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The Word

by George Thompson - Editor

We could be one of the richest economies in Europe! The weather seems to be picking up a bit, lifting the spirits as it does and with the extra stretch in the evenings it’s great to get in a bit of exercise and enjoy the great outdoors. Great to see Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan visit the schools in his home area of Mahon this week. Gary is a great ambassador for his sport and for his Country and a role model for all young people. During his visits he encouraged pupils to have a dream or goal and with determination, focus and hard work , these could be achieved. The Mahon man was a guest on Trevor Welch’s new sports programme on 96fm last Saturday afternoon and in the coming weeks before his next fight will visit his old secondary school, Coláiste Críost Rí. While the up coming mini budget is being forecast as being a tough one, I sincerely hope that, while we need to tighten our belts we aren’t heading down a dangerous road. I still think that the government combined with the other party’s could come up with a solution to get our economy going in the short term while a cross party group should be appointed to examine the bigger picture. We have been always known as a farming nation but when you realise that our maritime jurisdiction is two and a half times the size of our land mass maybe it’s time to put more emphasis on aquaculture and exploring our maritime resources – and I’m talking about oil. We could be one of the richest economies in Europe if the rights for oil exploration were sold – solving all our national finances for once and for all.

• O’Connell Street, Dublin pictured from Nelson’s Pillar by Noreen Williamson from Douglas with a Box Brownie in August 1957.

Do watch out for our reader offers and competitions and do check out our website on Slán George Thompson - Editor

• Boxing Champ Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan pictured with pupils from Gaelscoil Mhachan during his visit to schools in Mahon and Blackrock this week. (Pic:George Thompson)

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South Link Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

We’d love to hear from you. If you have any news, views or issues you’d like to see covered, write to the Douglas Post, Morris House, Douglas West, Cork or by e-mail to Please include your name and address and a contact number. Letters may be edited due to space considerations.

Rochestown Road Traffic


Shall We Dance ? Dear Editor, We are a very resilient bunch in Cork who in the face of all sorts of issues whether personal or public get on with our business even in this ever changing environment. Invariably we will do so with respect for others, pride in ourselves and always with a word or two using that quick wit we are renowned for. That is until we get behind the steering wheel of the car!! Once this happens invariable we feel we become invisible to others and therefore think we can act without a care or second thought. We all know plenty of examples and if we are truthful,l are guilty of doing things that would annoy us greatly if they happened to ourselves. One specific issue that I have is the following : Cars travelling on the Rochestown Road in the morning time as they approach the ‘Finger post’ roundabout in Douglas take an illegal right hand turn into Douglas Court. They then proceed through Douglas Court and out the other exit at the roundabout by McDonalds where they get the right of way. This practice has the outcome of a huge backlog of traffic where cars that have kept within the law and taken the proper route as they now cannot access the McDonalds roundabout with this volume of traffic coming through illegally. This practice could easily be stopped with the cooperation of Douglas Court by keeping the barrier closed to vehicle entries until close to 9:00AM. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of cars that actually take this route which has the effect of slowing up traffic which are in fact law abiding. There is no reason for traffic to access the centre from this end at that hour of the morning as Dunnes Stores deliveries are at the far end of the centre. Douglas Court could easily erect a sign to the effect that the entrance would be closed until 9:00AM. With all that is going on around us right now this may seem like a very trivial matter. Yes of course it is. However if we stop and try and forget we are driving in our cars and act out of respect for others instead of selfishness then perhaps it might just start my day off in a better mood. Yours Sincerely, Stephen Murphy Rochestown Road.

Nice One! Hi All Just a line to tell you that I thought your cover last week was fantastic and your wedding page was amazing love your magazine, keep up the good work. Regards

4 - Thur 02 Apr '09

Dear Editor, Has Cork City Council gone “Ga Ga” in turning the Kinsale Road Dump into a concert venue? Mary and I are 32 years at Greenhills Court. Our neighbors in the Court and the entire Estate have been plagued by obnoxious odours, invasions of flies, wasps, rats and God knows what else at our doorstep. Here’s the deal: City Councilors with Elections due, Concert, Circus. Fitness, Resource Centre’s are fine, but you will not get the green light from the Residents until we receive in writing a guarantee that the Dump will close for good in 2009. We will also say no to the storing of any type of waste or re-cycling to be contracted out for transfer to Youghal or Bottle Hill On this issue we will not be moved !! With the Kinsale Road Dump closed forever, I can don once more my “Woodstock” gear and from my window re-live my youth, listening or watching Tina Turner strutting her stuff, or Blondie, Madonna, Sarah Brightman and Bocelli etc. Dancing the nights away free gratis, with my ever beautiful “Babe” with flowers in her hair Let’s Rock’n’Roll Neil O’Donoghue Greenhills

young people have gathered at Douglas Garda station and have discussed issues that are affecting them within their community. One of the many topics that keeps coming to light is the lack of facilities for young people and a place that young people can congregate with their friends e.g. youth cafe. This statement goes on to tell us about a trip abroad that they are organising in April. They are also raising funds to open a youth centre in Douglas. No wonder they don’t want anything to do with Miss Forde or any other people in politics. If you listen to the old biddys of the parish you should be in a different job, you certainly do not represent the vast majority of young people or their parents in Douglas. Also for a person in your position to make a statement like this without proof is a total disgrace. This person should resign and leave some young person who is in touch with reality take over. Parent of two teenagers in Grange. J. Buckley. Disclaimer: Any views or opinions expressed in these letters are solely those of the individual author(s) and do not necessarily represent those of The Douglas Post.

Fuming Parent Dear Sirs. To say I am fuming after reading last weeks Deidre Forde column is an understatement. For a public representative to make a statement accusing the young people who hang out between Grange Erin and Shamrock Lawn of anti social behaviour, drink and drug taking shows just how out of touch this so called young peoples spokesperson is with the majority of young people in the Douglas area. In fact just to prove my point here is an official Garda statement on the same young people. Over the past number of months, young people from the GrangeFrankfield area have been the subject of talk from residents who have wrongfully blamed these young people people for anti social behaviour. Each Wednesday for the past 4 months, these

• Billy Kelleher, Junior Minister for Labour who was in Mahon on Tuesday to launch the Life Long Learning festival pictured here making a presentation to Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan on behalf of Mahon Community Centre in recognition of his winnining the AFO Light Middleweight title in Boston recently also in photo is Cllr. Terry Shannon. Pic:George Thompson

Hanleys Garden Market Frankfield Road, Ballycurreen, Cork. (Beside South Ring Road Flyover)

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South Link Family Ties

New Shoes By L. J. Wardell (USA) Anne is six years older than me. Growing up, we were very poor, and my mother worked evenings at a factory in a small country town. Not seeing my mother much, Anne took over much of the maternal support, and she was awarded the authority to give me and my younger sister permission to do things. Actually, going to Anne was much better than going to a parent as she could award permission, but never had an urge to punish us when we broke the rules. Therefore, we were a bit more willing to confess our activities to Anne and sometimes benefited from her sisterly advice. During those turbulent teenage years, Anne was always there for me, not only as a big sister, but as a mother and my best friend. When I was seventeen and had no money, I thought my only chance of going to college was if I could win a scholarship. I had an important interview for such an award. Anne at that time was struggling, surviving on a parttime job as she put herself through the local community college after serving in the army. I told her of my interview, that General Motors was sending me a bus ticket, and I would get to visit the city for my scholarship interview. It would be the first time I ever saw a city. I was excited about the adventure and asked her advice on what to wear. I showed her my best outfit and how I planned to be careful how I sat so that the hole in the bottom of my shoe would not be seen, but I wasn’t sure what I would do if it rained. I showed her how I would stand with my arm slightly in front of me to hide the blemish from my factory-

second pants from the farmers’ market. My best blouse was a find at a yard sale, slightly faded but still pretty. Anne suggested that we go shopping, and we took the bus to the JCPenney store. She took me to the shoe department, and we found a beautiful pair of leather shoes on sale. She told me to try them on, but I thought it was just for fun as neither of us had ever owned anything that expensive before. Sometimes we did go shopping together and tried on things just to see what they looked and felt like, but we never could afford to buy them. It was like playing dress-up. But this time was different. Anne handed me the boxed shoes and said, “Here, I’ll buy these for you.” “But . . .” was all I could say. “You deserve them,” she replied. “This interview is important. I want to see you get that scholarship.” I was speechless as I knew this was a lot of money for her, and she would probably have to eat nothing but ramen noodles for at least a month. I went to the interview and crossed my legs so that my beautiful new shoes shone with pride. I won the scholarship and became an engineer. Although they were nice leather everyday shoes, I didn’t wear them much because they were so special. I hope Anne didn’t think I did not like them or something. Now, after twenty years have passed, I still have that pair of shoes with me, and I just wear them on those little occasions when I need to feel special. It’s kind of like having magic ruby slippers when you’re homesick.

Ballinlough Community News With Mary Cremin Our Lady of Lourdes Church Holy Week Ceremonies April Confessions Monday 6th Penitential Service at 7.30pm Holy Thursday 9th 12.00-1.00pm & after 5.30pm & 7.30pm Masses Good Friday 10th After 10.30am & 12.Noon Stations & after the 3.00pm Ceremony Holy Saturday 11th 11.30am - 12.30am & 3.00pm - 4.00pm Holy Thursday 9th         Mass at 5.30pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper at 7.30pm Adoration till 10.00pm including Night Prayer Good Friday 10th Day of Fast & Abstinence Stations of the Cross 10.30am & 12.00noon Solemn celebration of the Passion of Our Lord at 3.00pm Prayer around the Cross 7.30pm Easter Saturday 11th     Celebration of the Easter Vigil at 6.00pm No 7.30pm Mass Easter Sunday 12th       9.00am   10.30am   12.00noon There will be no morning Mass on: Thurs9th Fri 10th & Sat 11th Mass during Easter week at 10.00am only The 7.30am Mass will resume on Monday 20th April

Blood Pressure Clinic    Second  Wednesday of every month  10.30am - 12.noon at the Community Centre  

Smile You are on CCTV Ballinlough Community Association have installed CCTV, there are six cameras to cover all sections of the grounds, and also in the hallway of the community centre. It was necessary to do this, as over the last few years, the premises have been damaged on many occasions, and cars have been damaged in the car park, and many other minor incidents. The repair of this vandalism amounts to a substantial amount of money each year for the association. This is a 24 hour security operation 365 days a year.  

Meals on Wheels Meals on Wheels require to cover holidays volunteers to assist with cooking and also drivers to deliver meals. Anyone who can help, please call or phone the Community Centre any morning between 11.00am & 12.00noon. Tel 4294021 • Lisa Hayes contestant in the recent Miss Cork competition pictured with Sean Og

6 - Thur 02 Apr '09

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Fine Gael scheme is a better alternative than Government’s plan to bring back third level fees Deirdre Clune The Minister for Education, Batt O’Keeffe, must reform higher education not by forcing hard working parents to pay third level fees but by embracing the package of reforms and the new funding system proposed by Fine Gael. Fine Gael has ruled out the introduction of Third Level College fees and instead proposed a new Graduate PRSI contribution scheme that would raise in the region of €500m per year for the higher education sector. The new scheme would also allow for the abolition of existing college registration fees. Registration Fees were increased from €900 to €1,500 in the October Budget and have been used by the Government as a system of reintroducing fees by the backdoor. Instead the new system would see new entrants to college, after graduation, make a contribution through the PRSI system to the value of 30% of the cost of their college education. These funds would be ring fenced for the third level sector. The main advantage of the Fine Gael system is that it will remove the burden of cost from parents and allow the students to pay for their own education when they have benefitted from that education, have graduated and are earning a wage. If we want to develop a knowledge based economy, we have to reform the current funding arrangement and the way our higher education sector operates. Fine Gael Education Spokesperson Brian Hayes has focused not just on funding he has also outlined a package of reforms that would modernise our Higher Education Sector. These reforms include: • Improving access for students from weaker socio-economic backgrounds • Improving quality assurance • Prioritising student support • Encouraging specialisation where it is beneficial • Focussing on innovation and skills requirements that are vital for the future • Improving accountability If the Government’s strategy is just to reintroduce third level fees while not at the same time setting out any reform package for the higher education sector it will be a lost opportunity.







33 LAKE LAWN, WELL ROAD, DOUGLAS. TEL: 021 4364385 MOBILE: 086 8502330 E-MAIL: Fax: 021 4364389 I hold a Weekly Advice Clinic in Mahon Community Centre Wednesday, 2.30pm to 3.30pm or by appointment

Councillor Terry Shannon P.C. I was delighted to accompany our boxing champion Gary “Spike” O’ Sullivan on a visit to local schools in Mahon and Blackrock on Monday the 30th. Ger O’ Keeffe from the Mahon Community Centre was also present. Gary became the light-middle weight boxing champion of America two weeks ago, fighting his bout in Boston. This was his seventh successive win since becoming a professional boxer 15 months ago. Spike will be defending his title later this year and could be in contention for a tilt at the world champion this year also. Spike is a great ambassador for Mahon, indeed, for Cork City and the country at large. We are all very proud to know a local lad who is doing so well on the international sporting stage. He is a tremendous role model for our youth. He is proof positive that, if you work hard, set out your goals, be determined and disciplined, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. This was Spike’s message to the young people who greeted him with such enthusiasm. They were also delighted that Spike gave them their homework off. My thanks to the Nagle Community College and their Principle George Roche, to Gaelscoil Mhachan and their principle Ide, to the Holy Cross National School and their principle Mrs. Barry, to Scoil Ursula and their principle Sr. Anne, and to the young people of Mahon Youthreach over in Ringmahon House and their co-ordinator Maura. A special thanks to all the students who greeted Spike and made the visit such a positive event. Spike runs the Lough Mahon boxing club in Mahon, where many members have won national titles. The club is a valuable local sporting facility staffed by volunteers and must be congratulated for their ongoing good work on behalf of the local community. On my proposal at the last City Council meeting it was agreed to afford Spike a civic reception in recognition of his many sporting achievements. This will be held in City Hall on Thursday the 14th of May next.


CLUNE TD CONSTITUENCY OFFICE: Morris House, Douglas Village, Cork. Tel: 021-4890000 Fax: 021-4890493 Email: Web:

8 - Thur 02 Apr '09

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South Arts & Link Culture

Poetry Corner with Ronnie McGinn

Seems hard to believe, but it’s a year since Brendan O’Brien passed away. Brendan and the Dixies were part of a new generation of Irish people who got up off their knees and believed in themselves. They saw more in the future than the boat to America and England. They believed we could do it at home, and be just as good as anybody else in the world. Brendan was the perfect example. His fine rich voice, his good looks, charming personality, charismatic stage performance, his modesty, his confidence and his gentlemanly manner made him a world class entertainer. Brendan joined the Dixies in 1961 and three years later they were playing Carnegie Hall. And the rest as the cliché goes - is history. He wasn’t just a Rock ’N’ Roll singer, Brendan could switch to country or Irish music at the drop of a hat and be equally at ease with an up tempo tune or a slow romantic ballad. Brendan’s generation all have many fond memories of the good old days but memories of Brendan are pure gold.

Those Were, the Days The queue was formed from far and near, With couples young and old. At nine the doors would open wide ‘Twas time for Rock’n’Roll. The people milled around the stage Enthralled with every glance, When Brendan grabbed the microphone, The world became a dance. John Sheehan played the trumpet hard, And Theo blew trombone, Sean Lucey’s magic fingers hit The tenor saxophone And Finbarr keyed the tune with ease Big Steve strummed the guitar, Christy doubled thumbed the bass, Joe Mac became a star. Those were the days, those were the nights When dreams might still come true There was no one like The Dixies In Nineteen sixty-two. Ronnie McGinn Send your poem to ‘The Poetry Corner’ / Douglas Post, Unit 14, Morris House, Douglas or you can email it direct to If possible keep your poem to 20 lines. You may choose any subject you like, in any form you like as long as it’s original. We look forward to hearing from you. RonnieMcGinn

10 - Thur 02 Apr '09

Douglas Writers Group The Douglas Writers Group, next meeting will take place in Douglas Library on Friday the 3rd April at 5.30 pm. So writers get scribbling and have your poem/ short story ready for the 3th April. New Members Welcome! Meetings held on the second Friday of each month.

• Brendan O’Brien - R.I.P.

• Jump for Joy - Colaiste Choilm Ballincollig

Douglas Library Junior Writers Group

Ó Bhéal News

The Douglas Junior Writers Group next meeting is on Fri 24th April at 5.30pm. Those wishing to attend should make sure they have their parent’s or Guardians permission and bring along a short story or poem that you have written recently. Library rules will apply.

The Monday Bhéal open-mic evenings continue at The Hayloft (upstairs at The Long Valley), Winthrop Street. Entrance is  free. Readings will last between 40-60 minutes after which there will be the usual open-mic session. Be sure to come early to get good seats. Full bar available. The night begins with the Poetry Challenge at 8.30pm. Guest poets begin from 9.00pm.

Ballinlough Writers Group Ballinlough Writers Group next meeting Fri17th April in The Douglas Library at 5.30 pm. Bring ten copies of a short story or poem you have written. Where possible all entries should be typed and have the authors name and date on the top. We look forward to seeing you there.

Cllr. Laura McGonigle “Advice Clinics each Saturday in the Ballinlough Community Centre at 12.30pm - Feel free to pop along”.

Mob: 086-0829371 Web: Email: Ag obair ar do shon i Halla na Cathrach

Douglas Books Top Five 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Secret Scripture – Sebastian Barry This Charming Man - Marian Keys Reader – Bernard Schlink Do You Want to Know a Secret – Claudia Carroll Forgive and Forget – Patrica Scanlon

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Carrigaline Community News ACTIVE RETIRED The weekly meeting of the Carrigaline Active Retired Association continues to be very well attended. Last week the group had a very interesting talk on genealogy and the family history by Nora Hickey from Kinsale. Nora explained how records of birth, marriages and deaths were kept or maybe not kept over the centuries. She handed out information leaflets on all the Cork County research locations and phone numbers and also the information as to where to research parish records where they are stored on microfilm. Earlier in the afternoon Ann O’Brien led the CARA members in ‘Go for Life exercises and after the talk all enjoyed a chat over a cup of tea. This Thursday Keith Roberts will be back to organize the group’s first Whist tournament. Next Thursday will be Holy Thursday so there will be no Active Retired meeting or activity. New members and new ideas always welcome contact

g the Light Ov n i in er Sh

k r Co

Sally 437 2840 or Barry 087 813 7990.

PIONEER QUIZ The Carrigaline Pioneer Centre held a very enjoyable table quiz in the Bandhall on Saturday night last. The questions, including a picture quiz, were reasonable and entertaining. The Quiz Master was Fionán Cogan, adjudicator, Sheila Murphy assisted by Carol Warren who was responsible for the compilation of the questions. The winners after two tiebreakers were Ronan Murray, Keith

Phone: 021 496 4444 Text: 086 720 0931 Web: E-mail:

Baldwin and Ian Saul, runners up were Niamh Cogan and Sabrina Dempsey and in third place were Joy Rowan Casey and Margaret Good. Carol Warren, Youth Officer, presented the trophies. All were treated to refreshments after the quiz.

CÉILI MÓR All roads lead to Carrigaline for the next Céilí Mór on Saturday week April 11th in the Carrigaline GAA Pavilion, Irelands Premier dance venue. Swallow’s Tail Céilí Band will travel all the way from Sligo to play the best of traditional music for the set dancers from 9.30 pm until 1.30 am. All are looking forward to their annual visit. There will be a break for tea at 11.30 pm. Fáilte roimh chách.

KNOCK PILGRIMAGE The annual Carrigaline Pilgrimage to Knock takes place this year on the Saturday and Sunday18th and 19th July.  Organised by the Pioneers Sunday 19th July is the Matt Talbot and the Pioneer International Day.  The bus will leave the bandroom at 9.30am on Saturday morning and return home on Sunday night.  The group will overnight in Knock House Hotel the same place as the last two


Celebrate Easter Sunday in exquisite surroundings.

Full lunch available …… an ideal family outing.

For reservations call

021 4365555 or 021 4918316

years €135 per person sharing all-inclusive. Enquiries phone Aislinn 087 9699 or 021 437 2035 or Mary 021 437 3316.

An Oige An Oige Swimming Club meet every Thur. @ 9.30pm in the An Carrig Health & Leisure Club Carrigaline. Members €3, Guests €5, per night New members welcome

CANTATE, An award-winning mixed voice choir based in Monkstown, are currently auditioning for singers in all parts.  Previous choir experience desirable.  087-7660109

Thur 02 Apr '09 - 11

Kidz Korner

Colour me in.....

This Week’s Winner Julieanne O’Donovan, Calderwood

Name: Address:



Parents Signature:

d o ug w.


Runners-Up ll, Carrigaline Rebecca O’Conne , Ringaskiddy Casey Kenneally nnybrook Jack O’Keeffe, Do , Ballymacoda Jenny O’Sullivan osshaven Megan Davis, Cr Rochestown Darren Lenehan, iddleton Rebecca Ryan, M

kfield Avril Deasy, Fran lackrock ,B ur wo ila W Junia , MoneygourRebecca McGrath ney ntemple Ciara Lynch, Balli osshaven Nicole O’Leary, Cr kstown Evan Clarke, Mon lmount Court Chloe Linehan, Be osshaven Aaron O’Leary, Cr

Passage West Claudia Webster, igaline Fionn Foley, Carr , Frankfield an or Mary Kate M estown ch Ro , Tara Linehan enmanna re Bo Adam Byrne, Road osshaven Charlie Davis, Cr lmount Be , an Rachel Lineh Court

Douglas Books Top Five 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 12 - Thur 02 Apr '09


spost. a l

Twilight –Stephanie Me yer Eclipse - Stephanie Me yer New Man - Stephanie Meyer Breaking Dawn - Steph anie Meyer The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas – John Bo

Kidz Korner Jokez Who’s been eating my porridge?” asked baby bear. “Who’s been eating my porridge?” asked mother bear. “Burp” said father bear. Brian: (eating his lunch at school)Teacher, I’ve got a bone stuck in my throat. Teacher: Are you choking? Brian: No, I’m serious. Mother: So what have you learned on your first day at high school? Son: Not enough. I have to go back tomorrow. What do you get if you cross a palm tree with a frog? A croakanut. What is green and sings in the garden? Elvis Parsley.


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The Maritime Hotel, Bantry Celebrates its Second Birthday The Maritime Hotel, Bantry are delighted to be celebrating their second birthday this week. The luxurious hotel opened its doors for the first time in March 2007 and in such a short time has clearly marked their place as one of the top hotels in Ireland. Over the course of the past two years, The Maritime has been welcoming guests from at home and abroad and the hotel has received rave reviews from critic’s worldwide. This year has also seen the eagerly anticipated opening of “You Time” at The Maritime. Located on the fourth floor of the hotel this is a dedicated relaxation space where visitors and locals alike can avail of a selection of Spa treatments including a range of facials and body massages. The team at The Maritime are looking forward to a busy season, General Manager, Simon Tiptaft says “We are gearing up for a very busy season. Word is spreading on our fantastic wedding packages and so far we have 32 weddings booked for this year.” “We are also already taking summer bookings from Irish families who have decided to holiday in Ireland this year. There is so much for families to do and see in West Cork and our family friendly suites, leisure centre and Kids’ clubs are proving very attractive.” A selection of Irelands’ favourite artists are set to take West Cork by storm when they appear at the hotel, upcoming performances include Brendan Bowyer, who will take to take to the stage on Easter Saturday, and The Three Tenors, who will perform a medley of favourites from a range of artists including Elvis, Sinatra, Bocelli, Pavarotti, Abba and many more, on Saturday, May 9.

Douglas Community News Douglas GAA Club “You’re only a stranger once” Thurs Bar - Texas Hold ‘em poker Fri Bar - Live Music Sat Hall - Dancing Mon. Hall – Young at Heart Exercise Class – 10.30 to 12.30 Matches ‘Live’ on Big Screens

Young at Heart Douglas Community Group. Up coming events . Every Monday - Tai-Chi class 10:30-11. Douglas GAA Every Tuesday - Knitting Club, Talk on CPR 2 – 4 Douglas GAA Wednesday - Computer Classes – Douglas Community School Wednesday - Bingo Lion House – 2-4 Wednesday 1st April - Lifelong learning quiz in the community school. Tuesday 7th April Easter Bonnet Competition – St Columbas Hall Wednesday April 15th Long on and Learn Computers in Douglas Community School

Tesco Ireland extends partnership with Make-A-Wish® Tesco Ireland has announced that it is to extend its partnership with children’s charity, the Make-A-Wish® Foundation Ireland, by naming it as the ‘Tesco Charity of The Year 2009’. This is the first time in the history of the programme that Tesco has supported a charity for a second year and follows on from the company’s decision to extend the scheme to a 2 year programme going forward.

An Oige An Oige Swimming Club meet every Thur. @9.30pm in the An Carrig Health & Leisure Club. Members €3, Guests €5 per. night. New members welcome. Ph. 0872717897 Visit our stand @ the Carrigaline Community forum Open day on Sun. 29th. March 2pm - 5pm.


Available at The Douglas Post



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know from the ground up what your issues are. Only you know from living with a situation everyday how something affects you and I can only take it back to the relevant department at Cork City Council by hearing from you. I am listening to you at the doors regarding national issues, i.e. pension levies, medical cards, healthcare and education and although my job is to deal with local issues in the area, it would be remit of me not to acknowledge how fearful people are at this moment regarding their future and the future of their children. We had difficult times in the eighties and early nineties but hoped that our children would see better times, particularly in seeking employment and buying their first home. In the current climate, it is difficult to stay optimistic but I am hoping that we can at least keep talking and pushing at a local level for our

Vote for change, Vote for Deirdre It’s your choice. Deirdre Foley Dear Constituents, Four weeks of canvassing and I am very happy meeting you each evening. I am anxious to make sure that you have every opportunity to discuss your issues with me. I have had many calls after last weeks feature and I am thrilled that you took the time out to contact me. It enables me to

needs to met. I look forward to meeting with you all over the coming weeks. Deirdre. Mobile No: 086-3818000 I want to represent you – It’s your choice, You decide.

Stand Up For Change Councillor Chris


( Independent ) 17 Loughmahon Road, Mahon, Cork • • Local election candidate Deirdre Foley FF pictured with Anna Joyez and Jackie Crowley pictured at Mahon Community Centre this week. (Pic:George Thompson)

Douglas Community News Clergy in Douglas gather together to plan their outreach events for Holy Week and Easter 2009 On Sunday 5th April at 3 pm. members of the Methodist Church, Ardfallen, St Columba’s R.C. Church and St Luke’s C. of I. churches will gather together in Douglas Community Park for a Palm Sunday procession via St Columba’s and St Luke’s churches to Douglas Court Shopping Centre. There they will launch the display that is being placed in the shopping centre, by kind support of the management, to draw attention to the origins and meaning of Holy Week and Easter. Members of all three churches will be in attendance at various times, Monday through Thursday and Saturday. On Good Friday, church members will be observing their remembrances of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion, and so will not be in attendance that day.

14 - Thur 02 Apr '09

Phone: 021 4357570 / 087 2794307 •

On Sunday 12th April all three churches will again meet jointly at 7 am in the Ardfallen Scripture Garden for joyful worship and celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord. Members of the public are welcome to come and observe/ join in these special events to mark Holy Week and Easter 2009.

Douglas Library Friday 3 April @ 11a.m.: Gramophone Circle presented by Jean Olden. All welcome. Friday 3 April @ 5.30p.m.: Douglas Writers Group. Friday 3 April @ 7p.m.: Night Owls Book Club. New Members welcome. Saturday 4th April @ 10a.m.: Colouring Competition. Saturday 4th April @ 11a.m.: Junior Chess Club. Saturday 4th April @ 2.30p.m.: Douglas Junior Book worms. Wednesday 8th April @ 11a.m.: Douglas Reading Circle.

Douglas Comm. Assoc. At the March meeting, Chairman, Billy Coleman said that as a result of complaints from some residents on the South Douglas re access

from their area going towards Douglas Shopping Centre, a meeting took place with the Cork Co. Council Area Engineer, John Forde. One resident in particular documented the problem in detail with photographs indicating the difficulties pedestrians encountered.  Since this area crosses the county bounds to the city, John will be following up the issue with the Cork Corporation Roads Dept. and will report his findings to the Community Association. The new playground should be completed by April. Tidy Towns volunteers continue to meet every Saturday morning for clean-ups of the area at the entrance to the Community Park on Church Road at 10 a.m. Annual General Meeting of the Douglas Community Association will be held on Monday, 27th April at 8 p.m.  All are welcome.  Monthly meetings are normally held on the third Monday of each month.  If you have issues of a community nature to bring to our attention, please drop a note in to our secretary, Jodie McCarthy.


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Cllr. Donal


Committed to Our Community “Always available not just at election time”

17 Silverdale Avenue, Ballinlough, Cork. Tel: 021 429 5245 Mob: 086 33 99 479 Email:

Clarke’s Hill / Garryduff / Moneygourney Road Improvement Scheme Update Cllr. Seamus McGrath As you are aware, a major Road Improvement Scheme for the Clarke’s Hill / Garryduff / Moneygourney area has been in the pipeline for many years now. This improvement work is urgently needed given that extensive housing developments were permitted over the years without the provision of adequate infrastructure.Both I have been pursuing this issue with the Council on an ongoing basis and I placed a motion before the Council meeting on March 16th last, requesting an update on this scheme. In response, the Senior Engineer outlined that a lack of funding has been the main obstacle to advancing the scheme, which has an estimated cost of €20 million and would involve significant land acquisition. Given the current economic climate, the Council have indicated that raising such a figure is not achievable and a more realistic aim is to secure funding in the region of €5 million from development contributions and Government grants. Therefore, the original design of the scheme has been reviewed with the aim of reducing the overall costThe Council anticipates commencing the public consultation for the required planning permission on the revised design in the coming months (at which point the plans will be publicly available) with a view to commencing work in late 2009. The scheme is likely to involve some road widening, road resurfacing, footpath improvements, provision of additional public lighting and pedestrian facilities as well as improved road markings / signage.I can fully understand the frustration of residents on the lack of progress on this scheme and the many estimated start dates which were not achieved by the Council. For my part, I will continue to keep you updated on this important local project.

Cllr. Seamus McGrath

serving the community...

If I can be of any assistance on local issues please do not hesitate call me.

Tel: 021 437 6699 Mobile: 086 391 6328


Brainteazer Last Weeks Teazer Six men drove 240km (150 miles) in a car at an average speed of 100km/ph (62.5 mph). The journey took 2.4 hours. When they unpacked their luggage they realised that the car had a flat tyre

during the entire journey. Why had they not noticed this before ?

Last Week’s Answer. The flat tyre was in the spare

This Weeks Teazer A train crossing from France into Germany suffered a terrible accident exactly at the border. According to international law in which country should the survivors be buried ?

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y a D g n i d d e W r u O

Our Wedding Day

rch, ary’s Chu M t. S t a married

key ndan Hic tt & Bre e rr sale a B in K e l, ote Louis 5 Acton’s H t a -264303 n 7 o 8 ti 0 p Rece English e ik M y ph Photogra

The Ultimate Wedding Band

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Douglas Post call


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with a

Our Wedding Day


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Tel: 021 4391611 Email: Hollymount Ind. Est., Hollyhill, Cork.

Nuala Hussey

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t: 087 612 9288 e: Transforming Nature into fine art

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An Giota Gaeilge Le Liam Ó Móráin

Gaelscoil na Dúghlaise sa Chór Fhéile i Halla na Cathrach Tráth an Earraigh gach bliain tionóltar ceann de na féiltí is tábhachtaí agus is umráití sa tír nuair a thagann na mílte mic-léinn bunscoileanna le chéile i Halla Chathair Chorcaí chun páirt a glacadh lena chéile in amhráin a rá agus i gceoil a sheinnim. Nuair a bhíos féin an-óg is cuimhin liom na laethanta á gcaitheamh againn sa rang ar an mbunscoil ag cleachtadh mar chór. Cé nach raibh cumas an amhránaíocht nó casadh ceoil go maith agam thaitneodh am an chleachtadh liom mar nach rabhamar ag freastal ar na gnáth-ranganna. I mbliana, beidh cór agus banna cheoil Gaelscoil na Dúghlaise ag glacadh páirte sa Chór Fhéile na Scol faoi threoir triúir mhúinteoirí. Cé nach comórtas í an fhéile glacann rogha maith bun-scoileanna eile ó Chorcaigh, idir ghnáth bunscoileanna agus gaelscoileanna páirt inti. Mar a dúirt Aire Oideachais roinnt bliana ó

South Link – Community News Lifetime Lab (Old Cork Waterworks) A number of local historians, story tellers and musicians will gather at Lifetime Lab this Saturday April 4th at 2.00pm to celebrate “Growing Up In Cork” To celebrate the Lifelong Learning Festival, Lifetime Lab are proud to present an afternoon of talks, chat and music, bringing a cross section of Cork’s finest historians and ‘caretakers’ of Cork’s past to speak about the city’s history and memories as only they know how. Admission is free and a fun and interesting afternoon is guaranteed.

Holy Cross Parish, Mahon, Bereavement Support Group. An eight week course will commence after Easter to help support those who are bereaved in order to help them cope with their loss. Names may be handed into the Parish Office or by telephoning 4357040 during office hours only. (9.15 am to 12.15 Monday to Friday)

100 Hours of Astronomy at Black-

18 - Thur 02 Apr '09

shin, is ócáid an-thábhachtach é seo do pháistí, go háirithe nuair nach comórtas atá ann. Dar leis go dtugann sé deis do na páistí tuiscint a fháil ar luach an teacht le chéile seachas a mhalairt, agus tugann sé deis dóibh tuiscint a fháil ar luach an comhoibriú seachas an comórtais. Mholtar an tábhacht atá leis an fhéile chór seo maidir le maitheas an cheoil mar ábhar staidéartha bun-scoile agus níor mhiste míle buíochas a gabháil do na múinteoirí ar fad a infheistíonn a gcuid ama ag ullmhú na páistí chun páirt iomlán a ghlacadh san fhéile gach bliain. Tugtar ard faoi leith don Ghaeilge san bhFéile freisin. Tugann an fhéile cleachtas taitneamhach agus dearfa ar an nGaeilge agus ar chultúir na hÉireann do páistí. Má tá deis agat freastal ar an bhféile i mbliana, is fiú duit. Má tá blas uait den cheoil, idir amhránaíocht nó banna cheoil, cuir na focla ‘Cór Fhéile’ i Google agus tabhair strac-fhéachaint ar roinnt de na suíomh éagsúla a chuir near scoileanna suas. Cé go bhfuil an cúlú eacnamaíochta ar bharr theanga gach duine inniu, is éalú den scoth í an fhéile tábhachtach seo. Tá todhchaí eile i ndán dúinn – ní gá ach féachaint ar na daoine óga seo, ar a spraoi, agus ar a mbua.

rock Castle Observatory Following this week’s sell out star struck musical shows for Earth Hour and visits by Br Guy Consolmagno, the Vatican Astronomer, Blackrock Castle Observatory prepares for 100 hours non stop astronomy action at the award winning Cork science centre from April 2-5 2009. The 100 Hours of Astronomy IYA2009 Cornerstone Project is a four-day event designed to bring astronomy to the public around the world and is a 100 hour round the clock, round the globe event. The Castle will stay open with extended hours with events around the clock, telescope viewing, astronomy workshops and remote feed from telescopes around the world. The International

West Cork Community group scoops award at Glór na nGael ceremony Coiste Forbartha Chill na Martra recognised for commitment to community and Irish language Coiste Forbartha Chill na Martra in West Cork was announced as the winner of a Glór na nGael community recognition award at a ceremony held in Co. Donegal at the weekend. Glór na nGael recognises the work of community groups that promote the Irish language on the ground in towns, villages and cities throughout the island of Ireland. Every year Glór na nGael awards more than €150,000 worth of prizes to local committees across Ireland, for their voluntary work and their commitment to both their local communities and to the Irish language. The West Cork based Irish language group won a prize worth €1,500, second place in Level 2 (Gaeltacht) of the competition, in recognition of the committees tireless efforts. Astronomical Union (IAU) launched 2009 as the International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009) under the theme, The Universe, Yours to Discover. IYA2009 marks the 400th anniversary of the first astronomical observation through a telescope by Galileo Galilei. The Cork Institute of Technology manages Blackrock Castle Observatory and the facility is open 362 days with expected throughput of 50,000 visitors in 2009 confirming BCO as the premier public astronomy facility in the country.

Cllr. John A. Collins

Tel: 021 437 1585

Mob: 086 238 6692


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Ask Dr. Doug

by Dr. Douglas Meckelborg B.Ed., D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic)


Tiny joints in your neck (facet joints), can become prone to “cricks” when the natural, forward curve in the neck is lost. Normally, these joints form an arch, called a lordosis, which gives your neck the strength required to deal with the constant weight of your head. This arch also ensures that the spinal discs aren’t excessively strained. These joints are designed to protect the delicate nerves exiting the spine at each vertebral level. When properly aligned and functioning well, this is a masterful design, allowing full movement and protecting the spinal cord from damage.

However, losing this vital curve is a lot more common than you might think. It can be lost due to childhood falls, mild whiplash injuries, sport injuries, long hours of studying, improper posture in front of a computer screen etc. This misalignment damage is cumulative and the underlying weakness finally shines through as a “crick” when your life’s activities cause enough strain. Muscle spasms, headaches and migraines can sometimes follow. The solution to this problem is not to mask the “crick” with medication in the hope that it will resolve itself. This only leads to more damage over time as the underlying problem goes uncorrected. Constant or recurring neck pain is often the result. Chronic problems begin as small weaknesses, so if you experience “cricks” in your neck, or episodes of neck pain, maybe it’s time for a Chiropractic check-up. We’re always here to help.

SALONSoriza Hair & Beauty

Looking forward to meeting all our customers in 2009 Announcing NEW Opening Hours Mon 9-5 Thurs 9-9 Tues 9-9 Fri 9 - 5.30 Wed 9-9 Sat 9 - 4.30

17 Douglas West • 021 489 7633

Health & Beauty

Many people suffer from “cricks” in their necks, usually the result of an uncomfortable sleep, an awkward movement, or holding the head in a strained position for too long. It seems innocent enough, but a properly aligned, well-functioning spine should be more resistant to these everyday stresses, and should not normally experience a “crick.” Have you ever wondered what’s really going wrong in your body when this happens?

Also Revised Prices Wash/Blowdry €19.00 Wash/Cut/Style €37.00

Curtains Made to Measure

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021 436 0008 Tramway House, Tramway Terrace, East Douglas Village (Above Nakon Thai)

Curtain Alterations Cushions & Tie Backs also made

Tel: Noreen

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Things to do This Wee “Oh to be in Ireland now that the Spring is there”. Hopefully Robert Browning won’t turn in his grave over the paraphrase of his immortal words, but Ireland is a place to be this time of year. Spring, starts early, comes slowly and grows into an overwhelming display of nature’s power. As usual we’ll try to give you a few ideas on what might need doing in your garden this week. Not everything in this article may apply to you or to your garden - but there might be something, if not this week maybe next week.

W 99 99 99 43 99


CASEY’S STONE • • • • •

Architectural, Monumental & Paving (Natural Stone) Headstone - Inscriptions & Renovations Chippings • Re-Lettering House & Estate Name Plaques Counter Tops - Granite & Marble Worktops Quoin Stones, Window Cills, Wall Cladding & Vanity Units

Tel/Fax: 021 436 8560

Mobile: 086 1592250 • 087 9781344 Email:

12 Tramway Terrace, Douglas Village (Across from East Village) Porp. J Casey

Flower Garden Hard prune evergreen shrubs if not down earlier. Plant dormant dahlia tubers where they are to flower. Feed roses with a high-potash or special rose fertiliser. Finish planting evergreens by the end of the month. Paint perennial weeds in rock gardens precisely with a systemic weed killer wax stick. Kitchen Garden Sow the first batch of Brussels sprouts, sprouting broccoli and winter brassicas in a nursery bed. Sow a last batch

of broad beans in a shaded bed. Sow parsley, dill, coriander and other herbs outdoors. Erect polythene or fleece screens around carrot rows to deter root flies. Lawns & Hedges Start routine hedge clipping if growth warrants this. Continue mowing regularly, reducing the blade height a little further. Greenhouse Sow hardy perennials in pots or trays in a cold frame, and prick out into small pots. Finish taking chrysanthemum cuttings, and pot on those already rooted. Take leaf cuttings of gloxinias, begonias, peperomias and streptocarpus. Harden oft bulbs that have flowered indoors, before planting outside. Keep all seedlings in good light, close to the glass, for sturdy growth. Water garden Test water quality with a pH kit, and add a buffering agent if necessary. In General Keep all new shrubs, trees and fruit well-watered in a dry season, and remove weeds to reduce competition. When spraying fruit and other plants in flower, do so in


GARDEN CENT R E Kiernan’s for expert advice and friendly service!


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Large collection of Planted Containers Gift Vouchers Available

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DOUGLAS COURT SHOPPING CENTRE, CORK Open Monday - Saturday 9.30am - 6pm, Sunday 12 noon - 6pm AWA R D W I N N I N G G A R D E N C E N T R E

20 - Thur 02 Apr '09


Residential & Commercial Property Lettings In All Areas Propery Wanted In All Areas To Let Full Property Management Letting Service

CONTACT Yvonne Manning

County Landscapes & Tree Surgery • Qualified Arborists/Tree Surgeons • Qualified Horticulturists • Fully Insured • Experienced For a FREE Quote with NO Obligation you can call George Earle

Mobile: 087 332 8019 Tel: 021 4383762 Email:

HomeSouth & Garden Link the evening when pollinating insects are not about. Treat fence panels and supports with timber preservative Start hoeing regu-

larly around the garden as weed growth accelerates. Clean up garden furniture, and treat timber with preservative

Building Energy Rating (B.E.R.) Solar Panels - No. 2 With Eamonn Twohig. BER Assessor. This week we continue our series on solar panels. As the search for alternative energy to fossil fuels, such as oil and coal continues apace, solar energy stands out as probably the most practical for one simple reason – it is passive green energy convertible in standalone locations. Solar collectors are the key component of active solar-heating systems – the other components are the solar cylinder, pump and controls. Literally, they collect the products of the sun - heat and light - and process them to generate clean energy. Solar collectors gather the sun’s energy, transform its radiation into heat and transfer that heat to water, solar fluid, or air. Currently, there is grant assistance available under the Greener Home Scheme (Phase 3) to install solar panels. In order to be eligible, your home must be at least one year old and lived in for that period. The grant available amounts to €250 per sq. meter for a flat plate panel and €300 per sq. meter for an evacuated tube panel, both subject to a max of 6 sq. meters. Clearly, from a BER perspective, installing solar panels will improve your rating and presumably the value of your house as you are substituting your domestic hot water heating fuel (oil, gas or electricity) with free clean solar energy.

Eamonn Twohig. BER Assessor. 087-2347383. Email:home.

Spring is in the Garden &


Garden Centre

ALL CORK TARMACADAM A Perfect Job Every Time

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ght Teak or Wrou

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t is












are celebrating with fantastic


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Factory Hill, Glanmire, Co. Cork. Tel: 021-4354949 Fax: 021-4354949 Email: w w w. d u n s l a n d . c o m Thur 02 Apr '09 - 21

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Clarke’s Hill Road Upgrade Downgraded Cllr. Tim Lombard At the last meeting of Cork County Council I had a notice of motion down asking the County Manager to give a report on the status of the Clarke’s Hill road upgrade. The County Manager informed me that the Clarke’s Hill proposal, which had an estimate construction cost of €20 million, is now going to be materially scaled down. He is proposing to redesign the entire scheme taking out the cycle tracks at each side of the road. It is expected that this redrawing of the project will drastically reduce the number of landowners which will be affected. This proposal will be brought to the members of Cork County Council in the early summer. The funding for this project is effectively not there at the moment with the government giving only €100,000 towards the project. Cork County Council have raised a €1.6 million contribution which has been set aside for this project. Work will begin when the planning permission is received for the redesign but with a budget of less than €2 million works will be dragged out over several years as the Council try and raise the sufficient money for the project. The lack of commitment by the Department of Transport to this project is appalling.

Planning Lodged at Pinecroft Inn There has been a planning permission lodged by Culmur Inns Ltd at the Pinecroft Inn, Grange Road, Grange. This planning permission is for the demolition of all the existing buildings on site, including the existing Pinecroft Bar plus the existing dwelling & shed adjacent. Construction of mixed use residential, retail, commercial development consisting of 11 apartments, 3 townhouses, a 375sqm public bar over two floors, 6 75sqm retail units, 2 medical units (150sqm) and 2 office units (70sqm & 82sqm). Parking will be provided with 108 spaces in an underground car park & 11 spaces on a surface car park While I welcome a proposal to redevelop the Pinecroft Inn site it is very important that the traffic implications are considered regarding this planning. The Pinecroft Inn site in Grange is one of the busiest junctions on the Grange Road with very high volumes of traffic. Most of the buildings at the Pinecroft Inn site and surrounding areas are only single storey. The present proposal is over-developing the site. Any development should have to take this into consideration. I will be asking the planning authority to consider these issues regarding the planning permission for the redevelopment of the Pinecroft site

David O’Byrne With Local Elections in June we have an opportunity to improve how Cork County Council works for you!

087 2626048

The new face of Fine Gael in your community.

More South Link Easter Holidays All libraries will be closed from Friday, 10th April for the Easter period and will re-open on Tuesday morning, 14th April at 10a.m. Remember if you are unable to visit the Library you can always renew your book over the Internet on the Library website or telephone your local library.

Learning Festival The Learning Festival continues in all local libraries until Saturday. All events are free. You may need to book for some events. Contact your local library for details. Thursday 2 April Childrens Library, Grand Parade 11.00a.m. Remembering the past: Retired Peoples Network talk to young students about life in Ireland in the 1940s Bishopstown Library 11.30a.m.-1.00p.m. T. 4924950 Charcoal with Cre: Learn how to draw with charcoal. Booking required St Mary’s Road Library 11.00a.m. Story Sacks: Tutors from Write Together show parents the use of story sacks in encouraging children to read Friday 3 April Music Library, Grand Parade 11.00a.m.-12.noon Bodhran for beginners(Adults) Bring your bodhran and join the acclaimed player and tutor Colm Murphy for a class. Booking required Bishopstown Library 11.00a.m Mums’ Tales: A chance for Mums and Dads to take the stage and read to tiny tots. Open to all. Saturday 4 April Bishopstown Library 11.00a.m. You are never too old! Enjoy an open session and presentation of set pieces by Bishopstown Toastmasters club Music Library, Grand Parade 11.00a.m.

Cllr. Tim


Working for You Tel: 021 488 7180 Mobile: 086 832 9119 Email:

Songs for small people: Launch of Colaiste Stiofain Naofa’s new CD for children by The Lord Mayor Cllr. Brian Bermingham Bishopstown Library 2.00-4.30p.m. Ask the Expert! Question our expert about email, using your PC, Skype or downloading images from your digital camera. Central Library, Grand Parade 3.00p.m. The end of Othello: 30 minute sketch performed by 6th.year students of Deerpark CBS

IceMania Igloo workshops School children are working with artists from Cork Community Art Link to turn milk bottles into the building blocks for an igloo and sellotape in to penguins! The Igloo will be on display outside St Mary’s Road Library during the Life Long Learning Festival, 30th March – 4th April. Call in and take part in the fun.

22 - Thur 02 Apr '09

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Young @ Heart by Phil Goodman

Summer is officially with us, we can now look forward to the summer days and long bright evenings and of course lots of outings and activities, if you have any ideas about places you would like to visit let me know. We will hold our annual visit to Gouganebarra, The Naval Base, etc. We also have a trip to Buckingham Palace in July it will be an overnight stay but it will be well worth it. Places are limited; if you are interested give me a call on 4363867. Most important of all however is our own Luke Philpott representing Douglas in the Cork City Hall on the 19th of April. We wish Luke all the best and know that he will do Douglas proud. If anyone wants tickets as I am sure that you will want to go and support Luke, give me a call as tickets are limited. Mary has offered to give our members a full course in CPR, which takes 4 hours, in 2 hour sessions, with an exam at the end if anyone is interested let me know. Mary has offered her services free of charge ,once again members of our community working together to help and support each other . We had the list of 10 computer lessons last week in Douglas GAA hall , thanks to the VEC ,for allowing us this opportunity also Douglas GAA for the use of the hall. Sr. Siobhan from the Heart Foundation, will also visit on 7th April and give a talk on healthy hearts, and also take your blood pressure, We will continue each week with a different topic. Next up is a talk on diabetes, a condition that affects a lot of people, it will also give you an opportunity to meet people with the same prob• Boxing Champ Gary lems, talking and shar'Spike' O'Sullivan ing will benefit all . pictured with fan Bina I now have the appliMcGrath in Mahon recently. (Pic:George cations forms for perThompson)

sonal alarms and security in the home, I have a list of names waiting for them, and I will contact you during the week , I hope you have been practising for our Seniors Waltzing Competition, which take place on 15th May with the final on 22nd May ,both events held in Douglas GAA Hall. Rhona Coulter of Viva Dance Studio will once again be part of this competition now in its 4th year, The prize is the fabulous Shipton Group Perpetual Trophy ,sponsored by Blackpool, Douglascourt , and the Douglas Village ,Shopping Centres. For anyone not familiar with the competition we have 2 perpetual trophies ,one is for a man and lady dancer ,the other is for two ladies dancing together. Last years winners, I know you don’t want to part with perpetual trophies but I need them returned as soon as possible. Also a reminder of our Easter Bonnet social in St Columbas Hall on 7th April. There are prizes for best Easter Bonnet , We wish a speedy recovery to Kathleen Barry, and Eileen O’Brien from passage , who had a hip replacement. Hope to see you both out and about before to long. Happy birthday to Tom Murphy Bernadette Collins and a Very Happy 80th Birthday to Miah Lombard.

Thought for today “So I am ever under the gaze of an angel who protects and prays for me.” -Pope John XXIII

Up coming events . Every Monday - Tai-Chi class 10:30-11. Douglas GAA Every Tuesday - Knitting Club, Talk on CPR 2 – 4 Douglas GAA Wednesday - Computer Classes – Douglas Community School Wednesday - Bingo Lion House – 2-4 Tuesday 7th April Easter Bonnet Competition – St Columbas Hall Wednesday April 15th Long on and Learn Computers in Douglas Community School


Deirdre Forde

Getting things done Tel: 087 9161952 Email: Web:

“Cherish your yesterdays, Dream your tomorrows. But be Young at Heart And live your to-days” ‘Bye for now, Phil

Cllr. Deirdre Forde Tel: 087 9161952 Email:

Disabled/Elderly Persons Grant scheme Total expenditure for this grant in 2008 was €8,317,535 and the 2009 allocation is awaited. 299 grant applications have been approved and 933 are awaiting approval (241 are categorised as Priority One in accordance with the Councils property scheme). It is now proposed that All Priority One applicants will be requested to seek revised quotations New applications will be accepted from 1 April on the basis that Priority One applicants will be progressed to approval stage Emergency cases will be responded to within available resources and in particular circumstances Based on the available funding, there is little prospect of funding other priority categories. The position will be reviewed on notification of the allocation for 2009. It is highly regrettable that there is such a waiting list and no way of funding it.

Douglas Court Roundabout and Fingerpost Roundabout Over the past number of years the controlled and uncontrolled pedestrian crossings adjacent to these roundabouts have been a cause for concern given and I am aware of incidents of rear ending as residents and motorists complain that both the pedestrian crossings are badly sited. The crossings on the Rochestown Road and adjacent to McDonalds are in many peoples’ opinion too close to both roundabouts.  Council officials do not appear to share these views, however the Engineer did concede that the uncontrolled pedestrian crossings at the Fingerpost needs to be upgraded and  should be done as part of the Maryborough Hill/ Douglas Green Route.  If funding for this is delayed Council will have to carry out such works themselves. Fine Gael would welcome new branch members in Rochestown, Grange, Frankfield and Douglas rural branches – join now to be part of a vibrant and progressive team.

Thur 02 Apr '09 - 23


In The Loop Loads of new music to look out for at the moment. Britney Spears album has been an overall success, one song in particular I can see being a hit in its own right is “If You Seek Amy”. Written and produced by Max Martin its quite similar to her hit last year, “Piece Of Me”, in relation to her messages of nagging reporters, papers, magazines hounding her. Its really Martin that seals the deal on this one with another pounding pop production. Next up is Ciara with her new single “Love Sex Magic” is the first we’ve heard of her in a while, it features the ever talented Justin Timberlake, I’m not going to lie, this one really does it for me and its surly a top ten tune. Written by Ciara and JT, produced by JT it features funky 70s style guitar grooves with a sexy R&B groove. To be fair the duo compliment each other very well, JT has helped Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, Madonna and Timbarland to success with previous collaboration and this will be no different! Jamie Foxx and T-Pain team up to bang out R&B tune “blame” which takes after Kanye West and P-Diddy for extensively using auto tune effects on vocals, making it unique in one sense but un -authentic in another, personal choice I guess. The release comes from his album “Intuition”, which was released in late 2008 and features some other big names such as Neyo, TI, Fabulous and Timbaland. In it he moves away from his typical bedroom R&B and tries to make some dance floor flavours. Moving on, there are two other big tunes, both of which I can see hitting number one at some stage. Calvin Harris’s “I‘m Not Alone” and Lady Ga Ga’s “Love Game”. First off Calvin is back after his overplayed smash hit with that clown Dizzie Rascal, “Dance Wiv Me”. In his new tune, due for general release late April, he changes thing up a lot, for one, it’s the first time hes sung a song rather than speak it, however I think hes best at talking through the tunes. Calvin produces this one himself as usual, hes a quality producer in fairness. The song starts with your average beats but then breaks down, enter the Scotsman singing as soft and meaningful as he can before the song then takes of in a euphoric synth build up reminiscent of Creamfields years ago, cue the big beat!! Ah yes this could very well be the first pop dance tune of the summer to take over the clubs and radios!!

Singles Chart 1.



Thursday Honeybuzzard [EP launch] An Crúiscín Lán Frightened Rabbit Cyprus Avenue €12.50 Aaron Dillon + band The Roundy Free John Spillane De Barras, Clonakilty Bootleg: Your Only Massive + Cajole & Bully + Stone Throwing Youth... The Pavilion €8 / €6 Friday David Kitt Cyprus Avenue €15 House of Cosy Cushions De Barras,

24 - Thur 02 Apr '09

Chartbuster DVD TOp 10 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Quantum of Solace Body of Lies Changeling My Best Friends Girl Boy In The Striped Pyjamas Taken Zach & Miri Make A Porno Eagle Eye The Women Burn After Reading

Clonakilty Free Collage - East Village Saturday Paul Di’Anno (Iron Maiden) Cyprus Avenue €18 The Northern Nights (northern soul club) Cyprus Avenue €10 DJ Simon Murdoch - East Village Sunday [All Ages] Coolaboola: Alterosa + Daithí O Dronaí + Spitvalve + Loveless Lemon The Pavilion €10 Fred The Pavilion €20 Fujiya & Miyagi Cyprus Avenue €15 Liam O Maonlaoi De Barras, Clonakilty €17

Lady Ga Ga is seriously like a rash, she is not going away, she still has two songs in the top ten and with Peter Bowles her album is more popular than ever having taken quite some time to get noticed. “Love Game” is featured on the solid album, its got a serious hook and lyrics that will stay in your head like never before, trust me, I’m singing it as I write this!! Having been skeptical of her similarities to Christina Aguilera and Gwen Stefani, and over use of the same sample kits during production, “Love Game” has done it for me, its genuinely pop genius and I have no doubts it will hit top spot!! Finally, Marquee update; Tracey Chapman and her band have been confirmed for the 22nd of June, also Chickenfoot will take to the stage on the 23rd, tickets went on sale last Monday and Tuesday respectively.

Hey Everyone! Well we’re finally back attending our weekly meetings after an extended Christmas break! Unfortunately our new ‘state of the art’ club house is not ready yet, but, we are meeting in a temporary premises! Remember all new members are welcome! We meet every Friday from 5pm-7pm at Nicky’s Dance Studio, Donnybrook Industrial Estate, and remember all new members are greatly welcomed! So why not come along and bring your friends! The Foroige Youthclub, Inch is holding a talent show between all clubs on Friday April 16th! We need to choose an act from a range of categories including Drama, Dance, Song, Art and Music! In order to do so were holding a fundraising event this Friday Night the 3rd of April in the Douglas GAA Pavilion! It’s our own qualifier to choose the acts to bring the title to Douglas ! DYA Idol! Everyone is welcome! So bring Your Parents Sisters Brothers Aunts Uncles Grandparents whoever along! Tickets are available on the door and are priced at €5 for students and O.A.P’s, €7.50 for adults and there’s also a family ticket for two adults and children priced at €15! All funds raised will go towards our new club house. There’s spot prizes up for grabs and a chance to taste some of the many talents the youth of Douglas have!! The judging panel consists of local celebrities Cllr Deirdre Forde and Nicky Hayes! So please come along and support us! Finally I speak for all our DYA members when I say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to one of our club’s great leaders, Sonya on the birth of her beautiful and health baby girl Serena! So remember we love seeing new members coming along and hope to see you soon! By Padraig Wilson McCarthy

Cinema Competition To Win Tickets to the Cinema Send your Name, Address & Telephone number to:~ Douglas Post, 14 Morris House, Douglas. or email


G.A.A. FOCUS Snippets from the Local and National Scene By Pat Harrington

The Grand Slam The Grand Slam victory over Wales was surely a wonderful achievement for the Irish rugby team, for those responsible for promoting the sport and a great lift for the nation as a whole at a time when we all need something to brighten up our day. The game certainly made for fabulous television viewing as it highlighted the magical atmosphere at the event. Sixty-one years is a long time to await outright victory and it was lovely to see Jack Kyle (member of the 1948 team) present at 83 years of age. It was nice to see Brian O’Driscoll and Kyle shaking hands at the conclusion of the game. I heard an interesting comment from Conor O’Shea in studio after the game, he said “I thought that it was going to be like Offaly vs. Kerry in ’82 when Seamus Darby scored a goal depriving Kerry of the 5-in-a-row. He was alluding to the attempt at goal by the Wales kicker to win the game – thankfully he missed. A timely camera shot of an Irish supporter following the O’Gara drop kick showed the man as he expressed his huge relief as he gazed skyward while he executed the Sign of the Cross. Rugby is not normally a topic of this column but the game on Saturday week must surely be the exception to the rule. It was great to be

Irish on what was a marvelous sporting occasion. Sport gives us all a great lift and more so when victory is achieved with such a dramatic finish.

input from our more high-profile intercounty coaches. When one considers the amount of young people playing both games the success rate is disappointing.



At the outset let me state that everyone is entitled to express an opinion regardless of their viewpoint but I have been disappointed with some of the comments I heard prior to the Ireland vs. Wales game; comments such as “why should we celebrate an Irish rugby victory when they are the opposition?” Yes, they are competing for the minds and bodies of our youth while the G.A.A. has been slow to recognize the need to promote our games. The R.F.U. target the schools and with the exposure emanating from the provinces, and Munster in particular along with the international games they have got plenty of firepower. The G.A.A. has a serious job on hand and need to be more proactive on the ground. First and foremost they (and by this I mean Cork) need to target all the primary schools and see what the County Board can do to promote hurling and football. Mini games are a very positive way to help each child to become more involved and to improve skills. Some of the larger secondary schools with up to 600 students pay lip service to the games. Whilst they do participate there is a lack of leadership from the school management. Communication with the Board is vital to development. In Cork there is a belief that we can win the all-Ireland championship every year – sadly those days are gone. Wee need more qualified coaches on the ground with perhaps an

The G.A.A. when it chooses loves its heroes, but when there is mention of monetary reward for the players the association disassociates itself from the recipients of any form of payment. At present rugby have O’Driscoll, O’Gara, O’Connell and Fitzgerald. With the summer coming on we will need our heroes on the playing fields displaying their skills. Exposure is vital so that our youth can experience the greatest field games in the world, especially hurling. I look forward with anticipation to the summer months.

Douglas GAA Douglas 1-10 Bishopstown 3-03

Poll I experienced great disappointment and felt a sense of betrayal on the publication of the Red C poll in banner headlines on the front page of the Irish Examiner. This I am sad to say is something I would expect from the better known English tabloids. Was this poll necessary? In one word NO! What did it achieve? Precious little. In my opinion it has proved that this paper’s standards have fallen to a new low. Have the County Board executive and the delegates become complacent? Are some of them living in a time warp? Perhaps they are afraid of change and what a change of personnel might bring. It is not necessarily about age; it is more so about fixed opinions. More next week, Pat.

ment the switches had the desired impact and it was appropriate that a point kicked by Doherty was instrumental in clinching the victory. Brian T. O’Callaghan and Stephen Hanrahan were both outstanding for Douglas and the team can now look forward to the remainder of their league and championship campaigns with great optimism. For more new visit www.

(Junior “B” Football League) This year a five man management dream team is masterminding the Douglas Junior “B” football teams challenge for trophies and this comprises of Henry Grimes, Brendan Larkin, Fred Humphries, John Grimes and John O’Keeffe. Last Sunday morning they travelled to Bishopstown and guided the Douglas team to another satisfying victory. Injury robbed them of star centre half back Roy Corbett and so to compensate for this loss the Douglas selectors were forced to reshuffle their defence. Douglas stuck to the reliable formula of playing their veterans in the central berths with a glut of youngsters located on the flanks, suitably positioned to do the obligatory running. Goal keeper Christy O’Mahony was protected by teak tough full back Cormac Cahill. Veteran Mark Kennedy roamed between midfield and the half forward line while Robbie Collins fulfilled the Billy Dorney role in the inside line. The highlight of the first half was a Patrick Scannell goal and a brilliant Kevin O’Mahony point for Douglas but four points in arrears at the interval, Douglas’ prospects of victory were remote. However, the half time ear bashing from the famous five worked the oracle as Douglas played with greater conviction during the second half. Brian Kenneally was brought into the Douglas half forward line and Philip Doherty was moved from defence to attack. In fairness to the manage-

• Philip Doherty turning defence into attack for Douglas footballers

Thur 02 Apr '09 - 25


Douglas Hall AFC by Garrett Lyons The Seniors had a convincing 7-0 away win over Temple Utd in the Beamish cup on Sunday. John McCarthy (3), Declan O’Connell, Keith Stanton, Mark Murphy & Barry O’Shea were on target.  Next up it’s the O’Connell cup at home to Blarney with a 3pm kick off on Saturday.  On Thurs April 9th it’s a league fixture away to Ballincollig in the Farm with a 6:30 kick off. The MSL Jnrs picked up 6 league points last week with a 3-0 home win over Rockmount followed by a 1-0 away win in Mallow.  Killian Murphy & 2 O.G.’s v Rockmount and Steven Barry netted the winner in Mallow.  The ‘Hall are catching up on games in the league at home to Blarney on this Thursday, Apr 2nd and away to Carrigaline

Grangevale AFC Grangevale 2 Lakewood Athletic 1 (AUL 2) Whoever coined the term winning ugly must have had Grangevale’s performance last Sunday morning in mind as they just about staggered over the finishing line with another crucial but lucky three points acquired. As the clocks went forward to signal the onset of summer time, a maligned few astutely forgot or refused to forfeit their hour in bed, as the first half exposed Grangevale’s listless approach to the contest. Devoid of the creativity that had cracked open Casement Celtic last week, the home side was bereft of ideas and when Lakewood opened the scoring midway through the first half a shock looked on the cards. History has demonstrated that champions possess a spirit that refuses to negotiate with defeat and in the face of adversity Grangevale conjured up their moral fibre to rescue a dire situation. This time last year Gearld McSorley came good with a series of goals to fire Grangevale to the AUL 3 title. Last Sunday morning the man known as “Chicken” again stepped up to the plate by heading Malik Elmusbahi’s corner kick to the net for the equaliser ten minutes before the break. However, Grangevale continued to struggle and Lakewood struck the cross bar in a bid to regain the initiative. Grangevale striker John Carroll was restored to the Grangevale starting line up. However, concerns grow for the confidence of the veteran striker who has not found the net since October. The game was expertly adjudicated by iconic AUL referee Eddie Mullins and the sound of his half time 26 - Thur 02 Apr '09

in Novartis on Saturday at 3pm. The AUL Jnrs lost out on an opportunity to move up the league table drawing 1 all away to Pearse. Richard Butler on target for the ‘Hall.  League action continues away to Richmond next Sat with a 3pm kick off. The Youths lost 2-0 away to Castleview in the league cup semi final when dodgy defending didn’t help the cause.  Castleview are the visitors this Thursday at 6:15 in an important league fixture followed by Coachford/killinadrish on Saturday afternoon. The U/17’s completed their season with a 4-3 home defeat to Mayfield. Scorers were Mike Reidy, Eoin Murphy & Craig O’Donovan.  The club would like to thank Manager John Foley for all his time and effort over the season. Well done to all the Managers & Coaches of the U/6-U/10’s who organised a successful auction night held in Douglas GAA last Friday night to fundraise for the new All Weather pitch.

whistle was welcome relief as Grangevale regrouped. On the day of his 35th birthday Grangevale manager Neil McSorley made an emotional half time plea for his players to deliver the three points. The birthday request instigated a positive response as his players began the second period with greater intensity. In particular, Damian O’Callaghan and Elmusbahi began to exert an influence. A John Harris shot flew just over the cross bar while Carroll and Jason Martin went close to emphasise the change in mood. In the sixty fifth minute Grangevale scored. O’Callaghan did the hard work on the right flank and found Carroll on the edge of the penalty area. With his path to goal blocked Carroll flicked the ball over the Lakewood defence and Martin won the race to the pitch of the ball and nudged the winner to the net. The goal was greeted with a mixture of excitement and relief by the home faithful and for the remainder of the game Grangevale fought like tigers to sustain their advantage. At the height of the celebrations Carroll limped off injured with a leg wound but with only three fixtures to fulfill he will not want to miss out as the season reaches a climax. For more Grangevale news visit • Above - Gerald McSorley on the scsore sheet for Grangevale

Douglas Camogie Last Saturday was our first league game of the campaign.We were up against a very strong St. Vincent’s team. Both teams gave a fantastic display and St. Vincent’s took the lead with a fine point Our back line of Kate Scally, Laura O Shea and Caoimhe O Reilly played extremely well with Kirsten Cahill, Niamh Lynch and Chloe O’Conner cleaning up everything that came their way. After great play from midfield partnership of Clodagh O’Driscoll and Vicka Fleming , they drove the ball forward for Sorcha Conway to score a brilliant goal assisted by Aisling McCarthy. Second half  was as tight as the first and our half forward line lifted their game and after some fine work by Emily O Sullivan and Marlee Broderick   they set up Seosaimhin Mulrooney to score a great goal .St Vincent’s then fought back to score a fine worked goal to make the last ten mins very exciting. Eimear Cummins was especially good in goal with three great saves. Saoirse Goulding and Rachel Hurley were unlucky not to extend the lead with Sarah Sheehan clearing some great balls. Final score    Douglas  2 – 00            St. Vincent’s  1- 01 Our 14a team opened their league on Thursday last against Eire Og. Joy Leo opened the scoreline with a goal in the 8th minute. 5 consecutive points courtesy of Clare Shine (4) and Aoife Downey (1) and another goal from Joy Leo brought the half time score to 2.5 - 0.0. Despite the scoreline Douglas were pushed by a very able Eire Og side. In the second half a 1.1 from Clare Shine, a goal from Aisling Fox and another point from Joy Leo left the game out of reach. A fine save from keeper Chelsea Noonan in the 45th minute denied the visitors a goal chance. Subs on the day Aoife Shanahan, Rachel Swanton, Amy Curtin, Laura Maher and Aisling Doyle all contributed to the win.

Douglas Hall Lotto Numbers 5-16-17 No Winner Next week’s Jackpot €1450


Douglas RFC News by Kieran Mc Dermott On Sunday last the Under 12 panel travelled to Kinsale RFC for the finals of the South Munster, Mini Rugby Plate. We were up against some stiff competition with teams from all over the province involved in a knockout competition. The first game against Cobh Pirates was a closely contested affair with some fast running open play. Douglas won 4-2 and went on to the next stage against Bantry. Although they were a physically larger team they were no match for our set piece play and Douglas won comfortably to go through to the final. And so after yet another noisy huddle to psyche up the players we lined out against Christians School. The game was tight from the off with both sides trading scores. It was a very physical game with both sides giving everything in the contact area. Douglas were ahead 4-3 with seconds to go but the final whistle was agonizingly slow to come. We pushed on and finally the ref called time to scenes of jubilation from the players and the many parents who travelled down to support their young team. A great achievement for the lads and coaches, your club is proud of you! On Saturday last our Under 8 and Under 10 teams welcomed Mallow RFC to Moneygourney. The 10’s were unlucky losers in a hard fought 6-5 battle, ran over four quarters The game was very evenly matched with great performances from both young sides. It was rewarding to see some good shape to the side at this late stage in the season, with all the long hours of training paying off. The 8’s also played a four quarter game, which was fiercely contested. Some good running play by both sides and tough physical contact with both teams showing commitment and skill. And finally to round off a winning weekend, the senior team welcomed Waterford City in the league yesterday. Douglas were comfortable 17-11 winners at the end of the game.

Douglas Lawn Tennis Club Spring League 2009 At the end of 5 weeks of qualifying, the finals of this year’s Spring League were held on Sunday last 29th March in the clubhouse. The competition consisted of two leagues, the “Davis Cup” and the “Sponsors” Leagues. There were 6 teams of 4 players , two males and two females, in each league. All 12 teams were in action on the night and some great tennis was anticipated. The games didn’t disappoint with some very close matches and nervous moments for those involved. Play began at 5.40pm with Verna Garrett, Frances Hogan, Vladimir Shevchenko and Pat Roche losing out narrowly to team Adidas in the “Sponsors Group”. Also unlucky to lose out at the ¼ final stage were Angela O’Mahony, Sarah Batterham, Joe Hanley and Trevor O’Callaghan. In the semi-finals, Fiona Kealy, Claire O’Driscoll, Keiran Devoy, Robert Polak, Mary Devlin, Siobhan Colclough, Niall Kerrigan and Kevin Devoy also lost but they can be very proud of the tennis they played. In the “Davis Cup” group, there were quarter final defeats for Val Warren, Rory Fitzpatrick, Mick Mccabe, Loic Dehaye, Carol Leyland, Miriam Keane, Peter O’Sullivan and Ger Byrne. In the semi’s after some gripping tennis Debbie Quinn, Maureen McCabe, Adrian Croft, Mick O’Grady, Slavic Stradnic, Douglas Sheehan, Stephen Croft and Pat Peate bit the dust. The finals saw team USA (Tracy O’Rourke, Ber Moriarty, Antoine Bercy, and John McCarthy) defeat Spain (Lucy Quill, Deirdre Dunne, Liam Hearne, and Mark Moriarty) in the final of the “Davis Cup” group and team Adidas ( Ruth O’Sullivan, Niamh Burke, Jim Devlin, and Dave McCarthy) defeat team Nike (Hannah Sherman, Mary Walsh, Declan Quinn and Patrick Leader) in the “Sponsors” group. Special mention must go to Mags Cotter who did a fantastic job throughout the league in feeding and watering the players and also to Cummins Sports for their generous support. Photo caption - Ruth O’Sullivan, Dave McCarthy, Lucy Cullinane, Jim Devlin, Hannah Sherman, Declan Quinn, Mary Walsh, and Patrick Leader finalists in the “Sponsors” Group.


las on Saturday. In a closely contested match Douglas edged it at the final whistle. Paul Fitzgerald gave a tremendous display at centre back. Others to do well were Kevin Hayes Curtin, Adrian O’Connell and Ian Lucey.

U12 Footballers Win


The U12 Footballers had another good win over Carrigaline at Douglas on Sunday. Carrigaline started well and had the better of the game in the early stages. However with with some great defending by Liam Dineen, Adam Geaney and Diarmaid O’Mahony Douglas began to get on top.

The results of this week’s (29th March) Douglas Underage Lotto:

Sam Collins topped off a great performance with a well taken goal as Douglas pulled clear. Carrigaline battled hard but Douglas ran out deserving winners in the end. Others to shine on the day were Shane Kingston, Sean Powter and Dara Baldwin.

U15 Hurlers Win The U15 hurlers got their year off to a good start with a win over Brian Dillons at Doug-

€6,250 8 24 19 4 €2,500 7 3 11 28 €50 Betty c/o Pat Walsh snr Cora Edwards c/o Club Harlequin c/o JJ €50 Promoters prize JJ O’Donovan Next weeks Jackpot is €6,400. Tickets available from the Club.

CONGRATULATIONS We would like to congratulate two members of the Douglas club, Shane McCarthy and Mark Collins, on winning Munster U21 football medals with Cork last Sunday.

Thur 02 Apr '09 - 27

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The Douglas Post | 02.04.09 | #514  

"Keeping You In Touch"

The Douglas Post | 02.04.09 | #514  

"Keeping You In Touch"