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december 2013 DATE 3










In this season of giving and happiness, let us all learn to be grateful. To our family, to our unit members, to our customers, to our society and to our country. May December be a time of renewing. Renewing of goals, of wishes, of hope and of plan. What is 2014 going to be? My best wishes to you. Have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.





Best regards,





My Dear Mary Kay Family Members, I love December. It is for me the best month of the year. This is the month that we get to look back at the last 11 months and track and see what we have achieved. What we have not. Who we have loved, who we have hurt. It is the time when we get a chance to do things even better for the new year will give us that opportunity. It will allow us to set new goals, make new wishes, set relationships right and make new action plans. It is a time of renewing. As I look back at my year, my heart is filled with gratitude. I am grateful that I have health. I am grateful that I have a great Sales Force and Management team in the Philippines and in Asia Pacific. I am grateful for all the good things that happened and all the things that did not. I have learned that only when you have a grateful heart then you can have a happy heart.

KK Chua

Message from the general manager Dear Beauty Consultants, I would like to take this time to thank the Lord Almighty for all the blessings and daily miracles He bestowed on us this year. We are truly blessed to be in a career that allows us to reach our dreams and aspirations for our own families while being given abundant opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others. I am grateful to all of you for using the Mary Kay career to enrich peoples’ lives. Despite the natural calamities and personal tragedies some of you may have experienced these past months, you remained resilient and chose to be steadfast in pursuing your goals. I am glad that you continue to be optimistic about the future and firmly resolved to be the best that you can be despite the many challenges that may come your way. May the holiday season be a time not only to celebrate your successes with friends and loved ones but also to extend a helping hand to those who are in need. And may the coming year bring you more blessings and positive expectations about your Mary Kay career. Have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year! Warmest regards, Tente Alday

Mary Kay said it best During this time, Christmas carols and hymns are heard throughout the day. They fill our very souls with tenderness and love and they make our hearts overflow with kindness. We're more generous than at any other time of the year, and we're kinder, more charitable toward others. By trying to live Christmas 12 months a year, we CAN make this world a better place to live for others and for ourselves.


applause december 2013









calendar of activities

ACTIVITIES Sales Directors Annual Meet Sales Directors Annual Meet Guest Event Customer Appreciation Event Sales Directors Annual Meet NISD Day 1 NISD Day 2 New BC Welcome Party Guest Event Sales Directors Annual Meet ESRS Day 1 RJU Day 1 ESTB PKW 1 - Fragrance Guest Event NISD Day 1 NISD Day 2 Guest Event Customer Appreciation Event NISD Day 1 NISD Day 2 ESRS Day 1 Guest Event New BC Welcome Party ESRS Day 1 ESRS Day 2 ESRS Day 2 ESTB RJU Day 1 RJU Day 2 Red Power Club PKW 1 - Fragrance PKW 2 - MKMen & MelaCEP General Assembly Guest Event Customer Appreciation Event Guest Event ESRS Day 2 RJU Day 2 PKW 2 - MKMen & MelaCEP General Assembly Guest Event

VENUE Makati Cebu Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam Quezon City Davao Cebu Cebu Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam Quezon City Zamboanga Mkt/Ceb Mkt/Ceb/Zam Mkt/Ceb Mkt/Ceb/QC Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/QC Davao Davao Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam Quezon City Makati Makati Zamboanga Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam Quezon City Dvo/QC Mkt/Ceb Zamboanga Dvo/Zam/QC Dvo/QC Mkt/Ceb/Zam Mkt/Ceb/Dvo Dvo/Zam Mkt/Ceb/QC Mkt/Ceb/Dvo Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam Quezon City Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam Dvo/QC Dvo/QC Dvo/Zam Zamboanga Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam/QC

TIME 8 am 8 am 6 pm 6 pm 8 am 9 am 9 am 6 pm 6 pm 8 am 9 am 9 am 9 am 2 pm 3 pm 9 am 9 am 6 pm 6 pm 9 am 9 am 5 pm 6 pm 6 pm 9 am 9 am 10 am 9 am 9 am 9 am 9 am 2 pm 2 pm 3 pm 6 pm 6 pm 6 pm 9 am 9 am 2 pm 3 pm 3 pm

NOTE: Please confirm with your respective Beauty Centers the schedules of classes and activities.

Beauty Center Schedule

december 2013 20 Fri Makati Corporate Office & Makati Beauty Center until 6pm 24 Tue Makati Corporate Office & All Beauty Centers closed 25 Wed Makati Corporate Office & All Beauty Centers closed for Christmas' Day 27 Fri Last day for ordering of BCs to DIQs at the Beauty Center 28 Sat Last day for personal orders of SDs at the Beauty Center 30 Mon Makati Corporate Office and All Beauty Centers closed for Rizal's Day 31 Tue Makati Corporate Office and All Beauty Centers closed JANUARY 2014 1 Wed Makati Corporate Office & All Beauty Centers closed for New Year's Day BUSINESS DAYS: • Makati and Quezon City Beauty Centers are open Mondays to Saturdays. • Davao, Cebu and Zamboanga City Beauty Centers are open Tuesdays to Saturdays. • Training Rooms in Davao, Cebu and Zamboanga Beauty Centers may be used on Mondays with advance reservation through Customer Service. BEAUTY Operating Hours: Makati, Quezon City, Cebu: 11am-8pm; Davao: 10am-7pm. Zamboanga: 9am-6pm online ordering service: Open 24 hours, 7 days a week CUSTOMER CARE HOTLINE: (02) 859-6200 Mondays to Saturdays 9am to 8pm



Last-minute shoppers are looking for great gift ideas. Be a holiday hero! Don’t forget to share Mary Kay® products perfect for stocking stuffers and last-minute gifts.

gift treats!

Love Thy Eyes ¡ TimeWise® TargetedAction Eye Revitalizer (P1,850) ¡ Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover (P725) ¡ Oil-Free Hydrating Gel (P1,450)

Holiday Gift Ideas Forward to your customers The Look September 2013 edition (1-piece P 45 and P200 pack of 5) and the Holiday Gift Guide (P90 pack of 10). It's filled with a lot of great gift ideas.

Share Some Love

Thinking of You® Eau de Parfum (P2,100)


Hand to Toe Pampering Treat!

A great Christmas gift to your customers. You can give this exclusive Mary Kay® Glimmer Pen as a gift with purchase to your customers.

¡ Peach Satin Hands® Pampering Set (P2,600) ¡ Mint BlissTM Energizing Lotion for Feet and Legs (P615)

Let the Moment UnfoldTM ¡ Belara Midnight™ Eau de Parfum (P1,990) ¡ Limited-Edition Belara Midnight™ Simply Alluring™ Shower Creme* (P815) ¡ Limited-Edition Belara Midnight™ Simply Alluring™ Body Creme* (P875)

Available for sale P220 per piece under Section 2


Check out the inside pages of this issue for more Christmas gift ideas and tips.

* Available while supplies last

applause december 2013


G TIN013 R STAC 1, 2 DE


Available for the first

For Him Flawless Skin


FREE one (1) MKMen® Advanced Eye Cream for every For Him Flawless Skin Set (P3,950 only) from December 12, 2013 to January 15, 2014 and while supplies last, whichever comes first. Set includes:MKMen® Toner, MKMen® Face Bar, MKMen® Advanced Facial Hydrator Sunscreen SPF 30 and FREE! MKMen® Advanced Eye Cream


* Use the Promo Part Number when ordering. Multiple orders in single receipt are allowed.

Buy the set at P 3,950

Surprise Holiday Promo Treats this month!


Watch out for the announcements and check with your nearest Beauty Center for details.

(Open to all Beauty Consultants/Sales Directors) *Promos start December 1, 2013 and will be available for purchase to the first 500 buyers only (per promo)

1 FREE for every P 6,000 purchase


Holiday Bag for every P6,000 purchase in single receipt

For Her Glowing Radiant Skin FREE!

For Her & Him

gift ideas Offer her and him great Mary Kay products this season together with these gift ideas. Limited stocks only.

applause december 2013

P500 off*

Before P2,995 per set

Before P2,995 per set

Zen in Bloom Pink Blossom Set

Zen in Bloom Blue Lotus Set

Now 2,495 per set

Now P2,495 per set


FREE one (1) MelaCEPTM Foaming Cleanser with at least P4,500 Mary Kay® Skin Care products (except MKMen® products) in single receipt from December 12, 2013 to January 15, 2014 and while supplies last, whichever comes first.

Stuff Your Own Christmas Bag Get one (1) FREE Mary Kay Holiday Bag* for every P6,000 purchase in single receipt available until December 31 and while supplies last, whichever comes first.

* Use the regular part numbers when ordering. Includes all Skin care products for face, eyes, lips and body (except MKMen products). One free Cleanser per single receipt.

P500 off*

P500 off*

Fairytales and Fantasy Color Collection Set 1

Fairytales and Fantasy Color Collection Set 2

Now 3,340 per set

Now P3,340 per set

Before P3,840 per set

Before P3,840 per set


P500 off*

* Multiple orders in single receipt are allowed. The holiday bag comes in four colors and will be given out randomly depending on availability per area.

for each shade of Sheer Dimensions Powders


Limited-Edition 50th Anniversary Deluxe Mini Fragrances

Available while supplies last



Buy at P3,295



Dance to LifeTM Radiant Shimmer Lotion when you buy Dance to LifeTM Eau de Parfum for the first 500 Beauty Consultants / Sales Directors beginning December 1, 2013 and available while supplies last.

3,295 only!


Use the regular part number of Dance to Life Eau de Parfum (10055778) when ordering


P500 off*

Before P1,900 per shade

Now P1,400 per shade

Limited-Edition Mint Blossom Pedicure Set 30% Discount Available while supplies last

Before P2,400 per set

Now P1,680 per set Discount is based on suggested retail price. Use the regular part number when ordering

applause december 2013


FrEe! JeLLy Pouch*

Buy the Colorful Christmas to Y'all Urban Chic Set* for P2,159 only from December 18, 2013 to January 10, 2014 and available while supplies last, whichever comes first. Set includes: ¡ Translucent Loose Powder ¡ Deep Brown Eyeliner ¡ MaryKayatPlay® Jelly Lip Gloss Teddy Bare ¡ MaryKayatPlay® Baked Eye Trio Earth Bound ¡ FREE! Mary Kay® Jelly Pouch**

* Use the Promo Part Number when ordering. Multiple orders in single receipt are allowed. ** The company reserves the right to change the FREE item of equal or greater value in case supplies run out.

when you buy any of the Colorful Christmas to Y'all Set from December 18, 2013 to January 10, 2014 and available while supplies last, whichever comes first.

Buy the Colorful Christmas to Y'all The Rocker Set* for P2,159 only from December 18, 2013 to January 10, 2014 and available while supplies last, whichever comes first. Set includes: ¡ Translucent Loose Powder ¡ Black Eyeliner ¡ MaryKayatPlay® Jelly Lip Gloss Teddy Bare ¡ MaryKayatPlay® Baked Eye Trio Tuxedo ¡ FREE! Mary Kay® Jelly Pouch

Advice from the Beauties

* Use the Promo Part Number when ordering. Multiple orders in single receipt are allowed. ** The company reserves the right to change the FREE item of equal or greater value in case supplies run out.



I’ve grown pretty fond of makeup and been looking for different eye and lip colors that I can play around with. Thank goodness Mary Kay® keeps bringing new things that makeup users out there would love to try! Their latest MaryKayatPlay® Baked Eye Trio and Jelly Lip Gloss are just perfect if you wish to create fun and vibrant colors this season!

Key Selling Points!!! Buy the Colorful Christmas to Y'all Funky Princess Set* for P 2,159 only from December 18, 2013 to January 10, 2014

Let your customers enjoy these colorful sets perfect this season! Available for sale beginning December 18, 2013 to January 10, 2014 and while supplies last, whichever comes first.

Set includes: ¡ Translucent Loose Powder ¡ Deep Brown Eyeliner ¡ MaryKayatPlay® Jelly Lip Gloss Berry Me

¡ MaryKayatPlay® Baked Eye Trio On The Horizon ¡ FREE! Mary Kay® Jelly Pouch**

* Use the Promo Part Number when ordering. Multiple orders in single receipt are allowed. ** The company reserves the right to change the FREE item of equal or greater value in case supplies run out.

Buy the Colorful Christmas to Y'all Breezy Lass Set* for P2,159 only from December 18, 2013 to January 10, 2014 Set includes: ¡ MaryKayatPlay® Baked ¡ Translucent Loose Powder ¡ Dark Denim Eyeliner Eye Trio Ocean View ¡ MaryKayatPlay® ¡ FREE! Mary Kay® Jelly Pouch** Jelly Lip Gloss Hot Tamale * Use the Promo Part Number when ordering. Multiple orders in single receipt are allowed.

• Perfect gifts for your customers’ office or school Kris Kringle • Great presents for their BFFs this Christmas • Perfect for makeup users who want playful colors for their eyes and lips • Women who’ve always said Mary Kay products are expensive. Now, there’s no reason to say that anymore! • An additional selling point for your existing skin care customers.

Sample SMS

Looking for a great yet budgetfriendly gift this Christmas? Contact me. MaryKay@Play is the answer!

** The company reserves the right to change the FREE item of equal or greater value in case supplies run out.


applause december 2013

applause december 2013





Join the New Consultant Bonus Program

Qualify for Monthly Ordering Bonuses

Enjoy free premium products when you consistently meet your single purchase goals in your first four months as a Beauty Consultant! FREE products with total retail value of P15,055.

Get these for FREE when you avail of the Monthly Ordering Bonuses (MOB) in December 2013:





Retail Value: P2,495


holiday sets

Mary Kay® Oil-Free Hydrating Gel Valued at





Total Section 1 Retail Sales Requirement: P90,000-P109,999 Pin: Ladder of Success Pin + Sapphire gemstone Reward: Star Reward Sapphire + His & Hers Watch

Required Sales: P16,000 single purchase Components: • TimeWise® Day Solution Sunscreen SPF35 • TimeWise® Night Solution • TimeWise® Age-Fighting Eye Cream • TimeWise® Age-Fighting Lip Primer • SKC Trays (5/pk) • Disposable Facial Cloth (25/pk)






Total Retail Value: P2,630

Total Retail Value: P4,190






Required Sales: P13,000 single purchase Components: • Satin Hands Pampering Set • Customer Profile Card Set • Customer Order Form Pack

Required Sales: P14,000 single purchase Components: • Mary Kay® Lotus & Bamboo Body Lotion • TimeWise® Hand & Decollete Cream SPF15 • Mary Kay® Beauty Blotters - 2pcs • Mary Kay® Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover • Mary Kay® Liquid Lip Color • Bella Belara® Fragrance Sampler • The Look April 2013- 3 pcs

Bella Belara® Eau de Parfum Valued at




watch, hand towel & TOILETRY KIT SETs

Total retail Value: P5,740 To know more about the NCB program, visit or check the Beauty Center for details.

The Company reserves the right to replace items with others of equal or greater value in the event supplies run out.

ESRS product set


applause december 2013

Suggested sets to sell this month: p30,000

Suggested sets to sell this month: p36,667



2 TimeWise® Miracle Sets

3 TimeWise® Miracle Sets

2 pcs marykayatplay® Baked Eye Trios 2 pcs marykayatplay® Jelly Lip Glosses

3 pcs marykayatplay® Baked Eye Trios 3 pcs marykayatplay® Jelly Lip Glosses

2 pcs Belara MidnightTM Eau de Parfum 1 True OrginalTM Cologne Spray

2 pcs Belara MidnightTM Eau de Parfum 1 True OrginalTM Cologne Spray

Total Section 1 Retail Sales Requirement: P130,000-P149,999 Pin: Ladder of Success Pin + Diamond gemstone Reward: Star Reward Diamond + His & Hers Toiletry Kit+ His & Hers Hand Towel + His & Hers Watch

3 Beauty That Counts® Lip Glosses & 3 Lipsticks 2 Satin Hands Pampering Sets


watch AND hand TOWEL SETs

3 Beauty That Counts® Lip Glosses & 3 Lipsticks

Total Section 1 Retail Sales Requirement: P110,000-P129,999 Pin: Ladder of Success Pin + Ruby gemstone Reward: Star Reward Ruby + His & Hers Hand Towel + His & Hers Watch

3 Satin Hands Pampering Sets

Suggested sets to sell this month: p30,000

Suggested sets to sell this month: p50,000



3 TimeWise® Miracle Sets

3 TimeWise® Miracle Sets

4 pcs marykayatplay® Baked Eye Trios 4 pcs marykayatplay® Jelly Lip Glosses

4 pcs marykayatplay® Baked Eye Trios 4 pcs marykayatplay® Jelly Lip Glosses

2 pcs Belara MidnightTM Eau de Parfum 2 True OrginalTM Cologne Spray

3 pcs Belara MidnightTM Eau de Parfum 3 True OrginalTM Cologne Spray

3 Beauty That Counts® Lip Glosses & 3 Lipsticks 3 Satin Hands Pampering Sets



3 Beauty That Counts® Lip Glosses & 3 Lipsticks

Total Section 1 Retail Sales Requirement: P150,000 and above Pin: Ladder of Success Pin + Emerald gemstone Reward: Star Reward Emerald + His & Hers Towel + His & Hers Toiletry Kit + His & Hers Bag + His & Hers Watch

4 Satin Hands Pampering Sets

NOTES: Ladder of Success pin will be awarded to first time achievers and gem stone will be given to consultants who qualify every quarter • The company reserves the right to replace any item with similar value in case of stock unavailability. • Actual designs and sizes may vary from photos. • Claim your star gifts at the beauty centers from January 16 to February 15, 2014. Unclaimed gifts after this period will be shipped together with your orders only. Unclaimed gifts after February 28, 2014 will be forfeited.

Essential Steps to Reach Success (ESRS) is a two-day program that will equip you with skills to jumpstart your business. After completion of the ESRS, get a voucher worth more than P6,000 in products and a Color Showcase with your first single purchase order of P16,000! The NEW! ESRS product set includes: • Botanical Effects® 3-in-1 Cleanse F2 • TimeWise® Targeted-Action Eye Revitalizer • Botanical Effects® Hydrate F2 • TimeWise® Age-Fighting Eye Cream ® • Botanical Effects Mask Formula 2 • TimeWise® Microdermabrasion samplers pk/6 • PLUS! Color Showcase (Color Expert Guide, Color Expert DVD, Cheek and Eye samplers)

Collect all these gift sets when you become a Star Consultant Emerald Achiever!



Required Sales: P13,000 single purchase Components: • Miracles Happen Book • Mary Kay® Compact • Mary Kay® Mineral Cheek Color • Mary Kay® NouriShine™ Plus Lip Gloss • Mary Kay® Mineral Eye Color

His & Hers

Be a 2014 STAR CONSISTENCY Achiever!

To know more about the ESRS program, please contact the Sales Development and Education Team at (02) 859-6222.

014 30, 2 june – 3 1 , 20 july 1

• Beauty Consultants and Sales Directors who achieve Ladder of Success (any level) in 4 calendar quarters will be awarded the Star Consultant Consistency Award. Example: Sapphire Level with 4 calendar quarters achieved. • Sales Directors with 5, 7, 9, 11 and more Ladder of Success achievers in 4 calendar quarters will be awarded the Star Director Consistency Award as long as they are Star Consultant Consistency Achievers themselves.

AWARDS & RECOGNITION: Receive a collector’s item symbolical of the seminar year’s theme • Parade on stage at Seminar • Be featured in Applause (names only) • Beauty Consultants and Sales Directors who will achieve Diamond and Emerald Star Consultant and Star Director Consistency awards will attend the Royal Reception in Seminar 2014 and will also be awarded trophies on stage and a signature bag. applause december 2013


DO YOUR 3+3+3+1

At least EVERY WEEK: 3 skin care or color classes + 3 team building interviews + 3 customer service activities + 1 new happy customer

Habits of a successful Independent Beauty Consultant

Last-minute Holiday Open House!

SHARE THE BEAUTY OF MARY KAY THIS SEASON Email the Holiday Gift Guide and The Look eCatalog to your friends or share it on your Facebook and Twitter account. Also, message them to check out the Mary Kay Philippines YouTube channel or try the Mary Kay® Virtual Makeover where they can try new looks with ease. Make sure to end your online message or post with an offer to conduct skin care or color class with them and their friends. Besides sharing Mary Kay® products online, you may drop color samplers in your customers' product orders. Give them a copy of The Holiday Gift Guide and ask if they have last-minute orders. It's your time to be their holiday hero. If they don't have any gift ideas for their loved ones, offer Mary Kay's women's and men's fragrances. See next page from more Holiday selling tips.

cookies (like Mary Kay Ash's Silver Wings Cookies see page 21), soft holiday music, and Christmas decors will get your customers in a festive Christmas shopping mood.

• Include skin care. Your open house isn't


When your customers place last-minute orders from you, why not offer a personalized delivery, too. It will definitely mean a lot to them. If they order a certain product, you may add a personalized Christmas tag or gift wrap for free. Attach your Mary Kay® business card to their orders. Remember this is a perfect opportunity to say "thank you" and invite them to be a hostess in your next skin care class or color makeover session (if they decline this month, suggest that early next year will be great, too). Remind them that they can get exclusive Mary Kay gifts from you when they become your hostess in your class. To learn more about the Hostess program, please read page 12. You may want to include in their order a copy of the hostess brochure found in this magazine. The hostess brochure is also available for sale at P65 (pack of 10) under Section 2, beginning December 1, 2013.

Our Beauty Consultants DO THE POWER 10!


applause december 2013

and call your customers, neighbors, friends and loved ones about your last-minute holiday open house. Make sure you invite again those who attended your previous open house activities.

• Set the mood. The smell of freshly-baked

Share the opportunity with everyone. When doing a skin care class, you may want to mention the Mary Kay opportunity as well. This is the best place to show how you do your business. Do you want to further improve your skills on sharing the Mary Kay opportunity? Be part of the Red Power Club and see page 13 for details.

All featured senders will receive a limited-edition Mary Kay® Nail Lacquer. Please wait for our call how to claim your prize. All entries are subject to editing for brevity and clarity.

• Make the announcement available to everyone. Post a shout-out, email, SMS

open house both day and night to help accommodate your customer's schedule. Remind them to bring referrals and other friends. A gift awaits them if they do so.

This holiday season, you will meet different people at parties, gatherings, and reunions. During these events, always introduce yourself that you are an Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. This can be a start of a good conversation and will generate curiosity in what you do in Mary Kay. Remember don't prejudge. Your first team member may be someone you might almost pass over just because she earns a good salary. While her earnings may be good, she might need what a Mary Kay business offers.


don't forget the guys, too!

Make a last-minute special shopping event

• It's about convenience. Hold the


Instant Hand Spa for Lady Cops & Friends! I'm a 24/7 Police Officer and a mother of 2 little kids. Although I have a daily hectic schedule, I am able to do my Mary Kay business by conducting instant hand spa pampering treat during my spare time. Great sales come in with this treat! -Myrna Diploma


Since I got married, I've missed a lot of night outs with my girl friends. So, I decided to invite them for a FREE Pampering Session. We went to Mary Kay Beauty Center and I conducted a skin care class with them. My friends were very happy with the experience and started to love Mary Kay! -Mylene Pastrana

compelete without the TimeWise® Miracle Set in both formulas. Offer all other Mary Kay® skin care regimens along with hydrating products specific to the Christmas season like TimeWise® Moisturing Renewing Softener, TimeWise® Moisturing Renewing Gel Mask, and Mary Kay® Oil-Free Hydrating Gel. Skin care can strengthen your customer base and your reorder business all year.

• Foundation station. Most women's shades

change in Christmas season, so the timing is great.

• Make it easy. Carry along wrapped and

unwrapped gifts. Create gift bundles, budgetfriendly gift sets. You'll be helping out your guests save time, effort and money.

Sample SMS

Hey gorgeous! See you on my grand Holiday Open House on Saturday! Bring friends & get a gift from me! :)

• Exclusively for Guys. On this side, you may

also want to invite husbands, male friends and loved ones to a special "Men Only" shopping event. Let your husband or male friends help you in this event.

• Include skin care. Ask about their skin care regimen. Introduce the MKMen® Skin Care and men's fragrances. Make sure that these products are available for them to try and buy. Share with them the His Flawless Skin Set promo (see page 7).

• Gifts for the loved ones. Find out

if they haven't bought any gift for their wife, girlfriend, mother or female friends. It's the best time to let them know that Mary Kay® products are great Christmas presents to these lovely ladies.

fun photos and online ideas! • Do your online #Selfie photo showcasing your favorite Mary Kay products and post it on your social network media sites. Ask your customers to do it especially if they like the products. It's fun, creative and a self-expressing way to promote Mary Kay® products. #ilovemarykayph • Share Mary Kay® great gift ideas and photos online. The beautiful images will entice your customers to check out your products. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are great ways to reach your customers quickly. • Perhaps, you can post/tweet 12 Days of Christmas gift ideas, stocking stuffers, and best-sellers. You may get inspirations from the Holiday Gift Guide.

applause december 2013


Share it with women

everywhere be part of

Red Hot Team Building Tips One fun and quick way to offer the Mary Kay opportunity is by using the acronym MRS CAB. Here's what you could say:



Available for sale Hostess Brochure (pack of 10)



beginning on December 1, 2013


applause december 2013

ONEY. Discuss the avenues of income and the fact that whether you're looking for an extra P5,000 a week or P10,000 month, your earning potential is up to you. ECOGNITION. As a Mary Kay Independent Sales Force member, you are consistently recognized. Whether it's a diamond ring, a ribbon or simply with words of praise, it feels good to be appreciated. Check page 20 of this magazine and the Philippine Seminar supplement how our Sales Directors and Beauty Consultants get recognized.


AREER CARS. You may tell your potential team member when was the last time you earned the use of a Career Car. You may want to talk about the Career Car program. DVANCEMENT. Mention that with the Mary Kay opportunity, you can advance at your own pace, and the opportunity for career advancement is in your control. E YOUR OWN BOSS. Mary Kay gives you the freedom of being self-employed and the flexibility of working the hours you want to work.

Enjoy these benefits when you become a member.





• Red Power Club E-ducation - exclusive online newsletter with reminders, tips on selling and team building, success stories, calendar of activities. ApplausePH Philsem 2013 supplement.indd 1

ELF- CONFIDENCE and PERSONAL GROWTH. Discuss the opportunities you have to grow personally as well as professionally and the positive environment that encourages personal growth. Mary Kay is a business that helps you build not only your income but also your self-esteem at the same time.

Be part of the most exclusive gathering of elite Red Jackets in preparation of becoming Mary Kay’s strongest Independent Sales Directors!

11/15/2013 3:20:49 PM

• Red Power Room - a designated room for use of Red Power Club members during training, workshops, and events. • Red Power Workshops - monthly activities, special training and workshops conducted by top Mary Kay mentors to hone Red Power Club members into being Future Sales Directors. • Red Power Club Group Members' Activities - bonding and interactions with previous Red Jacket Rally Achievers. Club member is only for active Red Jackets. Membership terminates once an Red Jacket terminates as a Beauty Consultant or becomes a Sales Directors. Membership forms must be submitted to Sales Development and Education staff members For more information about the Red Power Club, please contact the Red Power Club Hotline. • JAYSON - 0922-8196778 / (02) 859-6200 local 6232 / • GIRLIE - 0932-8776340 / (02) 8596200 local 6234 / • KRISTINE - 0918-9384429 / (02) 859-6200 local 6233 /

meet & greet the mary kay corporate family & independent sales directors • power 10 tips to success • raffle Party starts @ 6:30 pm. snacks and refreshments will be served. DATE AND VENUE: Makati/Cebu/Davao/Zamboanga Beauty Centers every 1st Friday of the month Quezon City Beauty Center every 2nd Friday of the month applause december 2013


flyHIGH ! ! moveUP


to Hangzhou China to Sales Directorship


education by top Mary Kay Sales Directors from Asia-Pacific



accommodation in Hangzhou, China

sisterhood bonding with other Mary Kay delegates




tour of

Mary Kay's manufacturing facility in Hangzhou, China

Achieve the trip AND be on your way up in your career: For Beauty Consultants to Future Sales Directors • Have at least 15 new team members within the contest period. • All new team members should have at least P18,000 cumulative sales inclusive of at least one (1) order of TimeWise Plus+TM Regena-FirmTM Day Treatment with SPF30/PA+++ AND one (1) order of TimeWise Plus+TM Night Treatment within the contest period. • Qualified new team members must not be in terminated status by the end of the contest period. • Qualifying Red Jackets must be in active status by the end of the contest period with a cumulative personal sales of at least P200,000 inclusive of at least one (1) order of TimeWise Plus+TM Regena-FirmTM Day Treatment with SPF30/PA+++ AND one (1) order of TimeWise Plus+TM Night Treatment within the contest period.

For Sales Directors • Have at least 3 Asia Pacific Red Jacket Rally Achievers • Have at least 15 new team members within the contest period. • All new team members should have at least P18,000 cumulative sales inclusive of at least one (1) order of TimeWise Plus+TM Regena-FirmTM Day Treatment with SPF30/PA+++ AND one (1) order of TimeWise Plus+TM Night Treatment within the contest period. • Qualified new team members must not be in terminated status by the end of the contest period. • Qualifying Red Jackets must be in active status by the end of the contest period with a cumulative personal sales of at least P200,000 inclusive of at least one (1) order of TimeWise Plus+TM Regena-FirmTM Day Treatment with SPF30/PA+++ AND one (1) order of TimeWise Plus+TM Night Treatment within the contest period.

Get this limited-edition Mary Kay® product trolley*

The Asia Pacific 2013 Red Jacket Rally is the best trip so far I have experienced in Mary Kay. It was launched when I was barely in my fourth month as a Beauty Consultant. Thinking that qualifying in this contest will be a good preparation for the Sales Director position, I told myself, I would get this one. Lo and behold, God was so great that one month before the contest had ended, I became a Sales Director. I was so excited because the conference focused on leadership, team building and career development which was timely for a very new Sales Director like me. With the ongoing APRJR 2014 challenge, I encourage you to grab this opportunity. You won't regret it, plus you'll enjoy the accommodation, food and sisterhood bonding of all the delegates from different Asia Pacific countries. - Independent Senior Sales Director Sylvia Ruth Relleve

The Top 5 Red Jacket Achievers with a minimum of 20 qualified recruits will get this special gift. Ties will be broken by the team sales of their qualified recruits. * products in the photo not included

To learn more about the Asia-Pacific Red Jacket Rally 2014, please contact the Sales Development Team at (02) 859-6222 or email

Innovative Solutions

for Advanced Signs of Aging TimeWise Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ Skin Care Intensive Serum (P4,095) Day Treatment with SPF30/PA+++ (P3,480) Night Treatment (P3,755) Correcting Eye Cream (P2,395)


Challenge Period: JULY 1 - FEBRUARY 28, 2014

The Asia Pacific Red Jacket Rally will fast track your path to Directorship! exclusive leadership


Target these signs of advanced skin aging: • Deep lines and wrinkles, including the eye area • Loss of firmness and sagging skin • Loss of skin volume • Skin crepiness • Eye area puffiness and dark circles • Wrinkles & crepiness in the neck area • Age spots and uneven pigmentation • Thinning, more fragile & sensitive skin • Uncomfortable dryness

Become a Catch the Dream Dallas 2014 Conference achiever and on own your way to become a top Sales Director: Enjoy these rewards and opportunities: • 3-day leadership education by top Mary Kay global mentors • Round trip airfare Manila-Dallas-Manila • 5-day 5-star hotel accommodation in Dallas, Texas, USA • Sisterhood bonding with Mary Kay Asia-Pacific Sales Directors • Tour of Mary Kay's International Corporate Headquarters, Mary Kay Museum and Manufacturing Plant in Dallas, Texas, USA

2012 Catch the Dream Dallas Conference Achievers

Open to all new and tenured Sales Directors and National Sales Directors New Sales Directors from August 1, 2012 - July 1, 2013 must complete the following requirements by December 31, 2013: • P3 million cumulative retail sales (No month lower than P250,000 and must be a Sales Director in good standing (not in flag status) by March 1, 2014) • Personal sales of at least P250,000 and attended the NISD education • 50 unit size (non-terminated status) by the end of December 2013 • 20 new team members with P36,000 personal cumulative sales each and not in terminated status by the end of December 2013 New Sales Directors from August 1, 2013 and onwards must complete the following requirements by the end of February 28, 2014. • P3 million cumulative retail sales (No month lower than P250,000 and must be a Sales Director in good standing (not in flag status) by March 1, 2014) • Personal sales of at least P250,000 and attended the NISD education • 50 unit size (non-terminated status) by the end of February 28, 2014 • 20 new team members with P36,000 personal cumulative sales each and not in terminated status by the end of February 28, 2014. Tenured Sales Directors from July 1, 2012 and earlier must complete the following requirements by February 28, 2014: • At least P6 million unit sales • 50 unit size (non-terminated status) by end of February 2014 • 20 new team members with P36,000 personal cumulative sales each within the contest period and not in terminated status by end of February 2014 • Personal sales of at least P250,000 during the contest period • One new offspring (Sales Director for less than one year by July 1, 2013) achieving the requirements for the “Catch The Dream Conference” Challenge National Sales Directors • At least 25% sales growth of the commissionable area for the period July 2013 - February 2014 versus July 2012 - February 2013 • At least 5 first line offspring Sales Directors achieving the requirements for the "Catch the Dream Conference" Challenge

Open to all new Sales Directors!!! Achieve P16 million and above retail unit sales from August 2013 - July 2014 and enjoy a fabulous holiday with your spouse to Hawaii, USA absolutely FREE. • In case qualifiers are unable to go for whatever reason, the trip is neither bankable for future trips nor convertible to cash. • Passport and other documentation such as photos, marriage and birth certificate expenses will be shouldered by the Sales Director.

• Visa expenses will be shouldered by the Company. • Free trip will only include cost of airfare, hotel accommodation, meals and any tours the company will provide from Manila to destinations and back to Manila.

• Upon written notification of the Company, awardees must confirm in writing their participation on or before August 31, 2014. • All incentive trips are subject to creditable withholding tax of 10% under section 2.57.2 (0) of the National Internal Revenue Code.

To learn more about these programs, please contact the Sales Development and Education Team at (02) 859-6222 or email


applause december 2013

applause december 2013


Attend a Mary Kay® training program to ensure you learn the skills and knowledge you need at each level of the Mary Kay career beginning as a new Independent Beauty Consultant until you become an Independent Sales Director. WHAT:

ESSENTIAL STEPS TO REACH SUCCESS (ESRS) A 2-day educational program focused on providing a solid foundation in learning the basics of a successful Mary Kay business WHO: New Independent Beauty Consultants WHEN/WHERE: Company-Run Class: Scheduled on a Saturday at Beauty Centers (see specific schedule and date) Sales Directors-Run Class: As scheduled by the Sales Director REGISTRATION FEE: P200* WHAT:

ESSENTIAL STEPS TO TEAM BUILDING (ESTB) A 4-hour class focused on team building discussions and workshops. Learn to team build the Mary Kay way. WHO: New and Existing Independent Beauty Consultants to Future Sales Directors WHEN/WHERE: Company-Run Class: Scheduled on a Saturday at Beauty Centers (see specific schedule and date) Sales Directors-Run Class: As scheduled by the Sales Director REGISTRATION FEE: P150* WHAT:

RED JACKET UNIVERSITY (RJU) A 2-day and 6-session course geared towards developing leadership skills as a solid foundation for your Mary Kay career WHO: New and Existing Independent Beauty Consultants to Future Sales Directors WHEN/WHERE: Company-Run Class: Scheduled on a Saturday at Beauty Centers (see specific schedule and date) Sales Directors-Run Class: As scheduled by the Sales Director REGISTRATION FEE: P300* WHAT:

PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE WORKSHOP (PKW) A 1-hour class focused on learning different topics, like Mary Kay skin care, color, fragrance, body care and limited-edition products WHO: New and Existing Independent Beauty Consultants to Sales Directors WHEN/WHERE: Company-Run Class: Scheduled on a Saturday at Beauty Centers (see specific schedule and date) REGISTRATION FEE: FREE * For Company-Run Class, a Beauty Consultant must be registered at the Beauty Center at least three working days before the class. For Sales Director-Run Class, at least one working day before the class. Please confirm with your respective Beauty Centers the schedules of the classes.


for your Business

A. Log-on to www. Enter your Consultant # and Password.

myBusiness® is your very own online personal assistant, taking the guesswork out of your business, and giving you income-producing information right at your fingertips.

B. Completely fill out all your Shipping Information. (Specified address or for pick-up at defined Beauty Center)

3. pay online A. A payment breakdown will be shown on your screen. Read the ordering guidelines and click on the box beside the statement (I agree to the Ordering Guidelines). Select Payment Type and click Purchase.

QUESTION: I would like to see my Unit Production, where can I find it? ANSWER: If you are an Independent Sales Director, you can view your unit production by simply doing the following:

B. If paying through Credit Card or Smart Money or any ATM Debit Card (VISA or Mastercard), key in your Credit Card details & 3 digit security code once payment has been confirmed. Click Continue. (All VISA and Mastercard cards are accepted.)

1. Click the "Production" Page 2. Click the "Unit" Tab 3. You'll see your estimated real time Unit Production 4. Check and click the list of Beauty Consultants who are active in the current month 5. Check and click the Beauty Consultants who have not placed their orders in the current month 6. You'll see the list of your new Beauty Consultants under your unit

No credit card? Not a problem! Click Save Order. Save your order and pay by: 1. BPI online payment at or deposit payment over the counter at any BPI or BDO branch. Send deposit information (Bank and branch name, Amount, Date, BC Name, BC No. and Order No.) to MK Customer Service 2. Pay directly to our Customer Service counter and provide BC No. and Total Amount of order.

1 2 3 5


1. SOFT PHASE OUT. The Peach Satin Hands Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub will have a soft phase out within December 2013. The product will no longer be available for individual sale and will be available while supplies last. However, the Satin Hands Pampering Set, where the Hand Scrub is included, is still available for sale as a regular-line item, part of the set. 2. DELIVERY LEAD TIME orders received on the first and last three days of the month will take 7 working days for serviceable areas and 10 working days fo rnon-serviceable areas.

E. Review your orders. Click Proceed to Payment.

C. Click the Product (under Section 1 or Section 2) on the item/s that you will order. Input the Quantity and click Update My Order. Click as many products as you want. You may order by part number or by one page order sheet.

Question of the Month for myBusiness®

December 2013

D. Click Submit My Order once you have completed your order.

A. To place your order, go to Cosmetic Orders and click Create a cosmetic order.

Go online and check out myBusiness® at MKInTouch. Take time to familiarize yourself with the features of this new tool. It will surely benefit you and your Mary Kay career.


B. Under the Quick Links, click Order Online.

2. place your order online

This includes the following: • A full suite of real time business reports • Birthday and anniversary prompts of your members • Personal, Team and Offspring production (depending on your career level) • Recognition and achievements • Month-to-date, Quarter-to-date, Year-to-date figures • Business and career opportunities • Goal setting features for Sales Directors

NOTES applause december 2013

1. go online ordering

Your very own virtual assistant!


(open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day)

Cut this portion and keep it as your reference when placing your order.

steppingstones tosuccess

How to order your Mary Kay products online


C. Your order has been confirmed and will then be processed for delivery to your preferred address. NOTES: • A P250 storage fee will be charged if pick up orders on regular days are not picked up within 3 days from order date. • Month-end orders for pick up and delivery may take longer fulfillment and delivery days.

4. check order status online A. Check status of your Home Delivery Order Online. Click "Order Status" to view orders.

B. Click Specific Order Date.

C. Click Shipment Tracking.

D. Link to 2GO web page will be displayed with parcel tracking information. applause december 2013


The secret to


2013 Asia Pacific National Sales Directors Summit and Top Sales Directors Trip South Africa



in Mary Kay


Executive Senior Sales Director Charito “Cha” Reyes has been consistently and successfully doing her Mary Kay business for more than 12 years now. Prior to Mary Kay, Cha has already been practicing dentistry for more than seven years and has established a clinic in Davao City. She says that she’s really a business-minded person. “That’s why I set up my own clinic to enjoy the flexibility of time and to be my own boss,” she says. Cha was thinking of venturing into another business when she was invited to attend a skin care class. “I fell in love with the products right away,” she remembers. “Since I had been using the products, I thought of doing the Mary Kay business after my friend's third attempt to pitch in the Marketing Plan to me.” To her surprise, Cha was able to sell the products to three of her friends. Then, she recruited three ladies to join her team. From that moment, she was curious how to move up in the Mary Kay career path. “At first, I was just aiming to be a Perfect Start Achiever and a consistent Star Consultant. But through the course of time, I didn’t notice that I already became a Sales Director, earned my first free USA trip and later on my first use of a Mary Kay Pink Car,” she recalls. Cha started as a Beauty Consultant in 2001, debuted as a Sales Director in February 2002 and developed

her first offspring Sales Director in August 2002. Later on, she became an Executive Senior Sales Director with five offspring Sales Directors in 2006. She is a six-time Dallas Trip Achiever and a three-time Mary Kay Pink Car program achiever.. Year after year, one would always see Cha on Seminar Stage receiving either a crown, a diamond ring, a gold bar pin or a bumblebee pin. She's in the Queen’s Court of Sharing from 2005 to 2012 and has been part of Queen’s Court of Unit Sales (as part of Circle of Achievement or Circle of Excellence) since 2004. Eventually, Cha learns that the secret to success in Mary Kay is doing her business consistently. Her main business strategy is to sell, build and share the Mary Kay opportunity. “I make it simple and do it every day as much as possible so that our team members can see and learn easily,” she says. Cha has been meeting many Beauty Consultants and Sales Directors who have moved up and become big time in this business. “I want other people to see what my fellow Sales Directors and I have seen in Mary Kay – the great life that comes with it,” she remarks.

I want other people to see what my fellow Sales Directors and I have seen in Mary Kay – the great life that comes with it. - Charito Reyes


applause december 2013

: ng di tren Mary Kay

Mary Kay 50th Anniversary Celebration Around the World

Mary Kay Philippines' very own National Sales Directors and Top Sales Directors and their spouses joined other Asia Pacific National Sales Directors and Top Sales Directors for a one-week trip in the cities of Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa in celebration of Mary Kay's 50th Anniversary.

Moreover, Cha confesses that she used to do her Mary Kay business part-time because her mother really wanted her to practice her dental profession. “She would visit my clinic every morning, but when she noticed that I have been receiving these free US trips, Seminar recognitions and use of Pink Car along with the growing number of successful and beautiful men and women in my unit, she was happy with my second found career,” she tells. Cha has picked up the value and importance of time management in this business. Her priorities have become clearer when she joined Mary Kay. “Dentistry is my hobby and I am with Mary Kay to enrich more lives,” she remarks.

Dallas Landmarks and City Skyline Turned Pink in Honor of Mary Kay's 50th Year and Annual Seminar

Top Sales Directors around the world graced Mary Kay US One Woman CanTM Seminar


1. Charito "Cha" Reyes with her husband Rene, son Joshua and daughter Grace 2. Some of her Independent Sales Directors in her future Area. 3. Her mentor Independent Elite Executive National Sales Director Emeritus Barbara Sunden (the number one National Sales Director of Mary Kay worldwide during her time) 4. The Circle of Achievement members of Philippine Seminar 2013 5. Cha together with other Mary Kay Philippines Sales Directors at AsiaPacific Dallas Conference in 2010 6. One of the mentors at One Woman CanTM 2013 Career Conference Visayas 7. Cha's recent Singapore trip with fellow NSD-in-the-Making 2013 conference achievers this November. Leading by example is what she does to show others the beauty of Mary Kay. “I challenge my team members' capabilities and I believe they can do it. But before I do that, I see to it that I myself did it first. If I would like them to be Emerald Star Consultants, I make sure that I can sell P50,000 for three consecutive months, too.” she exclaims.

Over 100 Pink Cars ready to begin the Pink Cadillac Rally down the Dallas Tollway led by Independent Sales Force members




More than 100 Pink Cadillacs came to celebrate Mary Kay's 50th Anniversary at The Mary Kay Corporate Building in Dallas, Texas, USA

Cha is still a practicing orthodontist (maintaining a good number of established patients in her clinic) and is active in her dental organization. In fact, she always shares with her colleagues the leadership values and principles she learned from Mary Kay. In fact, one of her team members is a fellow dentist as well.

50th Anniversary celebration inside Mary Kay's Mary Kay Ukraine One Woman CanTM Seminar Corporate Headquarter Building in Dallas, Texas, USA

One Woman CanTM Beauty Contest Winners Recognition and Guest Events Thanks to all Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants and Sales Directors who attended the One Woman CanTM Guest Event last October 23 in Quezon City Beauty Center and October 24 in Makati City Beauty Center. Guests had a great time in their makeovers and had shown support to our One Woman Can Beauty Contest Asia Pacific winners – Fatima Amor Saquilabon, Jesa Marild Aperocho, Arianne Buenviaje, Vanezza Ligan and Deniece Cornejo. Beauty Consultants from Hong Kong celebrated Mary Kay's 50th Year at its annual Seminar

Mary Kay China Pink Bus visited 50 Chinese Cities for Mary Kay's 50th Anniversary

But above everything else, she is truly thankful to the Lord for bringing her to the world of Mary Kay. Likewise, she’s immensely thankful for the great support, caring and understanding of husband Rene and her kids Ryan Joshua and Cziarah Grace. “They are the reason why I work so hard and am motivated in Mary Kay,” she smiles.

Mary Kay Spain opened its warehouse facility in time Mary Kay set a new Guinnes World Record by for Mary Kay's 50th Anniversary Celebration creating a painting entirely from makeup to commemorate its 50th Annviersary

For Cha, the future is always very bright at Mary Kay.

“I am very excited traveling more around places to meet more women and to share the Mary Kay opportunity. We are ready to establish our own National Area,” she says.

One Woman CanTM Beauty Contest Philippine Winners Charity Grant Donation Activities

One Woman CanTM Beauty Contest Asia Pacific Winner Fatima Amor Saquilabon and First Runner-up Arianne Buenviaje together with their respective Beauty Consultants Jesa Marild Aperocho and Vanezza Ligan chose Talikala Foundation in Davao City as their chosen charity, while Finalist Deniece Cornejo and Beauty Consultant Maria Fe Bermudez provided cash donation to Tahanan Sta. Lucia in Quezon City.

applause december 2013


director's profile | october 2013

recognition | september 2013 Keepers of the Dream

Mary Kay’s Pride

silver wings

New Senior Sales Directors


National Sales Director

Top in Unit Sales Marita Del Corro Marites Ceña Bella Concepcion Maria Linda Duran Luzminda Ali Wilma Paredes Yvonne Cornejo Margie Angkim Anna Gayle Guerrero

1,255,440 1,154,250 1,143,609 1,133,799 1,113,770 1,007,370 987,085 938,225 932,410

Cecile Cahoy 1,299,799

New First Line Sales Director Offspring NAME: Lourdes Lailani Andes BEGAN MK CAREER: Sep 2012 UNIT NAME: Brilliant Diamonds

Sales Director Aileen Bajamundi

NAME: Janelle Bokingo BEGAN MK CAREER: Aug 2011 UNIT NAME: Pink Dolls

Mary Kay Ash loved baking cookies. When she hosted new Sales Director teas, she baked what she called "Wham Bam" cookies, because they were formed by flattening the dough balls with a juice glass bottom. Her orginal recipe has been adopted for use with a cookie cutter - inspired by the charming tin one found in Mary Kay's kitchen. This recipe is now known to us as the SILVER WINGS COOKIES. These cookies had a special symbolism to us as it reflected Mary Kay's favorite poem, On Silver Wings.

NAME: Jennifer Lavezares BEGAN MK CAREER: Dec 2011 UNIT NAME: Ladies of Substance

New Sales Directors

Nanette Mission

Top in Personal Sales

I have a premonition That soars on silver wings. It's a dream of your accomplishment of many wondrous things

Special Awards Grace Toledo Rizza Pawaon Milagros Garcia Letecia Loloy Corazon Dy Joylene Pensoy Sefty Sarmiento Angelica Garsuta Roselle Anne Cabello

168,045 151,265 150,155 150,120 144,055 137,740 137,230 136,060 127,795

NAME: Aileen Bajamundi BEGAN MK CAREER: Feb 2013 UNIT NAME: The Women of Grace NSD: Nanette Mission

Millionaires Club

hitting P1 million unit sales in one month • September 2013

NAME: Gleece Butron BEGAN MK CAREER: Mar 2013 UNIT NAME: Dazzling Beauty SSD: Janelle Bokingo

NAME: Edgie Daquil BEGAN MK CAREER: Feb 2012 UNIT NAME: Dream Catchers SSD: Margie Angkim

NAME: Nurliza Gementiza BEGAN MK CAREER: Sep 2011 UNIT NAME: Sparkling Pink Movers ESSD: Maria Linda Duran

Melinda Castillo 198,095

Nanette Mission

Cecile Cahoy

Marita Del Corro

Marites Ceña

Top in Personal Recruiting* Editha Aranes Rosalina Maquiling Karen Nerves Ma. Dina Go Gleece Butron Ma. Riczell Amor Kalaw Jizza Ben Pearl Duran Eillen Dizon Ma. Teresa Gadon

9 8 8 7 7 6 6 6 6

Bella Concepcion

Maria Linda Duran

Luzminda Ali

Wilma Paredes

Pink Car Achievers

Quarter 3 - July - September 203 New Achievers - Level 1

NAME: Desiree Tugado BEGAN MK CAREER: Jun 2013 UNIT NAME: Dreamers & Achievers SSD: Jennifer Lavezares

Cream butter and sugar. Add eggs and vanilla. Sift flour, baking powder and salt, add to creamed mixture and mix well. Cover and chill the dough several hours. When ready to bake, grease a cookie sheet and preheat oven to 375 degrees. On a lightly floured surface, roll the dough to a 1/4-inch thickness. Cut with cookie cutter and place shapes on cookie sheet*. To decorate before baking, use a colored sugar or a cinnamon and sugar mixture. They can be frosted after baking. Bake at 375 degrees for 8 to 11 minutes.

Lyduena Alesna Kristina Vinessa Alonzo Precilla Andrade Rhodora Antonio Editha Aranes Mary Ann Asis Irene Grace Batislaong Rosalia Bautista Yolanda Bel

Roselle Anne Cabello Jocelyn Carreon Emmalyn Colansong Marirose De La Cruz Julieta Doronila Bernadette May Flores Ma. Dina Go Marieanne Gonzaga Rossana Lacandula

Bernadette Macasaet Rosel Nacpil Neil Nazareno Angela Olaguera Jennylind Oliveros April Love Oraiz Janet Quijano Virginia Ramones Ria Reyes

Agnes Sabater Baby Soledad Silvino Desiree Tugado Ma. Linda Velarde Julie Ann Ybanez Lilibeth Zambrano

* to reduce handling delicate shapes, the dough can be rolled directly onto the underside of a baking sheet and then cut out. After gently removing scrap dough, the shapes remain undistributed on the pan and go directly into the oven. The scrap dough can then be re-rolled and cut out onto another pan.

DIQ 50th Anniversary Bonus Program Achievers September 21, 2013 – October 18, 2013

NEW DIQ MONTH 1 (P5,000 BONUS) Lyduena Alesna Precilla Andrade Mary Ann Asis Yolanda Bel Roselle Anne Cabello

Top in Team Sales Desiree Tugado Virginia Hubahib Alma Agustin Marita Del Corro Marites Ceña Melinda Castillo Gleece Butron Normita Bautista Ma. Luisa Nohara

applause december 2013

NAME: Vilma Ronquillo BEGAN MK CAREER: Nov 2012 UNIT NAME: Diamond Star for All Seasons SSD: Lourdes Lailani Andes


1/2 cup butter (1 stick) 1/2 cup sugar 2 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 2 teaspoons baking powder Pinch of salt

September 2013

* Tie is broken by the total team sales


NAME: Maribel Razon BEGAN MK CAREER: Mar 2013 UNIT NAME: Amazing One SSD: Wilma Paredes



Rosie Camano 9

Luzminda Ali 751,210

NAME: Ruthely Into BEGAN MK CAREER: Apr 2009 UNIT NAME: Golden Dreamers SSD: Rosaminda Piccio

I do not know beneath which sky, Or where you'll challenge fate I only now it will be high I only know it will be great! - Anonymous

576,975 576,845 531,560 510,815 486,795 432,430 398,855 383,660 372,095

Alma Agustin

Lalleth Cabañeros

Melinda Castillo

Angelica Garsuta

Rosemarie Grapa

Marirose Dela Cruz Bernadette Flores Ma Dina Go Rossana Lacandula Bernadette Macasaet Neil Nazareno Jennylind Oliveros

April Love Oraiz Janet Quijano Virginia Ramones Babe Soledad Silvino Julie Anne Ybanez Lilibeth Zambrano

DIQ MONTH 2 OR 3 (P10,000 BONUS) Edgie Daquil Nurliza Gementiza

Note: In September 2013 Applause, SD Alpha Joy Masilang's unit name is Dream Catchers' Circle and not Achiever's Circle as what was written in that issue.

Top 30 SDs Highest Commissions (figures only) (Average figures: July - September 2013)

Top 1 - P236,854 Top 2 - P217,660 Top 3 - P204,570 Top 4 - P202,459 Top 5 - P200,166 Top 6 - P176,857

Top 7 - P155,687 Top 8 - P153,584 Top 9 - P137,131 Top 10 - P135,292 Top 11 - P124,846 Top 12 - P124,305

Top 13 - P121,885 Top 14 - P120,055 Top 15 - P114,932 Top 16 - P110,125 Top 17 - P109,775 Top 18 - P106,745

Top 19 - P106,666 Top 20 - P106,373 Top 21 - P91,713 Top 22 - P88,532 Top 23 - P87,760 Top 24 - P87,398

Top 25 - P86,278 Top 26 - P85,966 Top 27 - P84,963 Top 28 - P84,872 Top 29 - P84,864 Top 30 - P84,407

Calling all Sales Directors Get the 50th Anniversary T-shirt when you have at least two (2) NEW ACTIVE team members each (minimum of P3,000 purchase) from December 1 to 15 only.

SERVING SUGGESTIONS: To serve as shown on this page, melted pink chocolate was drizzled over the cookies in a delicate zigzag pattern.

applause december 2013



Purchase. Donate. Volunteer. Be a part of the legacy of giving back.

Thank you for purchasing Beauty That Counts® NouriShine Plus® Lip Gloss in Celebrate and Beauty That Counts® Creme Lipstick in One Woman CanTM.

DiscoverRegister whattoyou love! Jumpstart Rally 2014! January 11, 2014 - Manila • January 18, 2014 - Davao • January 25 - Cebu & Zamboanga

Your kind and generous hearts enabled Mary Kay Philippines to donate a total amount of P100,000 for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. Monetary donation was coursed through the American Chamber Foundation Philippines, Inc.

Beauty That Counts® Mary Kay® NouriShine Plus® Lip Gloss in Celebrate* P


Build meaningful business relationships.

Enjoy every shade of fun.

Reach out and touch lives.

Beauty That Counts® Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick in One Woman CanTM* P

Get to know a Company with heart.


* Available while supplies last

Purchase. Continue to help by simply purchasing a Beauty That Counts


Mary Kay® NouriShine Plus® Lip Gloss in Celebrate (P700) and a Beauty That Counts® Mary Kay® Creme Lipstick in One Woman CanTM (P700). A dollar will be donated to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda from each sale of the lipstick or lip gloss.

Donate. If you would like to donate money directly to Typhoon Yolanda victims,

you may do so via Mary Kay Philippines (BPI Account: 0091-0621-27). Please email us your NAME, BANK BRANCH (where the money was deposited), and TOTAL AMOUNT at or send an SMS (0917-8660488). Mary Kay Philippines will match the total amount raised and donate the funds to American Chamber Foundation Philippines, Inc to support its relief efforts.

Volunteer. In partnership with American Chamber Foundation Philippines, Inc., other NGOs and government agencies, Mary Kay Philippines also welcomes willing volunteers to help in repacking of relief goods. Should you wish to partner with us in this initiative, contact us at 859-6270 or 859-MARY and look for Ms. Dyan Labrador for more information.

Look great while doing good! 22

applause december 2013

REGISTRATION FEE: 300 through Online Ordering/Beauty Center Open to all Beauty Consultants, Sales Directors, Spouses & Guests!

ATTENDANCE GIFT: Receive a Mary Kay® SPF 30 Sunscreen (valued at P1,035) when you attend the event



Top 10 Sales Directors/Beauty Consultants with the most number of marykayatplay® jelly lip gloss products and marykayatplay® baked eye trio products sold from November 5 to December 31, 2013 will be recognized in Jumpstart Rally and Applause® Magazine.




Today, we are honored to announce that there are now 3 MILLION Independent Beauty Consultants around the world! What a beautiful testament to Mary Kay Ash’s dream and our Company’s mission to enrich women’s lives! applause december 2013


ED! T I LIMFFER O Get this exclusive limited-edition Mary Kay速


Holiday Tote Bag

absolutely yours for FREE when you place a cumulative order of P13,000 Mary Kay速 Section 1 products from December 1 to 15, 2013

Christmas Gift Treat


Also, you may get this Mary Kay速

Jelly Pouch for FREE!


How to get it? Read page 7.

Get these Mary Kay速

Holiday Bags for FREE! How to get it? Read page 5.

The Holiday Tote Bag will be sent via shipment or may be picked up with the qualified orders.

Open to all Beauty Consultants, Sales Directors, Spouses and Guests MARY KAY (PHILS), INC.





2nd Floor, Allegro Center 2284 Pasong Tamo Extension Makati City Tel: (02) 859-6222 / 859-MARY Mobile: (0917) 866-0494 (call only) (0918) 990-6390 (0922) 889-4128 (0917) 866-0488 (SMS only) Fax: (02) 859-6299 Email:

Mezzanine, Unit M-14A Shoppes@Victoria Victoria Towers, Timog corner Panay Avenue Quezon City Tel: (02) 371-8355 / (02) 371-8322 Mobile: (0923) 724-6431

Ground Floor, Philam Life Rizal Street, Davao City Tel: (082) 224-5956 Mobile: (0923) 724-6432 Fax: (082) 224-5955

Ground Floor Cebu Capitol Comm. Complex N. Escario Street Camputhaw, Cebu City Tel: (032) 254-8081 Mobile: (0923) 724-6433 Fax: (032) 253-4661

2nd Floor, YPC Building Veteran's Avenue 7000 Zamboanga City Tel: (062) 992-6222 Mobile: (0923) 252-0153

a member of: DIRECT SELLING ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILIPPINES, INC. Registration begins November 1, 2013 and until all seats are taken. Watch us on Find us on YouTube Facebook


Enriching Women’s Lives

OVATION a recognition supplement to Applause® December 2013

Vol. 2 No. 12

Published monthly in recognition and inspiration for the sales force members of Mary Kay in the Philippines by Mary Kay Philippines, Inc., Makati City, Philippines.

“It isn’t always easy to find the time to sit down quietly and reaffirm our long-range objectives, to calculate where you stand on the way to achieving these objectives, and to determine the next logical step to be taken. It is worthwhile to do so. Staying afloat may be urgent, but knowing where you are going is important.” - Mary Kay Ash

Perfect Start

Top Sales Director with most number of Perfect Start September 2013

New Independent Beauty Consultants with minimum P8,000 personal retail sales in her first two weeks from start up date.

Sales Director Grace Ann Katrina Tan

*Perfect Start Achievers from August 16, 2013 – September 15, 2013 Abacan, Lenyfer R. Abad, Kristine Michelle S. Aban, Mary Nol Abanilla, Aechelle D. Abanto, Analiza P. Abarro, Shirley R. Abdon, Cecile M. Abejuro, Alexandra A. Abellano, Gevilyn P. Abellano, Maricris G. Abjelina, Aljon E. Ablao, Ronalyn O. Abolucion, Carmencita G. Abu Al-higaa, Delia C. Abubakar, Hadzra M. Abubakar, Sitti Faina J. Abujos, Jeffrrey O. Acain, Riza V. Achumbre, Georgita P. Acob, Nilo A. Adajar, Xyga Alynn Hyacinth G. Adap, Maysel Joy D. Adaptar, Arjeneth S. Adobo, Dean Eunice G. Adona, Francisca F. Adriano, Cristina Bernadette I. Adula, Diane C. Agam, Maricel L. Agarao, Elvie E. Agda, Irma M. Agdol, Catherine P. Aguas, Darel T. Agudera, Ma. Menchita B. Agudon, Aiza Marie E. Aguila, Herminia A. Aguilar, Genna M. Aguilar, Zalve D. Aguinaldo, Ma. Teresa T. Aguirre, Baby Agnes C. Agulto, Fatrice R. Agusan, Josephine V. Agustin, Marissa E. Ahamad, Jennielou A. Ahmad, Jubaira I. Ahorro, Hilda I. Ailani, Julaiya L. Akamine, Maribel M. Alajor, Muriel B. Alba, Queenie Faye Marie G. Albano, Ma. Suzette J. Albia, Liezel T. Albiento, Shirley Alcantara, Relita A. Alcaraz, Marjorie Joyce Alcaraz, Michelle A. Alcober, Virginia A. Alde, Judith D. Aledon, Cristina A. Alejo, Caronia S. Alesna, Dan Lowee R. Algie, Nidea Dela Alian, Nursana H. Alinio, Roda A. Alipio, Josephine T. Almacen, Estelita M. Almaria, Annalee O. Almeda, Michelle Andrelyn C. Almendrala, Ade S. Almonte, Sherill A.

Alonzo, Delma K. Alonzo, Josephine M. Alqueza, Melody Alvarado, Cristina M. Alvarado, Ma. Eden M. Amalia, Letecia M. Amancio, Cerle Reim M. Ambat, Maribeth Amboayan, Rheylyn Joy L. Ambrocio, Lerry Jane F. Amellabon, Kara Kristine T. Amfan, Meyia A. Amongo, Revelyn E. Amoren, Sahara Dawn S. Ampuan, Priscilla D. Anava, Jesilia B. Andal, Cristina M. Andal, Shirly P. Ando, Dorothy G. Andrade, Alyssa Michelle A. Andus, Christine C. Angara, Cleo Jean T. Angeles, Cindy C. Angeles, Rosalina F. Anog, Consuelo S. Ansal, Fhadzrina S. Anud, Eva M. Ao-wat, Geraldine S. Apalit, Mirasol S. Aparece, Agnes N. Aparicio, Luzviminda M. Apla-on, Jezabet E. Aquino, Doria A. Aquino, Ma. Carmelita N. Aquino, Wilma S. Aranas, Geraldine D. Arancel, Corazon C. Arasola, Marianne G. Araza, Elizabeth Eladia P. Arbolado, Gina V. Arcenal, Rosalina P. Arellano, Mary Ann S. Arenajo, Althea R. Argueza, Adora D. Arnaiz, Rosemary S. Arpafo, Maria Lourdes M. Arriola, Naty D. Asiman, Jedibeth A. Asis, Concepcion L. Asis, Crisanta M. Asis, Eleazara F. Asis, Marjury S. Asis, Shiela May V. Asoque, Henmar M. Asuncion, Joanne Lou S. Atamosa, Karen A. Atienza, Jon C. Atienza, Silveria D. Aud, Minda A.. Augusto, Rowena L. Aujero, Claudine G. Aumento, Maria Victoria D. Awad, Alyssa Kathleen Kay B. Babanto, Rosalia T. Babon, Rutchelyn L. Bacalso, Gloria G. Bacalso, Susette Fe R. Bacayang, Jessa T. Bactong, Vicente Teddy L.

Badrina, Ledesa A. Bagadiong, Maria Theresa O. Bagtasos, Rowena B. Baguio, Elizabeth O. Bahilid, Crisilda L. Baid, Trisha P. Baja, Gloria J. Bajado, Suraida A. Bakil, Nur-aina A. Bakstad, Ruby Grace B. Balag, Gilda M. Balagtas, Jovita S. Balbarino, Anthony Carlo T. Balbin, Ida B. Balbin, Nimfa A. Balbutin, Mary Lanny D. Baldemor, Mary Ann H. Baldevieso Jr., Rex A. Balindong, Esnia I. Ballesta, Mona Lissa E. Balleza, Reinalou B. Balog, Mary Jean V. Balolong, Leofe V. Baltero, Janine T. Baluca, Miraluna D. Bañares, Ma. Victoria C. Bandong, Marilou A. Bangcaya, Josephine C. Bangkero, Jasmin P. Bangsoy, Lizbeth P. Bansiloy, Leah Mae A. Baquing, Angelie Mae P. Barberan, Hasmin M. Barce, Rhea C. Barconcillo, Nilda Baricuatro, Bernadette B. Barigues, Belinda L. Baril, Vicky V. Baritua, Mylyn C. Barnido, Rebecca B. Barniso, Luz D. Baroy, Glenda F. Barrera, Expectacion Barroca, Gloria M. Barte, Ma. Kristine D. Bartulay, Arlein M. Basa, Gremsie T. Basabe, Dioleta C. Basilio, Zean Kate R. Bastareche, Elerita D. Batungbakal, Aprille Joy M. Bautista, Arleen S. Bautista, Benfel Bayan, Olga Jane B. Bayhon, Katrina Bayudan, Jennylyn DG. Belarmino, Daryl Belgera, Ma. Elena C. Bello, Anna Rita D. Bello, Gladys B. Beltran, Lyndelina M. Benabaye, Richel S. Benig, Hanna Chancerry V. Benore, Joecel Benson, Noralie Bernaldez, Shellaj M. Bernardes, Per Lita Bernardo, Judith H. Bertumen, Josefina D.

Besmonte, Karen D. Betiz, Loida N. Bewa, Gilbert M Binayao, Maria Junalyn C. Bisares, Lea Bitoon, Jemelyn N. Bitualla, Annabelle T. Blancaflor, Rovinnie B. Blanco, Ma. Regina Del Cielo G. Bo, Ma. Erika Loren B. Boado, James S. Bolodo, Prosperidad M. Bongcas, Jinky Borda Book, Cristina D. Borgonia, Ma. Theresa B. Borja, Eileen R. Bowon, Hazel T. Braganza, Liza S. Bravo, Jill C. Brazan, Maria Angela B. Brigaudit, Evangelyn L. Briones, Cristina B. Briones, Lailanie O. Broniola, Carolene R. Bucaneg, Daisy A. Buccahan, Mary Angelie M. Buco, Petacia I. Bucol, Peachy Y. Buefano, Rogella D. Buenaventura, Grace C. Buenaventura, Roseny C. Buenviaje, Estela G. Bueza, Noemi B. Bugatti, Karla Mae C. Bugayong, Connie D. Buhe, Lera M. Bungag, Ana Marie M. Burdeos, Corazon A. Burgonio, Elma D. Caasi, Marilyn A. Cababat, Virginia M. Cabajes, Jiezel M. Cabaluna, Maritess D. Cabanero, Ruth Cabanez, Janet A. Cabangunay, Edilyn B. Cabigas, Lorie Ann O. Cabildo, Prescilla Isabelle C. Cabrera, Carla G. Cabrera, Hyydee C. Cacay, Winnie D. Cacayan, Evelyn B. Cadalzo, Rhea Marie Juvilee Cadiang, Rachelle C. Cadiente, Ma. Perga A. Cagaanan, Aleli C. Cagape, Kristine R. Cahuyong, Kristian Eric E. Cajigal, Belen F. Calalo, Delia V. Calazara, Josie P. Calibara, Marry Rose C. Caliboso, Cerlinda M. Calica, Pinky Calidguid, Andresa B. Calimaran, Joey L. Calimpong, Berlin D. Calingayan, Wyn May M. Calopez, Mary Laurine H.

Camacho, Virginia O. Camagay, Catherine E. Camano, Rosie S. Camit, Evelyn O. Campano, Ronila Zenaida V. Canios, Marilou P. Canizares, Karen P. Canlas, Lalane S. Canonigo, Annabella A. Canoy, Julita C. Cantila, Catrice Mae Capati, Rolina P. Capina, Katrina Joyce M. Capina, Maricel G. Caralde, Rhoxanne N. Caralos, Ariane Mae G. Caralos, Prisca G. Cardoso, Maria Lorena S. Carino, Kessie C. Carisma, Christine Gay A. Carlos, Maria Donnabel E. Carreon, Rosario Agustin Casama, Julie Ann B. Casimero, Lyra May I. Castiller, Vanessa Claire Leong Castillo, Racid B. Castro, Rebecca Castuera, Analyn B. Casuat, Mary Grace Casumbal, Joseph U. Catacutan, Rogelie A. Cayat, Catherine G. Cedric, Dominguez B. Celocia, Celsa J. Cenidoza, Adora A. Cenon, Jenefer B. Centeno, Bernadette Cepida, Ma. Carolin Iris T. Cerilla, Jeanneth D. Cham, Irah Janine M Chan, Ma Alonah A. Chen, Chen Ching, Millet Chua, Zorah Sapphira A. Ciceron, Mila P. Cid, Lheanie C. Cimagala, Loven Cris R. Citra, Mariza C. Clam, Jhuvie M. Clarete, Glediline Gizelle A. Claridad, Mary Jane U. Clarin, Rosalia Ma. Florencia C. Claro, Juvy G. Clave, Nancy D. Clemente, Adoracion M. Clidoro, Jonathan S. Clutario, Consuelo C. Co, Maria Elena J. Co, Maria Wena M. Colcol, Joan T. Cometa, Nenita B. Concepcion, Leny R. Cope, Purisima B. Coralde, Josephine D. Corias, Benilda G. Cornel, Jaclyn C. Coros, Janeth Corpuz, Haidylene B. Corpuz, Lorenz Angelo L.

Cortez, Antonio S. Cosep, Amy Cosep, Josephine J. Costillas, Daryll B. Cristobal, Grace V. Cruz, Arlyn C. Cruz, Aubrey Joyce Cruz, Darlene N. Cruz, Janina Celine M. Cruz, Maureen L Cua, Leah D. Cuarteron, Erahcel E. Cubillan, Lorie Ann D. Cueto, Lorena A. Culanculan, Annalyn T. Custodio, Briar Rose S. Dabi, Susan S. Dacera, Junefer D. Dacillo, Angelica S. Dadule, Mary Rose Easter L. Dagamac, Lorna D. Daguna, Diorella Anne N. Dahap, Maria Laurice G. Dallego, Leah C. Danao, Olive M. Dancel, Juvy F. Dante, Reyline I. Dapula, Marilette Z. Darilay, Jerilen Datudacula, Hanniefa D. Datudacula, Obarobar L. Daud, Guiahara M. Davantes, Teresita F. Dawal, Carla L. Dayo, Aiza P. De Ano, Meldie C. De Guzman, Arlene A. De Guzman, Ma. Encarnacion De Guzman, Robert C. De Guzman, Thelma E. De Guzman, Vivian De La Cruz, Thelma R. De Lara, Jaydee G. De Leon, Marilou D. De Leon, Mary Ann M. De Mesa, Lourdes O. De Ocampo, Ely Marie H. De Ocampo, Trisha De Vera, Gemma J. Deblois, Jinky A. Degamo, May Carl M. Dela Cruz, Reynold R. Dela Cruz, Rosalie C. Dela Cruz, Victoria L. Dela Rosa, Rebecca B. Dela Torre, Liwliwa V. Dela Ysla, Josephine L. Delarama, Enriqueta S. Deles, Ave Jesseben Marie R. Deliarte, Melrose G. Delos Lado, Jennifer E. Delos Reyes, Genalynne Kathleen T. Delos Santos, Rina C. Delsocora, Nympha R. Demition, Marina Densing, Ruby Joyce L. Deo, Mary Ann E. Derecho, Marrietta B. Destreza, Maria Eloisa R.

Detalla, Jerlyn B. Diapolet, Rosalinda C. Diaz, Karen Lou L. Dimaano, Maria Rowena S. Dimaano, Jenelie M. Dimakuta, Philline C. Dinamling, Adoralyn P. Dinero, Aurora C. Diroy, Maricris T. Dizon, Charito N. Dizon, Raquel M. Dizon, Rufina R. Doctora, Mylene Dollentas, Noriel T. Domequil, Venus V. Domingo, Jocelyn R. Domingo, Laura S. Domingo, Vicky A. Dorado, Minerva M. Dula-ogon, Irish Michelle S. Dulay, Rubinta A. Dulay, Wildeliza T. Dulfo, Virginia Dumaga, Zarah Rosana L. Dumalagan, Nadelyn M. Dumapias, Jessa Mae T. Duque, Nida S. Edios, Arlyn B. Eheng, Julie A. Eleazar, Teresita B. Ellorimo, Ma. Gerald Elorde, Julie Iris B. Empeynado, Pauline Marie Q. Empleo, Ma. Judith Jacinta E. Enano, Edelyn Joy F. Endan, Gemma P. Enjambre, Lordilie S. Enoferio, Jocelyn E. Enriquez, Erlinda L. Enriquez, Jaclyn Enriquez, Myrna A. Enriquez, Rebecca T. Entino, Fay E. Ereso, Marilyn M. Escamilla, Cherryl M. Escares, Maribeth T. Espacio, Marianne D. Espanola, Babelyn F. Esparcia, Gemma C. Espejo, Juerly L. Espinosa, Crisel M. Espinosa, Trusty Choice O. Espiritu, Norylyn L. Estacio, Sherwin M. Estardo, Charity B. Estay, Mary Joy B. Esteban, Paul Lester M. Estranero, Kizzyfer E. Etang, Juliet S. Eva, Ruth P. Fabale, Rose Ann Fabian, Leahfer B. Fabio, Jhonalyn F. Facinabao, Arlene Fadullo, Eveleyn Z. Falsario, Norlene C. Faustino, Sitti Johanna G. Ferido, Jeremy Jones G. Fernandez, Editha S. *alphabetical order

Perfect Start

New Independent Beauty Consultants with minimum P8,000 personal retail sales in her first two weeks from start up date.

* Perfect Start Achievers from August 16, 2013 – September 15, 2013

Fernandez, Elizabeth C. Haduca, Mary G. Fernandez, Marietta L. Hermachuelos, Rowena J. Fernandez, Nida R. Hermo, Mary Jean T. Ferrer, Zosima T. Hermoso, Nurhina J. Flores, Amy M. Hernaez, Evangeline P. Flores, Krisanna Maria R. Herrera, Teresa Linda P. Flores, Marnellie T. Hinacay, Janice M. Flores, Vilma D. Hinden, Racil C. Forbes, Mariville C. Hinolan, Ma. Theresa M. Forcadilla, Harold J. Hiramis, Ma. Eleanor S. Forencio, Nancy D. Ho, Anita D. Fraginal, Alma A. Holaysan, Catherine L. Francisco, Babelia R. Hubahib, Gina Francisco, Maria Bernadeth Hubahib, Yvonne C. Franco, Rosenda M. Huizo, Maricynth L. Frilles, Maricon Humarang, Madonna C. Fuentes, Augie E. Humiwat, Esther G. Furukawa, Liberty B. Ibardaloza, Rodella R. Gabayan, Raquel E. Ibarra, Rose Cecilia S. Gabiana, Zenaida Evelyn P. Ibasco Jr., Alfredo B. Gabing, Rosie F. Ignacio, Magnolia B. Gabiola, Camille Theresa B. Ilagan, Arfel S. Gabito, Norman A. Ildefonso, Carmelita M. Gabriel, Elizabeth S. Ingosan, Daisybel B. Gabriel, Ellen C. Inocencio, Ma. Nora N. Gabriola, Gabriela Grace M. Iroy, Clara B. Gacis, Ma. Lourdes S. Isidto, Doreen V. Gadil, Noelene B. Ismael, Sherraine A. Gaid, Elvira V. Itol, Annalyn A. Galache, Emile Ann C. Jamisola, Maryjane G. Galanza, Reina O. Jamison, Justine Jurl A. Galinato, Maria Myca Bernadette R. Jaromamay, Teresita D. Gallego, Jo Ann R. Javier, Genelita B. Gallentes, Libby G. Javier, Ma. Cecilia C. Galleta, Gina C. Javier, Rose Marie Galula, Celsa B. Jimenez, Honey Lou C. Galvez, Melqui I. Jimenez, Suzette D. Gamayon, Vina L. Jonilla, Cabili Gamboa, Daisy C. Jorta, Cheril Q. Gamboa, Estrella C. Judan, Margielene D. Gamotin, Arriane M. Juevesano, Renante Gana, Charlotte A. Juhuri, Sitti Rahma H. Gandullas, Desiree T. Jumawan, Pamela Jane D. Garbo, Evangeline E. Justalero, Jacqueline A. Garbutt, Marjorie G. Kadusale, Mary Grace T. Garcia, Aileen G. Kalaw, Ma. Riczell Amor Garcia, Joyce M. Kasawali, Juliam S. Garcia, Maribel B. Kaur, Jagjit Kumari Garcia, Milagros V. Kimayong, May N. Garing, Sem A. Kingking, Josephine C. Gascon, Mirasol Kitong, Edelweiss G. Gaston, Simone Antoinette V. Labastida, Kristine Oliveros Gastones, Joan Labis, Loida T. Gatuz, Jocelyn J. Lachaona, Ma. Theresa A. Gawaran, Kevyn Kisses G. Laderas, Krishyl A. Gaytano, Susan G. Ladjakahal, Khadiza M. Gellangarin, Joyce S. Ladsac, Alleah May S. Gelmo, Mustiola R. Lagasca, Luzthetta M. General, Lorna T. Lagman, Pepito Jr. Generato, Rosanna S. Lallab, Felipa A. Genovia, Eugene L. Laloon, Maria Venesa C. Gerona, Marcela Lam, Angela F. Gestoso, Maricel P. Langgaman, Jenny Claire Gil, Vina Marie J. Langi, Pearlie Plaza Gingo, Verna Lubon Lapaz, Shara Sheen C. Gino, Deborah Largo, Floricel D. Giron, Aniceta P. Larosa III, Eufronio E. Gloriaga, Roxanne B. Larsen, Charity T. Godin, Annalyn E. Lasmarias, Christina P. Gogo, Rowena L. Lastimosa, Jennifer G. Gokotano, Zaldy C. Laureta, Susan V. Gonzaga, Jasmine Rose C. Lawangon, Rowelyn O. Gonzales, Daryl Ann R. Laxamana, Josephine C. Gonzales, Elvira A. Layug, Analiza Basilan Gordonas, Elma B. Lazaro, January L. Gorecho, Rolamae Leano, Miguela G. Gotera, Madelon DoĂąa Ledesma, April Joy L. Gran, Mechelle M. Lee, Annalisa A. Granpil, Cherry Rose D. Lee, Mary-an M. Gregorio, Helen Y. Lee, Susan C. Gregorio, Rowena N. Legaspi, Nenita T. Grepo, Jo Marie P. Legaspi, Rechilda O. Guavez, Lyra Mae D. Leocadio, Elizabeth P. Gubatao, Caully F. Leoncio, Jessie C. Guerrero, Aimee G. Lepon, Faith Y. Guevarra, Shyn D. Leuterio, Jocelyn B. Guillermo, Ma. Eden C. Leyran, Arjorie D. Guillermo, Nida P Leyson, Leneranda G. Guitering, Maridel G. Libardos, Avita Y. Guittap, Jenny R. Libay, Mary L. Gultiano, Elsie A. Liboon, Rio Guma, Maricel A. Licong, Leandro B. Gumboc, Amy M. Ligero, Mirma D. Gundran, Gretchen V. Liis, Brenda B. Guno, Ma. Aileen D. Lim, Leonora T. Gurang, Merelyn A. Limbago, Rolan R. Gutierrez, Ma. Caridad Lina, Jennifer D. Gutierrez, Patrich Lina, Nelia B. Gutierrez, Sheryl May T. Lingaolingao, Mylen M. Habbiling, Analyn D. Lising, Norma P. Hadji Ali, Nasser B. Llanes, Bernadette D.

Mendoza, Donna Aileen L. Mendoza, Kennette Joy Oliveros Mendoza, Mercedita S. Mendoza, Michele G. Menzi, Rosaline T. Merenciano, Maryjoy C. Metica, Ivy Yolanda S. Metillo, Jenny Lyn T. Miao, Sylvia B. Micay, Hazeline L. Michelle, Mendiola. P. Micua, Grace T. Micutuan, Diana Ross D. Milagrosa, Ivy Grace P. Milar, Jenny Leah L. Minor, Myrna N. Mira, Shary Mae S. Miranda, Hermogena G. Mojana, Josie Joy S. Mollaneda, Marigrace P. Montanez, Miguel Montano, Armenia B. Montano, Victoria P. Montehermoso, Rachel V. Monterana, Josephine E. Moquera, Janeth C. Moquerio, Aisa A. Morano, Joan B. Moreno, Michelle C. Moreno, Miriam Moreno, Shimaski M. Mortalla, Ma. Adeliza F. Mosende, Mercedita G. Mutia, Giovanni L. Naboye, Marie Fe B. Nacario, Charisse M. Nacario, Juliet Nadduha, Carmela B. Nadduha, Fatima Zarrah L. Nadduha, Marylou L. Nadduha, Remabherl B. Nambatac, Marilyn E. Nangitoy, Sarra J. Napenas, Grace L. Napigkit, Celeste Dela Cruz Napii, Madel R. Naputo, Virginia S. Naquila, Kristina Karla M. Nardo, Melita B. Nargatan, Ma. Cristina A. Natividad, Claudia N. Natividad, Ma. Aurora C. Navarro, Raquel A. Navia, Analiza G. Nay-ud, Jhenyfer U. Nay-ud, Sharon U. Nay-ud, Shirley U. Negrido, Mary Joy A. Nejal, Melrose G. Neones, Mary Joy B. Ngidlo, Zeny A. Nocos, Lilian A. Novera, Ma. Lourdes Angela C. Nudalo, Ana Liza M. Nunez, Vilma R. Nungay, Nerisa V. Obiena, Sarah B. Obina, Kareen T. Obligado, Ma. Ella Cecilia B. Obnimaga, Lilibeth B. Ocampo, Donalita B. Ocampo, Jinky B. Occena, Lourdes Y. Ochoa, Glenda V. Octavo, Angelo O Ohaylan, Joyce A. Ojales, Janice O. Ojeno, Angie E. Olaguer, April Dawn D. Olanga, Marissa F. Olape, Janice T. Olea, Gregoria B. Olivar, Aida C. Olivarez, Cheryl D. Oliver, Crisanta B. Olivera, Angelina C. Omega, Sahara Ong, Fe Leah P. Oplo, Czarina Orasa, Ma. Salome Dano Orcena, Jocelyn A. Oropel, Amalia A. Orozco, Miriam Isabel T. Ortega, Adelina B. Ortiz, Marbeth T. Osigan, Frisandy D. Pabillon, Mary Joy R. Pablico, Mary Faith D. Pablo, Aurora Fe A. Pacatang, Iris Stephanie O. Paciente, Vivian S.

Llanes, Vivian V. Llarena, Rosellyn Longalong, Rosario C. Longos, Paul Andrew S. Lopena, Elden L. Lopez, Emely A. Lopez, Madelyn S. Lopez, Mary Jane M. Lopez, Rosemarie Lubag, Eva C. Lucena, Tristan Joy D. Lucero, Ruby Jane M. Lucman, Crestine P. Luga, Eloiza D. Luglug, Alayka Mae G. Luison, Edith C. Lumacang, Generosa D. Lumacang, Jelly C. Lumangtad, Rhina Mayzette M. Lumapas, Regie P. Lumaya, Maricel B. Lusay, Daisylyn Dawing I. Mabitasan, Razel Mae A. Macabangon, Rasmia M. Macabinlar, Claudia C. Macapagal, Catalina Macarampat, Asnaira A. Macario, Rawya D. Macasa, Girlie C. Maceda, Gemma Anna Lissa A. Madali, Hja Nurhina N. Madulid, Analiza R. Magalang, Karie Alyza R. Magallanes, Rosepe R. Magante, Jane Anne D. Magsalay, Fe T. Magsipoc, Aikon Noelle F. Magsombol, Nory Gazel C. Maguate, Leonilen Hope Frea Mahawan, Een M. Malabanan, Joanna Joyce M. Malinao, Queenlyn April V. Mallapre, Belinda H. Mallari, Ma. Joanne A. Malle, Verna G. Malonzo, Consuelo G. Mamac, Nhelgane H. Mamparo, Phoebe Kates L. Manahan, Jenifer P. Manalastas, Christine Joy L. Manalili, Christina S. Manalili, Dina F. Manalili, Rosanna D. Manalo, Carren B. Manalo, Reggie A. Mangayabas, Glory B. Mangubat, Felicidad Q. Mangunlay, Mercedita G. Manguray, Emily A. Manlambus, Rowena Manlangit, Catalina P. Mann, Edensol N. Mantes, Rosalyn P. Manuel, Jeannie L. Manuel, Rowena S. Manulat, Susan B. Manzan, Diana T. Mapa, Jennifer B. Mapatac, Signorette A. Marani, Rosemarie R. Marano, Erlinda R. Marasigan, Oliva H. Maravilla, Marieliz C. Marcelo, Shaneen J. Mariano, Evangeline C. Mariano, Revilla B. Marin, Lenilyn, C. Marinduque, Eden Mariscotes, Jennifer P. Maro, Gina G. Marohom, Analiza K. Marquez, Fay L. Martin, Cherry Ann O. Martin, Daisy H. Masongsong, Marites D. Mata, Charmain B. Mateo, Aileen Mateo, Ester E. Matias, Alma C. Matic, Annie Marie A. Matmat, Fe Marie T. Maung, Jocelyn C. Mayam-o, Maryjane B. Mayuga, Gisell Mediavilla, Shireen M. Medina, Romichelle S. Mejares, Letecia S. Melotindos, Maricar C. Memije, Carol Mendaros, Ma. Teresita D. Mendoza, Arlyn

Pacquing, Gemma F. Paden, Tomasina L. Padilla, Haidee R. Padillo, Diana Jane Q. Padis, Florenda M. Paeste, Josielie B. Paguirigan, Myra Hazel S. Pajarillo, Anna Liza A. Pajarillo, Marie Ann E. Palada, Vivien B. Palado, Nanette P. Palantog, Suzette Joy P. Paler, Dolores D. Palipic, Jovita Palma, Amor T. Palomino, Angeli G. Pamaran, Hitoshi Jean Steven Pamilar, Kryzyl Nica M. Pancipanci, Ingrid A. Pandongan, Agel B. Paner, Jimmy C. Panganiban, Celestina K. Panganiban, Rachel M. Pangcatan, Roselainie M. Paolma, Analyn N. Papa, Abigail O. Papa, Raquel A. Paquito, Clarissa T. Paragas, Jan Karen N. Parama, Marife G. Parama, Mark Joseph G. Paras, Jayrael May S. Parco, Jewel Lynn J. Parcon, Charilou O. Pardillo, Deodita D. Pardillo, Jhoanna Liza A. Paredes, Susan C. Parina, Gemma D. Pascua, Virginia Pasion, Nenita C. Patierez, Marive G Patricio, Henson Rye V. Patricio, Karen Hiezl M. Patricio, Kristine E. Paule, Rowelia S. Paulino, Virginia N. Pedernal, Gina R. Pedrera, Rosemary A. Pedrezuela, Rachelle M. Pedrina, Yhel Merisheena Pedrosa, Ma. Genielle S. Pelegrina, Hermervash Pena, Ma. Luisa G. Penafiel, Marielle A. Pepito, Gina G. Pepito, Marjorie R. Pepito, Rosil J. Perez, Sylvia S. Perpetua, Desiree E. Perry, Merielie C. Pescador, Emmylou Petalcorin, Maria Christine B. Petalio, Rosa A. Phodaca, Nelva R. Piang, Kiezl Mae P. Piczon, Dexdie G. Pilande, Ailyn C. Pilarca, Janice A. Pilawen, Keziah G. Pili, Michelle B. Pimentel, Salve O. Pinera, Chrystal Mae Pingco, Shayne Krizzia R. Pinili, Ma. Rosella M. Pizarra, Rosemarie L. Plana, Fe D. Poclay, Haide P. Polea, John Roman Ponce, Rosita E. Pongad, Gray C. Pongase, Jalexa M. Porto, Jonalyn T. Poserio, Teodora R. Potenciano, Helen B. Potenciano, Maureen C. Prater, Rosalina D. Princillo, Jenalyn E. Prongco, Nelly M. Publico, Mary Joy Pucot, Lira M. Pulvera, Jean A. Punsalan, Jennelyn B. Puracan, Karla Jane N. Qua, Rosario A. Quiatchon, April Mae G. Quimbo, Chessa Marie Quintos, Mary Princes C. Quisquisol, Alirose G. Quizel, Delailah Rafer, Susan M. Ragas, Gina T.

Ragudo, Gina D. Ramiento, Analiza B. Ramilo, Lorna M. Ramos, Charity Grace P. Ramos, Dina C. Ramos, Evangelina Franco Ramos, Jason G. Ramos, Jeanlyn B. Ramos, Maribel D. Ramos, Regina A. Ramos, Rose Cheryl B. Ramos, Venny Naag Ranada, Maria Victoria N. Rapsing, Czarmaine Joy O. Rasote, Karen E. Ravina, Remedona Raymundo, Janet S. Raymundo, Luzviminda S. Razon, Kathleen Loise R. Razon, Leianne Rose F. Rebueno, Mary Rose G. Redima, Imelda M. Relativo, Lanie Relator, Anna Marie G. Remando, Analyn A. Remando, Geraldine B. Remegia, Ann Marie L. Remidios, Precell G. Remollo, Richel A. Remonde, Jean B. Rendon, Ednalyn B. Reniva, Jethro S. Reso-or, Eva B. Revilla, Floryfe R. Revilla, Nora D. Reyes, Delza Lorraine A. Reyes, Gem R. Reyes, Karen C. Reyes, Mary Ann G. Reyes, Polexena S. Reyes, Renzel, G. Reyes, Shirlene Reyes, Theresa Reyes, Vilma C. Riano, Loribelle M. Ribucan, Nenita F. Rillo, Jacqueline Rioflorido, Joli Anne R. Rivas, Jovelyn C. Rivera, Concepcion M. Rivera, Larisa Rivera, Shelly A. Rivero, Gina C. Roberto, Esperanza H. Robin, Sherlyn M. Robles, Fe S. Roca, May Angelie S. Rodrigo, Redalya A. Rodriguez, Doris Idi Rojas, Roseanne Jader Rojo, Evan O. Rojo, Wilour A. Rollorata, Krista Fe M. Romande, Cornelia B. Rombaoa, Mary Cris T. Romero, Charlotte D. Romero, Raissa Hannah Roque, Famela T. Rosado, Maria Loreta F. Rosales, Hilda A. Rosales, Lilian A. Rosano, Roxanne A. Rosario, Diana P. Roto, Liezl R. Roto, Roselina M. Royales, Rebecca F. Ruba, Marilyn R. Rubinos, Maria Corazon M. Rubio, Betty S. Ruelos, Betty P. Ruelos, Odyssey P. Saavedra, Neliza C. Sabangan, Raquel P. Sabanico, Mercedita V. Sacal, Novel D. Sadsad, Maria Jennelyn P. Sagnoy, Cristina Q. Sagpang, Elizabeth T. Sahagun, Ayessa A. Saladaga, Regina B. Salado, Rincy S. Salamat, Ofelia L. Salao, Roylyn Salas, Alicia G. Salazar, Eleonor M. Salazar, Haydee A. Salazar, Rosalina B. Sales, Felisa P. Sales Sales, Florence Gay S. Sales, Mary Rose M. Saligumba, Marcelina R.

Salipod, Ella D. Salise, Rutchie T. Saliva, Ronaliza Salon, Silver Cris D. Salva, Marivic B. Salvacion, Lovely C. Samar, Gerald M. Samontina, Jessie L. San Lorenzo, Donald T. San Pedro, Karl Louise Ray G. Sanarez, Raquel Sanchez, Alpha Grace C. Sanchez, Amy Xenia R. Sanchez, Gracilla I. Sanchez, Jarjolyn O. Sandiko, Remegia D. Santiago, Jana Patricia Santiago, Shirlyn A. Santican, Ashral C. Santilla, Carina N Santos Jr., Demetrio Josef Santos, Marigold F. Santos, Marlyn M. Saquilabon, Fatima Amor A. Saquilayan, Fatima J. Sareno, Clarence T. Sario, Cristina A. Sarmiento, Catherine S. Sarmiento, Katherine V. Satunero, Shiela Mae L. Savior, Edgar T. Sayco, Alona M. Sebastian, Daisy Selim, Flordeliza F. Senierez, Leny Rose S. Seno, Gregoria F. Severo, Sheryl M. Simene, Evangeline G. Simpauco, Leighdelyn D. Sinahon, Bebian M. Sison, Mary Jane E Siy, Joanne May B. Soberano, Dina Yu Sodusta, Cindy Y. Solis, Gian Francis Solis, Maria Nenita E. Sombrio, Melca S. Son, Diana Hazel S. Soriano, Cynthia C. Soriano, Leah S. Soriano, Rosalie C. Soto, Rachel C. Sotoya, Adora C. Sto Domingo, Flordeliza L. Sto Domingo, Maria Fe R. Sto. Domingo, Joann A. Subardiaga, Teresita V. Subeldia, Kayper E. Sumalinog, Ivy B. Sumicad, Marilou B. Sunico, Jennie Vhel G. Suobiron, Chryzl D. Supan, Daphne Camille R. Sureta, Anne Marie A. Sureta, Marjorie Anne A Surriga, Pinky Q. Taberna, Aurelio Koleth R. Tabigue, Maria Tiffany I. Tabo, Leonila D. Tabuada, May M. Tabucanon, Shyne M. Tagal, Lelliz M. Tagorda, Evelyn T. Taguba, Loreta B. Talingting, Melinda Talle, Riah D. Tallud, Raquel Vivian M. Tambal, Nina Paola R. Tan, Clarissa C. Tan, Jozen Angela L. Tan, Leah A. Tan, Marilyn P. Tan, Sherlyn A. Tanggol, Lorna S. Tano, Marilou E. Tantuan, Michelle R. Tanudra, Emily Taotao, Alfijoy A. Taotao, Christine Joy A. Tapales, Reynaldo Jr F. Tarog, Conchita M. Tarongoy, April Angelique O. Taruc, Kathryn D. Tayaban, Dolores M. Tecson, Mary Rose S. Tejoc, Lerelie O. Teneso, Fresneda A. Tengco, Abigail I. Terez, Carmelita M. Tero, Jean A. Tigtig, Rowen B. *alphabetical order

Perfect Start

New Independent Beauty Consultants with minimum P8,000 personal retail sales in her first two weeks from start up date. Timbal, Melody C. Timogan, Jennalen S. Tinio, Shamiah Avery A. Tiolo, Iris M. Tirazona, Kristine C. Tiu, Erlinda Olivia P. Tizon, Laramie C. Tolentino, Carolina G. Tolentino, Gerlie B. Tomial, Chona H. Torrecampo, Evangeline A. Torrefranca, Ma. Veronica Ivy Torres, Aaron M. Torres, Arlyn G.

Torres, Glinda Marie R. Torres, Jesusa Torres, Magdalena A. Tranquilino, Maricar R. Trijo, Maria Lourdes G. Trivino, Nariza H. Tuacan, Joy Virlynne T. Tuazon, Catherine P. Tubera, Grace B. Tugade, Concepcion A. Tumambing, Susan T. Tumampas, Josephine T. Tumpang, Daisy D. Tungala, Regelyn J.

Tupas, Anna Shaira S. Turgo, Gil A. Turingan, Annalyn Tutanes, Elsie P. Ubac, Ranes Ubuta, Jesusa R. Ugay, Marelle Grace B. Ugdang, Shara Lou S. Ugsang, Rebecca M. Ulama, Shara-lyn N. Umali, Rhenea R. Untalan, Theresa Q. Untalasco, Genalyn L. Urbano, Christy M.

* Perfect Start Achievers from August 16, 2013 – September 15, 2013 Uriarte, Lucy L. Usman, Fatima Jayda N. Valderrama, Cynthia G. Valdez, Christina L. Valdon, Karen Fe R. Valenzuela, Maria Corazon A. Valenzuela, Mary Joy R. Vazquez, Evelyn O. Venenoso, Josephine S. Venturina, Keziah L. Venus, Alex R. Venus, Liza L. Vercide, Catherine D. Vergara, Jaramie L.

*New Consultant Bonus Program (NCB) Achievers - June 2013 batch

Banggos, Arleen S. Bata, Jenelyn Z. Bation, Chaly M. Bel, Yolanda M. Bellosillo, Ma. Julieta T. Bendijo, Analyn B. Bermejo, Joy Alice Y. Besmonte, Eduardo S. Buay, Ida P. Cabal, Mia Celedonia Calvero, Karina M. Caraig, Eden R. Castrodes, Jennifer F. Chio, Arlene C. Clorion, Dahlia D. Coloso, Fritzie C. Colot, Anamy C. Cruz, Maria Michaela P. Cruza, Leizel R. Cuanan, Mary Grace D. Cutab, Mark Joseph C. Dalloran, Consuelo C.

Dasco, Marina Z. David, Teresa A. Del Monte, Wilma Joy M. Del Pilar, Anabella C. Dela Cruz, Carolina Dela Cruz, Maynilyn I. Delicano, Violeta R. Delos Reyes, Anna Lyn C. Derona, Joselyn S. Despabeladero, Mely Jean B. Diamzon, Kristin S. Digma, Harriet D. Doloritos, Dolores R. Dumlao, Jean T. Egnora, Jerrel J. Emperio, Sheryl L. Flamiano, Rubie M. Francisco, Aileen C. Gallano, Vicrestal V Garcia, Lory Jane P. Gawson, Vivian V Guevarra, Gionna Leigh A.

Villavende, Babynah S. Villavicencio, Princess D. Villegas, Michael P. Viloria, Mary Grace L. Vinas, Diana Rose L. Vinoya, Marivic C. Virtucio, Mirasol L. Virtudez, Lorena B. Wahigon, Yolanda P. Wanas, Annie A. Williams, Samantha Marie B. Wu, Tunku Sherlene Yarcia, Donna Jeanne M. Ygano, Earl Loreto

Ylanan, Rheaflor R. Yoshida, Shedelyn B. Yuda, Rosemarie S. Yuguing, Rizalina V. Yusop, Fausuzha K. Zafra, Cristine O. Zshornack, Cherie Lou O. Zulueta, Nenita N. *alphabetical order

Top Sales Director with most number of NCB Achievers

Senior Sales Director Lalleth Cabañeros

Independent Beauty Consultants who successfully completed the New Consultant Bonus program (months 1-4) Abarento, Penelope F. Acompanado, Aileen B. Alavanza, Ella Mae Amor T. Alcantara, Marina M. Alcaraz, Mary Grace M. Amor, Sarah Jean Pamulagan Andal, Joefelyn S. Andres, Clairion Gayle S. Angeles, Joshua M. Angon, Vierna J. Antoque, Annabelle Grace Y. Aranes, Cheska Therese B. Aranes, Ma. Celeste E. Arce, Aileen R. Arino, Marybie A. Asis, Daren V. Avila, Grace S. Bacalso, Marina Maharlika R. Bacus, Sheryl N. Balane, Gloria H. Balquin, Diana Marie S. Bana-ag, Juna P.

Vicente, Arlene T. Vicente, Maria Teresa T. Vicente, Vicky I. Villa, Aurora M. Villacampa, Joni M. Villacastin, Kathreen Marie Joyce J. Villamor, Arminda T. Villamor, Christine G. Villamor, Maura A. Villanueva, Ana Maria P. Villanueva, May Risa S. Villanueva, Rowena S. Villareal, Amelia F. Villarin, Darasarah N.

Guiyab, Ardeliza A. Halapit, Mitzi N. Ilustrisimo, Crislin K. Isada, Monina S. Jaurigue, Melissa Ross F. Jumaquio, Amylou M. Langusta, Wenina D. Lanuzo, Norelyn D. Lapuhapo, Ronnie A. Legaspina, Ma. Edna P. Lim, Jacqueline O. Limbang, Mariel B. Limbo, Aizzah A. Lumilan, Marinelle H. Mabalay, Eric U. Malabag, Janice G. Malavega, Manolo P. Malimban, Ivy Charisse Manzano, Felicidad B. Maraon, Dan Emmanuel M. Marcelino, Melona P. Matubang, Trinita T.

Maurillo, Gellie K. Maynes, Leah Z. Mendijar, Grace M. Mendoza, Neida I. Millevo, Ma. Elena Y. Montanano, Jenelyn H. Montano, Jeneffer C. Nawang, Hannah Dominique C. Nieto, Remedios A. Nilo, Gina P. Nuique, Jean C. Nunez, Tina M. Obcemea, Irene L. Ocular, Ronalyn D. Oraiz, April Love C. Orge, Divina E. Osorio, Anna Marie S. Paez, Junalyn P. Palma, Helen T. Pansacala, Lirio S. Pardilla, Kate Eleanor T. Pardillo, Melissa Rae A.

Perocho, Jessel B. Pingcas, Anthony Lyn C. Piquero, Virginia B. Pitong, Cristiline N. Poculan, Maria Ney B. Princesa, Remedios G. Quiambao, Rosalina F. Quijada, Don Don B. Quinones, Janice II D. Requina, Nena C. Ricafranca, Marivic C. Roa-rubio, Margie Rodriguez, Janice S. Rodriguez, Ma. Jinky L. Sacla, Marilyn B. Salar, Marife M. Salinas, Ma. Eden C. Samonte, Rosemarie E. Sanchez, Rebecca T. Sanoy, Irene B. Santos, Chrismel B. Sermona, Karen M.

Shimizu, Michelle R. Soriano, Caroline P. Soriano, Mhariel Suson, Carmelita I. Tambor, Myra Gay, M Tan, Rosemarie O. Tan, Susan P. Tandog, Arn Grace A. Teofilo, Josephine F. Torred, Jet T. Trabasas, Joyzel Tugado, Desiree R. Tuvilla, Rosalinda S. Valmores, Joy V. Vilses, Pilarcita B. Ysip, Carmencita O. *alphabetical order

Ladder of Success

Independent Beauty Consultants who achieved star consultants status with a minimum personal retail sales in Mary Kay quarter July – September 2013

EMERALD Abante, Jeremeh D. Adriatico, Grace C. Agot, Mary Beth B. Agustin, Alma Alcaraz, Mary Grace M. Ali, Luzminda L. Alimbuyugin, Nemia T. Alivio, Gwendolyn G. Almazar, Joel P. Alquetra, Sherlyn G. Andes, Lourdes Lailani C. Apostol, Mada C. Aquino, Agassiz Louis J. Aromin, Rebecca Angelica F. Atienza, Myrna D. Bago, Rowena S.


Adrales, Aileen S. Agustin, Sonia O. Ambalong, Annabel Angkim, Margie D. Argueza, Jeanne C.


Acopicop, Ailyn Rose R. Adewoyin, Maria Nina D. Alberto, Norina Alcantara, Marina M. Aquino, Ma. Shardae J. Balleza, Alma B. Banto, Melany L. Barroga, Donna M.

Bahinting, Diane S. Bang, Sang Eun Banggos, Arleen S. Baroro, Aileen M. Bartolome, Richelle B. Basilio, Cherry Lyn Bel, Yolanda M. Beloy, Cecelia L. Bibbey, Edelyn P. Bonjoc, Dinah C. Borja, Anna May B. Cabaneros, Lalleth P. Cabatana, Eleanor A. Cabello, Roselle Anne S. Calvero, Karina M. Camandero, Kristine M.

Canillo, Joanne P. Casocot, Nerissa E. Castillo, Melinda P. Castro, Cristy N. Cornejo, Yvonne E. Dacillo, Marisa P. Dasco, Marina Z. De Guzman, Magdalena G. Del Corro, Marita Dela Rosa, Filipina L. Delo, Marites B. Dequina, Filda S. Dinamling, Leny Y. Duran, Maria Linda N. Dy, Corazon T. Emperio, Lailani C.

Equacion, Rosemarie T. Estrada, Floralinda M. Famador, Cherry Marie Fuentes, Germeline O. Fuerzas, Socorro M. Gacula, Angelina A. Garcia, Milagros V. Garsuta, Angelica G. Grapa, Rosemarie P. Guerrero, Rhona Lyn M. Guevarra, Airini May L. Hamsiraji, Shermalyn I. Hao, Elenor M. Hodges, Janette S. Ilagan, Arfel S. Irene Joy, Jumanoy, P.

Isla, Renesita A. Jabel, Celedonia P. Jeon, Jisun Lanzaderas, Hernani B. Lapuhapo, Ronnie A. Lebria, Maria Christina D. Limbo, Aizzah A. Loloy, Letecia T. Lomibao, Rosalyn P. Lua, Maria Lilibeth B. Macapagal, Maria Elena Managuelod, Ma. Cecilia M. Mata, Ma. Luisa A. Olis, Josephine R. Oliveros, Jennylind A. Orpia, Nancy Grace T.

Pablo, Leslie L. Palad, Christian V. Palma, Helen T. Pawaon, Rizza C. Pensoy, Joylene C. Picardal, Psyche M. Pilar, Luzmile O. Pitoy, Ma. Karen O. Quipao, Mary Jane L. Rebosura, Ruby O. Relleve, Sylvia Ruth A. Reloj, May C. Rivera, Marvi P. Salandanan, Vivian B. Sanchez, Rebecca T. Sareno, Zorayda D.

Bautista, Normita A. Bhojwani, Bhaby Lynn D. Calfoforo, Meljureto M. Calimaran, Joey L. Carpio, Laarni B.

Cena, Marites P. Domingo, Melodina G. Emperio, Janeth E. Evangelista, Elena P. Gallardo, Jingle C.

Guillermo, Kristine E. Gultiano, Elsie A. Justol, Fritzie F. Koh, Eun Mi Licup, Mary Jane G.

Magtoto, Marissa J. Ora, Josefina Fara L. Pabora, Mardy E. Pacomeos, Janelyn B. Palmero, Danilda R.

Ramones, Virginia Reyes, Roseann E. Sardea, Amelia T. Sarte, Leovigilda B. Tan, Grace Ann Katrina P.

Sarmiento, Sefty A. Silagan, Cherryl Leah C. Tan, Rosemarie O. Tan, Susan P. Tapo, Corine Joy S. Toledo, Grace N. Tronco, Susan G. Uelong, Felicia T. Uy, Josephine A. Velazco, Elvira V. Villanueva, Cherrie Pie P. Yu, Georgiana *alphabetical order

Teofilo, Josephine F. Tingcang, Noemi P. Tugado, Desiree R. Valcorza, Gina S. Valencia, Aisa Veronica S. Valencia, Rosebida C.

*alphabetical order

Birrey, Lolita G. Bogay, Agustin Jr. L. Cabangcala, Jennifer R. Cacho, Ron Nelton B. Celebre, Rachel P. Chiutena, Emelyn T. Coloquit, Lesley B. Corvera, Merlita B.

Cosio, Cheryl G. Dizon, Eillen R. Galang, Eloisa P. Garcia, Esvimin E. Gillego, Gracia G. Hilario, Shem D. Humarang, Charmine Joy N. Into, Ruthely L.

Josie, Pasamonte Lavadia, Lowena A. Manalo, Cellini Marie B. Manaog, Jennifer Joy Maquiling, Rosheen Martin, Cynthia L. Maxino, Margerie B. Mayangao, Marjorie L.

Napinas, Cristine P. Nicandro, Charisma M. Nilo, Gina P. Noh, Gukhui Olaguera, Angela O. Oraiz, April Love C. Pamesa, Florynel A. Petallana, Maria Fe Theresa

Rosit, Hazel Joy L. Salinas, Ma. Eden C. Sanghera, Gurmit Santos, Chrismel B. Seguros, Eime O. Sermona, Karen M. Taghap, Joan Grace R. Undaloc, Ma. Elena M.

Uyvico, Mariquita E. Villacruz, Maria Jean O.

*alphabetical order


Alivio, Guane Marie Antonette G. Anatalio, Maria Caridad C. Andrada, Gaylene H. Ang, Kresta P. Aritcheta, Cherry Atilano, Ma. Theresa K. Ausente, Gritchine J. Badeaux, Cherie D. Belingon, Karolyn K. Beltran, Lundgreene P. Besinga, Merlina E. Best, Salve T. Brillantes, Maria Rosario D. Bulalayao, Denn Rosant Butay, Charlotte D. Cabanag, Genalyn C. Cabuang, Angelica C. Cadungon, Madonna B. Cahoy, Cecile A.

Calangi, Irish Mae G. Candido, Placida P. Cantero, Ma. Wella A. Cereno, Rosalina S. Codilla, Lilia E. Colansong, Emmalyn J. Colinares, Mary Ann C. Colot, Anamy C. Concepcion, Bella U. Cruz, Susan M. Cruza, Leizel R. Cunanan, Alma D. Dalloran, Consuelo C. Dela Cruz, Imelda P. Delas Alas, Jo Ann M. Delicano, Chris Jean F. Delos Reyes, Anna Lyn C. Dimaano, Ma. Rebecca O. Egnora, Jerrel J.

Eiline, Andrade Ereso, Sheryl M. Esquejo, Virginia B. Eusebio, Rosario P. Flores, Janice M. Frianeza, Rosario L. Gabrinao, Sharon M. Gallentes, Angela Kaye Gandolpos, Cristy P. Garcia, Jenalyn K. Gemoto, Kathleen Yulisys G. Gerafusco, Mary Grace P. Gonzales, Dinea B. Gregorio, Bella G. Guevara, Mary Ann D. Hubahib, Virginia P. Imana, Glenda Myra Q. Inciong, Victoria Debbie S. Isada, Monina S.

Labrador, Mayradel Lacandula, Rossana Lagsit, Mildred M. Lamila, Ana Marie O. Lapay, Catherine P. Laplana, Romalie C. Linsangan, Freda A. Loberanes, Precy Nettie Magaway, Anita Jane E. Magbuhos, Maricris C. Magsombol, Vilma A. Mallabo, Ma. Teodora P. Manas, Ma. Regina A. Manlapaz, Divine Grace D. Manresa, Cherry Q. Mantilla, Harris C. Mendijar, Grace M. Mendoza, Neida I. Mercado, Rosalia A.

Milar, Ana Marie C. Nequinto, Marianne M. Norcio, Madonna T. Ocariza, Veronica P. Olaso, Angelia Joy O. Oljol, Crisologa A. Ongonion, Nida L. Oress, Bohol M. Orong, Melba B. Paden, Joylie P. Paires, Arlene B. Pangilinan, Rochelle D. Pardillo, Melissa Rae A. Pobre, Frannie F. Pomento, Hazel S. Potayre, Sharon N. Quiambao, Maria Lorievic V. Ram, Rodalyn E. Rayos, Vincent Ryan D.

Resurreccion, Julieta P. Rey, Elsie P. Reyes, Charito C. Rodriguez, Ma. Monica S. Ronquillo, Vilma C. Rudio, Jonalyn D. Saldana, Maria Tzarina G. Samson, Elyza P. Santos, Michelle M. Sarabia, Nora Saula, Rawiya S. Servo, Leynette A. Sibal, Elizabeth M. Solatorio, Jarabella S. Sta Ana, Luz B. Sta.rita, Kristine O. Suerte, Ofelia S. Tarlengco, Gemma U. Torres, Donna D.

Tria, George P. Uy, Generose D. Uy, Zona M. Valenton, Edna F. Velasco, Ester Veloso, Elenie D. Verceles, Irene L. Villaflores, Margie S. Villanueva, Gemma I. Vitorillo, Jane M. Zaragoza, Caroline *alphabetical order

Ladder of Success Sales Directors with 5, 7, 9, 11 & more Ladder of Success Achievers in Mary Kay quarter July – September 2013




Concepcion, Bella U.

Angkim, Margie D. Cahoy, Cecile A. Ceña, Marites

Bridwell, Khristine Marie P. Del Corro, Marita

Guerrero, Anna Gayle Hubahib, Virginia P.

Norcio, Madonna T. *alphabetical order

*alphabetical order

*First Time Senior Consultants for September 2013 Independent Beauty Consultants with 1 to 2 active team members for the first time in a given month

Abad, Nino M. Abaja, Cristina M. Albania, Pamela D. Albuera, Sahrens C. Alde, Judith D. Allawan, Gerlina B. Angeles, Joshua M. Aradillos, Amalia F. Arcosa, Vannesa Jean S. Balbin, Kristine Anne S. Bastareche, Elerita D. Bautista, Rosalia B. Cabajes, Jiezel M.

Cada, Barbara Elishea P. Caralos, Ariane Mae G. Carreon, Apple F. Chio, Arlene C. Colcol, Joan T. Cuarteron, Joal D. Dalawampu, Rebecca De Guzman, Christina S. Develez, Pechie O. Estabillo, Elsa M. Fabio, Jhonalyn F. Fullante, Ma. Bernardita A. Gabing, Rosie F.

Gacis, Ma. Lourdes S. Garcia, Esvimin E. Garcia, Milagros V. Huele, Dianah Jane L. Isidoro, Susan B. Jalandoni, Aubrey Beth V. Jiongco, Criselda Pamela A. Justol, Fritzie F. Lanuza, Joan L. Layug, Analiza Basilan Licup, Mary Jane G. Lising, Norma P. Los Baños, Ma. Michelle M.

Loseriaga, Evangeline E. Madera, Debbie C. Manalo, Cellini Marie B. Manalo, Reggie A. Manas, Ma. Regina A. Mapatac, Myrna E Maraon, Dan Emmanuel M. Mendoza, Donna Aileen L. Mercado, Sheryl T. Ng, Dennie Grace M. Nicdao, Eisel P. Nuval, Shiena Kathleen N. Ochea, Annalle A.

*First Time Group Leaders for September 2013 Independent Beauty Consultants with 3 to 4 active team members for the first time in a given month.

Anatalio, Maria Caridad C. Calda, Samuel P. Castrodes, Jennifer F. Contreras, Felomina Guzman, Emma B. Jumianjang, Anuarizza A. Lopae, Sherhyle N. Lumactod, Cherrylou B.

Macasaet, Bernadette D. Maxino, Margerie B. Mendaros, Ma. Teresita D. Ocampo, Edelita B. Ocariza, Veronica P. Paden, Joylie P. Pasamonte, Josie Princesa, Remedios G.

Rebosura, Ruby O. Sacksteder, Grace B. Tarlengco, Gemma U. Velasco, Ester

2nd Floor Allegro Center, 2284 Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati City Tel. Nos: (02) 859-6200/859-MARY Fax No: (02) 859-6299 Email:

*alphabetical order

Independent Beauty Consultants with 8 or more active personal members for the first time in a given month.

Dinamling, Leny Y. Espilita, Nona S. Nerves, Karen T.

Rudio, Jonalyn D. Viste, Melody G. *alphabetical order

Pangan, Katrina A. Tirazona, Manuela P. Tongdo, Marisa K. *alphabetical order

*Red Jacket University Graduates for September 2013 Alcazar, Mary Grace A. Arceo, Rosaria B. Colansong, Emmalyn J. Colcol, Christine Joy S. Concha, Jennifer P. De La Cruz, Marirose V. De La Fuente, Helen I.


Mezzanine, Unit M-14A Shoppes@Victoria Victoria Towers, Timog corner Panay Avenue, Quezon City Tel. Nos: (02) 371-8355 (02) 371-8322

De Leon, Arlene C. Garcia, Esvimin E. Go, Ma. Dina S. Guanso, Penelope C. Magsombol, Vilma A. Nazareno, Neil I. Nilo, Estrella M.

Pagusara, Jorries S. Rudio, Jonalyn D. Sanchez, Pamelle C. Silioco, Junda C. Tria, George P. *alphabetical order

Top Sales Director with the most number of ESRS Graduates for September 2013

“With six billion human beings inhabiting our planet, individuals sometimes feel insignificant and doubt that one person can really make a difference in this world. Well, believe me, one person can.” - Mary Kay Ash


Torres, Donna D. Velarde, Vivian M. Verano, Luz F. Vergara, Jaramie L. Villacruz, Maria Jean O. Ylanan, Rheaflor R. Zeta, Clarissa T.

*alphabetical order

*First Time Team Leaders for September 2013 Jumamil, Ma. Louiellie Z. Kalaw, Ma. Riczell Amor Lopez, Merlina L. Mantes, Rosalyn P. Mendoza, Shirly G. Navarro, Jonnielyn D.

Rioflorido, Joli Anne R. Rondario, Niñalita Rosa, Llewelyn May C. Rosano, Roxanne A. Salvatierra, Elvie V. Santos, Michelle M. Santos, Wilhelm Ingrid A. Servo, Leynette A. Simeon, Christine O. Sta Ana, Luz B. Sto Domingo, Flordeliza L. Tan, Leah A. Tono, Reina Imee P.

*First Time Future Sales Directors for September 2013 Banggos, Arleen S. Camano, Rosie S. Del Monte, Wilma Joy M.

Independent Beauty Consultants with 5 to 7 active team members for the first time in a given month.

Arzanique, Ma. Larcidita P. Balleza, Reinalou B. Batiquin, Joan Y. Caralos, Prisca G. Dayao, Nenita C. Dayao, Sherry Lynne C.

Olaso, Angelia Joy O. Olaso, Joy I. Osio, Linda N. Pablo, Leslie L. Pacada, Mary Joy R. Paolma, Analyn N. Peniero, Maricynne L. Portado, Gela C. Princillo, Jenalyn E. Pugoy, Dina C. Razonado, Russel Dyan D. Remonde, Jean B. Reyes, Mary Rose D.

Senior Sales Director Virginia Estepa *alphabetical order



Ground Floor, Philam Life Rizal Street, Davao City Tel. Nos: (082) 224-5956 (082) 224-5955

Ground Floor, Cebu Capitol Commercial Complex N. Escario Street, Bgy. Camputhaw, Cebu City Tel. No: (032) 254-8081 Fax No: (032) 253-4661

ZAMBOANGA CITY 2nd Floor, YPC Building Veteran's Avenue, 7000 Zamboanga City Tel. No: (062) 992-6222




Seminar 2013

CELEBRATE! Seminar is a day of celebration filled with glitter and glamour. Here, we always honor the women and men who make sure that Mary Kay Ash's mission to enrich peoples' lives continues to live on.


unit sales sharing personal personal sales sales Sales Director

beauty Consultant












Court Qualifiers Mada Apostol Mary Jane Castillo Virginia Estepa Rosemarie Grapa Jackielyn Surdilla

Court Qualifier Letecia Loloy

Top Sales Directors' Trip Achievers Charlotte Agustin Cecile Cahoy Marites Ceña Bella Concepcion Marita Del Corro Virginia Estepa Olivia Gonzales Virginia Hubahib Leonida Romero Circle of Excellence Charlotte Agustin Cecile Cahoy Marites Ceña Bella Concepcion Marita Del Corro Virginia Estepa Anna Gayle Guerrero Virginia Hubahib Freda Linsangan Leonida Romero Circle of Achievement Armando Abinsay, Jr. Rochelle Lynn Carpio Olivia Gonzales Victoria Simeon Charito Reyes Rochelle Pangilinan Victoria Debbie Inciong Margie Angkim Lourdes Felix

For more photos of One Woman CanTM Philippine Seminar 2013, log on to under Quick Links section. 2

applause november 2013

applause november 2013



of the


Queen of Court of Personal Sales - Sales Director

Queen of Court of Unit Sales

Celedonia Jabel

Marita Del Corro Independent Executive Senior Sales Director Marita Del Corro has been enjoying the Mary Kay life for 13 years with the full support of her business partner and ever-loving husband, Ernie, as well as her three sons – Mark Joseph, Mark Christian and John Ernest. Marita has garnered Unit Sales awards since she became a Sales Director in 2000, including 4 Dallas, USA trips, Top Sales Director Trips in Asia-Pacific, Europe and Africa. She is an Annual Go-Give Award Winner – the highest award in Mary Kay given to a Sales Director who personifies the Mary Kay Go-Give Spirit. She’s the Top Sales Director of the Nation and the Queen of Court of Unit Sales two times (Seminar 2010 and 2013). A consistent member of the Millionaire’s club, Marita holds the record of having monthly unit sales of more than P1 million for nearly 60 straight months -- an achievement that she would like to dedicate to and share with her unit members, the Soaring Eagles, and her offspring Sales Directors.

Independent Sales Director Celedonia “Cely” Jabel is honored that she's crowned the Queen of Court of Personal Sales – Sales Director for Mary Kay Philippines for the second time around (Seminar 2012 and 2013).

Amidst all these feats, Marita believes that she is an ordinary woman, but one who has an extraordinary determination to enrich others through the Mary Kay career. “The Mary Kay opportunity is truly a blessing,” she beams. “It has blessed my family and loved ones in different ways. It has touched hearts and supported lives of many women.”

It is surreal for Cely because she just started her Mary Kay business two years ago. Her family, loved ones, and colleagues in the business have seen how Mary Kay changed Cely’s life drastically from her humble beginnings as an Independent Beauty Consultant, achieving the 2013 Asia Pacific Rally Challenge Trip in China, becoming a Sales Director and being named as one of the Seminar Queens during Mary Kay’s 50th Anniversary.

For Marita, there is always a new opportunity to look forward to in Mary Kay. “Growing up required hard work since I didn’t come from a well-off family, but Mary Kay taught me that when you dream big, you can achieve,” she recalls. Because of Mary Kay, Marita was able to send all her three boys to college, earn all her cars, travel the world, and, now, acquire her and Ernie’s own dream house! Likewise, Marita's Mary Kay business makes her family relationship stronger and lovelier than ever. “My sons appreciate the things I do in Mary Kay. They are proud that their mom is an Independent Mary Kay Sales Director. Of course, thank you to my husband Ernie who has been with me through this journey.”

Being one of the top Mary Kay personal sellers makes Cely realize that there are countless opportunities in store for her in this career. “As you grow your business, you achieve many milestones such as financial freedom (through commissions and selling income), invaluable education, free trips overseas, priceless jewelry, recognition and other surprises that come along the way,” she explains.

Asked what’s next for Marita, she quickly replies “I will go back to my goal poster and to my wish box, and pray that I would be able to enrich more lives through the beauty of Mary Kay."

Her 22-year old daughter Christine Valerie is an Independent Beauty Consultant under her unit, while her boys - Marcian and Michael - are actively helping her with the business. She is also focused on achieving her first Mary Kay Pink Car, producing her first offspring Sales Director and later becoming an Executive Senior Sales Director. Asked if there’s a winning formula to her success, Cely humbly replies, “I don’t know exactly, I just share the products and the opportunity with everyone that I meet!” She always makes sure to book appointments, to conduct facials with her potential customers and to do team building activities daily. Many people who have met Cely cannot believe that she is a retired Police Superintendent. “Maybe that’s my secret why I always make great sales, I look younger than my age!” Cely laughs. Indeed, Cely’s life in Mary Kay gets better… and even younger!

But beyond those monetary and material incentives, Cely attests that she has more quality time to spend with her family compared to what she had before joining Mary Kay.

Truly, the Mary Kay opportunity is Marita’s way of life.

Queen of Court of Sharing Queen of Court of Personal Sales - Beauty Consultant

Grace Adriatico

Senior Beauty Consultant Grace Adriatico is honored and blessed to be one of Mary Kay Philippines’ top Independent Beauty Consultants. Since 2009, she has been part of the Queen’s Court of Personal Sales - Beauty Consultant and has been named the Queen three times (Seminar 2010, 2012 and 2013) for introducing the wonderful Mary Kay products to Filipinas out there.

Asked how she's able to achieve such feat, Grace answers, “I follow Mary Kay’s formula of introducing our products through skin care classes. Once our customers have tried the products, it's a breeze to sell them. When they become our regular customers, it's easy to offer other Mary Kay products because they know that our products are of good quality.”

Grace started her Mary Kay career ten years ago. Like any other first time customer, she was invited to attend a skin care class and fell in love with the products right away. “Mary Kay is a very good business opportunity to go into because of its good products and there’s only a minimal investment. After signing up, I excitedly read the materials in the Starter Kit, scheduled my first skin care class and got my first P12,000 sales,” she recalls.

According to Grace, consistency is the key in doing her Mary Kay business. “I conduct my skin care classes regularly, plan my goals and monitor my skin care class activities based on the goals I set for myself. Of course, I pray about it, too.”

Hitting more than P1 million personal sales a year is a huge accomplishment for Grace and she’s very grateful to the Lord and to her ever supporting husband Agne and her daughters – Anna and Arianne – for having this kind of accomplishment.


philippine seminar 2013 special supplement

Grace looks forward to doing her Mary Kay business for a very long time. “Mary Kay is a rewarding career because of its financial freedom and time flexibility. I can balance my time for God, for my family and for my friends. I even have time for my other career as a financial consultant and be an achiever in this business as well” she shares, “But above all, through Mary Kay, we can enrich others lives." Indeed, for Grace, it pays to be consistent.

Alma Alburo

Independent Senior Sales Director Alma Alburo is not new to Philippine Seminar's awarding ceremony. Since 2007, she has always been part of the Queen’s Court of Sharing and has been crowned Mary Kay Philippines’ Queen of Sharing four times (Seminar 2007, 2010, 2011 and 2013) because of her passion to share the Mary Kay career with other women.

“It didn’t even occur in my dreams that I would become a Queen. It was just any girl’s dream. But it is only in Mary Kay that I felt this kind of recognition,” Alma humbly says. “I believe that every woman in this business deserves this kind of attention because of the hard work she puts into it.” According to her, Mary Kay’s unique way of building up people is for a woman to duplicate her success in the people she leads. She is able to do this successfully by ensuring that everything she does in her Mary Kay career is easy and fun and passes this on to the women she shares the business with. Alma makes sure that she listens very well to the needs of every woman she meets.

“By knowing what she is looking for in her life, I tell her how the Mary Kay opportunity can address her needs,” she relates. “If she’s longing for a new career, then Mary Kay is the perfect career option. If she needs extra income, Mary Kay can offer such reward by sharing the products with other women out there.” Alma firmly believes that each woman has an invisible sign that says 'Make Me Feel Important'. “I treat each of my customers and my unit members as Very Important Person in my business,” she reveals. She does facials with her customers one-by-one and conducts individual appointments with her unit members. “My customers and unit members appreciate it. I guess that’s where the goodwill, trust and bonding begin,” she adds. Asked if there’s a winning formula for her success, Alma simply points out, “All of us started with a P1,975 Starter Kit, it’s up to us what we do and achieve from it.” Undeniably, by the way things are turning out for her, Alma always aims for success.

philippine seminar 2013 special supplement




Award Winners 2013 Ms. Annual Go-Give® 2013 and Quarterly Go-Give® Award Winner (Quarter 3)

Rhea Bordadora

Independent Senior Sales Director Rhea Bordadora is deeply honored to receive the prestigious Seminar 2013 Ms. Annual Go-Give® Award. “I am overwhelmed to receive this kind of recognition. It’s a memorable moment. Thank you to all my sister Sales Directors, my Millions of Hope unit and my Mary Kay family for the trust and appreciation,” she humbly says. She is also the Quarter 3 Go-Give® Award Winner. For Rhea, the Go-Give® Spirit is not only merely helping out her sister Sales Directors and Beauty Consultants in their Mary Kay business without expecting anything in return; but, more importantly, also sharing and teaching the values of Mary Kay like the Golden Rule service and the mission of Enriching Women’s Lives. “I’ve learned in Mary Kay that you treat others the way you want to be treated and you always share with others your success,” she adds. In fact, a couple of years ago, Rhea just wanted to have a simple career where she could apply what she had learned from her Marketing Management course in college. Before joining Mary Kay, she worked as a sales lady in different shopping malls in Davao. But when her best friend introduced the Mary Kay opportunity to her, she immediately decided to invest in the Starter Kit and a rewarding Mary Kay career came her way.

“My life has changed since I began my Mary Kay career. Many unexpected blessings - like financial security, priceless education, countless recognition, my Sales Directorship position, my first Pink Car, unforgettable trips abroad and other gifts that the Company provided me - have come out when I began working on my Mary Kay business,” Rhea shares.

Quarterly Go-Give® Award Winner (Quarter 2)

Francia Espiñosa

Francia “France” Espinosa remembers that she was elated to hear the news that she was the recipient of the Quarter 2 Go-Give® Award. For her, it was a surprise because she wasn’t expecting to receive such honor from her peers in Mary Kay. It is a special recognition that comes straight from heart and gives her that wonderful feeling because she has been able to touch others' lives when it is least expected.


philippine seminar 2013 special supplement

Furthermore, Rhea appreciates the fact that, in Mary Kay, her self-confidence has increased, her faith to the Lord has strengthened and her love for her family has grown even more. “Plus, I am surrounded with beautiful, enthusiastic, smart and hardworking women. All these have helped me become a better person,” she adds. In the process of growing her business, Rhea further learns to value Mary Kay’s mission of Enriching Women’s Lives. “As a Beauty Consultant and as a Sales Director, you have proven and established your worth on how you can change your life. Now, you have the chance to share your success through offering the Mary Kay opportunity with other women out there,” she says. Rhea feels truly blessed that she belongs to a Company with a heart that truly cares about people and appreciates their contributions and hard work. “I can never imagine what my life could be if I am not here in Mary Kay,” she beams with joy.

The Go-Give® Award is perhaps the greatest honor a Mary Kay Independent Sales Director can earn. Those who possess the Go-Give® spirit are the heart of this Company and our shining hope for the futre.

-Mary Kay Ash

Quarterly Go-Give® Award Winner (Quarter 1)

Dyesabel Evarreta

Independent Senior Sales Director Dyesabel Everreta expressed her gratitude to her sister Sales Directors and Beauty Consultants who have acknowledged her Go-Give Spirit®. Dyesabel is the recipient of the Quarter 1 Go-Give® Award.“This award really means a lot to me because it is given to me by my peers in the business. I am happy and grateful as well,” she reveals. According to her, the Go-Give Spirit® showcases unconditional love, compassion and understanding. “It shows that you want to help others whole-heartedly without expecting any return from them,” she describes. Dyesabel started her career in Mary Kay with a desire to help herself and her family

rise from poverty. “I want to cherish a life that is financially worry-free because I didn’t experience that when I was growing up. Because of Mary Kay, I am able to support my personal as well as my family’s needs; even extending it to my siblings, nieces and nephews. The financial aspect of my life has greatly improved,” she recounts. But, eventually, Dyesabel learned that, in Mary Kay, P&L does not necessarily mean Profit and Loss, but instead it means People and Love.

“Although Mary Kay is a business, we can still go beyond what is expected from us without thinking of any financial favor. Mary Kay Ash taught me that if we honor and serve the people who work for us, they will honor and serve us well, too. They will make our business successful the way we want it to be,” she explains. This kind of perspective rekindles Dyesabel’s mission to further enrich women’s lives.

Quarterly Go-Give® Award Winner (Quarter 4)

Olivia Gonzales

Independent Executive Senior Sales Director Olivia “Olive” Gonzales recalls that moment in Philippine Seminar when she was proclaimed the Quarter 4 Go-Give® Award Winner. “I was bursting into tears because I was not expecting that I would be called on Seminar stage to receive this kind of recognition,” she remembers. Thankful to all her sister Sales Directors who recognized her Go-Give® Spirit, Olive adds, “I’ll be forever grateful because this award is something that is personal and comes from the heart.” For Olive, the Go-Give® Spirit comes from the random acts of selflessness, kindness and thoughtfulness that you do to others. As she sums it up, “it is doing your Mary Kay business with love and care.” Before joining Mary Kay, Olive recalls that there was a point in her life that she was very down, hopeless and shattered. “My business went bankrupt. I lost a huge amount of money and started incurring big debts. I was so worried and desperate because my kids were growing up then. I was not getting any younger, too. I asked myself what else I could do to support my husband’s work,” she recalls.

Through a skin care class, Olive discovered the Mary Kay opportunity and rediscovered the beauty of life. Little by little, she was able to pay her debts as she moved up the career path of Mary Kay. In less than 5 months, she became an Independent Sales Director. Later on, she achieved her Pink Car, became an Independent Executive Senior Sales Director and achieved numerous trips like the recently concluded 2013 Top Sales Directors Trip in South Africa and the NSD-in-the-Making Challenge in Singapore.

“The Mary Kay opportunity is a living miracle,” Olive remarks. “Look what it has done positively in my life.” Another opportunity that Olive sees is how such a position like that of an Independent Sales Director can help others' lives. “As you move up in this business, you see yourself as a positive influence to other people – from making them look beautiful, increasing the level of their selfconfidence, improving the financial aspect of their lives up to changing their views and outlook towards life. And I praise God for this beautiful miracle,” she says with enthusiasm and joy. Indeed, for Olive, the Go-Give® Spirit lives on in the hearts of every Independent Beauty Consultant and Sales Director.

philippine seminar 2013 special supplement


LEARN & ENJOY! Seminar is a day of empowering education. Top local and global Independent National Sales Directors shared lessons and tips on how to have a fruitful Mary Kay business! Plus, our participants enjoy sisterhood bonding during the spectacular General Assembly and Awards Night.


Star Consistency - Star Beauty Consultant 2013 Sapphire Ruby Diamond Emerald Charlotte Agustin Normita Bautista Armando Abinsay Jr. Grace Adriatico Margie Angkim Glesie Caballo Marites Ce単a Yvonne Cornejo Genalyn Cabanag Cecile Cahoy Mary Ann Colinares Maria Linda Duran Loida Comendador Joie Dela Rosa Jocelyn Lumibao Rosemarie Grapa Bella Concepcion Donna Fe Ferrer Joylene Pensoy Rhona Lyn Guerrero Susan Cruz Victoria Debbie Inciong Virginia Ramones Celedonia Jabel Isabelita Galac Marissa Magtoto Jungmi Song Toni Jao Virginia Hubahib Amelia Sardea Emelita Jeremias Renesita Isla Ofelia Suerte Hernani Lanzaderas Mary Grace Lanzanas Mariquita Uyvico Letecia Loloy Rochelle Pangilinan Marissa Long Josephine Silva Ma. Luisa Mata Juh Ann Tolentino Nancy Grace Orpia Elenita Yu Georgiana Yu

Star Consistency - Star sales director 2013 Ruby Diamond Cecile Cahoy Bella Concepcion Marites Ce単a I encourage every Beauty Consultant to achieve the Star Consistency status because it brings great rewards, like bigger income and more recognition, to your Mary Kay career. Consistency is the key to earn big in this business. - Senior Sales Director Bella Concepcion

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