Domus Nova Ibiza Issue 2

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Clearly, Seth is a master of his craft but it’s his general vibe that takes our passion for him to new heights. Take a look at anything he does and Seth never comes across as too serious and is always up for a laugh. Seemingly unaffected by the circus of fame, he keeps that unguarded, down-to-earth connection with his crowd as he blows the roof off time and time again. He plays what he loves and we in turn love whatever he plays.

Is it right that 2018 marks the eighth anniversary of your arrival in Ibiza? Yeah, it’s been eight years. I first started coming to Ibiza regularly when DC10 re-opened. I had met Antonio and Andrea (DC10’s owners) in Rome while the club was closed and they told me about it and asked if I wanted to be a resident there. I didn’t have any idea what the club stood for, or even really that much about Ibiza, as it’s not as much of a holiday destination for Americans as it is for Europeans. Even so, I said, “why not?!” Eight years later, here we are. ​​​​​​​​

Photography - Marilyn Clark

Was a life in Ibiza ever on your agenda when you were younger? I think my mom told me when I first started coming to Ibiza that she had read about it in Vogue in the 80s and always thought it was a cool place to go. She said she thought about it when I was first born, so maybe I was always destined to come here! We weren’t the richest of people growing up, so coming to Ibiza for a holiday from Detroit wasn’t really on the cards. It actually wasn’t until the reopening of DC10 that I even was able to experience what the island was all about. Outside of that, my only knowledge was from magazines and stories from friends. DJs don’t just play the European summer. You seem to always be on the move catching summer seasons globally. Do you ever get time out? Time off is a funny thing… Is it work if you’re doing what you love? Maybe there is no time off when following your passions in life. At some points I do have proper days off – sometimes I take them, sometimes I don’t. It really depends on how you describe the idea of ‘off’ though. I personally don’t like to be ‘off’, as I love what I do so much. Where do you like to go out when you’re not DJ-ing on the island? My favourite place to go out is ‘Club Troxler’. The headline DJ is my couch and the resident DJ is my girlfriend, Luiza, playing

music. I guess I don’t really go out so much. Ibiza for me is seeing friends and enjoying food. I spend most of my life in clubs, so when I’m home I like to really chill and be a local Ibiza resident. Do you have a favourite beach? Well I don’t like the sand so beaches are kind of out for me, but I do like looking at the water so I would say Sa Caleta is my favourite as you can look at the water from the restaurant while eating amazing food! You travel extensively. Where is home for you? Through all my travels, home is Ibiza. This one is for my home crew! Tell us about Melodies & Memories. Do you still go record shopping and if so, where do you go? I love record shopping; record culture is such a big part of my life. Melodies & Memories is a record store I worked in for years back in Michigan so being in a record store is like being in a second home. Whenever I’m in Amsterdam, I go to Rush Hour. In Ibiza there are a few small local shops that are pretty cool. I’m trying to explore them a little bit more. There’s also Phonica Records in London, and Gramaphone Records in Chicago... I try and hit all the greatest record stores around the world whenever I have the chance. What does 2018 hold for Seth Troxler? 2018 is the year of new beginnings for me, where I really start to explore some new frontiers across everything that I do. I’ve got several new projects dropping this year which I’ve been working on for a long time, so we’ll have to wait and see what those surprises bring. If you can change one thing about Ibiza what would it be? And what would you preserve on the island forever? If I could change one thing about Ibiza it would be to make it cheaper so that everyone could enjoy it. I think it’s changing quite a lot into a class society and system and that’s not the real spirit of Ibiza. And that’s also the thing I never want to change – the spirit of the people who come here and the idea of the island. In Ibiza, there’s a special love and celebration of life that I think is very significant and unique. Outside of electronic music, what are you listening to now? I listen to my girlfriend DJ (without turntables and a mixer). She plays a lot of Brazilian music in our home. 53