Domus Nova Ibiza Issue 2

Page 35


With leaps and bounds in digital photography, there is something comfortably refreshing about the dream-like quality of Margherita Chiarva’s photography-based art. Growing up between Milan and Ibiza, the Italian photographer developed her unique style by accident at a very young age. The more we see of Margherita’s work, the more we are drawn into the individual pieces and the souls of the subjects she almost reveals.

We know you have a close connection with Ibiza. Do you still have a home or a creative studio on the island? I do. Ibiza is my second home, a beautiful shelter from the world and a very special place to me. What are the things about Ibiza that most inspire you and your work? The energy, the sea, the freedom. Your work blurs the lines between photography and art. How did you develop your signature style? I started taking photos when I was very young and didn’t know I had a mild myopia, so all my photos were out of focus. In the following years, I subconsciously kept that style and it became my signature. Through my photography I investigate feelings and memories, without the sharp lines of digital photography. They are blurred, ephemeral and with mild colors. What is your creative process and do you ever stop discovering new techniques? I see my photography as craftsmanship. I only shoot analogue and develop and manipulate my films with chemicals. I play with light and alchemy. We understand you sometimes work creatively with artist Grillo Demo. Tell us more about your collaboration. Grillo and I met many years ago through a common friend and we became good friends. I strongly admire his work and passion for his art. One day we collaborated for a magazine editorial and it came out so beautifully we decided to keep on working together. I would go to his home studio in Ibiza once or twice a week and we would paint and take photos and listen to Cuban music for days and nights. As a result, we have a beautiful project we’ll reveal one day, when it is the right moment.

Photography - Filippo Avandero

Where can we go to see and buy your work on Ibiza? In Ibiza, I don’t have a gallery at the moment but you can see my works on my website. What are your plans for 2018, on Ibiza and beyond? I’ve already completed a new project in Milan and went to Argentina in March for an art residency. I have an exhibition in Palermo in June during Manifesta, the roving European Biennial of Contemporary Art. 35