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I received a Call from a lady who was complaining to me about the HCG diet. She said something was wrong, that the Homeopathic HCG diet was not working. She used it for three earlier rounds and was successful with them. She said she had lost over 60 pounds. She was doing her fourth-round and couldn't understand why she couldn't lose that last 10 pounds. She complained she was always hungry and there was nothing she could do to keep that hunger from bothering her.

I told her to stop the diet immediately because the Homeopathic HCG had done its job. She couldn't live off of her fat storage; her fat cells were on empty. There is nothing that she could do to keep the hunger from driving her crazy because she didn't have anything to live off of. She needed fat for the hcg diet to work and she was running on empty. She needed to eat something. She needed to stop the diet.

When you're born you came equipped with 10 to 20 million fat cells. You're predisposed to gaining weight. As you grow the amount of fat cells grow with you so you wind up with a large amount of fat cells. It just makes sense. You have to have a place to put the fat which is fuel. So your body comes equipped with some storage tanks. Her predicament arose from the fact that she was 40 to 50 pounds overweight to begin with. The problem arises that when you start exceeding 15 to 20 lbs your body is forced to make fat cells. You don't have enough fat cells. Your body has to actually manufacture more fat cells to store the new fat. Along with that you have to feed your fat cells and that requires an infrastructure of capillary tubing just to support all of the new fat that she was gaining. Did You Know? For every pound of fat, there is one mile of blood vessels. So if you're 40 pounds overweight, you have 40 miles of capillary tubing that is required to support your fat cells.

Her last 10 lbs that she was trying to lose was the infrastructure that was needed to store the fat. Fat cells have mass, therefore weight. 20 million fat cells even though their empty and tiny, add to the overall weight problem. In reality, the HCG diet had done its job. She lost the fat, but she still has all those fat cells. You might have 40 to 50 million extra fat cells. That last 10 pounds can be really difficult to get rid of. If you are 10 to 20 pounds overweight then there is no difficulty. Just follow the HCG diet protocol, and watch the pounds fall off.

It takes a long time to disassemble the infrastructure, and all those fat cells. You will never have that anorexic look, and you just might have to settle for that curvy healthy center fold look. You can speed things up by exercising the muscles around the area that you lost the fat and build that muscle so it will take your fat cells and convert them into muscle cells.

Homeopathic HCG and that last 10 pounds