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Clinical trials, clinical studies and the need for controlling them. The whole concept of clinical trials was introduced so that the study could be observed in a comparison mode so that one could validate the data. That all sounds good. The problem with that is when you do a study in a controlled environment. The study is controlled, and so are the results. So what does all that mean? It means that their intention was good, but the outcome is totally biased because it is controlled. Doing a study of behavior of people who are either in a control group or are actually participating in whatever their testing, is not anywhere near reality. Control studies give controlled results. The control is usually in favor of whoever is paying for the trial. The study is set up so that it will show optimum performance in whatever outcome they want simply because they're controlling the questions. the easiest way to control data processing is by asking questions and not asking questions. The art of data mining and gathering of data, is a science, it's become more of and art form. The information that gets returned is totally dependent upon the question that is asked. Unfortunately, there are many ways to ask a question. Lawyers are really good at manipulating questions for the desired answer. Judges usually refer to this as leading the witness. I call it leading the data. An example of this is the old joke , where someone asks you if your mother ever caught you playing with yourself in the bathroom? No matter how you answer this question you are guilty of playing with yourself. Another example would be the hCG diet. The FDA the FCC, the Better Business Bureau, the AMA, and all the other righteous groups who are trying to Maintain control over their authority, push their conclusions on the data that they have conclusively conducted. They totally overlook what's happening in real time, over the past 10 years that I'm aware of, where people are participating in the Dr. Simeon's program and losing weight successfully, without giving up their health. To the contrary, these people who have successfully lost weight on the hCG diet also are getting their health back. Kind of ironic, I think, that those in authority can not see that thousands of people are losing weight successfully with the hCG diet. We are not talking a pound a week, were talking a pound a day. That's pretty awesome. So, when someone tries to talk you out of this diet with whatever argument They can present to you, ask them to explain, "How is it possible that thousands of people have done this diet and lost incredible amounts of weight and still stayed healthy?"

Sometimes when you're data mining and doing your clinical study, the artful answer you're looking for is controlled by not asking the right question.

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