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Olga O’Sullivan surfing at Inchydoney Beach last weekend.











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The Word

by George Thompson - Editor

Have a great weekend! As we head into the long weekend, the weather is looking good and no doubt many of you will be travelling in all directions and abroad. I would urge all to take care on the roads this weekend which is notorious annually for road traffic accidents. Only recently I’ve seen some stupid antics on the road not just by boy racers but by older folk as well. There has been talk recently of refresher tests for people who hold full licences after a certain amount of years and it is something I tend to agree with. Some obvious full licence holders I’ve seen recently should take the bus, their driving skills are so bad. Another cautionary note for this weekend is if you are on, in or near water take the necessary precautions and be safe. Otherwise enjoy the break and the weather (touch wood).

Brown will be auctioning Rory Gallagher memorabilia including his vinyl collection, framed pictures, tee shirts etc etc. There will be great craic on the night and the auction kicks off at 10pm. Have a great and safe weekend! Slán George Thompson Editor

• Pictured at the launch of the Mahon Directory by Minister for Foreign Affairs, Michéal Martin at Loughmahon House were Violet O’Connor, Mahon Community Centre with Theresa Clifford, Drugs and Alcohol Outreach worker. Pic:George Thompson

I thoroughly enjoyed the Photo Workshop at Douglas Library last Saturday morning and all who were present on the morning left with some new tips and techniques and everyone commented on how much they enjoyed the experience and looked forward to future photo events. There was a strong gathering at Douglas GAA Club last Friday night for the Seniors Ballroom Dancing Final organised by our own Phil Goodman and sponsored by the Shipton Group. Rhona Coulter of Viva Dance Studio together with Ernest Perryman were judges again this year and don’t envy their task. All had a great night of dance and craic and no doubt next year’s competition will be bigger and better. On Saturday 6th of June there will be a charity night at my favourite music pub, Ziggy’s on South Main Street – with all proceeds going to The Holly Fund, my good buddy James

• Sisters Eileen O’Keeffe, Ber Nason and Anna Joyez picyured at their nephew’s wedding recently.

• Scott Marriott from Grange of Best Mens Wear Mahon Point measures boxing champion Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan for a new suit as part of Best Mens Wear sponsorship deal with the Cork star. Pic:George Thompson

The Douglas Post Magazine | Unit 14 | Morris House | Douglas West | Cork | Ireland Tel: 021 4369000 | Fax: 021 4369148 | Email: | The publishers have made every effort to ensure all information is correct at time of print, however no responsibility is accepted for errors or omissions. The views expressed in the articles herein are not necessarily those of the editor or the publisher of The Douglas Post Magazine. The Douglas Post is published weekly by Douglas Post Ltd.

2 - Thur 28 May '09

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Thurs 27th

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Golf European Open

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South Link Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

We’d love to hear from you. If you have any news, views or issues you’d like to see covered, write to the Douglas Post, Morris House, Douglas West, Cork or by e-mail to Please include your name and address and a contact number. Letters may be edited due to space considerations.

Mayfair at East Douglas Village Dear Editor, I would be very grateful if, though the pages of the Douglas Post, I could thank all those who participated in Mayfair at East Douglas Village. Despite the dreadful weather we had on the day, the feedback we have received from those who attended on May 17th last has been fantastic. We hope that Mayfair at East Douglas Village will be an annual event and that we get better weather in future years! Yours, Stephen Barry, Manager, East Douglas Village

• Martin Morgan, Billy Hilferty, Shane Dooley and Catherine Midleton upon the teams return to Monkstown Golf Club House

BY THE BOOK Dear Editor Tome-like letter from Douglas Community Association PRO Helen Fox. John Fitzgerald, muddies the Trabeg waters with unrelated trivia. From Legion of Mary groups to football committees, I’ve been involved with committees over the years, where Secretaries read minutes from the written word, ditto the Treasurers, Chairmen etc; putting the business on paper for posterity and inspection by all. Where moolah was concerned written word was paramount. Today more than ever, transparency is vital. PRO Ms. Fox must not get her undies in a twist if ordinary folk seek assurances that all is above board. On eve of Council Elections, when would-be politicians particularly attached to Soldiers of Destiny, apply for voluntary work on Community Associations, alarm bells peal loudly in my brain. Keep up the ‘voluntary’ work folks and your Good Ship Lollipop will stay afloat, and do not complain of security vessels cruising in your area! Neil O’Donoghue. Greenhills Court

• Shane Bush, Neil Murphy and Adam Kiely before their thirteen hole round at the Crosshaven AFC Golf Classic

Disclaimer: Any views or opinions expressed in these letters are solely those of the individual author(s) and do not necessarily represent those of The Douglas Post.

Competition offers

• Kevin and Billy O’Donovan of Fennell’s Bay limber up for their 4.30 tee-off at the Crosshaven AFC Golf Classic

Win Tickets to Peter Pan - 3rd June Jimmy McCarthy - 7th June Andrew Maxwell - 12th June Showband Nostalga - 28th June Just send in your name, address & contact telephone number to or a postcard to: Douglas Post magazine, Unit 14, Morris House, Douglas West, Cork.

4 - Thur 28 May '09

• Joe, Eamonn and Donal of the Douglas Post team line up ahead of the Crosshaven AFC Golf Classic at Monkstown Golf Course

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South Link Family Ties

A Bag of Sweets By Saoirse Goulding (Saoirse is a member of the Douglas Junior Writers Group) There was a young girl skipping down a lane. She had often walked down the lane with her parents on the way to the shop: It was her first time walking down on her own and she was so excited she didn't notice there was a fog or that the path seemed longer. She had forgotten her money and sadly turned to go back home, then she saw the bag of sweets. She was so excited she picked them up. When she opened the bag she saw that the sweets were actually moving eyeballs. Terrified the girl dropped the bag and ran while the eyeballs started to roll into the gutter. One of the eyeballs watched her run and rolled after her.

She was running as fast as she could, her legs were aching but she knew she must keep running. She looked behind and saw the eyeball was chasing after her and she saw the evil in it. She knew there was a turn but she couldn't find it. It was only then that she realised that the path was longer and she could barely see her way because the fog had covered everything up. She turned to look again and saw that the eyeball was slowing down. It was now a good bit behind her and the fog was lifting. 'Now is my chance' she thought still looking behind her and suddenly she tripped over her own feet. She stumbled on and was struggling for breath. She turned and saw that the eyeball was struggling just like her. "Its cracking" she thought and she was right. She stopped to take a breath and realised that she had past this spot before she must have been going in a circle. "Hey Sis, you forgot your money Mum sent me after you". It was Molly her big sister "But the ... eyeball ... and the .... fog ..... " stuttered Emma. Molly wasn't even listening to her as

big sisters never do! Emma who wasn't going to the shop ever again kept repeating "we need to get home we need to go home". As Molly was strolling back home Emma was looking everywhere and clinging unto Molly for dear life and telling her to hurry up. 'When they arrived home Emma told her Mum everything her Mum did listen. Her Mum told her it was okay it was only your imagination I'm here so there is no need to worry but Emma knew she didn't believe her. Or so she thought. As soon as the girls went to the kitchen their Mum closed the windows and looked out and saw thick fog. She felt something watching her. She quickly put down the blinds and closed the curtains. Later that night when the girls were fast asleep in bed their mum did a final check locked the front and back doors putting all the chains on. She turned the lights off and went to bed. As she lay there she thought about what Emma had said "all the other eyeballs fell into the gutter" straight away she calmly walked to the bathroom and slammed the toilet seat shut.

• Recipient of the Christ King Outstanding Student Award for 2009 Danielle Boyle.

• The Carmody family from Douglas Sean, Tom, John and Valerie at the ‘Nurture’ Teddy Bears Picnic in Fitzgerald’s Park last weekend. Nurture Childcare held a picnic on Saturday 23rd May 12-2pm in Fitzgerald’s Park playground for mum, dads, children and their favourite teddy bears. All proceeds were in aid of Children’s Leukaemia Association, Mercy University Hospital Cork. Pic:George Hatchell

6 - Thur 28 May '09

SUMMER CAMP & DAY CARE FACILITIES From Monday June 29th - Friday August 28th for children aged 21/2yrs - 7yrs School open Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm

South Link

Deirdre Clune T.D.

VOTING AT THESE LOCAL ELECTIONS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER At Local Government level, as at national level, we face many problems at the moment and Fine Gael is not offering instant, easy solutions in either case but we do have a bold, ambitious plan to strengthen local democracy and get the Irish economy moving again. Fine Gael plans to reform Local Government has at its heart three main principles: 1. 1.      Fixing the democratic deficit at local level by removing the centralised top down approach to delivery and responsibility of local services. 2. 2.        Using the strengths of local authorities to create local employment. 3. 3.        Making local Government more relevant to the every day lives of our citizens. Local Government should be at the heart of our democracy and it should be responsive to the needs of the people it is designed to serve. For this to happen Local Government like every aspect of Government in Ireland needs reform to ensure greater accountability for taxpayer’s money. At Local Government level Fine Gael will • ·        Freeze Business rates for the next five years on Fine Gael controlled Councils to ease the pressure on local businesses • ·        Create a one stop shop for local business support based in Local Government • ·        Ensure that local transport plans will be an integral part of Development Plans • ·        Introduce new guidelines for urban & village centres • ·        Introduce new rules to tackle unfinished estates and developers in breach of planning permission • ·        Use Local Authority powers to create a more sustainable Ireland • ·        Improve waste disposal and water services at a local level. These local and European elections cannot be isolated from what is happening at national level. Voters who support Government parties in these local and European elections are voting confidence in Brian Cowen’s handling of the economy and the policies his Government is introducing.     On June 5th you have an opportunity to both vote for better local government and send a message to Brian Cowen and his Government that you do not support their economic policies by voting for your local Fine Gael candidates.


CLUNE TD CONSTITUENCY OFFICE: Morris House, Douglas Village, Cork. Tel: 021-4890000 Fax: 021-4890493 Email: Web:

8 - Thur 28 May '09

• Lord Mayor Cllr Brian Bermingham Conferring of the Freedom of the City of Cork on Fr Denis O Connor and Sister Eucharia Buckley at City Hall. Picture, Tony O Connell Europhoto.

• Ballinlough Community Association Men’s Retirement Club: The final of the Paddy Kearney Memorial Trophy bowls tournament was played in the Community Centre on Wednesday 20th May 2009 before a large attendance. The team consisting of James Hurley, Frank O’Flynn & Mossy McGrath defeated Olly Lyons, George Greene & Denis O’Connell in the final. At the conclusion of play Cllr.Terry Shannon (Sponsor) presented the prizes and Mrs. Ann Kearney presented the Paddy Kearney Memorial Trophy to Mossy McGrath (Skip) of the winning team. Pic shows: George Greene, Denis O’Connell, Cllr. Terry Shannon, Mrs. Ann Kearney & Olly Lyons. Pic: Michael O’Shaughgnessy Email:




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Ardtech Industries Ltd. Tel: 028 31410 Fax: 028 31079 Email: Web:

Drimoleague, Co. Cork. Contact us for a brochure Thur 28 May '09 - 9

South Arts & Link Culture

Poetry Corner with Ronnie McGinn

There is an internal magic to this weeks poem, its image hoovers above the page, an image bigger and stronger than the words, it’s as if everything is happening outside the black and white lines. The writing is almost clairvoyant, calling spirit meanings that reach out and touch us. The poem comes from Francis O’Keeffe, a busy housewife and mother of six children in Douglas. Francis is a long standing member of the Douglas Writers Group and is no stranger to the pen. She has written a number of plays, among them some very successful stage productions. She has also written many very successful short stories and poems. An Ordinary House after the funeral the fiddle case lies closed on his chair, memories of old tunes sleeping in silent strings outside the lavender hedge sweet scents the air, flowers spill seed in trust of new life, same as ever. head lying on his old shoes, his dog quietly greves, no sound but lonely rumbling breath.

Writers Group Meetings Douglas Junior Writers Group - Douglas Library on Fri 29th May at 5.30pm Bishopstown Writers – Bishopstown Library on Wed 3rd June at 6.15 pm.. Douglas Writers Group, - Douglas Library on Friday the 12th June at 5.30 pm. Wilton Writers Workshop – every Tuesday @3.00pm Bishopstown Library Ó Bhéal – Open mic every Mon at The Hayloft (upstairs at The Long Valley), Winthrop Street Ballinlough Writers - Fri 19th June in The Douglas Library at 5.30 pm. • The Radley family with Bishop Buckley at Our Lady Crowned Confirmations

• Below - Greg Piwonski of OFlynns Garage(Shell) Mayfield where you can pick up a copy of the Douglas Post

all changed and yet his stuff still there, still so familiar. making the tea she almost set a cup for him Francis O’Keeffe

Send your poem to ‘The Poetry Corner’ / Douglas Post, Morris House, Douglas or preferably you can email it direct to If possible keep your poem to 20 lines. You may choose any subject you like, in any form you like as long as it’s original. We look forward to hearing from you. RonnieMcGinn

Douglas Books Top Five 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Secret Scripture – Sebastian Barry Angels and Demons – Ban Brown The White Tiger – Alavind Adiga The Business - Martina Cole The Damned United - David Peace

10 - Thur 28 May '09

David O’Byrne With Local Elections in June we have an opportunity to improve how Cork County Council works for you!

087 2626048

The new face of Fine Gael in your community.

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the Light O g n ver ini h S

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Unit 14, Morris House, Douglas, Cork. Tel: 021 436 9000 Email:

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Kidz Korner

Colour me in.....

This Week’s Winner Maria Quaraishi, Douglas Road

Name: Address:



Parents Signature:

Douglas Books Top Five 1. Hanna Montan a – Backstage Pass 2. New Moon - Ste phanie Meyer 3. Eclipse - Steph anie Meyer 4. Breaking Dawn - Stephanie Meyer 5. Dark Calling – The Demonata- Da rren Shan

Kidz Korner Jokez spost. a l

ww 12 - Thur 28 May '09


wood Jill Hurley, Calder tleville ye Cara O’Brien, M igaline rr Ca Claire Watson, estown ch Ro Sarah Lombard, re mi an Adam French, Gl rrigaline Ca n, ha Chloe O’Callag


d o ug w.


g school so that they My parents sent me to boardin homework. wouldn’t have to help me with my

las Road ha Quraishi, Doug

given me your homeTeacher: Billy, why have you not work? plane and someone hiBilly: I made it into a paper aero jacked it. die, they just smell that Old Chemistry professors never way! ing with the letter ‘I’”. Teacher: “Give me a sentence start Pupil: “I is-” ‘I am’.” Teacher: “No, you must always say the alphabet’.” of r lette h nint the am Pupil: “Okay, ‘I

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Would like to wish everyone Peace & Happiness for Christmas & the new Year

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w w w. h o t e l s i n k e r r y. c o m

Cllr. Seamus McGrath

serving the community...

If I can be of any assistance on local issues please do not hesitate call me.

Tel: 021 437 6699 Mobile: 086 391 6328


Lilliput Montessori school Ardfallen Estate, Douglas, Cork.

Tel: 021 429 4844

Next door to Eglantine NS & 5 mins walk from St. Anthony’s NS

uB hooL CL6p m aFTer soC urs from 1pm Extended H

Places available for morning Montessori classes!

Thur 28 May '09 - 13

East Link

East Link Community News Midleton Northern Relief Road. BAM, formerly Ascon, has successfully delivered another key infrastructure project for the Cork region with the completion of the Midleton Northern Relief Road. The new road officially opened on Monday last by the Minister for Transport, Mr. Noel Dempsey TD, adds to a growing list of major schemes recently completed by BAM for the people of Cork. These include Cork Airport, Kinsale Road Fly Over, UCC IT Building at Western Road, Revenue Offices at Blackpool, County Hall and County Library.

Midleton Library News Monday June 1st

Closed Bank Holiday

Tuesday June 2nd Crochet Group meeting 11.00am Wednesday 3rd 10.00am. Storytime for preschool children hosted by Cuidiu. 2.30-4.30pm Citizens Information Outreach with David Hickey.

• Noel Harrington, Cork County Mayor, Minister for Transport Noel Dempsey, TD, Theo Cullinane, Director, BAM Contractors and Martin Riordan, Cork County Manager pictured at the Official Opening of Midleton Northern Relief Road, Phase 1 last Monday. Pic: Miki Barlok

Thursday 4th 11.00-12.30pm. Gramophone Recital host John Kennedy. Refreshments Provided.

6.00pm Childrens Bookclub with Rita O’Brien.

7.30-9.30pm Midleton Writers Group meet in Library.

Friday 5th Adult Bookclub meeting 11.00am. Saturday 6th Storytime for children 2.00pm. Opening Hours 9.30 – 5.30pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, 9.30 – 8.00pm Thursday. All library events are open to the public and are free of charge. New members are welcome in Bookclubs and the Writers Group. The Writers Group meets on the first Thursday of each month from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. The Bookclub meets on the first Friday of the month at 11.00am. This month’s book is 40 Fights between Husbands and Wives a satirical account of marriage across the planet throughout the ages. Author Colm Liddy will visit Midleton Library on Friday July 3rd to meet the bookclub, read from his book and discuss it. A lively debate is anticipated. Multiple copies of this book are available at the library. Members of the public are invited to read the book and join in the discussion or just come along on the day and meet the author. A capacity audience attended a recent Literary Day in the library featuring top Irish authors in conversation with Aidan Stanley. Deirdre Purcell discussed writing, publishing and marketing in contemporary Ireland. Poet Tom McCarthy read from his work. Local author Mary Malone introduced her new book Never Tear Us Apart and Glen Patterson described growing up in Northern Ireland. The day concluded with the launch of Made in Heaven a book of winning short Stories from the Bealtaine 2008 writing competition.

• Members of the Viva Dance Studio and Friends line dancers who perfomed a display at the Seniors Ballroom Dance final at Douglas GAA Club last weekend. Pic:George Thompson. • Christ King past-pupils Anna Kileen and Grace Burke who achieved exceptional results in the Leaving Certificate 2008.

Cruise Liners calling to Cobh

FORDE Cllr. Deirdre

29/05/09 29/05/09 30/05/09 03/06/09 05/06/09

14 - Thur 28 May '09

Seven Seas Voyager Aidacara 2 Ringaskiddy Deutschland Cobh Norwegian Jade Seven Seas Voyager

08:00 - 18:00 08:00 - 20:00 07:00 - 19:00 08:00 - 18:00 08:00 - 17:00

please continue your preferences for O’Byrne, Collins & Lombard

South Link

Cllr. John A. Collins

11.00 a.m. Tadhg’s programme will include a selection of vocal, opera, instrumental and orchestral pieces. This is the last recital before the summer break. Recitals will resume in September.Admission free. Enquiries 4924919 or e-mail

Anti-Ageing Secrets – A Book for All Seasons

Tel: 021 437 1585

Mob: 086 238 6692


South Link – Community News Independence of the Seas Cobh visit on RTE Nationwide this Friday 29th May at 7.00pm

Blackrock Castle Observatory Blackrock Castle Observatory hosts open nights on the first Friday of the month with astro-related activities for visitors of all ages: lectures by visiting scholars, Star Parties, night observing & star counts and activities for children. It is one of Blackrock Castle Observatories many programmed events highlighting associations between science, art and culture raising awareness of astronomy, humanity’s oldest science. The Summer Solstice and Archaeo Astronomy in Ireland June 5th. 6pm - 9pm 6-8pm Hands on The Plough Workshops (every half hour) 8-9pm Public Talk on Earth Mother/Sky Father, spiritual belief and daily life in pre-Christian Ireland by Rob Vance.

Year of the Constant reader For a full programme of these and other events, see www.constantreader. ie or contact your local library. The programme includes big reader competitions including tickets and accommodation for two to the AllIreland Hurling Final and a family holiday to Parc Astérix in Paris.

CHILDREN’S BOOK FESTIVAL POSTER WORKSHOPS Children’s Books Ireland which organises Children’s Book Festival annually in October has selected Cork City Libraries as the venue for workshops to design the festival’s national poster for 2009. So, if you are aged between 7 and 11 years and are creative and artistic sign up now to take part in the workshops which will be held on Saturdays 6th, 13th and 20th June at 11.30a.m. Places are limited, book early to avoid disappointment!

Anti-Ageing Secrets is an indispensable companion for anyone wishing to look their best while making the most of their health, their life and their well-being, without breaking the bank! A comprehensive manual that is inspired from old and new wisdom, it respects that you are a multi-levelled being and nourishes at every level. With the aim of sharing lesser known information that empowers the reader to make wiser and more aware choices, it contains tips, recipes, exercises and rituals that are accessible to everybody. The Secrets also include a look at cosmetic options. For more information and a list of where you can find Anti-Ageing Secrets visit

Walking weekend break You don’t have to go abroad to enjoy a refreshing change of scenery. This June, why not think closer to home and head to the Kingdom for a weekend break with a difference? The Irish Heart Foundation invites you to take part in the Annual Kerry Walk around Killarney on June 12-15, which promises to put a feelgood bounce your step. You can enjoy a unique experience combining beautiful scenery, invigorating walks and the knowledge that every step you take is helping in the fight against heart disease. All you need is a good pair of boots, plenty of enthusiasm and a great sense of adventure. The weekend includes three night’s accommodation in the Lake Hotel in Killarney, all meals and packed lunches, two full day and one half day walk. All who take part are expected to raise a minimum of €675 to help raise essential funding for the national heart health charity. Sign up now before it’s too late! A €100 deposit is required to reserve a place.

Take part in Cork City Marathon to raise funds for Cork Simon Community The Cork City Marathon takes place on Bank Holiday Monday, the 1st of June 2009. Please consider taking part in the Marathon to raise funds for Cork Simon Community. One of the exciting aspects of the Cork City Marathon is the Team Relay, which really made it the marathon for everyone! The relay offers teams of 2 to 5 people the opportunity to take part in the marathon without having to complete the full 26.2 miles. If you are interested in taking part in the Cork City Marathon for Cork Simon Community, please contact Mairéad on 021 4929401 or email and we will send you out your sponsorship pack which will include a Cork Simon running vest to be worn on the day of the marathon.

Postcard Home Writing Competition Remember the closing date for the Write a postcard home closes on Tuesday, June 2. The competition involves describing a place you love in no more than 150 words. Prizes for Winners! Get an entry form at your local library or on our website. Entries to your local library or to: Postcard Home Competition, Cork City Libraries, 57-61 Grand Parade, Cork.

Rory Gallagher Music Library Gramophone Recital Tadhg O’Driscoll will present a gramophone recital entitled “Among My Souvenirs “in the Music Library, Grand Parade on Friday 29 May at

• Pete Duffy with Lord Mayor Brian Bermingham at the launch of his CD Stories from Cork

Thur 28 May '09 - 15

y a D g n i d d e W r u O Our Wedding Day


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Douglas Post call


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• All wedding flowers • Corporate events & parties • Hotels • Private homes & floral decor

t: 087 612 9288 e: Transforming Nature into fine art

douglas A4:Layout 1



Page 1

OPENING HOURS Monday - Saturday 9am - 6pm Sunday & Bank Holidays 12pm - 6pm Frankfield Road, Ballycureen, Cork (beside South Ring flyover

Tel: 021 431 4464




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Home & Garden for more plants.

Water Garden Remove dead leaves from water lilies, using a long-arm pruner if necessary

In General

The last couple of weeks, except for a few brief days, have not been kind to gardens or gardeners. We must look to June for a brighter future. As always we'll try to give you a few ideas on what might need doing in your garden this week. Not everything in this article may apply to your garden - but there might be something, if not this week maybe next week.)

Flower Garden Rejuvenate top-heavy shrubs and climbers such as roses now that growth is vigorous; bend stems down or prune to height. Finish bedding out with the most tender plants, such as cannas and ricinus. Deadhead lilac as the flowers fade. Cut back oriental poppies to ground level after flowering. Pinch out the tips of chrysanthemums to encourage more flowering stems to develop. Clip senecios and other flowering evergreens, if blooms are not required. Deadhead pansies and violas regularly to prolong flowering. Watch out for clematis wilt, and treat promptly if seen. After flowering hard prune shrubby prunus species such as P. triloba to 8-10cm (3-4in) high.

With the holiday season approaching, tidy and weed everywhere, and mulch wherever possible. Plant out celeriac after fully hardening off plants

Kitchen Garden Transplant leeks to their final positions, and water in well. Cut hard back herbs such as tarragon, winter savory and lemon balm to encourage young growth. Check gooseberries regularly for signs of sawfly caterpillars. Sow ridge cucumbers and gherkins direct in rich ground, especially beneath sweetcorn as ground cover. Dress rhubarb with general fertiliser and continue to remove flower stems.

Lawns & Hedges Mow spring-flowering wild lawns and areas containing bulbs, and leave cut material to wither for a few days to release seeds

Greenhouse Forcefully spray the foliage of greenhouse plants occasionally to deter red spider mite. Sow winter pansies, keeping them moist and cool at all times. Continue removing sideshoots from cordon tomatoes - these may be rooted as cuttings


Gas & Charcoal Barbecues

GARDEN CENTR E Kiernan’s for expert advice and friendly service!

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Open Monday - Saturday 9.30am - 6pm, Sunday 12 noon - 6pm A W A R D W I N N I N G G A R D E N C E N T R E 18 - Thur 28 May '09

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• Right - One of last years G arden Winners Jean nette & Gus Delaney South Douglas Road

r ks winne e e w is h -T n, • Below O'Sulliva ie r jo r a M k Blackroc

Garden Winner.

The first winner of this years Summer Garden Competition this week is Marjorie O’Sullivan, 21 Mahon Park, Blackrock. Marjorie wins a voucher for 50 euro’s worth of goods from Kiernans Garden Centre, Douglas Court. Next week – it could be you! Our Summer Gardening Competition is open to all our readers. Win a prize every week from May to September. Get out the hoe and start now for a stunning summer garden. If your garden or any part of your garden is blooming, or just looking good, why not lets us have a photo. It could win you a prize! If you have a neighbor with a nice garden who might be a bit shy about entering why not take a photo for them and they could win a prize. Send your entry to Gardening, Douglas Post, Morris House, Douglas. Cork . Or email to



Made To Measure


ght Iro u o r W r o k a e T

Contact • Side Gates tes Paddy Cronin • Entrance Ga 087 293 7040

• First Winner of 2009 Pat Keane of Skehard Road

A Perfect Job Every Time Office: 021 427 3744, Fax: 021 427 3734 Call Pat For FREE Quote: 087 9637204 • Tarmacadam • Asphalt • Paving • Tennis Courts • All types of Drainage • All Area Property Work Planned & Prepared • Patios • Tar & Chipping • 20 colours to choose • Kerbs Supplied from in • Play Areas Hot Industrial Great Work At Great Prices! Bitumen

Now in your area! - All work fully guaranteed! - Ask to see our work in your area!


087 637 0647 021 436 3692

Plastering & Building Ser vices Internal Dry Lining External Insulation Registered with Sustainable Ireland Grants Now Available -

10 Oakview Drive, Douglas, Cork. Thur 28 May '09 - 19

Home & Garden

now oPen weeKends Stockists of

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Decorative Gravel Paving Indian Sandstone/Limestone Building Stone & Cladding Stone All available to view in our extended display area.

NEW OPENING HOURS Mon - Fri 8.30 - 5.30 Sat

9.00 - 5.00


1.00 - 5.00


Large selection of garden Furniture, ornaments, seats & Benches on display

Classis, Ovens, Co. Cork, Ireland Tel: +353 021 4872733 Fax: +353 021 4871705 Email: Web:


Garden Centre One of Munster’s largest range of Fruit, Veg and Herb plants Huge range of products for Kitchen Gardens and Allotments FANTASTIC SPECIAL OFFERS ON SUMMER BEDDING AND PATIO PLANTS Summer Bedding Buy 3 Multi Packs for only €10 (€3.99 each) – that’s 30 plants for only €10 Patio Plants Extra large Patio Plants

4 for only €10 (€2.99-€3.49 each) 3 for only €10 (4.99 each)

Fantastic New Plant – Outdoor Gerbera Open all Bank Holiday weekend Sat 9 – 6 Sun and Bank Holiday Mon 12 – 6

20 - Thur 28 May '09

4 for only €15 (€4.99 each)

Factory Hill, Glanmire, Co. Cork. Tel: 021-4354949 Fax: 021-4354949 Email: w w w. d u n s l a n d . c o m

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An Giota Gaeilge Le Liam Ó Móráin

Comóradh bás bunaitheoir Cumann Misean na nAfraic Ar shean-bhóthar na Carraige Dubha agus i Wilton i gCorcaigh tá dhá theach de chuid an SMA, (Cumann Misean na nAfraic), agus ag deireadh mí Bealtaine gach bliain déanann an t-ord seo bás bunaitheoir an Chumainn, an t-Easpag Melchior de Marion Brésillac, a chomóradh. Rugadh de Brésillac i ndeisceart na Fraince sa bhliain 1813 agus rinneadh sagart de sa bhliain 1838, nuair a thosaigh sé mar shagart ina eaglais áitiúil, Eaglais Naomh Micheál, i gCastelnaudary. De réir dealraimh ba post sagarthóra an-chompordach é seo agus níorbh fhada dó ann mar bhí dual aige dul ar na misean, agus sa bhliain 1841 d’fhág sé a pharóiste agus chuaigh go dtí misean eachtrannach Páras (Missions Étrangéres de Paris). Tar éis naoi mí ainmníodh é chun dul go dtí an Ind agus bhain sé Pondicherry amach in 1842. Roimh dó imeacht, dar le suíomh idirlíon an SMA, bheartaigh sé ar cheithre rúin, ina measc bhí ‘chun a bheith ina missiúnaí ó bhun a chroí; gan rud ar bith a dhiúltú a chuirfidh obair Dé chun tosaigh; gach deis a glacadh chun Focal Dé a spreagadh; agus is é seo, thar gach rud eile, a iarraim do Bheannachtaí, chun gach modh atá ar fáil dom, idir mo neart go léir, mo mheon uile, a chur chun cléirigh áitiúla a thraenáil’. Chaith sé dosaen blianta san Ind, ag foghlaim an teanga Tamil, mar ghnáth-shagart i Salem,

agus mar chinnire ar chomhluadar beag sagairt i bPondicherry (nó Bangalore sa lá atá inniu ann). Sheas sé ar son cearta muintir éagsúla san Ind ach bhí cultúir na ndaoine san Ind ró chumhachtach dó. Ní amháin sin ach ní raibh ceannairí an Eaglais, fiú sa Róimh agus an Pápa san áireamh, sásta na hathraithe a bhí uaidh a chur i gcrích, agus d’éirigh sé as a phost mar easpag. Cé go raibh fonn air filleadh ar na misean, mhol an Róimh dó cumann misean a chruthú chun nach ligfí dó dul ar na misean ina aonair. Ar fhéasta Giniúna Muire gan Smál, 8ú Nollaig 1856, is ea a bheannaigh sé bunú an cumainn nua i Lyons na Fraince agus thug na céad baill den gcumann aghaidh ar Sierra Leone sa bhliain 1858. Bhain de Brésallic Freetown, i Sierra Leone amach an bhliain dár gcionn le sagart agus bráthair leis agus bhí dhá ghalar marfach ann, smallpox do muintir na háite agus Yellow fever do na hEorpaigh, agus iad araon scaipthe go forleathan. Ar deireadh, laistigh de cúpla mí, thóg an galair an comhluadar sagairt is bráithreacha ar fad agus ní raibh oiread agus sagart ar bith chun Aifreann na marbh a rá nuair a fuar an t-easpag bás – dúirt ministir Protastúnach paidreacha os cionn a uaidh. Inniu tá an cumann ag saothrú go forleathan ar fud an Afraic ar na misean, agus tá roinnt maith tithe anseo in Éirinn acu chun daoine a thraenáil, chun airgead a bhailiú ar son a gcuid oibre ar na misean, agus chun lóistín a thabhairt do sagart ar deireadh a laethanta. Cé go bhfuil clú agus cáil ar Éirinn mar thír a cuireann lucht misean, idir sagart, bráithreacha, mná rialta agus daoine le proifisiúntacht ina gceird ar fáil chun dul ag saothrú san Afraic nó i Meiriceá Theas i measc áiteanna eile, an bhfuil deireadh ag teacht le seo toisc an ganntanas daoine nua ag dul leis an sagarthóireacht agus leis an mná rialtacht. Cad atá i ndán do na misean? Tréaslaímid leis an SMA as ucht a sár oibre leis na blianta anuas.

GAEL LINN RADIO PROGRAMME WINNERS ANNOUNCED The winners of the Gael Linn radio programme competition have been announced this week. The competition, which is sponsored by the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland and RTÉ Raidio na Gaeltachta is open to all second level students. Students are asked to produce a radio programme, in Irish, on a subject of their choice. There were six winners in the competition and all received cash prizes from the BCI, at presentation ceremonies around the country over the course of the past week. The winners were: Section A: (Irish speaking schools) 1st Place: ‘Éabhlóid nó Réabhlóid!’; Coláiste an Phiarsaigh, Glanmire, Cork. 2nd Place: ‘Barack Obama’. Gaelcholáiste Reachrann, Donaghmede, Dublin 3rd Place: ‘Ceol agus Craic’; Scoil Phobail Mhic Dara, Carna, Galway Section B: (English speaking Schools) 1st Place: ‘Scigchlár’, Blackrock College, Dublin 2nd Place: ‘Raidióige’, St. Brigid’s Secondary School, Mountrath, Laois 3rd Place: ‘Ar an dé deiridh nó ar rothaí an tsaoil?”. St. Patrick’s Academy, Dungannon, Tyrone. Commenting about the competition, Michael O’Keeffe, Chief Executive of the BCI said: “The Commission is delighted to continue its association with this competition, run by Gael Linn, and congratulates all of this year’s winners. The competition not alone fosters an interest in media among second level students, but also strongly promotes the use of Irish in the media, which is to be welcomed. The Commission is particularly pleased that some of this year’s entrants have had their winning entry broadcast on their local radio station.” Antoine Ó Coileáin, Chief Executive of Gael Linn said: “Gael Linn is delighted with the year-onyear development of ‘Comórtas Clár Raidió’, both in terms of the standard and the number of entries. Gael Linn is very heartened by the fact that increasing numbers of entrants are consulting with their local radio in preparing their programmes. Our hope is that, as a result of the

• Niamh Ní Bhroin, BCI with winners of BCI competition, Coláiste na Phairsaigh Pupils and their teacher Micheal Ó’Tuama in Red FMs head quarters. Pic Barlok Photo

competition, stations will be able to draw on a new pool of talent for their Irish programming in the future.”

Thur 28 May '09 - 21

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Ask Dr. Doug

by Dr. Douglas Meckelborg B.Ed., D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic)

I've been told it's "Just Muscular"! So often I hear new patients, seeking relief from a long term problem, say that they were told their problem was “just muscular”. They had sought conventional care, had been given tablets for inflammation and pain, and maybe even had an x-ray ordered, which was dismissed as “clear”. The pain, stiffness, and inflammation continued until they were kindly recommended by a friend to us here. I have a problem with the diagnosis of, “Oh, that's just muscular”. This diagnosis does two detrimental things. Firstly, it negates the problem as being anything serious and discourages the patient from taking any action. Secondly, this type of diagnosis doesn't search for the cause. It serves to reduce the body to just single, isolated tissues, without really coming up with an adequate reason or a proper solution. Spinal related complaints can hardly be reduced down to just one tissue as being the cause of the problem. The human body is unparalleled in its complexity. The bones of the skull and spinal column are arranged in a certain position to encase and protect millions upon millions of nerve cells. These nerve cells connect to every cell, organ, and tissue supplying them with the electrical energy they require to stay alive. The muscles, supplied by these nerves, attach to the bones of the spine in intricate ways to allow movement in every capacity. Ligaments, also entwined with millions of nerves, hold bones together and serve to help the brain understand the body's position and awareness in space (called proprioception). The joints are acted on by muscles and restricted by ligaments to maintain their position, allowing full ranges of motion. Their surfaces are covered in cartilage and bathed in special fluid to help in lubrication. They are also supplied by nerves to ensure their alignment is satisfactory and that they are not “wearing” improperly. The organization of this, even at the simplest level, is so complex that it is incomprehensible. You may have noticed a common theme amongst the tissues described here. They are all supplied by nerves that stem from the spine, including muscles. How could a problem ever be “just muscular”? If the proper bone alignment of the spine is even mildly lost, ligaments become irritated, muscles become imbalanced, nerves become choked, cartilage wears, joints become restricted, etc, etc, and then comes the pain and inflammation. X-rays are commonly ordered for these types of musculo-skeletal complaints and often dismissed as “clear” because conventional practitioners

We Can Help!

021 436 0008 Tramway House, Tramway Terrace, East Douglas Village (Above Nakon Thai)

read x-rays differently than Chiropractors. Spinal misalignment issues can be subtle and are often overlooked. Chiropractors are specialists in detecting and correcting these spinal misalignments and focus on treating the whole person, and not just the isolated tissues. So, when you hear the common phrase “Oh, that’s just a muscle problem” remember to investigate things further.

Ask the Pharmacist

with Garvan J. Lynch B.Sc.N.U.I. B.Sc. Chem. G.R.S.C. B.Sc. Pharm. M.P.S.I. M.R.Pharm.S. of Lynchs Pharmacy

Obesity The WHO (World Health Organisation) has stated that obesity has reached epidemic proportions. In Ireland 39% of people are overweight and 25% are obese. Weight gain occurs when you eat more calories than your body needs for energy. This excess is stored in your body as fat. Obesity is defined as having an excessive amount of body fat. Health professionals use a formula based on your height and weight — called the body mass index (B.M.I.) — to determine if you are obese. Adults with a BMI of 30 or higher are considered obese. Obesity is more than just a cosmetic concern. The health consequences of obesity range from

an increased risk of premature death to serious chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke and certain forms of cancer. Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer in Ireland. 10,000 people die every year from coronary heart disease, stroke and other circulatory diseases – about half of these due to heart attacks. And while there is a genetic aspect, many of them could be prevented with simple lifestyle choices. Dietary changes alone can reduce cholesterol by a massive 50%. Carrying excess weight is a major risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes. The term “diabesity” is a new description for diabetes caused by excessive weight. In Ireland approx. 400,000 adults will have the condition by 2010, resulting in a

diabetes epidemic. It is now believed that a third of the most common cancers – those of the breast, bowel, kidney, pancreas, oesophagus and womb lining are linked to obesity and could be prevented if we were physically active and maintained a healthy weight. The evidence is stronger now more than ever that the most important thing you can do to prevent chronic disease, (after not smoking), is to maintain a healthy weight. Small lifestyle changes will mean the big difference between chronic disease or good health as you age. And remember, it’s never too early or too late to make those changes. If you would like to know what your B.M.I. is, call to Intervene at Lynch’s Pharmacy where we will calculate it for you with our compliments.

Broadale, Maryborough Hill, Douglas, Cork. T: 021 436 6923

Promoting patient education and self-management of chronic disease 22 - Thur 28 May '09

Skype: intervene1

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Ask Dr. Cronin


Generalised Anxiety Disorder Hi Dr. Cronin. I had a very serious accident a few years ago that left me bed bound for a number of weeks. Fortunately, I made a full recovery although I have experienced extreme anxiety on a daily basis for over a year now. Has the accident been the root cause of the problem even though it happened four years before I started to feel this anxiety? My doctor said it’s generalised anxiety disorder - Niamh Hi Niamh. It is quite possible that there is a direct link between the accident and the anxiety you’ve been experiencing over the last while. A traumatic incident or stressful event may have no obvious repercussions at the time it happened; however, it is possible that it will have devastating effects on the individual sometime later. Generalised anxiety disorder which is also known as GAD is diagnosed when a person exhibits or reports to experiencing frequent anxiety and worry over different activities and situations on a regular basis. GAD may start at any time or stage of life, and therefore, may not alone affect adults but children can also suffer from it. Some symptoms to look out for are: fatigue, disturbed sleep patterns, constant and disproportionate worry, shaking, restlessness, poor concentration, excessive sweating, irritability, palpitations, muscle tension, stomach problems, headaches, and shortness of breath. The objective of treatment is to help the client to control the anxiety and function well on a daily basis. This can be done in many ways including desensitising the client from the original traumatic event/s which in turn builds confidence in dayto-day activity. The treatment of GAD for some will include medication prescribed by their GP. However, many of those individuals will reduce or lose the need for meds as fear begins to dissipate and weaken because inaccurate and harmful perceptions of anxiety begin to change as therapy continues. Relaxation and pleasurable mental imagery techniques are also employed and thought. These enjoyable techniques are inclusive of the search for the cause of the problem and the aiding of an understanding of the anxiety itself and what can be done to reduce the possibility of a recurrence, combined with the neutralising of any triggers that may be causing the onset of the anxiety response.

Hair Talk By Amanda of Artisan Preparing for the big day Well there is a lot to do when preparing for a big day, but one thing people leave till last is there hair, not realising there is a lot to do when preparing the hair for the big day. As we all know your hair is your crowning glory! First thing I would recommend is to start deciding on a few styles you would like so then you know what length your hair needs to be. Then invest in good products for your hair; a great treatment I love is forcintence by kerastase and ciment thermique, a heat protector. Next book an appointment with your hairdresser for a trim, its very important to get regular trims as this will help the hair growth while also keeping the hair healthy, but make sure to grow those layers. Then I would suggest booking appointments for up styles trials, make sure you bring a few photos of what you would like to try out, remember that with whatever style you decide on you need to feel comfortable with it, there is no point in doing something everyone else likes if you don’t. Make sure when going to your trail you wash your hair the night before and use very little conditioner and don’t ghd the hair, also make sure to wear a zip up top so its easy to take off without disrupting the hair. I would also suggest you book 3 trials and you should try to book them the same day as the dress fittings so you’ll have an idea of what it will be like on the day. As soon as you are happy with everything book all appointments for the big day and you are ready to go! Tip of the week Get regular trims and treat your hair once a week! You are welcome to download our free complementary “De-Stress And Relax…” CD by going to Dr. Declan Cronin. Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist 021 4892510 -

Thur 28 May '09 - 23

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Ballinlough Community News With Mary Cremin Monthly Coffee Morning - Wednesday 10th June Topic: Who am I in relationship to self, to others and to God’ Presented by: Sr. Una Boland, LCM. Venue: Ballinlough Pastoral Centre (beside the Church) after 10.00am Mass Everyone Welcome

Ballinlough Writers Group Ballinlough Writers Group meet in Douglas Library on the 3rd Friday of every month at 5.30pm Bring ten copies of a short story or poem have written. Where possible all entries should be typed and have the authors should be typed and have the authors name and date on top.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Gramophone Circle The last Recital of the season will be held on Thursday 28th May in the Pastoral Centre at 8.00pm Presenter will be Patrick Butler All Welcome We wish everyone a Happy summer, and will see you back in September

Meals on Wheels Meals on Wheels urgently require volunteers to assist with cooking, and drivers to deliver the meals. This work takes approximately two hours one morning every two weeks Anyone that could help please call or phone Ballinlough Community Centre any morning between 11.00 and 12.00 noon

Smile You are on CCTV Ballinlough Community Association have installed CCTV, there are six cameras to cover all sections of the grounds, and also in the hallway of the community centre. It was necessary to do this, as over the last few years, the premises have been damaged on many occasions, including the glass in the front window of the building which was broken, the telephone was removed from the wall of an inside room and taken, cars have been damaged in the car park, and many other minor incidents. The repair of this vandalism amounts to a substantial amount of money each year for the association. This is a 24 hour security operation 365 days a year.

Bingo Bingo is held every Friday night at the Community Centre at 8.00pm

Corpus Christi • Recently at a review of the year in Cork Rotary Club, An Coppens (Business Coach) was presented with a beautiful trophy to honour ‘Club member of the Year’, the trophy was originally developed for outstanding members in memory of renouned ornithologist Clive Hutchinson, a member of the club who died suddenly. The trophy has only ever been presented 3 times. Picture shows An being presented with her award by Rotary Club of Cork President, Tom Woodward.

The Annual Eucharistic Procession takes place on Sunday June 14th. Ballinlough Parish will assemble outside Our Lady of Lourdes Church at 2.30pm, and will walk to Daunt Square Please come and join us.

Cllr. Donal


Committed to Our Community “Always available not just at election time”

17 Silverdale Avenue, Ballinlough, Cork. Tel: 021 429 5245 Mob: 086 33 99 479 Email:

24 - Thur 28 May '09

• New members to the Young Pioneer Section form Our lady of Lourdes National School Ballinlough who received their pins and certs at a special ceremony recently picture includes Tadhg Kelleher Regional President Ptaa.

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Douglas Community Notice Board Is there a community event or fundraiser happening in your area? Please let us know and we will be delighted publish it for you.

Cllr. Tim


Working for You

Coffee Evening & Bring & Buy in aid of Christain Aid At Ardfallen Centre Douglas Rd next Friday 29th from 7pm to 9pm

Table Quiz in aid of Edith Wilkins

Tel: 021 488 7180 Mobile: 086 832 9119 Email:

A Table Quiz in aid of The Edith Wilkins Street Children Foundation, India, Takes place this Thursday May 28th at 8.30 in the Nemo Rangers GAA Club. This is a Douglas based charity and your support is greatly appreciated. Table of 4 - 40Euro.

Douglas I.C.A The Irish Countrywomen’s Association will be 100 years old next year. It has lived through the successes and failures, the excitements and triumphs of our nation. It began before our independence and developed side-by-side with our emerging nationhood – itself contributing to the social and economic independence of Irish women. It has established itself as a vital thread in the social tapestry of our national development. Douglas Guild is 50 years old this year. We have two founder members still active with the Guild, Ita Ryder and Bessie Lucey. We are unique within our Association in that we own our hall. This was made possible by the generosity of the late Michael Hegarty, who donated the site, and through interest-free loans from members and by fundraising events – all this provided us with a home for life. The performers you saw during the month of May in the Douglas Library and the exhibits were part of the Bealtaine Festival gave a window into the activities of the Douglas Guild. The poem, “The Door” by the Czech poet Miroslav Holub, adopted as its motto by Bealtaine organisers, could also apply to I.C.A. By becoming a member it will open many doors and a richer life for you.

Farmers Cross Ladies Club – Flower Display Meet 2nd Thursday of every month at Frankfield House. New members welcome

Cllr Tim Lombard

Traffic Calming on Rochestown Road At long last, Cork County Council have advertised a new traffic calming proposal for the Rochestown Road. This comprehensive proposal involves major traffic calming on the Rochestown Road. Cork County Council have advertised the proposal for public consultation. This public consultation period is now opened. The traffic calming proposal can be viewed in County Hall, at the Area Engineer’s Office in Carrigaline and also at the Council Offices on Rochestown Road. I would appeal to everyone to view the traffic calming proposals and make a submission if they feel it is appropriate. As a member of Cork County Council, I will get a report back on all the submissions and will be taking into consideration the views and comments of the public. The Senior Engineer, last week, announced that there is no funding available this year for any traffic calming on the Rochestown Road which is very disappointing news. The only hope we have is that when this comprehensive traffic calming proposal is passed the ability to extract money from central government might be a little easier. We have seen how the budget for the resurfacing of the Rochestwon Road has been slashed from €400,000 down to a mere €210,000. This shows you the commitment the government has in funding major roads in Cork.

Douglas GAA Club “You’re only a stranger once” Thurs Bar - Texas Hold 'em poker Fri Bar – Dave Lyndon Sat . Hall - Brendan Lee Band Sun. Bar - Pat Barry Matches ‘Live’ on Big Screens

Douglas Library Thursday 28th May @ 6.30p.m.: Chess for adults. New members welcome. Beginners will be instructed how to play. Friday 29th May @ 5.30p.m.: Douglas Junior Writers. Thursday 4th June @ 6.30p.m.: Chess for adults. New members welcome. Friday 5th June @ 7p.m.: Night Owls Book Club. New members welcome. Saturday 6th June @ 10a.m.: Colouring Competition. All welcome. Please note that for the June Bank Holiday the library will be closed on Saturday 30th May.

• First Team Girls at Garryduff Fancy Dress Party

Stand Up For Change Councillor Chris


( Independent )

St Columba’s Hall, Sports and Social Club Live music every Saturday Night. Matches live on big 8 foot screen. For booking functions contact Eoin 087 2866254

17 Loughmahon Road, Mahon, Cork • Phone: 021 4357570 / 087 2794307 •

Thur 28 May '09 - 25

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O’Leary Passage West


North Link Community News Gurranabraher in Bloom This summer, the search is on for green-fingered residents of Gurranabraher in a gardening competition sponsored by Gurranabraher Credit Union to mark the 75th Anniversary of the area. The competition, which is open to all residents of Gurranabraher will run throughout the summer for a chance to win hundreds of euros of vouchers, with application forms available from the main Credit Union office on Bakers Road from the start of June. Gardening enthusiasts will be invited to submit a photo of their garden with the application form by the end of July, after which a number of finalists’ gardens will be visited by judges in August to select the winners. There will be a number of prizes available including Best Garden (first, second and third), Best Vegetable Patch and Best Kids Garden. The competition will be judged by Liam Casey, Senior Executive, Parks Superintendent from the Cork City Council along with representatives from the Credit Union. Speaking at the launch, Michael O’Connell, Chairman commented “We are expecting a good response to this competition- its perfect excuse to show pride in Gurranabraher by getting outdoors with the family to improve your home and build a sense of community spirit.” For more information on the competition, please contact Gurranabraher Credit Union on 021 4303394 or email

St Mary’s Road Library Tuesday 26th May to Saturday 30th May 2p.m. – 3.30p.m.

The Big Wash Up – Memory Collection Clinics • At the launch of “Gurranabraher in Bloom” were Michael O’Connell, Chairman of Gurranabraher Credit Union, Liam Casey, Senior Executive, Parks Superintendent, Emer O’Callaghan, Executive Horticulturist, Cork City Council, Paula Guiney, Member Services Officer and Catherine O’Connell, Vice Chairperson of the Sponsorship Committee, Gurranabraher Credit Union. Pic Barlok Photo • Below - Girls from Our Lady of Lourdes School, Ballinlough,Cork celebrating their First Holy Communion on Saturday. Photo:Mary p O Connor

Have you a memory of Shandon you would like to share? Cork Community Art Link will be in St Mary’s Road Library to collect memories, stories and images of the Shandon area. The material gathered during this week will be incorporated into an exciting wall washed mural to be unveiled during the Shandon Street Festival in June. So why not join us for tea and a chat and let your memories become a work of art. (Any photos brought in will be scanned and returned on the day) For more details contact St Mary’s Road Library at 0214924933 or drop in.

Cllr. Laura McGonigle “Advice Clinics each Saturday in the Ballinlough Community Centre at 12.30pm - Feel free to pop along”.

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26 - Thur 28 May '09

Ag obair ar do shon i Halla na Cathrach

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WestLink Community News Lifetime Lab with Bishopstown and District Lions Club raise €4000 for Local Schools Lifetime Lab and Bishopstown and District Lions Club recently teamed to raise much needed funds for local primary schools in the Bishopstown area. After the bookwork was finalised a total of almost €4000 was raised from the event and all proceeds were handed over to participating primary schools in the Bishopstown area. An Easter Egg treasure hunt along with falconry, Easter card making and astronomy were some of the activities available on the day. Mervyn Horgan manager of Lifetime Lab stated “We are delighted to be able to give back to the local area which has shown great support to Lifetime Lab since we opened in 2006, we had a lot of activities arranged, with local volunteers giving up free time to help out, and the sun was even shining” Brendan Dunne, President of Bishopstown and District Lions commented “The event was structured to allow all of the funds to be given directly to participating schools, close to €4000 was raised and we hope that we would be able to run a similar event next year

THE WEST CORK LITERARY FESTIVAL NEEDS YOU!! If you, or anyone you know, would like to volunteer to help in the running of this year’s West Cork Literary Festival, 5th – 11th July. Please contact Sinead Collins 086-2206306

Fight to Write Bishopstown LibraryYoung Writers The young writers group in Bishopstown Library hosted the launch of their first publication : “ ftw: an anthology of literary adventures & forms” in Bishopstown Library on Wednesday,27 May .This young and enthusiastic group of teenagers meet twice a month to write poetry, prose and other musings on life, love and relationships. The anthology was launched by Liam Ronayne, City Librarian.

Bishopstown Library Wilton Gramophone Recital Toddy O Sullivan presents his choice of music for the last recital of the current season on Thursday 28th May @ 3.00pm. All welcome

Bishopstown Toastmasters Bishoptstown Toastmaster's is Cork’s only Toastmaster Club to meet weekly and on Saturday morning at 11.00am - 12.30pm at Bish-

• Sean Culhane,Principal Colaiste Chriost Ri (extreme left) with previous Principals Tomas O’Chaoimh,Cathal O’Corcora,Bro.Walter Hurley,Bro.John Hunt and Bro.De Sales Burke at the official opening of the Sports Hall at the school. Picture Mike English opstown Library. For information about Bishopstown Toastmasters contact John Keating on 085 7202 808 or check out our web site

JOIN THE "GOSPEL MESSENGERS" CHOIR Sing your cares away with our gospel choir. Everybody welcome. Rehearsals on Monday nights starting at 7.30pm. Rehearsal room is situated over sacristy of Togher Church for further information 087-7820942.

Deirdre Foley I want to represent you – It’s your choice, You decide. Advertisment Dear Constituents, On the 5th of June you will select the personality you wish to represent you at Cork City Council for the next 5 years. It’s your choice. You tell me each evening that you like what you see and what you’ve read about me. You are concerned that if I get a seat, that

I will “lose my individuality, and become complacent. Your concerns are justified from your past experiences. As a 46 year old Cork woman who has always called it as she sees it, I can assure you that what you see is what you get. My agenda is simple. We need to change how we are functioning at both local and national level. Give me the opportunity to make that change happen by giving me

your first preference vote on the 5th of June. In return I will make you happy that you did. Until we meet again, Deirdre. Mobile No: 086-3818000 I want to represent you – It’s your choice, You decide.

Thur 28 May '09 - 27

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Young @ Heart by Phil Goodman

Afternoon trip Tuesday 16th June Kenmare-Killarney Wednesday 24th June Naval Base

hard work on our behalf, and also teacher Owen The evil described in the Institution Abuse ReCasey for facilitating us in every way. ‘Bye for now, port makes harrowing reading. We all shed a Our Tai-Chi is also finished for the summer Phil few tears reading what happened on our doormonths and thanks to Julie Cotter, teacher of “Cherish your yesterdays steps and all over the country. Poor innocent Tai-chi, for making us all more aware of how Dream your tomorrows. children, their biggest crime being their Mon beneficial it is to our health. She is an inspiraBut be Young at Heart died and they had to go into care, and many are tional lady. Thank you, Julie. And live your to-days” still suffering today. Bingo is also finished for the summer. Thanks to We should all acknowledge their pain; reach out Bridget, Joan and Liam a hand to all who still struggle with the pain of – enjoy your break. their abuse today. Why don’t we demand a day Our sincerely sympaof mourning, it might go some way in acknowlthy to Anne and family edging their pain and we must never forget. I on the death of Paddy suggest we open a book of solidarity in the VilCorcoran. He will be lage Shopping Centre on Friday 29th May and sadly missed. show how much we care. Anyone willing to Good news for comhelp, give me a call on 4363867. puter lovers. “Log on This year’s Over 60s is over for another year, and and Learn” re-comit would come close to being one of the very mences in Douglas best. Fourteen took part in the Final and it was Community School on a great night for local talent. Luke Philpott repthe 9th September. resented Douglas and he sang so beautifully. I Also “Young at Heart don’t think I ever hear Luke sing so well. Well Walking Group” in done Luke, you are a credit to your Community their aim to get evehere in Douglas and not just for your singing talryone fit, start off in ent but as a lovely human being. A lady from the Community Park • Seniors Ballroom Dancing competition. Pictured at the final of the Blarney won on the night and she really deon Mon 8th June at Seniors Ballroom Dancing Competition sponsored by The Shipton Group served it. She is the mother of 13 children. We 11am. at Douglas GAA club were Ernest Perryman (Judge), Michael O’Leary will invite her to Douglas in September when we Brothers of Charity, who benefitted from the the event, Dommie Walsh will be back with our Autumn Programme. We and Mary Walsh, category winners - Bartosz Mieszla Manager Douglas Thought for Village Shopping Centre, Phil Goodman Douglas Young at Heart and event must first enjoy the long lazy summer days. the Day organiser, Babs Sheehan with her sister Pauline Sheehan category winners, I am looking for volunteers for a new project John Hartnett Manager Blackpool Shopping Centre and Rhona Coulter Viva close to my heart. We all know neighbours and “Tough times never Dance Studio, compere and judge. friends who would benefit so much from a visit last, tough people Pic:George Thompson each week. It is called the “Friendly visit”. All do.” - Robert Schuller you have to do is commit to one hour a week, same day, same hour preferably each week. Up coming events . There are no tasks involved, you just sit and have Every Tuesday - Knitting Club, Talk on CPR 2 a chat and fill the person in on what is happening – 4 Douglas GAA around locally or whatever. The HSE will give Every Wednesday - Computer Classes – you a training programme on how it works. If Douglas Community you know of someone in your area School who, for various reasons, doesn’t Every Wednesday get out very much and would ben- Bingo Lion House efit from a visit, please forward their – 2-4 name to me. It is up to us all to reEvery Thursday – duce isolation and loneliness in our Computer Classes in own communities. Douglas G.A.A. Hall Last week we enjoyed our trip to Tuesday 2nd Thomond Park. Denny Carroll kept • Mary Scriven,Chairman Board of June Trip to everyone entertained for the day. Management,made a presentation to retired In fond memory of Barry Mount Melleray Princpal,Tomas O’Chaoimh at the official He assures me he will travel with us and Maureen Collins who’s opening of the new Sports hall at Colaiste Tuesday 9th June every Tuesday. anniversary occurs this month Chriost Ri. Next Tuesday we are going to Mount Picture Mike English “There isn’t a day that goes by Melleray, all welcome. Just let me without you in our thoughts. know beforehand. The Log On and The memories we shared will Learn computer course finished last never be forgotten. And in our week. Hopefully in September we hearts we know you will always Novena to the Sacred Heart be by our side, making sure will start again. I hope so because Dear heart of Jesus in the past I have asked for many favours we follow you along the right I could fill 10 classes with the waitThis time I ask you this very special one mention favour path. Someday we will all be ing list. It was so successful and we reunited in that great big house Take it dear heart of Jesus and place it within your own broken heart were very lucky to have such a great in heaven. Until then, you will Where your father sees it then in his merciful eyes it will become your bunch of boys from the Community always be missed by your loving Favour not mine Amen say this prayer for three days promise publication family and many friends” School and of course teacher Aileen And favour will be granted N.K. Goulding who really put in a lot of

In Memoriam


28 - Thur 28 May '09


In The Loop

released their debut album “We Love You Dark Matter”. They created their own unique stage presence that had the crowd enthralled in their seducwith Peter Bowles tive hooks and bounding beats. It was Darragh, the drummers, third gig in a sling and that wasn’t putting a damper in things, one stick was all he Win tickets to Chickenfoot live at the Marquee! Q: Which American state needed to belt it out. Dark Room Notes next gig is at Oxegen and they will return to Cork for “Indie-Pendance” in early August. are Chickenfoot based in? Answers to Another electro pop band tearing up the Irish scene at the moment is La Galexie, they play “Bootleg” at the Pavillion tonight, doors 9pm. Be sure to We’ll start this week by announcing this weeks Marquee ticket giveaway check that one out. winner; congratulations to Amy Whittmore of Blackrock, enjoy the gig! Well over the last few days I’ve been checking out some bands on show in our beautiful city. First up was Tricky who played the “Newly Refurbished” Opera House, which was boasting the cheapest seats I’ve sat in since my school days. Recession I suppose, an economic situation that wasn’t reflected by ticket price, a nice 30euro to lighten the pocket. Tricky as you may know has come to fame largely due to his work with Massive Attack, trip hop giants who played the Marquee last year. Tricky sauntered out on stage wearing clearly standing well apart from his band members mainly due to his dress sense or lack of it. Regardless of what he was wearing his top was abandoned after the second song, leaving him half naked. I couldn’t believe his on stage antics, he was like a man possessed!! His band consisting of a keyboard/synth player, drummer, bass guitarist, lead guitarist and a female singer were absolutely fantastic and I couldn’t fault them. I felt he let them down by his random acts of what I would call ignorance and stupidity. I’m all for a unique/original/different approach to things but hitting the microphone off your chest while waving your head Hi all, well the sad news is that the youth club has wound up for the summer break, frantically seems more in keeping with someone in a world of their own, it’s hard to imagine how far we’ve come and how much we’ve achieved as a group not to mention knocking the mic stands repeatedly and standing on them. in such a short space of time. Since we first started in October we have had a If it wasn’t for the generally outstanding work of the band and the female home in the Woollen Mills, been made homeless, been given a new home that singer I was out the gap. He also decided to spark up twice on stage, I can we couldn’t afford to do up to move into (which is still laying idol) and found a only speculate as to what he was smoking. They left the stage after 40 temporary home in Nicky’s Dance studio in Donnybrook. We have seen youth leadminutes but after a 5minute spell of cheering, they reappeared to rock on ers come and go, members come and go. We have taken part in various fundraising some more. The Female singer started singing the Fields Of Athenry at one events such as the Xmas craft fair and our Talent Show, we’ve taken workshops in stage during the encore, it blew away the crowd, if that wasn’t enough the circus skills, film making, health and beauty, self defence and more. We’ve also taken band began playing behind her in a way that leads me to believe they were trips to partake in activities such as bowling, orienteering, wall-climbing and inter-club winging it. It was a great rendition, even a member of the crowd got up to events. It’s been a busy eight months! sing a chorus or two. I would like to thank the leaders who give up their time voluntarily, a special mention Secondly, I moved onto Cypress Avenue to check out Dark Room Notes, to Lorraine O’Sullivan who bravely stepped into the breech when I was out of Dublin electro pop band. They’re not doing to bad now indeed having just action due to my new arrival, she did a fantastic job keeping things running smoothly

Singles Chart 1.



Thursday 28 May Colm Hinchion and Guests 9.30pm. Chalies Colin McLean Latin Trio 6pm, Glucksman Gallery Le Galaxie / Disconnect 4 9pm, The Pavilion t.b.c. 9pm, The Roundy Friday 29 May The Side Effects 10.30pm. Chalies Juliet Turner 8pm, The Pavilion Trachtenburg Family 8pm, Crane Lane Wolfchant / Sirocco / Saviours of Sin 8pm, Cruiscín Lán

Chartbuster DVD TOp 10 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Defiance Bride Wars Frost /Nixon Role Models Australia Grudge 3 Death Defying Acts Underworld Anacondas

Ugly Beautiful 10pm, The Quad Nathan Fake / Kevin Blake / Toby Kaar 10.30pm, Liquid Lounge Saturday 30 May Snooks Lee & Ghost Radio 10.30pm. Chalies Trachtenburg Family 5pm, Crane Lane St. Etienne 8pm, e30, Opera House Laura Izibor 8.30pm, Cyprus Ave. Drombru Clancys Sunday 31 May Trad 3pm. Chalies Jazz Improv! 8pm, Crane Lane Stone Roses Experience 9pm, Cyprus Ave. Shapeshifter 9pm, The Pavilion Route 66 Clancys

and I’d be lost without her. Thanks also to the DATAS group for their support in trying to find funding for our permanent home, Nicky Hayes for rescuing us by offering her studio, Marlborough Entertainments for helping us out with various events, the VEC for funding towards our various programmes and the Douglas Post for giving us a voice each week. Mostly however, I would sincerely like to thank the members of Douglas Youth Action, we have such a fantastic group of young people in the club, they are a genuinely a pleasure to work with. I would like to wish those of them doing their Junior Cert the best of luck and hope to see all our members again in September. We are waiting (till after the election), for news on funding for our permanent home which we aim to have ready after the summer break, fingers crossed and watch this space! Have a great summer, Sonya

Cinema Competition To Win Tickets to the Cinema Send your Name, Address & Telephone number to:~ Douglas Post, 14 Morris House, Douglas. or email Thur 28 May '09 - 29




Brainteazer Last Week’s Teazer Garda Sergeant Smashem of the Traffic Division reported an accident. A truck and twelve cars had been crushed when a bridge collapsed on them, the truck was badly damaged but the driver escaped from the cab without injury. When the Sergeant

arrived on the scene, there was no sign of any car driver. Why not ?

Last Week’s Answer

U12 Div.3 Passage 4 Youghal 4 This was played in Rockenham last Friday night and was an absolute cracker of a game and huge credit to both sides. Passage found themselves a goal down entertaining the last 3 mins of the game but a great drive from Brendan Kenny couldn't be held by the keeper and it found the net leaving the sides at 4-4. The drama didn't end there with the referee about to blow his whistle for full time a Passage player was fouled in the box and instead blowing for full time he blew for a penalty instead. The last kick of the game resulted in a great save from the Youghal keeper therefore denying Passage the 3 points but a draw was the fairest result for both sides and no side would dispute that. The other scorers for Passage were Darragh Murphy, Jonathon Russell and Ronan Cooney. Promotion achieved at the end of a very successful season and well done to all concerned. Again our U7s kicked off this weekend,s(May 24th) games when they made the long journey to Fermoy. Playing on the excellent facilities in Fermoy they accounted themselves well and as were in recent weeks were very strong in all areas of the park. Jakub Sztaba in particular in defence a new position for him was absolutely outstanding who was helped no end by Eoin Higgins who covered a big area of the park.Cillian Murphy worked tirelessly in the middle. Big thank you to Fermoy who were very friendly and accommodating in our dealings with them. The U9s welcomed Tramore for the return leg of their games. This was an excellent game of football by two skilful sides and like the first game very close. Jamie O'Sullivan and Adam Murphy were outstanding for the homeside. The U8s and Springfield played Sunday afternoon in Maulbaun in front of a very big crowd. Both sides entertained the crowd with a quality game of football. The season is at and end and whilst no silverware has been obtained our U12s were promoted and others just missed out on promotion. For all the effort and hard work put in by players, managers and committee the annual awards night will take place on Sunday June 7th starting at 4pm.The event will take place in the clubhouse starting at 4pm and is open to all who wish to attend on the day. But before any award is handed out plans for next season are underway already and the registration night for next season takes place on Tuesday 2nd June at 7-30pm. While it is expected that all players will re-register for next season there is still plenty of room for new players. There will be teams entered in the Cork Schoolboys league from U11 up to U16. U11s born in 1998, U12s 1997, U13s 1996, U14s 1995, U15s 1994 and U16s 1993. While registration of players is important the committee would appeal to people to get involved off the field also. They are looking for people to get involved with managing teams, assisting managers, helping out at committee level, organising much needed fund-raising etc. and probably most important off the field activity providing sponsorship. So anyone in a position to help out, the club would be extremely grateful for your assistance. There is always plenty to do so please don't leave it to others get involved and give up a couple of hours a week. Still looking for people to help with bag pack next weekend contact Pat @ 087 7610438 or the website for further details. The adult section of the club are looking for a Senior and a Junior team manager anyone interested check the website for details.

The truck was a car transporter and the cars were the cargo


This Week’s Teazer Fred was inquisitive about the world outside. Each day he gazed

Unit C3 Eastlink House,Eastlink Business Centre, CARRIGTWOHILL, Co.Cork. (5 MINUTES FROM THE JACK LYNCH TUNNEL)

wistfully through the glass at a world he could never know. Then one day, the unthinkable happened. Some boy’s playing outside accidentally broke the glass, instantly Fred regretted his curiosity. Why ?

30 - Thur 28 May '09

Tel/Fax: (021) 4389 333 Open 6 Days Through Lunch 10% OFF ON PRESENTATION OF THIS AD (EXCLUDING SPECIAL OFFERS)

Sport • Picture shows Pat Peate of Douglas ladies football club presenting Helen Noonan with a cheque for the Douglas camogie club’s Féile fundraising campaign. The camogie club will once again represent Cork in this years All Ireland Féile competition to be held in mid June.

Douglas GAA Underage Douglas U12 Footballers Win City Championship Hall AFC The U12 Footballers won the City Championship final beating St. Michaels at Pasage on Sunday evening. Douglas played the first half with a strong wind to their backs and they made full use of it, hitting some fine points with Shane Kingston kicking a couple of beauties, Dara Baldwin capped a fine display with a goal as Douglas continued to press forward, St. Michael’s fought hard in defence and brought an extra defender back from the forwards to try and stem the tide. In the second half St. Michaels pressed hard but the Douglas defence held firm and they were convincing winners in the end. A great display by all of the panel, well done to Pat Dineen and his fellow selectors. The lads go on to the county section next where they will play the Beara champions in the next round. The winning panel was: C Bermingham, D O’Gorman, D O’Mahony, L Harris, A Geaney, S Donegan, L Dineen, S Kingston, S Powter, D Baldwin, D Barry, S Collins, C McCarthy, C Sheehan, E O’Leary, E O’Brien, C O’Regan, T O’Donoghue, B Barry, R Neville.

U12 Footballers lose Championship Semi Final The U12 Footballers lost to St. Michaels in the semi final of the B Section championship after a good game of football played in Mahon on Monday evening. St. Michaels started well and made full use of the strong wind in the first half, Douglas lost Centre Back Ross McCormack early in the game to injury, but continued to battle with Jack Austin scoring a fine point to keep them in touch. In the second half Douglas had the better of the game. The defence was holding firm with Ronan McCarthy at full back and Nathan Walsh in the corner clearing a lot of ball. Evan Byrne had a great game at half back as Douglas pushed forward for the goal that they needed. Donncha Murphy hit a rocket off the Crossbar but the St. Michaels defence held firm. Brian Flahive, who had an excellent game and Jack Austin kept the scoreboard ticking over with some well taken points but St. Michaels added a goal to finish off the Douglas challenge. Others to shine on the night for Douglas were Oliver O’Sullivan and Conor O’Driscoll.

With the end of the season closing in there were a few important semi finals in the past week. First up were the seniors in the semi final of the O'Connell cup at home to Castleview. Four days previously Castleview had won 5-4 in the last league game of the season. By half time it looked that they would win again leading 2-0. However second half goals from Dave Hackett, Mark Murphy and Dave Moore put the 'Hall through to the O'Connell cup final for the first time where they will play league winners Avondale Utd. Two days later it was the semi final of the Beamish cup at home to Youghal Utd. A poor team performance resulted in a 2-1 defeat. Dave Moore getting the 'Hall's goal.

Pfizer Pitch & Putt News

The AUL Junrs also slipped up in a home semi final and with it went the chance to get to Turners Cross. A Brendan Crowne header from a Ciaran Oliffee cross put the 'Hall one up at half time. There were two great chances to make it 2-0 but they were squandered. Crescent equalised to take the game to extra time before notching the winner in the first period. A disappointing end to the season for Tony Keating's team. The Murphy’s Youth Cup Final was played on Monday night at Turners Cross with Douglas Hall bringing home the silverware after a close game which was decided by a great goal from Mark O’Riordan who was also awarded Man of the Match. Well done to manager Evan Twomey and his team. The end of season awards night will take place in the Grange on Friday, May 29th at 21:30, all players are asked to attend. Recent Fourball Results 9th May Nett: Declan Sheehan and Frank Bruen Gross: Chris O Sullivan and Gary O Sullivan 13th May Nett: Jim Cullinane and Donal Field Gross: Syd Venner and Billy Venner Fixtures Wednesday Fourball at 6:30pm, sharp Sunday Fourball at 10:30am, sharp Committee meeting on Thursday 28th May at 7 pm

The club would like to congratulate Frank Bruen and Chris McCarthy on reaching the finals of the Munster Matchplay. They are part of a tough 32 man field for the event which will be held on 27-28th June at Castleisland in Kerry. Frank Bruen beat local Jonathon Shanahan 4 and 2 in the final round while Chris McCarthy beat Donal Duggan 1 up. First round games in the club matchplay should have been played by Sunday 24th May. Any remaining games not forfeited will be settled by coin Numbers 2-19-21 toss at Wednesday night’s No winner Fourball. Players have until Next week’s Jackpot €1000 euro 21st June to play the second round games.

Douglas Hall Lotto

• Douglas U-12 Football team who defeated St Michael’s in the City Final in Passage last Sunday

Thur 28 May '09 - 31


G.A.A. FOCUS Snippets from the Local and National Scene By Pat Harrington Munster Hurling Time! “The Hay is Saved & Tipp is Bet”. Is this wishful thinking or can it become a reality? One wonders for a start about the hay being saved, such has been the weather throughout the month thus far – high winds and monsoon rains. It must be Munster hurling time again. The Premier County are raging favourites, and rightly so having won the league and Munster championship in 2008 and the good form they demonstrated in the recent league final. Cork on the other hand are a team in transition. This Cork side would not be settled. There was a similar story prior to the 1990 Munster final. Tipp were all-Ireland champions in 1989. A poor Cork team were beaten by Waterford in a replay. The Rebels recorded a memorable victory in 1990 and went on to win the all-Ireland title. Remember Mark Foley’s 2 – 7 at Thurles? In the current campaign I think it’s the scenic route for Cork. Tipp to win by 7 points. I’m looking forward to the day, the rolls and flask in tow as I walk through the square in Thurles awash now with colour and of course the banter. Thurles is my favourite venue; the atmosphere is very rarely reflected at any of the other stadia. Half way through May and already four clubs out of the senior football championship. Gone are county finalists of 2007 Ilen Rovers, Mallow, Skibereen and either Ballincollig or Carbery Rangers. One of the five will be playing intermediate football next year; a summer of meaningless league football. Yes, all clubs were in a comfort zone previously, now they have to work hard to avoid the drop. Providing games for all clubs on a regular basis brings about a catch 22 situation because of so much intercounty activity. It’s a sad situation when you think of teams training in the muck of winter and spring only to find themselves idle in mid-summer. There surely has to be a rethink if the organization is to hold the interest of these young men. This is a big challenge for the G.A.A. and one that urgently needs to be addressed.

What would I suggest? Perhaps four groups of four with the top two going forward to the quarter final. Maybe relegation should then be fought out between the teams that finish last in each group. Senior Hurling Sarsfields safely over the first hurdle are quoted at 3/1. Newtownshandrum who had a good win over Glen Rovers are joint second favourites with Érin’s Own at 7/2. Blackrock and Midleton are quoted at 25/1, The Barr’s, Cloyne and Bishopstown 12/1, The Glen are at 7/1 and Na Piarsaigh 8/1. Intermediate Hurling Ballymartle are once again the bookie’s favourite at 9/4, Watergrasshill are quoted at 9/2 and Ballyhea are joint second favourites with Douglas at 7/2. Over the past few years there have been rumours of discontent coming out of the North Cork camp and their results reflected as much. In 2009 they have been impressive against Coursey Rovers and Ballymartle. Watch this space. More next week, Pat.

Lee Rowing Club This week for Lee Rowing Club was one of those weeks that make all the hard winter training worth it. On Wedensday the Prizes for the Cork Sculling Ladder, organised by Pat Hickey, and sponsored by St. John's College  were awarded. Richard Looney of Lee R.C. won the the Men's Junior 16 title and David Collins (Lee R.C.) won the Men's Junior 14 title. The overall winners  were Mark Callanan of UCC  in  the Men's Open and Orla McGrath of Cork Boat Club in the Women's Open. On Saturday, Lee travelled to Bantry Regatta where they won races in six different catagories making them club of the day. The winners were as follows: Men's Novice Scull John Coughlan, Men's Junior 15 and 16 Quad Kevin Synnott (stroke), David Collins (3) and Ciaran Looney (2), with Eddie Beechinor and Brian Twomey-Thompson rowing bow in their respective races.

Passage GAA Juvenile Passage Fe 11 hurlers played away to Nemo last Wednesday evening and after a fine game of hurling lost by two points. Two great points by Ronan Harrington and two goals by Jeff Hayden were the match highlights for Passage. Best for Passage were Cian O’Mahony, Sam Snow and Corey Delea. Next match Wednesday V Carrigaline home 6pm.The fe 12 Team continued their rich vein of football form against Fermoy in Manning Park last Saturday in beautiful Sunshine   winning playing some great Football,Best for Passage were David Lydon, Eoghan Walshe, Kealon O’Flynn and Tony McCarthy. Final scoreline Passage 1-08 Fermoy 1-04. The AIB sponsored fe8 hurling Blitz organised by County Juvenile coordinator Kevin O’Callaghan is starting in Passage next Friday 29th night at 6-15pm with the group comprising of  Passage, Cobh, St Vincents and Mayfield. The teams of 9 aside will play 20 minute matches against each other and will then travel to each venue over the next  month. The fe 9s and fe 8s train on Wednesdays and Fridays at 6pm New players Welcome. Passage GAA send our sincere condolences to the Jordan ( Reilly) family on their recent loss. Lotto results  May 21st Eur 600 No Winners 3 X Eur 20 1-Ralph Healy 2-Tom Harrington 3-Laura McCarthy.  The Men's Junior 16 Double was won by Kevin Synnott and David Collins. The Men's Junior 15 Single Scull was won by several lengths by Eddie Beechinor and Sam Butler came from behind to win the Men's Junior 14 race with style. The next big event is Carlow Regatta, which is being held over two days on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st of May as they celebrate 150 years of rowing.

ApexClinic Dr. Declan Cronin

Psychotherapy-Counselling-Hypnotherapy Grange Mews, Grange Erin, Douglas, Cork. Assistance with: Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Confidence, Fears, Phobia, Stress, IBS, OCD, Eating Disorders, etc. ALSO / Stop Smoking Programme.

Tell: 021 4892510 Email: 32 - Thur 28 May '09

• Richard Looney (Lee R.C.) and David Collins (Lee R.C.) being presented with their award by Mr. Ger Looney Principal of St. John’s College .

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• Finbarr O’Flaherty and Hugo Drew of New Market with Tim Healy of Kanturk, with their miniature motor bikes which they will drive from Malin to Mizen head to raise money for Chernobyl Childrens Charity, enjoying a test drive, Cork City, yesterday. Pic Clare Keogh/Provision

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• House and Office Furniture Removals • Local & National Removals • Weekly service between: Cork & Dublin Ireland & the UK • Part/load service nationwide

Mob: 087 9580779 Tel: 021 4543976

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087 925 4714




Mob: 087 7747727 Tel: 021 4967680 6/6*

LoCall 1890 876727 giving you peace of mind....

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Thur 28 May '09 - 35

Bill Pay

Get unlimited calls and texts to O2 And unlimited calls to all landlines.

When you join O2 you get all this for just e30 a month. With spend-alerts for total control of your bill.

Nokia 31 20

So say goodbye to your landline and say hello to unlimited calls and texts.

FREE Nokia 6300 or 5310 & FREE Sat Nav when you move to O2 Bill Pay today

F ph ree on e

Call 086 721 RAC 02300 02Sat Nav Navteq software, Offer ends 30/05/09 for customers who port to O2 and avail of the Unlimited O2 to O2 and landline price plan on an 18and month contract. Calls to Irish mobiles and Britain Rep Ireland maps. landlines only. Excludes roaming. Prices correct as at 17/04/09. While stocks last. Subject to Fair use policy. Terms and conditions apply. See

Please bring in this ad to avail of this offer O2 Nokia 3210 - CW Magazine Page Advert.indd 1

Nokia 6300

Nokia 5310

Free Sat Nav RAC 300 and phone (Nokia 6300 or Nokia 5310) are available to customers who port their number to an O2 Pay Monthly, O2 Clear 350 or higher price plan. Minimum 12 month contract. Offer valid while stocks last or until 25th Dec 08.

16/04/2009 11:29:29

1-2 Patrick Quay, Cork 086 721 02 02 or call into the O2 Centre, Daunt Sq, Cork

The Douglas Post | 28.05.09 | #522  

"Keeping You In Touch"

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