DOMTHEORY™ | Building Singularity

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Our design philosophy is to build singularity, !"#$%&'()*+%(,$-./$#()&0"$12&%3)312+$&"$4/!'*)5!"6 atmosphere and experience in each design )2&1$!"#$*(42"&7.($&"$(!42$1/3#.4*&3"$!%%38)$.)$ project that provoke the unexpected hidden *2($3113/*."&*+$*3$1.)2$43"9("*&3"$&"$1/393:&"0$ senses. This holds true whether it be providing *2($2&##("$)(")()$*2!*$!44("*.!*($3./$4%&("*)$ turn-key design and management services for a .%*&5!*($%&'()*+%($9&)&3"), new hotel, creating interior spaces for a vacation villa home or designing a table or chair, where each project is treated as a bespoke “one-off” production that accuentuates our clients needs and ultimate lifestyle visions.