Domus Nova Ibiza Issue 3

Page 79

the house unless it was to go shopping. When Sam and I met three years ago, we spoke about the idea of creating a space where we could grow a community of like-minded people on the island who could collaborate. With my skillset being in personal assistance and office management, and Sam’s in entrepreneurial background and key connections on the island, we decided to start seeking out a suitable space and the investment needed and within a month, we created the space we now call theHUB. Sam: Kellie and I saw an opportunity to create a proper coworking space on the island. Kellie is a perfectionist when it comes to getting things to work and has had some experience in working in shared spaces before. I was also very keen on the idea of having an office where I would be surrounded by other hard-working and passionate individuals. Ultimately it was our ambition to bring people together who could collaborate and add value to each other’s propositions. Is there a plan to expand theHUB? Kellie: Well, our business is just under two years old, with the first of June this year marking our official second birthday. We’ve already expanded physically into a new space within the existing premises to increase our member capacity and our intention for this year is to explore expansion in other ways including bespoke events, ‘work-away’ weeks for corporate company training and a schedule of regular activities steered toward health and well-being launched before the summer. Sam: In the immediate future we want theHUB to be the best co-working space possible. This includes maintaining and improving the current great working environment and improving upon our social, business and learning events schedules along with all the facilities needed to make that possible. If we were to do another space I think Thailand and Peru would be on the list! 79