Domus Nova Ibiza Issue 2

Page 63

Are there any projects in Ibiza currently that you can talk about? We finished a super nice kitchen in a house near Benirrás last summer. There’s nothing concrete right now for 2018, although we have some exciting conversations happening. Watch this space! Are there different rules that apply for an Amsterdam house as opposed to one in Ibiza? There are no standard rules. Every object and client is unique and we take a fully custom approach to every project.

Photography - Jasper Faber

Any architects that you would care to mention who you love? In Amsterdam we love to work with Nicemakers, RA. Studio and Framework Studio. They’re all local, up-and-coming studios. On Ibiza we have worked with Ibiza Interiors. What do you love most about Ibiza? It’s difficult to put in to words, for me it’s pure feeling. The moment I get off the plane and set my feet on the ground, I’m tremendously happy. When I think of Ibiza I think of the amazing views and different colours you can see overlooking the campo from the terrace of a stunning house.

Are you a stick or carrot kind of boss? I’m not the type of person that rules with an iron fist, so more the carrot kind of boss… I’d like to think my team would say the same thing – ha-ha! I know they don’t see me as ‘the boss’, we all work together on creating something amazing; I need them as much as they need me. We work together, eat together, and grow together. It’s working well so far. What’s your favourite food? Do you have a secret eatery and a guilty pleasure in Amsterdam and Ibiza? Oooh… Difficult to say but grilled chicken I guess. I still love the kebab at La Paloma but that’s not much of a secret anymore. I had a super nice dinner experience recently at Ibiza Food Studio in the old part of the city. In Amsterdam, a guilty pleasure for me is definitely chicken kebab at Donny’s. What music are you listening to now? As we speak I’m listening to Avalon. Roxy Music is a pretty guilty pleasure as well! Long night or long lunch? It definitely used to be a long night for sure. It still is once in a while, but then I like to go all the way so a long night which continues on to a long lunch is perfect.