Domus Nova Ibiza Issue 3

Page 73

M Y DA U G H T E R AND ME Ibiza-based Dutch stylist and mother Renu Kashyap has built an impressive career in the fashion and production industries throughout Europe, as well as co-authoring the ‘Ibiza Bohemia’ book published by Assouline, which manages to capture the visual and spiritual vibe of the Mediterranean island. For Renu, given that the fast and demanding lifestyle of a parent is an everyday occurrence, she desired to create a quality retreat for mothers and their daughters to reconnect and reflect on the special bond they hold, opening the doors of her own Ibiza home as the location for the refuge. Renu advocates for a nourishing relation between a mother and daughter, saying, ‘your daughter grows up so fast, sometimes it feels as if it is too fast,’ and thereby hopes for the retreat to be a unique experience that creates lifelong memories. Taking place four times a year between April and October, the retreat aspires to strengthen a mother and daughter’s bond away from the commotion of daily life in Rene’s magnificent home in Ibiza’s countryside. The villa is tucked away in the small northern village of San Lorenzo, secluded from the island’s infamous party scene and thereby providing the perfect environment for a quality getaway. Just some of the many activities during the retreat include physical exercises such as partner yoga and hiking, cooking courses revolved around wholesome recipes, mother and daughter photoshoots, and picnics in the woods featuring healthy and delicious vegetarian meals. It is the perfect blend of laughter, creativity, health, self-development and fun. The months of May through October are ideal to spend on the island, providing temperatures and opportunities for outdoor activities that are never entirely certain to be possible in the spring and autumn months on Europe’s mainland. Ibiza has become the destination for escape, tranquillity, and revitalization from the everyday hustle and bustle, operating on its notoriously serene island schedule. IG: @renukashyap_stylist 73