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Spring is in full swing – what better time to rejuvenate the mind and body? Domus Nova have put in the hard work for you. Here we present our pick of the best tried and tested ways to get you feeling good this season Ten Pilates

The Life Centre:

Dynamic Pilates Instructor: Luke

Anusara Yoga Instructor: Lisa

Stepping into this relaxed studio, you can’t help

A drop-in class at the Life Centre is perfect if you

but feel like you instantly belong. The instructors

feel more comfortable in a larger group or can’t

are warm and welcoming and seem to know

commit to a rigid schedule. Lisa will guide you

everyone by name. Luke, like his fellow TenPilates

step by step, imparting her deep knowledge

instructors has a multiple-discipline background

of bio-mechanics, yoga philosophy, breathing

in sports sciences and sports therapy, following a

techniques and therapeutics to literally show

continuous training program to keep him ahead

you the effects as you progress through the

golborne place

of the competition. With extensive experience

poses – she even offers helpful tips on how to

Gyrotonics Instructor: Tomoko

in all the relevant areas, including injuries and

practice at home. A thoroughly relaxing hour

rehabilitation the instructors are primed to help

to take you away from the stress of life and

The calm sanctuary that is Golborne Place

you with all your needs, from Pilates, to personal

rejuvinate you for the rest of the day.

is the brain-child of former prima ballerina

training and injury rehabilitation. Classes are

Monica Zamora. This class will have you

small and focused – you jump straight into the

gliding your way to perfect posture. Focus

hour-long class using the reformer, with music

is on precision and awareness to help

pumping and some energetic motivational

A great opportunity for mums to integrate

you unlearn a lifetime of bad body habits.

chat to keep you pushing yourself to the limit.

yoga practice into their days with no worries

Learning to focus on your central core

Embrace the shaking muscles as you follow in the

about baby crying, needing feeds or changing.

makes you aware of your posture and

footsteps of Claudia Schiffer and Mario Testino,

Time is set aside for mummy yoga and

body placement but also somehow centres

who trust in TenPilates to keep them trim.

positions are taught for both. Erica uses clever

the mind, leaving you feeling refreshed

Dynamic Pilates for Beginners at Ten Pilates, 2–4 Exmoor Street, W10;

tips and tricks to stop crying, including how to

and invigorated. Instructors are not only

Mummy & Baby Yoga Instructor: Erica

hold baby within poses. She even integrates

trained in Pilates, but to also meet pre- and

nursery rhyme songs during the session for

post- natal needs, medical conditions and

baby’s entertainment. But don’t be fooled into

rehabilitation work. This is not so much a

thinking this is an easy alternative to a regular

workout as a learning a skill-set with which

yoga session; despite the fun, Erica manages

to change the fluidity of your everyday

to turn this into quite a serious workout.

movements. Complimentary therapies are

Anusara Yoga/ Mummy & Baby Yoga at The Life

also available – you’ll never want to leave.

Centre, 15 Edge street, W8;

Gyrotonic at Golborne Place, 70 Golborne Road,

nottinghill. For a specially tailored retreat for


mummy and baby, visit


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Domus Nova Spring Summer 2011  

Domus Nova Spring Summer 2011

Domus Nova Spring Summer 2011  

Domus Nova Spring Summer 2011

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