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WisDom Wireless Domestic Security System

Embrace Wireless with WisDom

Simple, Quick and Reliable – that is what it boils down to when selecting a wireless security system. And that is what WisDom is all about. WisDom is the SIMPLEST and FASTEST wireless security system to install: once you experience the time and cost savings of Rokonet’s unique installation tools and simple programming logic, you will never want to install a different alarm system. WisDom is also the most RELIABLE system on the market, providing years of trouble-free service and freeing you up to work on your future installations. Embrace Wireless with WisDom – the best value money can buy.

Intelligence in the Service of Security


WisDom Main Features & Benefits General



Simple programming logic – fully menu driven ● Wireless calibration and adjustable threshold level, enables higher false alarm immunity ● Actual transmitter signal strength and RF noise displayed on LCD, eliminating the need for an external strength meter ● All detectors supervised for presence, low battery, jamming and tamper ● Supports all major central station reporting formats ● Windows based remote and local Upload/Download ● GSM/GPRS module for Central Station reporting, SMS messages, voice messages and Upload/Download operation ●

32 wireless zones + 1 wired zone 3 partitions/areas ● 32 user codes ● Two models: LCD Version & LCD with Integrated Voice Capabilties ● Built-in 85dB internal siren, plus 500mA external siren driver ● 4 programmable outputs: two 3A relays + two 70 mA OC outputs ● External bell-box tamper input ● 250 event log ● 868 MHz or 433 MHz radio frequencies ● Up to 2 additional wireless keypads ● Up to 8 rolling-code 4 button keyfobs ● 32 character LCD and backlit keypad ● ●

Full voice menu guide enables simple remote phone operation ● Built-in two way voice communication to the premises ● Local announcement and feedback of system status ● Family message center ● X-10 for device control via existing AC wiring ● Dedicated buttons for simple emergency notification ● Quick key operation of user functions ● Full volume control of voice messages and system sounds ● Rechargeable batteries, replaceable without opening the unit ●

WisDom Configuration

Magnetic Contacts

Universal Transmitters

PIR Detectors

PET Detectors

Integrated Voice Module

Additional Wireless Keypad


“System is armed” ((

Smoke Detectors Built in Internal Siren

Rolling Code 4 Button Keyfobs

X-10 Interface Module for Home Automation

GSM / GPRS Communication Module

Central Monitoring Station

Remote Upload Download

Follow me & Remote Operation

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Risco Wisdom alarm system wireless  

Wisdom alarm system wireless

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