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//Features 05 Domus Nova Foreword 06-09 Bang on Trend The hottest interiors looks for AW’10 38-41 Queen of Arts Inside designer Abigail Ahern’s awe-inspiring atelier 42-43 Fashion Babylon The season’s coolest looks from one

of west London’s most stylish bars

44-45 Domus Loves


Our pick of the area’s sleekest and chicest spaces

46-47 Paradise Found

Grab a slice of heaven on Thailand’s west coast

48-49 Modern Legacy

Charting furniture’s move from functional to fabulous

50-51 Artistic Integrity

How Phillips de Pury changed the face of contemporary art auctions


Design Blogs

Your definitive guide to homes and interiors online



Top tips on preparing your property for sale or rent



This season’s best design and interiors events

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53-75 Lettings

West London’s top rentals, from five-bedroom townhouses to sleek pièd-a-terres

Domus Nova’s pick of the finest properties currently for sale in Notting Hill




ow, summer’s over already and so it’s time to welcome you to the new Domus Nova magazine – DN A/W’10. In our latest edition we have turned our focus to our very inspiration – interiors and design – themed by the season and inspired by fashion. Our properties are not just about pounds per square feet, number of bedrooms or location; buying or renting a home is about the way it makes us feel – how we can be transformed by form and design, refreshed by palette and comforted by a beautiful interior. As our clients know too well, our homes are now as seasonally fashionable as the catwalks of London. Just as the sequins have now settled on this season’s London Fashion Week, we hope to give you an insight into the latest trends, from ultra-luxe to opulence, fantasy to a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Never have fabrics, layers, illusion and aura been so important in our homes. Designing interiors is nothing without form and function, much like what we are trying to embody at Domus Nova. Styles and trends may come and go but Domus Nova aims to give you the consistency of service that our clients have come to expect from our unique approach and our genuine passion. We have truly enjoyed and relished 2010 so far. It has brought us fabulous opportunities and defined our role within our market place. Our staff continue to excel and our beliefs and passions have become even stronger. Domus Nova’s client base is continually expanding as people embrace our unique difference and give us the opportunity to succeed. Thank you for our growing support and our wonderful following. We hope you enjoy this snapshot of our latest collection: these remarkable properties have beautiful interiors and encapsulate all that we stand for. We love your homes and you love us, Arnaud Cheung & Rob Atkins //Directors








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dn a/w’10 Domus Nova 17 Kensington Park Road, London W11 2EU, 020 7727 1717

Editorial Editor: Sian Davies Assistant Editors: Natalie Skogan & Nathalie Priem Art Director: Oliver Smee Photography: Nathalie Priem Writers: Sian Davies, Natalie Skogan, Nathalie Priem, Arnaud Cheung, Rob Atkins & Nadia Chanelle Editor in Chief: Chris Jenkin Publisher: Chris Zachary Published by: Vie Europe Ltd. Disclaimer The views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily the views of Domus Nova or Matchbox or VIE Europe Ltd. Copyright Domus Nova Ltd and VIE Europe Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this magazine may be copied or reproduced without the prior written consent of the Publisher. Domus Nova Magazine is published by VIE Europe Ltd. Studio 34, 249-251 Kensal Road, London, W11 5DB.



trends fashion

Bang On Trend

DN a/w 10



The ultimate backlash to our straitened times is the

A lick of paint is one of the easiest yet most dramatic

emergence of an unapologetic show of opulence in

ways to transform a space. For walls, purple is the colour

the home. There is nothing understated about this

of the season: go dark and deep to create richness and

trend: only the very finest materials are used to create

warmth. The more daring may choose to opt for walls that

an unparalleled haven that nurtures its inhabitants. The recent opening of the Armani Hotel in Dubai shone a light on the luxury brands that have turned their hand to interiors, from Armani Casa and Versace

Clockwise from left: JAB Anstoetz’s ‘Grandezza’ collection; Gingerlilly; Fendi Casa

are painted an opulent black – it provides the ultimate backdrop for a theatrical setting. A more subtle, yet no less sumptuous, way to channel the look is to opt for soft furnishings that incorporate two essential hues: muted

Home to Fendi Casa – all ready and willing to help you

charcoal and dull silver. Zimmer + Rohde’s Park Lane

to create the grandest of grand cocoons, filled with

collection ( does it beautifully. Pair

unadulterated delights

silver and black with the barely-there tones that are this season’s step on from spring‘s delicate colour palette for


optimum elegance.

Drawing inspiration from centuries-old aristocracy,

JAB,; Gingerlily, Fendi Casa at






brought bang up to date for the new millennium.

The devil, as they say, is in the detail, and that’s an adage

For sofas, armchairs and cushions, a rich, aubergine

that applies in spades with this trend. Dazzle your space

velvet is key, as seen in Fendi Casa’s new collection

with faux diamonds, crystals and mother-of-pearl – some

( This trend is all about optimum comfort,

of the most covetable pieces can be found at Fendi

so when it comes to fabric to lounge on, more is most

Casa. Alternatively, channel your inner creativity and add

definitely more. Sofas and beds should boast layers

luxurious embellishmets to existing pieces. Either way,

of silk and quilted throws, for which silk specialist

remember: be meticulous in your execution, but do not,

Gingerlily ( currently leads the pack.

under any circumstances, be modest.

Wallpaper’s texture brings with it an air of opulence, but choosing the right pattern is key. This season, ethnic-inspired designs, damask and florals will all work – the key is to opt for a large print to convey a sense of lazy lavishness (smaller prints will look too busy). For something really special a gold lustre, as seen in luxury brand JAB Anstoetz’s Grandezza collection (, really ramps up the drama.

Be meticulous in your execution, but do not, under any circumstances, be modest


trends Clockwise from left: Vivienne Westwood ‘Union Jack’ wallpaper available from Cole & Son; ‘House’ cushion from Donna Wilson; Anthropologie’s Floria bedding

Finishes Be they traditional, chintzy or ditzy, florals are an essential element of this trend. By happy coincidence Sanderson ( celebrates its 150th anniversary this year and has resurrected vintage and retro floral prints from nearly every decade of the 20th century to celebrate, offering the most authentic way to channel this look. Opt for a combination of several different styles to give the space a busy, textural look. This will suggest the accumulation of belongings over a


lifetime – a notion key to Nostalgia – while the clashing patterns will paradoxically complement each other.

Continuing global political and economic instability has fed the fashion for interiors that hark back to


a time that cherished hearty, wholesome values.

A special emphasis on the ‘handmade’ is key in making

The home is a place to shut out the external world,

Nostalgia work in your home. Take inspiration from

especially during the colder months, so surround

Anthropologie’s homemade-style fabrics (anthropologie.

yourself with familiar objects and colours that offer

eu) and stock up on one of this season’s hottest items

a sense of security and comfort

– handcrafted cushions – as created by the likes of Cushlab ( Decorate your space with giant


floral stencils appliquéd onto quilts, jumbled patchwork

Like the washed-out, sepia tint of old photos, Nostalgia’s

throws, knitted blankets and delicate rosette pillows.

colour palette takes inspiration from the 1950s and

Best of all, with so many beautiful readymade versions to

1960s – brought up to date with clashing retro shades.

choose from, making them from scratch is not essential.

Think dark plum, Indian yellow and vermillion red, all

Add a further twist to this trend’s charms by

used at once in vintage, chintzy patterns. For a more

choosing rugs, cushions and kitchenware featuring

demure approach, take inspiration from the ‘Best of

kitsch patriotic emblems, as seen at Rachel Ashwell’s

British,’ an important theme for interiors this AW, and

Shabby Chic Couture ( Donna

seen everywhere from Laura Ashley to Next Home,

Wilson’s cutsey home-shaped and house-inspired

which take inspiration from the colours of the Union

range ( will keep Nostalgiia’s home

Jack to use soft cornflower blue and dull pastel rose hues

fires burning long into spring.

throughout their collections. For a more literal approach, opt for Sanderson’s washed-out ‘Englantine’ design.

Be they traditional, chintzy or ditzy, florals are an essential element of this trend;;


DN a/w 10

Illusion The key to Illusion is the relationship between light and dark, and therefore the delicate balance between illumination and deception. Unlike this

Layering adds to the idea of a state of semiconsciousness, leaving parameters undefined

season’s other key trends, it doesn’t reinforce the familiar, but rather focuses on the unknown. In difficult times, it can be argued, we retreat into our minds, so it’s interesting to see this dreamlike state reflected back into our homes. Ultimately, Illusion is about creation – but is what you are seeing there at all?

Finishes Develop an aesthetic that cannot be pinned down by using surfaces that reflect light and gleam with lustre – this season’s lacquered units are perfect for this. Alternatively, employ opaque furniture and objets that blot out and absorb light to achieve a more sinister tone. Design guru Tom Dixon’s accessories and lighting (, which range from being finished with either a matt powder coating or anodised for a shimmering flow, are perfect for playing around with this trend.

Colours As ever, the use of colour here is key as this will determine the balance between illumination and mystique. Imagine delicate shades of cloud white and mist at one end of the spectrum, moving towards shadow grey and midnight black at the other, and use this range of colour to create your vision – is it celestial or spooky? For a more


ethereal tone, dreamlike, barely-there shades such

Intricate detailing works exceptionally well with

as carnation pink and periwinkle will infuse colour,

this theme, offering a sense of fragility that adds to

while still adding to a sense of mystery.

Illusion’s celestial aura. Rugs with intricate patterns and hand-cut detailing by the likes of Esti Barnes

Above right: Tom Dixon ‘Etch’ light; right: ‘Ethereal Rug’, by Esti Barnes

( add a delicate, ethereal vibe. Also look out for this season’s hottest trend – laser-cutting. Or take a leaf out of Tom Dixon’s book – this season the designer uses acid etching to create elaborate, geodesic shells as light shades. When the light flows through the shade, broken light falls on the space, adding to the notion of a fantastical state of illusion – just the thing for letting go of reality.




VIBRANT ELEGANCE Everlasting style married with sleek contemporary features in this stylish townhouse

A classic floral sofa, period fireplace and ornate cornicing are brought to life by oversized light fixtures and the innovative multicoloured striped print

DN a/w 10




The owner’s exceptional creativity is apparent throughout the home even through to the garden. The unique al fresco living space works as a tranquil sanctuary, ideal for lounge lovers in need of escape

DN a/w 10




Themed and inspired by the owner’s love of beautiful hotel rooms from the world’s best resorts

DN a/w 10


A sensational fantasy of luxurious fabrics and indulgent materials. Pure glamour




DN a/w 10

Architecturally noted as the most important building in Uxbridge Street. The space was formerly a pub, then art gallery before residential use


Naturally illuminated, with precise detailing and clean lines




RIGHT The majority of the light fittings were sourced from Portobello Road, a reflection of the owner’s love of original 1970s lighting BELOW Inspired by Babington House, a free-standing bath in the bedroom brings boutiquehotel chic into the home

SUPER STYLING Notting Hill’s answer to cool New York loft living

DN a/w 10

“I fell in love with the height of the property. The structural metal beam that runs through the flat has such a different feel to other conversions in the area. As I’ve always loved that ‘loft’ look, it was the perfect canvas to have some fun with and create such a concept in Notting Hill” the lucky owner




ENDURING BEAUTY A modern twist on the classic for this stunning, yet radical, revamp

DN a/w 10




“The space between the traditional brick outreaches provided the opportunity to create a glazed double-height void connecting living spaces. The original external window becomes an internal Juliette balcony to the garden beyond� De Matos Ryan ArchitectsDe Matos Ryan Architects

DN a/w 10


he building was previously converted from four bedsits into an imposing fourstorey townhouse. The current owners carried out extensive remodelling to the building, with De Matos Ryan Architects to create an exceptional family home. Palettes of warm, muted tones, lacquered polished surfaces and defined wood

are set against a backdrop of lavish wallpaper prints throughout the home, creating a welcoming refuge from the outside world. The owners have seamlessly blended an indulgent variety of natural fabrics and organic materials alongside cherished antique pieces to express a beautifully modern interpretation of classic style. Pure inspiration.




Stark finishes work in harmony to create a minimal mecca in a family home

DN a/w 10


Stripped-down living




DN a/w 10

“Although the home was in a good state, we decided to completely gut the property with new hardwood flooring, Lutron light systems and a Bulthaup Kitchen to create a fully furnished interior� the visionary owner


Grand European simplicity with a luxurious feel




DN a/w 10

Statement pieces and bold forms define the different living zones in this truly inspiring, free-flowing home – see how the shapely silhouette of the red-and white-striped Risve Verona chair juxtaposes against the formal living space

DIVINE INTERVENTION A breathtaking example of imaginative, yet liveable, design




DN a/w 10

Floor-to-ceiling windows on two sides allow panoramic views over the London skyline and across the adjacent tree canopies

AN INDUSTRIAL ZEN An intelligent idiosyncratic space oozing urban cool





This exceptionally stylish double height space makes an eclectic statement

DN a/w 10

Iconic Tom Dixon pendant lights suspended above the dining table illuminate the space, whilst lamps from a Savoy Hotel auction add a touch of London past




TRUE ROMANCE Float away in this dream-like space

DN a/w 10

The sweetest of dreams are surely made of this. Illusionary drapes and sumptuous fabrics are set against glossed surfaces and eyecatching lighting




A modern classic, the owner was lured to Stafford’s ‘Bedfordshire’ headboard design when it originally featured in the very first issue of Wallpaper* magazine

THE PERSONAL TOUCH Lovingly created, piece by piece

DN a/w 10

“The flat has an eclectic mix of 20th century classic design pieces coupled with objects brought back from my travels. I have been collecting furniture for many years now� the smitten owner




gargantuan chandelier

style that is at once outlandish

dripping with grandeur

and relaxed, a style that she

drops down from the

succinctly describes as “a love for

ceiling directly in front

the unusual”. There is certainly

of the doorway, nearly meeting the


unassuming table placed below it.

each and every piece: mounted

To the left, a black circular-framed

on one wall is a translucent moose

mirror with thick convex glass

head-cum-wall light made from

engulfs its surroundings, projecting

resin – a tongue-in-cheek ‘cruelty-

back a miniature, fish-eye version

free’ twist on taxidermy – while on

of the room. This treasure-chest,

another an oversized, ornamental

tucked onto Islington’s Upper

maroon bug sits vertically, an air of

Street, is Atelier Abigail Ahern.

opulence about it.



It serves as the headquarters of

“A man up North makes our

its eponymous owner’s interior

vintage bugs from old ties,” Ahern

design service while doubling-up

explains, pointing out its satin

as a homewares shop – a set-up


that the designer cheerfully refers

armchair, patchwork table and

to as “the best of both worlds”.

inflatable Chesterfield sofa swell




Since opening her studio in

the space. All could be pieces that

2003 Ahern’s covetable aesthetic

you have seen before, but like

– dubbed by its creator as “Alice in

light through a prism each one

Wonderland-esque, colourful and

has changed colour, been warped,

tongue-in-cheek,” – has gained

converged, bent in some way to

a strong and loyal following. The

become, as Ahern fondly calls it,

late Alexander McQueen was the


company’s first ever customer;

“Nothing is silly for the sake of

since then, clients from Kylie

being silly,” Ahern attests of the

Minogue and Robbie Williams to

various ‘wonky’ pieces of lighting,

the Ritz-Carlton have been eager


to embrace the designer’s eclectic

handpicked by her and her team


from across the globe. “There are









enough trade shows around the

renowned for playing with scale

world that I go to and I come back

and time periods to achieve a

with, maybe, three or four pieces,

Queen of arts

DN a/w 10

whereas most people come back and fill their shop”, she explains. “It’s quite generic out there, which is why we started going down the route of looking at artists.” Looking around the studio, the creative chaos that adorns the space certainly has more in common with a gallery space than a homewares store. Each piece seems to have an inescapable personality. On the desk sit two porcelain poodles with lightbulbs atop their heads; behind the designer a wooden floor-lamp shoots up straight, before taking a sharp 50-degree bend off-course. “A graduate called Andrew Oliver

I think there’s been a real turn around with the recession. Instead of moving, people are looking to improve, and they want spaces with personality





“They’re part of the ‘Drunken’ series. He does a ‘drunken’ table too that someone’s just bought and you can’t put anything on it, it just slides onto the floor.” She smiles as she says this, clearly tickled.. The passion with which Ahern speaks of the artists whose work features in her shop is indicative of how seriously she takes her responsibility to young designers. To have their work featured in the tastemaker’s much-visited space is certainly a valuable platform, one that Ahern believes gives these creatives “a voice” as they embark on their burgeoning careers. “It’s really hard for young people to get their work out there,” she admits, citing the inability to afford retail space as the main problem. Indeed,

Treasure trove: all manner of curiosities await visitors to Ahern’s Islington shop-cumstudio, left and above

the designer puts her own big break down to “a misunderstanding”, going on to reveal a tale that is as lovely as it is ludicrous. 




“I had always loved interiors”, Ahern begins, “so I started working on the picture desk for Terence Conran’s publishing company in 1992.” When her husband accepted a job in the US five years later, she realised it would be a really great opportunity to get into interior design, arranging meetings with various companies in an effort to facilitate her career change. “I




architecture and design house] McIntosh Poris and showed them the book that I had worked on, sourcing images,’ she recalls. “They literally said, ‘Wow, this is incredible! You really must join us’; they actually thought that I had designed the spaces! So they gave me a job as an interior designer when I had done nothing. It was horrendous.” Horrendous may not be the first word that springs to mind in regards to such a keen job offer – “You know I was 25 and just thought: ‘I can do it, I can do it,’” Ahern admits – but the inexperienced stylist did initially struggle with her newfound role. While Ahern’s visual skills were evident, she quickly learnt that her technical experience was somewhat lacking. As a result,

You know I was 25 and just thought: ‘I can do it, I can do it’

DN a/w 10

she spent her evenings attending

home as to big corporate clients.

college, all the while working at a


“day-job where people thought

projects was to style the spa for

I’d designed five million spaces

the new Ritz Carlton Hotel in Palm

for Terence Conran”. A testing

Beach, Miami. At 42,000 square

experience, no doubt, but one that

feet, it is the largest spa in the US.

showed how committed she was

Ahern admits the offer, by a hotel

to her new career.

group more readily associated with





Today, in addition to her north

traditionalism than the quirkiness

London studio, Ahern’s mini empire

inherent to her style, took her by

includes a concession at The Shop

surprise. What was her appeal,

at Bluebird. Having a space in the

does she think?

cult Chelsea store, which Ahern deems




“I think what they wanted – and


this is the same as residences that

incredibly beautiful space”, allows

we design over here – is to have an

the designer to have her products

interior that you walk in and people

stocked on both sides of the capital,

actually smile,” is her considered

an opportunity which has given

reply. “An interior that doesn’t feel

her an interesting insight into the

stuffy and uptight but rather that


feels lived-in and laid back: it is a big




challenge with a hotel, as the space

“It’s funny because I had actually

obviously has to tick a lot of boxes.”

thought that it would be slightly

Ahern isn’t one to shy away

more conservative than it is in

from a challenge. Next up for the

Islington, but it’s the other way; it’s

designer is the creation of her own

actually very eclectic,’ she reveals.

line because “continually I can’t




find the stuff I see in my head”.

Kimono Dog paintings, which

Featuring lighting, initially, it will

Ahern describes as “a tongue-in-

shortly be launched in Paris, closely

cheek twist on pop art” have proved

followed by The Shop at Bluebird

extremely popular in Chelsea and

during London Design Week later

Ahern’s offerings have become a

this month. Of her decision to

popular choice for locals looking

show in Paris first, “They really love

to embellish their homes. “I think

mixing over there and they love

there’s been a real turn around

quirkiness,” Ahern says. “Funnily

with the recession”, Ahern explains.

enough, the French seem to think

“Instead of moving, people are

that we’re French.”

looking to improve, and they want spaces with personality.” It is this quest for interiors with personality that has seen Ahern appeal as much to individuals working on a single room of their

Looking around her studio, it is unsurprising that the French are trying to claim her; luckily for us she is all ours.

Grand designs: Ahern’s sumptuous fit-out at the Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach (opposite page and left), and Atelier Abigail Ahern (above)




f a s h i o n


b a b y l o n

DvF at Matches

lexander McQueen’s regal offerings for AW’10 revealed a dazzling

current collection for similarly dramatic style and inspiration. The DVF

showcase of decadent digital patterns, embroidered jacquards

collection combined the hard and soft, explored through silver and gold hues

and vintage brocades, of which Natalie’s truly awe-inspiring

in embellished accessories, belted knits and spangly shorts. Mosaic panels

McQueen fox print dress is a case in point. The late design master’s

appeared around torsos of biker-style jackets bringing a cool sharpness to

legacy will live on to dictate fashion this season: think detail, embellishment

feminine styles. Team the sheer Cleland black blouse with metallic Dax mini-

and structure. Be flamboyant in what you wear, don’t be afraid to wear bold

shorts as Georgia has done to release your inner vamp. A perfect fit with the

prints or structured cuts.

Piper shoulder bag and Angel ankle boots.

In a twist on the old English mansion, Beach Blanket Babylon’s restaurant

Fashion this season is making a nod to masculine styles and fits. Under the

comprises various spaces – the Chapel, Gallery, Scullery and Crypt –

creative reins of Alain Snege and Louise Trotter, Joseph’s wearable-yet-wow

interconnected by tunnels, bridges, staircases and walkways. Intricate mosaic

designs have been expertly revised for AW’10. Cut a streamlined silhouette with

tiles adorn the Chapel’s entrance, while glistening primary colours, golds and

their black waxed-leather skinny pants, balancing proportions with a loose-fit

silvers detail its gothic façade. Look no further than Diane von Furstenberg’s

tank top and hard-hitting heels for a touch of fierce. Team with a precision-cut

DN a/w 10



signature Balmain jacket, as Jacqui has done with this double-breasted, sharp-

against modern, clean silhouettes with casual, relaxed pieces. Lily’s Stella

shouldered blazer, to incorporate military chic. A classic Valentino bag and

McCartney python print jumpsuit is perfect for those in search of easy

gorgeous McQueen heels add colour and instant evening cool.

nighttime glamour – simply pair with accessories such as YSL Giselle pumps

Beach Blanket Babylon is also home to La Vallierre, a unique collection

and the YSL Belle du Jour clutch.

of vintage jewellery from the likes of Dior, Chanel and Butler & Wilson.

Such effortlessly stylish chic – with a healthy twist of unadulterated glamour

Named after the 17th century French duchess who was as famous for her

– is the order of the day at BBB. If you’re looking for a night of unrivalled style

adulterous relations with King Louis XIV as she was for the opulent jewellery

in the chicest of interiors, what more can we say? Enjoy!

he bestowed upon her, the collection houses pieces owned and worn by the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Margaret and Rita Hayworth. This season’s accessories fit perfectly into such a lavish aesthetic, as Lily reveals. Lust after her beautiful YSL black stones ring, Sophia Kokosalaki gold cuff and bold Balenciaga necklace. Juxtapose with masculine tailoring to play

Beach Blanket Babylon. Ledbury Road, London. Matches, 60 – 64 Ledbury Road, W11. DvF @ Matches, 88 Ledbury Road, London, W11. Joseph, 236 Westbourne Grove, London, W11.



domus loves...



Vintage comes and goes, but Virginia Bates doesn’t her inspired quality is constant. Since the 1970s she has made the fashion world and its parties her home Jo Craven, Vogue

DN a/w 10

Our aim is to change and challenge the way people think and feel through images, signifiers and suggestions Maeve Doyle ›

› ›





Paradise Found

t’s that time of year again: the days are getting shorter and with them the sense that winter is most definitely on its way. But there’s no need to surrender to its thick cloak just yet. Whether you want to snatch a pre-Christmas week away or celebrate the festive season in the sun, Thailand offers a flawless exotic experience in the form of the stunning SALA Phuket Resort and Spa. Like its sister-resort on the nearby island of Koh Samui, SALA Phuket continues to set the bar for luxury pool-villa resorts in South-East Asia with impeccable, highly private accommodation that at once offers a sophisticated homefrom-home for guests while remaining symbiotic with the exquisite natural landscape in which it’s set. Combine this with the world-class service that SALA’s international clientele has come to expect and the attraction, as guests including the likes of Thailand’s acting

DN a/w 10

As the long, isolated stretch of hot sand plummets into the Andaman Sea, the resort rises organically among scatterings of tropical palm trees

Prime Minister, Abhisit Vejjajiva, can attest, is first-class.

of synergy with the environment is undeniable.

SALA Phuket reflects a 21st century Asia that is no longer

Tempting as it is to stay here, there are other

purely eastern, nor entirely western, in both lifestyle and

pleasures to be found. The resort’s rooftop restaurant

environment. As the long, isolated stretch of hot sand

offers authentic Thai cuisine complimented by

along the solitary Mai Khoa coastline plummets into the

panoramic views of pristine coastline. Boasting dining

Andaman Sea, the resort rises organically, a peppering of

pods depressed into a still lake of water, the restaurant

low buildings among scatterings of tropical palm trees.

echoes the rest of SALA Phuket’s harmonious blending

Sixty-three of its 79 Sino-Portuguese designed

with nature.

quarters boast spacious private pools, and all are fully

The sumptuous spa, meanwhile, provides complete

fitted with first-class mod cons, carefully considered

indulgence and relaxation, as befits a spot that featured in Conde Nast Traveller’s prestigious Hot List

right down to the very last detail. The luscious bedroom of the SALA Pool Villa leads out

in 2008. Visitors benefit from a thoughtful blend of air-

into an open-air bathroom which itself juts out into an

conditioned treatment rooms and open-air, beachfront

outdoor living area complete with tranquil pool and trim

massage stations. These facilities, along with a gym,

grass. One blends into the other to form a continuous

sauna and steam room, are all wrapped within the

living space with a single function: to cocoon and

harmonious balance of a carefully manicured Chinese garden, another feature of the locale’s unique heritage.

nurture while simultaneously inviting guests to immerse themselves in the exquisite landscape of their surrounds. Picture yourself in the open-air bath: open to the elements, the pink and orange hues of the setting sun reflect softly in the adjacent mirror. Nearby, a handcrafted, teardrop glass chandelier gently highlights a spotless white daybed – the perfect spot to relax with a glass of bubbly. Underfoot, tiles are decorated with monochromatic oriental designs – just one example of the traditional cultural motifs that accent the space. From the orchid petals that blow in the faint whisper of a ceiling fan to interiors handcrafted from teng and teak, the sense

Sumptuous villas boasting private pools and the best in pampering luxury – part and parcel of the SALA Phuket experience

Indulge in the SALA Selections Massage, its signature treatment. Combining Thai, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Swedish and Balinese techniques, there is no better way to soothe your soul than to partake at a beachfront massage station, lazily taking in the view as the sun sets. With no limitations, you truly can do anything – we suggest you take the plunge at SALA. The SALA Five Nights Escape Package starts from £120 per night (according to exchange rates at time of press), based on two people sharing (





ow often do we stop

into our homes are also a means

changes in philosophy in the

to consider the effect

of self-expression. Long gone are

early 20th century. Radical schools

furniture has on our

the days when the procurement

of thought such as Germany’s

lives? Its design has a

of furniture was a matter of

Werkbund and Bauhaus movements

profound impact on the way we

necessity alone. Today it is a triad

sought to reconcile arts and craft

function, feel and go about our

of function, art and design, a

with industrial technology – a far

daily business: the sofa we curl up

chance to visualise and realise our

cry from the pre-modernist view of

on at the end of a long day, the

inner dreams and to create spaces

furniture as an ornament, conveying

pieces that house and organise our

that reflect who we are.

lineage, with a strong connection to

beloved possessions. Not only do

Contemporary furniture design

we expect practicality alongside

and manufacture are still greatly

Since this shift in paradigm,

comfort, but the items we bring

influenced by the revolutionary

designers have strived to push

Modern legacy Whether your tastes tend towards the starkness of Bauhaus or the comfort of Eames, the design revolution of the 20th century opened the door to mass design and manufacture, allowing each and every one of us to enjoy quality furniture and interiors, as Domus Nova reveals

Elegant, light and comfortable, the Eames Lounge chair has been much copied but never bettered

history and tradition. but never bettered”. (A locomotive came in second.)

the boundaries of materials and

The accolades that such pieces

manufacture in an effort to produce

have attracted, matched with an

the ultimate statement piece. Take

ongoing desire to bring design

the iconic Barcelona chair, designed

to every aspect of our lives, has

by Mies van der Rohe in 1929. He

dramatically changed the quality

drew on his extensive knowledge

and diversity of furniture within

in metal framework to design a truly

the home. Modern-day machining

unmistakable classic of modern


design that is still gracing the most

technology such as CNC milling

stylish interiors 80 years on.

and rapid prototyping mean that



Another timeless classic is the

furniture that could not have been

Lounge chair and Ottoman by

dreamt of even a decade or two

Charles and Ray Eames. Symbolic

ago can be created with relative

of modern style and good design

ease. Today, designers can carve

since it first appeared in 1956, it

complex shapes, conceivable only

was produced using revolutionary

on a computer screen, out of a


wide variety of materials with the



bending plywood to create a chair

touch of a button.

that encased deep cushioning

This continual evolution, coupled

upholstered with leather in seamless

with reduced costs, makes innovation

veneered shells. Charles Eames said

accessible to all.

his vision for what became known

it, IKEA is probably Bauhaus’ most

as the No.670 lounger was the

powerful modern-day legacy. With an

“warm, receptive look of a well-used

abundance of different designs and

first baseman’s mitt”.

finishes the Swedish company has

Like it or loathe

It is testament to the Eames’s

helped transform many people’s view

talent that such a dedicated exercise

of decorating and styling their homes.

in comfort does not come at a cost

It is not just mass-produced

to elegance. So much so that Time


magazine hailed the lounger as the


Best Design of the 20th Century,

development of new materials

describing it as “something elegant,


light and comfortable. Much copied


that the





manufacturing furniture


methods: production

DN A/W 10

and design has also come into its own. It has never been easier to express ourselves through dramatic sculptural pieces of furniture – art that we can sit on, eat off or relax in, from ergonomic stand-alone baths and beds to gravity-defying seating and an infinite repertoire of storage options. Likewise, we are increasingly looking to find a synergy between the old and the new. With full home renovations and the reimagining of period buildings becoming the norm, we are increasingly looking to create a truly unique space, with the stamp of individuality. With the aid of interior designers and architects it is now possible to walk into an empty space and sculpt our homes and lifestyle to our own needs, desires and taste. If we can’t find exactly what we want we can enlist someone to make it for us. Designers can produce CGI renders of furniture that allow clients to envisage exactly how something

Here: Ron Arad: No Discipline, Museum of Modern Art., 2009. Above: MT Rocker, 2005

will work within their grand scheme, to see variations in style, colour, material, finish – and even function – all before anyone has set foot into

Form and function: new developments in manufacturing techniques have allowed the creation of ever more stylish furniture, bringing design to every aspect of our homes

a factory. From initial mood boards to final manufacture, every inch of a home can be tailormade for the perfect fit.




Artistic Integrity Sitting at the centre of art circles on both sides of the Atlantic, legendary auction house Phillips de Pury continuously strives to breathe innovation into the art world. This is the new way to do interior design


ale floorboards stretch

temporarily houses Kate Who?, a

Pury is undeniable, be it though

over the expansive open

showcase of fashion photographer

the artwork on the walls or the

space, hitting light grey

Mario Testino’s long friendship

company’s latest catalogue, corners

walls that tower infinitely

and working relationship with the

turned down to mark the must-

supermodel and muse.

have piece that the homeowner

upwards and boast larger-than-life framed photographs. In one, Kate

The company has long been

Moss glances over her shoulder,

used to making a noise within the

Collectible art is increasingly

tilting her head back and showing

art world, but high-profile events

integral to interior design. Art is

off plump, blood-red lips; across



a sound investment, yet possibly

the room, she sprawls seductively

opening of this exhibition, which

one of the most exciting and

over a bed, wearing only a black

boasted a guest list featuring the

personal you will ever make,

skirt and Louboutins.

likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and

reflecting back your own tastes

This is the second floor of the

Donatella Versace, combined with

perfectly. Its presence, therefore,

London headquarters of Phillips de

its groundbreaking auctions and



Pury, one of the UK’s biggest auction

an ever-growing public following,



houses, third only to Christie’s and

means that things have recently


Sotheby’s. The former post-sorting

got much louder.

demand than ever, and Phillips de



must have.


experience. art



With in-

station on the corner of Horwick’s

In all the homes Domus Nova

Pury’s fresh approach – it is known

Place and Francis Street in Chelsea

sees, the presence of Phillips de

for being much less traditionalist

Phillips de Pury’s Chelsea auction house (far left and above left) is reinvigorating the contemporary art auction. ‘Soft Tread’ by Alan Jones (above), sold for five times its estimate in March

DN a/w 10

Art is a sound investment, yet possibly one of the most exciting and personal you will ever make

than its counterparts, more of

conduct auctions in five languages.

Phillips de Pury started to curate

Tread, a 1996 painting by the

which later – buying art at a

According to de Pury, auctions are

themed sales in 2009, in order to

British pop artist of a woman’s

Phillips de Pury sale has become

“a very good way to buy art because

add diversity and excitement to

legs adorned by stockings and

one of the biggest trends around.

you are buying at the open market

the auction process – they were,

stilettos that sold at five times the

Famed for hosting some of the

place. What you buy is the reflection

for example, the first to dedicate an

estimated auction price.

most exciting and highest grossing

of what the market is at that given

auction solely to music.

auctions in the world, the process

moment”. Even more enthralling, is

has put Phillips de Pury at the

the “competition between potential

centre of London’s collectible art

buyers... you see the people bidding

scene and is an unmissable part

against you”. Unlike any other retail

of the art-buying experience. The

experience, buying at auction offers

auction house’s exhilarating spirit is

the thrill of the chase.

epitomised by its chairman, Simon

The company has five specialist

de Pury, whose auctioneering has

areas and host auctions for each

become the stuff of legend: his wit

department: Contemporary Art,

and charisma at the podium, and


capacity to drum up excitement, is

and Editions. In an innovative

world-renowned, not least thanks

move that has stirred up the world

to his rather impressive ability to

of contemporary auction houses,



Bringing objects into your house auction

serves two purposes: functionality

Sex, meanwhile, with its focus erotically-led, controversial works, saw pieces such as a lithograph of the drawing Figure Endormie, Châle sur les Jambes by Henri Mattise sold alongside photographs by the likes of Rankin and David LaChapelle. As a testament to the unpredictable nature of auctions, the top lot at Sex – and a world record for any Allen Jones piece – was Soft

and aesthetics. Furniture is of course

The on



necessary, but there is no denying that it begins take up space, to clutter. With art, however, it is as if the space somehow becomes more expansive, a perfect illustration, perhaps, of John Updike’s observation that, “What art offers is space, a certain breathing room for the spirit.” Where do we sign up?




white spirit A pure retreat with unique contemporary flair

DN a/w 10





esigner Claire Lloyd acquired the property over three years



remodelling the site and

taking away the features that are typically synonymous with mews homes to create the stylish home that it is now. Colour can transform a space more effectively than any other form of decoration; paint an area white and there is an instant illusion of space, reflecting light and multiplying its intensity. White ceilings rise up and white floors can bounce back so much light that they appear to float. The brilliance of white can be altered by form and texture; a thoughtful placing of varied objects and furnishings elevates the ordinary to the interesting.

Lloyd redesigned the stairs by stripping away a traditional spiral staircase to create a free-flowing space featuring a deep slab-like banister, wide concrete steps and re-forming tall door openings with no doors

DN a/w 10

It is important when planning an interior that the bare rooms, the shapes and materials, the flooring and finishes are choices that give us the kind of personal pleasure that goes beyond the desire to make an effect and impress our friends Claire Lloyd




Infused into the stark white dĂŠcor is a hint of nostalgia in the form of the Union Jack cushion, while red stools add a burst of colour

DN a/w 10

brit pop The epitome of Cool Britannia at its unassuming best




DN a/w 10

maximised minimalism Quality finish with simple elegant details and touches of luxury Demolition of the wall forming the wide corridor allowed the owners to create an open-plan living and dining/cooking arrangement more suited to a modern lifestyle




profound romanticism A home oozing with personal sentiments and memories from travels afar

Subtle neutral tones and delicate period features provide the perfect backdrop for this haven of eclectic pieces including Venetian mirrors, intricate wall tapestries and collectibles that add a stunning personal touch

DN a/w 10




Showcasing pure decadence against the most opulent of textures, fabrics and furnishings: polished Wenge wood flooring, lavish leathers and subdued neutral tones combined with deep aubergine hues

DN a/w 10

contemporary drama Expert design and style brought together to create the most luxurious of dwellings




DN a/w 10

fresh thinking A stylishly modern mix of pure lines and geometric forms for trouble-free living

Bringing interior elements to outside, enjoy relaxed al fresco evenings in this off-the-wall patio




effortless style Accessorise with paintings, prints and furnishings for sleek, uncomplicated living

DN a/w 10




DN a/w 10

inner sparkle The art of beauty, in which eclectic pieces provide that magic touch




The design incorporated a large number of sustainable solutions, such as the green wall at lower ground floor level, roof terraces at ground and roof level, solar panels and thermal insulation to existing exterior walls, and bamboo for both flooring and joinery

DN a/w 10

sustainable design Green appeal: the must-have ingredient for revamping today’s interiors




living in harmony Smooth wood and polished surfaces breathe life into this awesome conversion

DN a/w 10 The Twiggy lamp, designed by Marc Sadler for Foscarini, is made from a lacquered composite material that has been layered over a fibreglass base. The lamp features an elegant height and an adjustable stem that exploits the material’s natural flexibility




The homeowners both have experience in professional design, revealing an eye for fine, functional detail finished to perfection

DN a/w 10

youthful spirit Stripped back to a cool monochrome style, this apartment is the definition of urban chic, a clear expression of one couple’s style




With an artist’s eye for detail and a

Serving as a design bible for

maximalist aesthetic, Todd Selby

architects, interior designers and

has been snapping his way round

curious DIY’ers, this blog is the place

hipster homes since June 2008 –

to spot future trends. Contemporary

his digital catalogue of achingly hip

style is beautifully presented with

interior style provides a sneak peek

insightful and informed articles

into the private spaces of some of

covering emerging trends and

the coolest artists, designers and

talents in architecture, furniture,

creative types from NY to Shanghai.

interiors and lighting.

With 35,000 unique users to the site daily and a collaboration with perma-

chic Parisian store Collette under his belt, we believe him when he says “staying in is the new going out”.

Diagnosis: a serious obsession with home design. Recommended treatment: Apartment Therapy – the blog that not only indulges us with apartment tours of beautifully designed homes across the US and beyond, but also aims to “connect

A virtual love story, the authors of

people to the resources they need

this blog met on flickr, brought

to improve their [own] homes,

together by their search for the

while reducing their reliance on

perfect room. They live halfway

stuff’. The doctor will see you same

across the world from each other

time next week.

and have never met but oceans can’t stifle their virtual creativity.

The result? A blog that delights the senses with a visual medley of images, one room at a time.


When a site is anointed by the New York Times as the “Martha Stewart Living for the Millennials” you know it’s gonna be good. Prodigious output – up to 10 articles posted per day – set this blog apart, as does the quality of its posts: home tours, trends, DIY’s, before and afters, city and gift guides are all here and digitally moodboarded for your enjoyment.


Mirrors combine function and style, creating the illusion of extra light and space

I am lucky enough to get to see some of Notting Hill’s most beautiful properties and while they’re a pleasure to shoot, it is not always the size and finish of a home that leads to the best photo. Great light is always a bonus, but not all buildings are blessed with huge windows, natural light, high ceilings and sweeping rooms. Dressing a room appropriately, however, radically alters the quality of photos for any property. Here are my top hints for how to get the most out of your interior shots

Straighten blinds, curtains and cushions It’s not necessarily something you would notice when you walk into a property, but on a still image it is very noticeable. Pictures If you have pictures leaning against walls waiting to be hung, then do it. I may be biased, but I truly believe that no wall is quite complete without a beautiful picture or photograph adorning it. Clean and polish all metal surfaces and glass Dirty glass is especially noticeable in photographs. If it was made to gleam, it should be gleaming. Make the bed and iron the linen Creases scream on camera, as do sagging sheets and visible clashing bed bases. Invest in some quality linen to show this room

Remove all clutter Straighten out books and trinkets

off to its best.

to give clean lines to surfaces – you want people to see

Lights Lights can give a room atmosphere and

how they can live in your space, not how they would

character. Make sure all bulbs are working – missing or

spill out of it. Clearing away washing up is a simple but

broken bulbs are always noticeable, especially kitchen

very effective rule. People want to imagine a life without

spotlights or bedside lamps.

washing up – let them!

Don’t forget the floors! Vacuum carpets and sweep

Mirrors Mirrors are a great addition to any room.

and polish floors.

Combining function and style, they create the illusion

Flowers Fresh flowers or a dried display are a perfect

of extra light and space.

finishing touch – they show a sense of pride in one’s

Tuck excess wires behind appliances If plugs are


distanced from where they are needed, it is far better to use a single extension cable that is out of sight than five wires trailing across the floor.




Design Calendar, AW’10’

From London to the Far East the winter months are some of the most exciting in terms of international design events, as our bespoke selection reveals LONDON DESIGN FESTIVAL




imm Cologne

Various venues

Design Museum, Shad Thames, SE1

National Design Museum, New York City

Shanghai Exhibition Centre, Shanghai

Koelnmesse Exhibition Centre, Messeplatz

22 September 2010 – 20 January 2011

14 October 2010

4–6 November 2010

18–23 January 2011

Nip over the pond for this annual homage to New York’s design collective. Developed to honour outstanding contributions from the design world including architecture, fashion and sustainable design solutions, the awards are a highlight of National Design Week (9–17 October). NDW celebrates excellence in design with various special events and educational opportunities throughout the museum and free admission to all visitors.

Showcasing original furniture and lighting designs while seeking to create a dynamic atmosphere for innovative and trendsetting ideas, 100% Design Shanghai is one of the newest international design fairs and fast becoming one of its most dynamic. Described by Hans Levelt, co-founder of major furniture brand Moooi, as “the start of a design movement in what soon will be the most important market for contemporary design”, and set in one of the world’s fastest-growing cities, what’s not to like?

Put this in your diary now: featuring high-end designer furniture, classic lifestyle brands and trendy accessories as just a few of its highlights, imm Cologne is a global meeting place for the international interiors sector. Showcasing the most innovative current and upcoming trends and promising to provide a centre for creative ideas, this German fair is a place where big names meet with creative newcomers and innovative design trends and visions are born – just the ticket to keep you ahead of the rest of the design pack.

18–26 September 2010 This nine-day design celebration in the world’s most creative capital will feature a series of key installations, exhibitions and over 200 events staged in up to 150 different venues across London. As the festival’s hub, the Victoria and Albert Museum will be showcasing various speciallycommissioned pieces, including a bold, colourful installation on the marble staircase leading to the V&A’s Architecture galleries by artist and designer Stuart Haygarth. Highlights elsewhere include a showcase of the work of one of the world’s most foremost designers – Patricia Urquiola – at West End design emporium Molteni & C.

Minimalist British architect and interior designer John Pawson is renowned for his rigorous process of reduction to produce designs of great simplicity, grace and visual clarity. A retrospective of his long and varied career, at the heart of Plain Space will be a site-specific installation designed by Pawson himself that promises to offer visitors a direct and immersive experience of his work.

DN DNA/W A/W10 10

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Domus Nova Autumn Winter 2010  

Domus Nova Autumn Winter 2010

Domus Nova Autumn Winter 2010  

Domus Nova Autumn Winter 2010