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Ariva gets a new look TAMARA WALSH > Marketing Manager Ariva – Mississauga


ith Domtar’s sale of the Ariva U.S. business last summer, and the subsequent change of Ariva Canada’s reporting structure into the Pulp and Paper segment, we have commenced a new phase in our existence. With these changes, the opportunity presented itself to review many areas of the Ariva business, including the logo and brand. As we continue to be an important part of Domtar’s marketing strategy in Canada, the

timing was perfect with the start of a new year to begin with a fresh new look. Ariva’s new logo renews historical ties with Domtar and builds on synergies between Ariva, Enteprise Group and Domtar. With

its clean and modern look, the new logo confidently states that Ariva Canada is in a new phase of its existence. Welcome to the new Ariva. <

Presidential holiday card printed on Domtar paper VANÉCIA CARR > Director of Marketing Printing Papers, Fort Mill Operations Center


e are proud that the 2013 Presidential holiday card was printed on Domtar


Designed by Chris Hankinson of Hilltop Studios in Grand Rapids, MI, the pop-up-style card has a three-dimensional image of the front of the White House. Admore Inc. in Macomb, MI, did the printing and it was hand-folded by Handy Bindery in the Detroit suburb of Clinton Township. Featuring intensive die-cutting, folding and foil stamping techniques, the card was printed on Cougar, Domtar’s premium uncoated paper. ‘‘I use Cougar for 99% of my custom cards and have for as far back as I can remember,’’ Chris Hankinson told us. Our paper stood up to every challenge that the designer created. We are proud of the Rothschild Mill for keeping the standards and quality of

Cougar at the highest level and we are honored that everyone involved in the process for the Presidential card chose Domtar paper. <

Presidential holiday card

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