Domus Nova Ibiza Issue 3

Page 9

room’s featured artist and a golden headboard in the shape of that artist. We have the ‘I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll’ suite by Joan Jett, ‘Good Vibrations’ by the Beach Boys, and the honorary gold disc by Loquillo – one of the biggest rock & roll stars in Spain who dropped by last year to inaugurate it personally. What is the future of rock & roll on the island? Rock & roll will always be global; it is a style that has and will continue to endure over time. There are many genres like electronic dance and reggaeton that are still fads, but rock & roll is forever. We have managed to take our Rock Night parties to the island’s biggest clubs, and since then have opted for smaller venues, holding weekly parties at the Pikes hotel. I cannot be prouder of being able to continue with this adventure that initially began with the desire to listen to music that we used to listen to in our car when we went out to party. How has live music developed on the island? At the end of the 1970s Ibiza saw huge artists such as Bob Marley and Eric Clapton come to perform live. The Ibiza ’92 festival, promoted by Pino Saglioco, was responsible for bringing some of the biggest stars to the island, and it was Ibiza Rocks who later took up the baton of live music on the island between 2005 and 2017. Each summer they played host to great bands such as Arctic Monkeys and Primal Scream, which was the last big concert that Ibiza Rocks celebrated. The after-party of this concert was held at our Rock Nights in Pikes and was attended by the band led by Bobbie Gillespie along with Kate Moss, who partied until the early morning. You live and breathe rock & roll – why is it so important to you? For me personally it’s important because it’s part of my lifestyle, I could not conceive my life without music. Ibiza will always continue to exist, and Rock Nights will continue to fight for different sounds with the support of the people who follow us and the fantastic collective of local bands, musicians, artists and rock stars who continue to choose Ibiza as the place for their recordings or simply as a place to party or live. Long live rock & roll in Ibiza, baby! 9