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Let's Dansk

Never mind the walls. If this furniture could talk, it would likely spill a saga or two! Founded by tastemakers Marko Yeo and Tawan Conchonnet, Noden is a Singapore-based boutique showcasing a handpicked range of exquisitely crafted vintage furniture, with a strong focus on original mid-century & Scandinavian modern design. A vast majority of the pieces are Danish modern classics of the 1950s, 60s and 70s – from popular icons to obscure rarities, the collection is comprehensive to the nth degree.

More than just a store, Noden represents a meaningful part of design history. It’s like every piece was hauled from a magical time capsule that was buried in 1979 to preserve 30 years of Scandinavian design. Of course, there was no magic capsule. Instead, the seemingly effortless compilation of furniture has evolved over years of meticulous cultivation, buoyed by Marko and Tawan’s profound respect and love for modern Scandinavian craft. After hearing them speak so passionately about Noden, our appreciation for Scandinavian design has been wholly reinvigorated. Hopefully, our enthusiasm is as infectious as theirs.

How did Noden get its beginnings?

After many years of collecting, we decided it was time to share our love for Scandinavian design with the world, so launched an online and physical store in April 2013. The main goal was to procure only original vintage furniture pieces. These have become very rare to find in a market saturated with replicas.

What is it about Danish modern design that inspires your passion for it?

The clean lines, simplicity, organic forms and level of craftsmanship is second to none. The unique relationship between cabinetmakers and designers from this era has ensured the longevity of so many pieces which can still be enjoyed to this day.

What’s the best thing about working with vintage products?

There is a soulfulness in vintage pieces that newly made pieces can never replicate; the age and value of the timber adds so much character to one’s home or space. All our furniture is from the golden age of Scandinavian Modernism. The places these pieces have been, the stories behind them alone makes them even more charming and alluring. It’s also a sustainable way to source your furniture!

We can tell how much care has gone into your shop. The layout of both your store and website seems to echo the clean lines and beautiful simplicity of the furniture. Does presentation play a large part in Noden’s identity?

Yes! The way we present our pieces is a true extension of the both of us. From the way we live, to what we experience and love – it all reflects in how the shop looks and how we present every single object in person and online.

Tell us about your favourite pieces.

It’s hard to name one or even a few pieces, but we love Hans Wegner and Kai Kristiansen’s work very much! Their designs were well ahead of their time: simple and timeless and crafted with so much understanding and love. Obviously, we are also fans of iconic pieces from pioneers like Finn Juhl and Alvar Aalto etc... But we are also always on the lookout for beautiful specimens produced by unknown designers and cabinetmakers of the Danish Modern era. It requires a lot more work to identify these pieces but is always worth it – that’s the fun of what we do!


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