Domus Nova Ibiza Issue 2

Page 66

Food & drink


Bring it on Ibiza Delivers Ibiza is pretty much a giant smorgasbord in the middle of the Mediterranean. Good food and drink are celebrated, and as much a part of the culture as music is. Between the worldrenowned restaurants, hidden beach bars, food festivals and supper clubs, it would probably take months, years perhaps, to sample everything on offer. Despite that all, there is a lot to be said for having a fully stocked kitchen, should you want to cook a big family lunch or throw a lavish dinner party. Ibiza Delivers can make all of that possible and more. These guys provide a level of service to the highest degree, seven days a week. You can book an order up to three months in advance, and have it delivered to your door the day you set foot on the island. From caviar to cauliflower, wheatgrass to whisky, their inventory is awash with an unbelievable range of produce, kitchen supplies and even toiletries. If you’re on a boat – no matter – they offer both an onshore provisioning service in one of their refrigerated trucks and an offshore provisioning service using their Hunton 1005 RIB. They also provide the island’s only luxury water taxi service, and can drop guests off for lunch or cocktails at a beach club or restaurant and whisk them away again in style. Thrill seekers can even do a spot of waterskiing or donuting… There’s a reason the Ibiza Delivers logo is a pair of wings – they are like the guardian angels of the island and will go above and beyond to sort you out and make sure your time on the island is a cut above, in the easiest way possible.