Domus Nova Ibiza Issue 2

Page 62

Interior design


How long has Eginstill been around? We’ve been around since 2007. Back then I had my own small workshop and did all the designing, woodwork and installations myself. We started out small as I guess does everyone. How did you get into kitchens? Actually, by coincidence I worked in the restaurant and bar business for quite a while. I always enjoyed starting up new businesses and especially felt drawn to the design side of every new project. I spent a few years working in several places around the world. One of the best was my summer in Ibiza in 2001 working in El Ayoun, which was a legendary restaurant in San Rafael but is sadly no longer around. I ended up working in the mountains in France where I met the love of my life and we then moved back home to Amsterdam. I became fed up with working at night so I started to help out a friend in his woodworking workshop. The smell of the timber, the physical element combined with the design and details struck me and I realised that was what I wanted to do. So why kitchens? In my eyes, the kitchen is the most important place in the house – the heart in a way. It has to be a logistically perfect setting, because ultimately it is a working space. Trying to hit the right combination of functionality, aesthetic and materials is what I love the most about designing kitchens.

What we always arrive to comes from a mix of the clients’ wishes, the location and my experience. What defines Eginstill kitchens? Functionality, personality and honest materials. We always explore new materials and details – no concessions or boundaries. What does the future hold for the company? Who knows?! There’s the world to conquer in a way. We can go anywhere, shipping is easy and I still love traveling and meeting new people. The smell of good food, new places, new materials… We’re working on something new and more accessible, but that’s for the long term. For now, we will continue to push boundaries and make incredible, unique items. What trends are you seeing now in the kitchen sector? I guess more and more people are starting to realise it’s the most important place in the house so people tend to move from the standard brands to more personal solutions like the ones we can offer. Gas cooking is on its way out, and induction cookers with incorporated extraction are going to be the new standard. Easy cleaning, more efficient and we lose the everannoying hood.