Dulce Desiree C. Evangelista, Ma. Romela R. Evangelista, Maybell Evangelista, Mayette L. Evardone, Ruby Nina L. Evoita, Catalina O. Eyam, Josephine F. Fabre, Abigail O. Fabros, Flordeliza P. Faeldin, Melanie P. Fagaragan, Princess Hazel L. Famis, Alnie F. Fax, Marijoe P. Ferber, Roselle A. Ferraris, Maritess Ferrer, Romar B. Ferrera, Guiajone L. Fillag, Winilyn J. Filler, Marnelli M. *alphabetical order

Perfect Start

New Independent Beauty Consultants with minimum P8,000 personal retail sales in her ďŹ rst two weeks from her start-up date.

Flandez, Rosalina J. Flores, Amanda B Flores, Corazon B. Flores, Gemma Rose A. Flores, Rowena R. Fon, Meldilyn T. Fortunado, Marsha B. Francia, Maria Zita A. Francisco, Daisy F. Francisco, Darius T. Francisco, Haniemay A. Fulgencio, Jane Mardel R. Funcion, Mary Ann B. Funtebella, Remaria A. Gabatino, Maria Teresa R. Gaganao, Cristina G. Gale, Juvy Gael B. Gamboa, Josephine B. Gan, Ma. Ruth S. Ganal, Karen B. Gappi, Lilibeth F. Gapuz, Lolita D. Garcia, Arjie Melody A. Garcia, Caridad D. Garcia, Cladia M. Garcia, Marilou M. Garcia, Merven R. Garcia, Priscilla Margaret B. Garcia, Ruby Rose V. Gardiola, Elena L. Garduque, Leticia C. Garina, Lodylyne E. Gavino, Cleo C. Go, Nonaquinne M. Gomez, Norma S. Gonzales, Gina B. Gonzales, Maridel D. Gonzales, Marilou A. Gonzales, Marissa E. Gozum, Emily F. Gulmatico, Jean S. Gulongan, Risty D. Gutierrez, Mae Amor Haca, Aireen F. Hadji Latip, Jamilah B. Halun, Kimlee C. Hao, Anna Marie P. Hempiso, Vilma E. Hernandez, Nathanael Djohn V. Hernandez, Jamie Laine Agatha Hetutua, Ma. Carolina F. Hilvano, Liezel Honrado, Charmaine T. Horie, Genevive T. Ibanez, Jemma M. Ibrahim, Geraldine M. Ilagan, Susan S. Ilustrisimo, Cecyl A. Inciong, Myrna M. Inducil, Catherine S. Ipsioco, Marianne, C. Isidro, Josefina C. Isorena, Cheryl Anne P. Jabonero, Reynalyn P. Jaojao, April May D. Javier, Ellaine P. Javier, Jeffrey P. Jintalan, Babylyn F.

Jiongco, Jean-pierre Jovellano, Cherry S. Juguilon, Liezl R. Junsay, Ma. Fe N. Junsay, Vivian A. Jupista, Roberto C. Jurial, Resame S. Kadatuan, Rowena A. Kahal, Fatima H. Kiosi, Violeta A. Labo, Irene S. Labordo, Abba Iris F. Lacuin, Jenelyn L. Lagarto, Natasha Joy A. Lagarto, Wilma B. Lagman, Irene N. Lalu, Wina B. Lanugan, Glenda A. Laplap, Editha A. Latorilla, Genoveva B. Latorre, Fe I. Laude, Benita B. Laurel, Divina E. Leabres, Danilo R. Lee, Haidee C. Legario, Elena V. Legaspi, Arlene Y. Legaspi, Justine S. Leong, Renilyn G. Lim, Josefina C. Lim, Mariam I. Listanco, Luisa M. Llanos, Mariesar S. Llanos, Xenia S. Llavore, Jenie T. Lontoc, Jeannice R. Loon, Jerlyn S. Lopae, Annabel A. Lopez, Anita Rachelle P. Lu, Marites A. Lubrica, Mary Ann B. Luceno, Felomina P. Lumacang, June Lyn M. Mabunga, Rose P. Macabali, Josie P. Macalima, Mayumi M. Macaso, Genalyn F. Macaso, Mary Jane P. Macatangay, Sotera P. Madrid, Aimee Y. Madrid, Vimelee R. Magbanua, Andrew R. Maglupay, Jay Rumen U. Magtibay, Verna May D. Malabanan, Reina T. Malayao, Aurora P. Maligat, Sonia J. Mamawal, Mary Claudine S. Mamokan, Laga D. Mamontayao, Marjury Mae N. Mamugay, Wenilou O. Manalo, Mercedita U. Manansala, Maricel S. Mancenido, Jocelyn V. Mangahis, Analinda G. Mangansakan, Aiza Mae P. Manliclic, Aira S. Manliclic, Myra M.

Perfect * Start Achievers October 16, 2013 – November 15, 2013

Manuel, Romeo V. Manulong, Michelle V. Marcelino, Ma. Glenda H. Marcelino, Ma. Lizabeth V. Mariano, Estrelita L. Marientes, Dinah B. Marion, Margaret M. Marquez, Hilda C. Marquez, Susan C. Martin, Maria Madonna M. Maslamama, Amria A. Mata, Katrina K. Matahum, Janjie T. Matias, Rebina F. Mauhay, Anabel A. Maurin, Crsity Clandy M. Medalla, Kezia Lorraine B. Medina, Romina D. Medina, Yolanda G. Meghrajani, Mona Liza B. Mejares, Rosa O. Melegrito, Arlene Membrado, Susan P. Merano, Maria Elaine Jane M. Mijares, Hernani Iii G. Miranda, Claire Margarette G. Miranda, Clyde Marie R. Miranda, Ronah C. Mispenas, Lagrimas G. Mocyat, Jhonalyn A. Mohammad, Benmer F. Mole, Rocelyn D. Molina, Jeannette C. Monarca, Jennifer J. Montebon, Gretchen C. Montefalcon, Loregen A. Montenegro, Chrisremsel A. Montepio, Lucelyn J. Montierro, Consolacion S. Monzon, Jaycelyn A. Muana, Almaluna M. Munsayac, Melody M. Murro, Anefer L. Mustapha, Almyrah P. Nacion, Charito C. Nagasan, Logie P. Nakila, Remedios L. Narciso, Anna Villa T. Natividad, Geraldine C. Navacilla, Elma M. Navarro, Vanessa O. Navia, Erlinda D. Navida, Noemi Navor, Daerylee Jemm R. Nerves, Cicilia B. Nieda, Giselle A. Nieto, Crystal Grace A. Nieva, Rosalia A. Niza, Angelita D. Noche, Maria Nenita M. Nocido, Irma P. Nono, Milabelle D. Nooh, Rohanie T. Oberes, Sheila Marie V. Obispado, Teofista C. Obmerga, Kimberly Rose I. Oclares, Victoria E. Olavides, Meneleo P.

Olego, Medina V. Oliva, Nanette G. Ong Lo, Abegaile S. Opena, Valentina A. Oraa, Juliet E. Orilla, Rosalind M. Orosca, Grace S. Osumo, Christine P. Otaza, Rosalie Pacardo, Lumie A. Pacito, Dangsoyan C. Pacomo, Milfa D. Pagaduan, Michelle P. Pagtananan, Laarni T. Pagulayan, Magdalena B. Pahanguin, Hanavelle M. Palasico, Jevie Rosie A. Paler, Karen V. Palomo, Gina B. Pandan, Melanie C. Panerio, Maria Rica B. Panimdim, Evelinda O. Paragas, Ma. Delia D. Parazo, Marie Julie R. Pareja, Elvira R. Pasana, Leah Aiza M. Pasco, Fegie A. Pascua, Aileen D. Pascua, Maridel A. Pascual, Mumtaz Majal G. Pascual, Petra T. Pasiliao, Evaline R. Patawe, Nory Patron, Francia A. Pauig, Reichel C. Pawaon, Aquino Jr. M. Payuran, Maria Cristina A. Paza, Eric John J. Pelaez, Jenny A. Pendatun, Sharifa O. Peralta, Elizabeth S. Perey, Mariflor E. Perez, Julie G. Pilapil, Rochelle R. Pineda, Esther B. Pineda, Lita S. Pingkian, Feverlie P. Pingkian, Marites B. Placido, Jenalyn S. Plata, Marife E. Plaza, Claire O. Plaza, Henrieta M. Poblacion, Evelyn G. Pontillas, Jacqueline Barde Prado, Raymund A. Pumecha, Renaflor C. Pura, Mary Jane A. Pura, Mary Joy A. Quimora, Liza B. Quinco, Criselda Quindoza, Sheila M. Quino, Claudette T. Quinto, Joy B. Quito, Maria Roselle S. Quitoriano, Aida Racho, Joandiepearl T. Ramento, Maricel R. Ramos, Anabelle C.

Ramos, Jessevil K. Rana, Luzviminda O. Ranoco, Bebelyn E. Rayos, Ramir M. Regalado, Krista Anjelik Regalado, Vivencia Regencia, Cora Lynne A. Regencia, Criselda A. Reontare, Rosemarie B. Repato, Yolanda H. Reyeg, Jocelyn E. Reyes, Arlene Rose C. Reyes, Cherry Anne D. Reyes, Nesthel R. Rigo, Glenda G. Rinon, Mary Rose D. Robles, Mary Jane Robredillo, Mary Joy T. Rockwell, Ruth A. Roco, Vida V. Rodriguez, Maricar Ciqui B. Romano, Arsenia L. Rosanto, Alicia T. Sabado, Sheila F. Sabra, Fatima T. Sagrado, Rosalyn P. Salado, Victoria E. Salamera, Eduardo R. Salangsang, Jennifer B. Salazar, Ederlina Monteron Salazar, Marivic R. Salcedo, Rhobe Ahleen U. Salinas, Maria Karla C. Salonga, Noeme D. Salvacion, Austria M. Salvador, Relie D. Salvana, Maria Haide S. San Juan, Cecilia N. Sanchez, Lorna L. Sanchez, Patricia Mae P. Sanchez, Teofila L. Sanico, Mary Jean E. Sansarona, Ronelie M. Santos, Constancia F. Santos, Corazon C. Santos, Maria Victoria T. Santos, Mildred F. Saphlot, Roselyn F. Sapida, Norma B. Sarip, Norhata D. Sarmiento, Lucille Anne A. Sarmiento, Rachel B. See, Florence D. Serafin, Mayeth Seridon, Karen Mae O. Servando, Flordeliza M. Sesbino, Sharon A. Sevillo, Mendelyn S. Sidon, Melanie D. Silagan, Gene Rosa C. Singculan, Agnes T. Sioson, Sheila Kate C. Sison, April Ann C. Sobrino, Sunshine Mary D. Soler, Lilibeth T. Solomon, Evelyn D. Son, Rodolfa H. Sta. Romana, Frank G.

Subrio, Jinky M. Suficiencia, Mylynn D. Suico, Marjury C. Sunga, Lerma B. Sunga, Rosalie B. Supnet, Maeann P. Surban, Jaemee Lou T. Susaya, Francisca D. Sycha, Evelyn L. Tahara, Maria A. Tajon, Cecilia R. Talib, Arnahal L. Talib, Murayda H. Tallod, Evelyn B. Tamayo, Bonavie B. Tambis, Evangeline N. Tamorite, Geramie Q. Tangalin, Flordeliz B. Tarriela, Cherry B. Teh, Susan B. Tello, Decelyn Annie C. Tenorio, Ma. Cristina S. Tilar, Catherine M. Tojon, Cristina R. Toledo, Lorna G. Tolentino, Stella V. Tomaroy, Jennifer B. Topasi, Medelina M. Torregosa, Jane S. Tose, Cindy C. Tuastomban, Lodo J. Tulagan, Roxanne C. Tumanan, Lourdes D. Tumulak, Sherry G. Uniforme, Jojeta V. Untalan, Sylaine Loreta D. Ureta, Maribel L. Utanes, Melody C. Uygioco, Asuncion Charita M. Valdez, Rebecca D. Valentin, Darlene A. Vargas, Mary Jayne G. Velarde, Jeanette G. Velez, Charito C. Venerayan, Crystal May J. Vergara, Gracelyn M. Villalobos, Cherryl Ann S. Villamor, Karren Jane C. Villan, Dory A. Villaneva, Edna Delucio Villanueva, Catherine D. Villanueva, Corazon F. Villarosa, Emilyn D. Villasin, Elizabeth M. Villegas, Adelita R. Villocido, Mary Joy L. Vinson, Virgie R. Viola, Mary Ann C. Viray, Jennie C. Virrey, Jenny S. Visitacion, Shelah M. Wabe, Marjorie L. Wales, Mckeenia E. Walleboom, Nerissa B. Yumo, Lecel N. Zamora, Kathleen L. Zantua, Michelle B. *alphabetical order

*New Consultant Bonus Program (NCB) Achievers - August 2013 batch Independent Beauty Consultants who successfully completed the the New Consultant Bonus program (months1-4)

Abacan, Lenyfer R. Abdon, Cecile M. Abubakar, Hadzra M. Abubakar, Sitti Faina J. Abujos, Jeffrrey O. Achumbre, Georgita P. Acob, Nilo A. Agudon, Aiza Marie E. Aguinaldo, Ma. Teresa T. Ailani, Julaiya L. Albuera, Sahrens C. Alipio, Josephine T. Alqueza, Melody Amboayan, Rheylyn Joy L. Amistoso, Diana T. Amoren, Sahara Dawn S. Apao, Marie Ann A. Aparicio, Luzviminda M. Aranas, Geraldine D. Araza, Elizabeth Eladia P. Arcenal, Rosalinda P. Arenajo, Althea R. Arrogante, Mary Cris M. Arzanique, Ma. Larcidita P. Asiman, Jedibeth A. Asis, Crisanta M. Atamosa, Karen A. Atienza, Gemalyn G. Aumento, Maria Victoria D. Awad, Alyssa Kathleen Kay B. Ayuban, Jilbert D. Bacalso, Jehlynne B. Bacalso, Susette Fe R. Bactong, Vicente Teddy L. Bagtasos, Rowena B. Balatayo, Kristie D. Balbalan, Amy L. Balbin, Kristine Anne S. Balbutin, Mary Lanny D. Baldoza, Gina D. Balleza, Reinalou B. Balog, Mary Jean V. Baltero, Janine T. Bandong, Marilou A. Barimbao, Anna Delza S. Bautista, Benfel Bayona, Ma. Elizabeth O. Benson, Noralie Bertumen, Josefina D. Betiz, Loida N. Bido, Sergia C. Binayao, Maria Junalyn C. Bisares, Lea Book, Cristina D. Borja, Mary Jane

Bravo, Kimberly Joy S. Brigaudit, Evangelyn L. Buan, Eleanor Buccahan, Mary Angelie M. Buendia, Cristine Amor B. Buenviaje, Estela G. Bulalayao, Denn Rosant Bulatao, Lourdes D. Bungag, Ana Marie M. Burdeos, Corazon A. Caasi, Marilyn A. Cabajes, Jiezel M. Cadiang, Rachelle C. Calamba, Kathrinamae O. Calda, Samuel P. Calimaran, Joey L. Callejas, Jeanette E. Camano, Rosie S. Campano, Ronila Zenaida V. Canios, Marilou P. Canizares, Karen P. Canonigo, Annabella A. Caoleng, Julie G. Capin, Aiza Mei S. Carba, Zephyr C. Caspillo, Sheryl O. Castillo, Racid B. Cayat, Catherine G. Checa, Love Joy D. Ciceron, Mila P. Claridad, Mary Jane U. Colcol, Joan T. Comia, Maricar D. Contreras, Felomina Coralde, Josephine D. Cornel, Jaclyn C. Cortez, Rhonalyn A. Cosep, Josephine J. Cruz, Janina Celine M. Cruz, Maureen L Dahap, Maria Laurice G. Dapula, Marilette Z. Dasco, Gloria R. De Guzman, Arlene A. De Guzman, Marilou J. Degamo, May Carl M. Del Rio, Leizl M. Destreza, Maria Eloisa R. Detalla, Jerlyn B. Dewilde, Judith Amabel C. Dimaano, Maria Rowena S. Dimol, Marie Ann C. Dionisio, Erlie M. Diza, Bernadette S. Domingo, Jocelyn R.

Dorado, Minerva M. Dulay, Wildeliza T. Dumaga, Zarah Rosana L. Eleazar, Teresita B. Elejorde, Juanicres C. Enriquez, Erlinda L. Entino, Fay E. Escares, Maribeth T. Espiritu, Norylyn L. Estabillo, Elsa M. Estranero, Kizzyfer E. Eudela, Eleanor A. Eva, Ruth P. Fabian, Leahfer B. Fabros, Dolores Facinabao, Arlene Fernandez, Editha S. Fernandez, Ma. Felicidad Flamiano, Wendell S. Flores, Teresita V. Forbes, Mariville C. Forcadilla, Harold J. Francisco, Babelia R. Fuentes, Augie E. Fullon, Dave Romulus F. Gabriola, Gabriela Grace M. Gacis, Ma. Lourdes S. Galleta, Gina C. Gamayon, Vina L. Gaugano, Rema A. Gelmo, Mustiola R. Giron, Aniceta P. Go, Elva Y. Gogo, Rowena L. Gordonas, Elma B. Gran, Mechelle M. Gregorio, Helen Y. Grepo, Jo Marie P. Guavez, Lyra Mae D. Gutierrez, Katherine A. Guzman, Emma B. Guzman, Liza L. Hidalgo, Anna Marie B. Ho, Anita D. Huizo, Maricynth L. Jalop, Avelina M. Javier, Ma. Cecilia C. Judan, Margielene D. Juevesano, Renante Jugalbot, Theresa Tatum F. Jurado, Frances Julainne Kasawali, Juliam S. Kitong, Edelweiss G. Laderas, Krishyl A. Lagasca, Luzthetta M.

Top Sales Director with most number of NCB Achievers

Senior Sales Director Virginia Estepa

Langgaman, Jenny Claire Lao, Lourdes T. Lapaz, Shara Sheen C. Larosa III, Eufronio E. Larsen, Charity T. Lasmarias, Christina P. Lee, Susan C. Libay, Mary L. Liis, Brenda B. Lim, Leonora T. Limbago, Rolan R. Lingaolingao, Mylen M. Llanes, Bernadette D. Llarena, Rosellyn Llusala, Cheryl H. Lopez, Emely A. Lopez, Gemma Teresa T. Lopez, Marilyn P. Lumacang, Generosa D. Lumacang, Jelly C. Lusay, Daisylyn Dawing I. Macabinlar, Claudia C. Macanas, Leila P. Magalong, Thelma F. Maglasang, Rosie B. Magpantay, Riza B. Magsombol, Nory Gazel C. Mahawan, Een M. Mainot, Christine M. Mallari, Ma. Joanne A. Manalo, Reggie A. Manco, Remelyn D. Mapatac, Signorette A. Marcelo, Shaneen J. Marin, Lenilyn, C. Marohom, Analiza K. Mateo, Ester E. Matmat, Fe Marie T. Medina, Romichelle S. Mejares, Letecia S. Mejilla, Jocelyn F. Melon, Alfie Jay L. Mendaros, Ma. Teresita D. Mendoza, Arlyn Mendoza, Donna Aileen L. Metillo, Jenny Lyn T. Milar, Jenny Leah L. Miranda, Hermogena G. Mojana, Josie Joy S. Morastil, Zandra P. Moreno, Shimaski M. Mostoles, Pamela M. Navarro, Raquel A. Navia, Analiza G. Nazol, Quirina T.

Nino, Rodina C. Ojales, Janice O. Oller, Raquel R. Oplo, Czarina Orate, Yolanda V. Oropel, Amalia A. Paden, Tomasina L. Palada, Vivien B. Palado, Nanette P. Palipic, Jovita Palma, Amor T. Palma, Arnelinda B. Pamaran, Hitoshi Jean Steven Pamesa, Florynel A. Paner, Jimmy C. Panganiban, Celestina K. Pangilinan, Irene M. Patricio, Henson Rye V. Pedrosa, Ma. Genielle S. Pelegrina, Hermervash Penafiel, Marielle A. Pepito, Marjorie R. Perez, Candelita R. Permejo, Marites R. Petalcorin, Maria Christine B. Piczon, Dexdie G. Poclay, Haide P. Potenciano, Maureen C. Punsalan, Jennelyn B. Qua, Rosario A. Quanico, Estrellla G. Quilang, Fe B. Quintos, Mary Princes C. Quizel, Delailah Ramos, Charity Grace P. Ramos, Jeanlyn B. Raymundo, Luzviminda S. Rebueno, Mary Rose G. Remonde, Jean B. Repato, Penchie P. Reyes, Vilma C. Rioflorido, Joli Anne R. Rivera, Larisa Rodriguez, Doris Idi Rojo, Wilour A. Rollorata, Krista Fe M. Rosano, Roxanne A. Ruba, Marilyn R. Ruelos, Odyssey P. Sabanico, Mercedita V. Sabilla, Maria P. Sagnoy, Cristina Q. Saligumba, Jenny Lyn S. Salipod, Ella D. Saliva, Ronaliza V.

San Pedro, Maria Paz G. Sanchez, Alpha Grace C. Santos, Marlyn M. Saquilayan, Fatima J. Sarmiento, Katherine V. Senierez, Leny Rose S. Silvestre, Maria Josefina P. Simpauco, Leighdelyn D. Sotoya, Adora C. Sta. Cruz, Bella C. Sto Domingo, Flordeliza L. Suan, Kathrine Jeanine B. Subardiaga, Teresita V. Sureta, Anne Marie A. Sureta, Marjorie Anne A Talle, Riah D. Tallud, Raquel Vivian M. Tan, Leah A. Tejoc, Lerelie O. Terez, Carmelita M. Tero, Jean A. Tigtig, Rowen B. Tiolo, Iris M. Tirazona, Manuela P. Todias, Victorias D. Tomial, Chona H. Torres, Arlyn G. Torrocha, Rochelle A. Tranquilino, Maricar R. Tronco, Susan G. Umayat, Thelma T. Untalan, Theresa Q. Usares, Fritzie N. Valdon, Karen Fe R. Vargas, Rona R. Velarde, Vivian M. Vergara, Mariecris B. Vicente, Arlene T. Villa, Aurora M. Villacruz, Maria Jean O. Villamor, Arminda T. Villanueva, May Risa S. Villanueva, Nina D. Villarina, Lenie D. Villena, Mary Ann R. Viste, Melody G. Yap, Jamesie Faith Yu, Rosella C. Zamora, Rolina G. *alphabetical order

*First Time Senior Consultants for November 2013 Independent Beauty Consultants with 1 to 2 active team members for the first time in a given month.

Abubakar, Hadzra M. Abujos, Mayeth Luz G. Actub, Linabeth D. Agad, Eufronia M. Alvarado, Liberty Grace O. Andalis, Judilla Orogo Antonio, Virginia P. Arrieta, Annie N. Aseco, Rosalinda L. Autor, Prim Rose S. Babon, Mary Grace M. Badilla, Rema A. Barros, Halvi H. Bautista, Vilma R. Bido, Sergia C. Bitor, Liliosa N. Bondoc, Maria Luz T. Boquiren, Imelda V. Burgonio, Elma D. Butay, Charlotte D. Cadalzo, Rhea Marie Juvilee

Caliso, Aileen M. Camandero, Kristine M. Camano, Marites S. Caspillo, Sheryl O. Castillo, Maria Divina B. Castillo, Milagros N. Catap, Perlita O. Cheng, Ramona Madelaine B. Clar, Flordelyn B. Clemente, Anita A. Dasco, Marina Z. De Chavez, Henrietta D. Del Rosario, Mary Apple D. Dela Cerna, Emelia G. Durban, Razel C. Ecarma, Gina T. Eleria, Anbella G. Espano, Michelle P. Espinosa, Maria Monica D. Esquejo, Virginia B. Francisco, Haniemay A.

Fuentes, Anna Mae Tulayan Gallentes, Evangeline D. Garduque, Leticia C. Gavino, Cleo C. Gibson, Noemi P. Gimao, Nelson G. Go, Marieta T. Inandan, Leonora V. Iquina, Ana Florisa E. Jabla, Margarette Gail B. Jabonero, Reynalyn P. Jasani, Ibn Abdelazis H. Juguilon, Liezl R. Jumanguin, Mizhel T. Labado, Lea Mae Ladores, Jenifer B. Lalu, Wina B. Lara, Raizelle R. Lastrollo, Marisa Nieves C. Leal, Febe R. Licup, Vanessa M.

*First Time Group Leaders for November 2013 Lumague, Sheryl S. Lusay, Kimberly A. Lutian, Sitti Rubaina D. Madera, Debbie C. Magdato, Wenelesa A. Ogsimer, Enalyn G. Peniero, Maricynne L. Reforma, Rowena D. Rivera, Marvi P.

Rudio, Jonalyn D. Sabellina, Jenelyn G. Solis, Gretel Lou B. Tan, Leah A. Torres, Donna D. Ubuta, Jesusa R. Yap, Atila P. Zafra, Cristine O. *alphabetical order

*Red Jacket University Graduates for November 2013 Adayo, Ma. Noemi C. Agravante, Christine Cecilia J. Angelica Cabuang Alido, Princess Dessyree B. Alonzo, Kristina Vinessa M. Anoras, Junalene C. Atienza, Myrna D. Bajamundi, Aileen S. Bebita, Asuncion A. Besmonte, Emelie D. Burgos, Ma. Linette L.

Dela Rosa, Filipina L. Dulera, Rovellia S. Flores, Janice M. Gacal, Esther G. Gallentes, Evangeline D. Haduca, Agnes Laguipo, Joanna A. Lim, Eloisa L. Limboy, Teresita M. Longakit, Maribel S. Macapagal, Maria Elena

Pendatun, Sharifa O. Plata, Marife E. Pornobe, Maria Salvacion M. Puyong, Susan G. Quanico, Estrellla G. Quijano, Joanna S. Quilbio, Jovelyn P. Quitoriano, Aida Rebosura, Ruby O. Rodriguez, Lovelynn A. Sabra, Fatima T. Salado, Victoria E. Sameniano, Weelyn P. Samson, Fe L. San Pedro, Mae C. Santican, Ashral C. Santos, Elaine Joy S. Sayno, Cecil Resurrecion Sebidca, Arlene A. Sevilla, Christine M. Siazon, Maria Victoria D.

Simplicio, Maria Shiela L. Solomon, Epifania L. Sonajo, Elvie S. Sta. Cruz, Alicia S. Subia, Cristina, G. Tabalanza, Margarette C. Tacan, Ma. Teresa M. Tasis, Jodina Grace B. Tello, Shirley Ann C. Tomial, Chona H. Uygioco, Asuncion Charita M. Vargas, Mary Jayne G. Vicente, Racquel C. Villacarlos, Natividad V. Villamin, Ma. Victoria A. Villanueva, May Risa S. Vizcarra, Maria Vhernie K. Ymbong, Anita B. Zaragoza, Caroline *alphabetical order

*First Time Team Leaders for November 2013

Independent Beauty Consultants with 3 to 4 active team members for the first time in a given month.

Anoras, Junalene C. Balleza, Reinalou B. Bello, Gladys B. Bihag, Mary Hazel C. Coralde, Josephine D. Del Monte, Wilma Joy M. Feliciano, Roselyn M. Fernandez, Rigel Krista A. Guerrero, Eloisa B.

Lopae, Sherhyle N. Lubrica, Mary Ann B. Mag-Aso, Jocelyn M. Mallari, Melissa M. Mana, Mary Rose Mariano, Hannah C. Marjuddin, Ohara D. Maslamama, Amria A. Matahum, Janjie T. Matmat, Fe Marie T. Medalla, Kezia Lorraine B. Molina, Jeannette C. Montanez, Herminia T. Noda, Vanessa Obviar, Maricel L. Ola, Teresita B. Ordiz, Grace B. Orpilla, Grace A. Osumo, Christine P. Padasas, Grace, C. Pedrosa, Ma. Genielle S.

Macasaet, Bernadette D. Mariano, Victorina E. Patayan, Virginia S. Penafiel, Emily A. Perez, Michelle C. Pomento, Hazel S. Real, Rhiza D. Roda, Norlita B. Sabater, Agnes C. Sacksteder, Grace B. Velasquez, Kristinellie P.

Independent Beauty Consultants with 5 to 7 active team members for the first time in a given month.

Agravante, Jovy C. Alquizar, Camelle Margaritte A. Asis, Christian Ann V. Banggos, Arleen S. Calimosa, Luzviminda V. Danos, Janis G. Del Monte, Wilma Joy M. Del Rosario, Clarita D. Dela Cerna, Emelia G. Dela Torre, Rosie O. Divinagracia, Judith D. Fernandez, Lydia P. Forro Jr., Carlito D. Gabatin, Anelia P. Gangca, Veronica S.

Garcia, Esvimin E. Giro, Grace Rocelgina C. Imana, Glenda Myra Q. Kalaw, Alma M. Manresa, Cherry Q. Matulac, Marivic B. Nama, Viernalyn M. Nilo, Estrella M. Nocomora, Aurora V. Nuval, Shiena Kathleen N. Ocariza, Veronica P. Ocay, Rowena Jane P. Pabora, Mardy E. Page, Josie P. Paradina, Kay E.

Petallana, Maria Fe Theresa Porlucas, Sonia A. Ramirez, Eunice A. Reyes, Ria C. Rodriguez, Rowena L. Salvatierra, Elvie V. Senierez, Liberty S. Silagan, Cherryl Leah C. Talang, Jessica F. Tayag, Vivian R. Tenorio, Ian Verceles, Irene L. Villaflores, Margie S. Winkley, Arlene N. Yu, Elenita Y. *alphabetical order

Top Sales Director with the most number of ESRS Graduates for November 2013

Senior Sales Director Mariefe Olayvar

*alphabetical order

“Soon after I decided to start my business, both my lawyer and my accountant told me my original marketing plan was doomed. Normally, when I engage the services of professionals with expertise, I obediently follow their instructions; but when something inside gives me different counsel, I follow my intuition.” - Mary Kay Ash

MARY KAY (PHILS), INC. 2nd Floor, Allegro Center 2284 Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati City Tel. Nos: (02) 859-6200/859-MARY Fax No: (02) 859-6299 Email:


Mezzanine, Unit M-14A Shoppes@Victoria Victoria Towers, Timog corner Panay Avenue, Quezon City Tel. Nos: (02) 371-8355 (02) 371-8322



Ground Floor, Philam Life Rizal Street, Davao City Tel. Nos: (082) 224-5956 (082) 224-5955

Ground Floor, Cebu Capitol Commercial Complex N. Escario Street, Bgy. Camputhaw, Cebu City Tel. No: (032) 254-8081 Fax No: (032) 253-4661

ZAMBOANGA CITY 2nd Floor, YPC Building Veteran's Avenue, 7000 Zamboanga City Tel. No: (062) 992-6222

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