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Personifying fragmented refinement, Daria Werbowy fronts Celine’s Fall13 Collection campaign for the second consecutive season. Shot by the globally renowned fashion photographer Juergen Teller, compliment the clean, minimalist aesthetic of the brand amongst his achromatic style. With a sharp, decisive layout, the campaigns fluent format uses inspirational photography that inspired the idea behind the collection, directing everything to the customer in an informative criterion. Injecting purified pasted throughout the array of images, The Parisian brand collate a more raucous and warmer look, due to past criticism of the brands bleak ambience. ‘Minimal, stark and wearable clothes have provoked the minimal designs flooding the British high-street as a by-product’ – Imogen fox, The Guardian

Defeying advertising regulations, controversial retailer American Apparel has yet to comply with corporate guidelines. With suggestive themes fluent with campaigns, the overtly sexualize images associated with brand are inordinately suggestive. The image steers the direction of both the text and the message as a brand to a more derogatory term. The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) carried out an investigating following reports of sexual exploitation within the brands raw and voyeuristic promotional concepts, The clothing retail described the images as ‘authentic, honest and memorable’. ‘We considered there was a voyeuristic quality to the images, which served to heighten the impression that the women were vulnerable and in sexually provocative poses. For the reasons given, we considered the ads were likely to cause serious offence to visitors to American Apparel's website. We concluded that they breached the code.’ – ASA

Drawing on the classical gender sterotyping, inspired by French cinema, this stimulating and visually captivating brand, embracing provocation with the use of humorous captions. With the birth of a new metrosexual male within society, French Connections latest campaign aim to channel gender stereotypes. Addressing the new fashion conscious male through humour, acts as a stimulant that inherits to the brands integrity and aesthetics. Using simple linguistic and semiotics, the campaign almost mocks, the idea of gender in an act to impersonate a historical cave man. ‘It's playful and unexpected, but people respond to that kind of communication.’ -Lorna Hall, WGSN. The brands witty yet sophisticatedly clinical approach to the campaign, involves social media interaction, influencing the new tech savvy society in the form of social networking. Reaching out to their social commerce though the use of an interactive Youtube, Facebook page allowing the user to purchase products. "We need to be ready for Generation Z. These people were born with a BlackBerry in their hands – even email is old-fashioned to them. So we need to be in their spaces." "We believe we have created an impactful and intelligent campaign which we hope will encourage talk-ability amongst our loyal customers and fashion opinion formers worldwide. The campaign creative enables us to speak to customers in a clever and effective way, whilst reaffirming our premium status on the high street". Stephen Marks, Founder & Chairman of French Connection French Connection

Eccentric, vibrant and subversively feminine. Producing her second collaboration for British footwear brand Dr Marten, the androgyny icon Agyness Deyn front the Japanese inspired collection. Drawing inspiration from the Tokyo Harajuku sub cultural district, Deyn collates a notably British grunge incentive to the campaign. With a stand for ‘creative self-expression’ and ‘free-thinking’ society sees the introduction of a more style independent customer, as more consumers desire the challenge of social convention, proving an intellectual choice for the inspirational heritage brand.

Acknowledged for his unusual choice of campaign models, Marc Jacob’s controversial concepts collide with his minimalists, fragmented aesthetic. Fronting the SS2003, Winona Ryder, who prior to the campaign was convicted of stealing £3,470 worth of Marc Jacobs apparel, liberated the press coverage. Mimicking an adornment of the act of theft, the brand almost applauded the conviction, thriving with the criminal offence. “I asked Winona to do the campaign because I thought she looked so beautiful in all these pictures that we’ve seen recently, regardless of whether they were from the trial.”- Marc Jacobs ‘It would be stupid for me to say I didn't expect any reaction." Jacobs coincided with the iconic Photographer Juergen Teller, his idiosyncratic visual style and use of story powered models has been influential in the formation of very Marc Jacob’s campaign since 1998, creating a stylist format, assembling a trademark brand identity.

The influential European fashion house renowned for their minimalist, dissolved, grungy over-toned stylistic feature reform the direction of branding with musical adornment. Since the introduction of creative director Hedi Slimane back in 2012, the brands collaboration with the music industry has flourished into a signature partnership. Selecting a series of emerging and established artist to feature in the campaigns, Saint Laurent has absorbed the talents of musical magnates such as BB King and Chuck Berry. Recently integrating punk sub culture intertwined within their recent campaigns, Saint Laurent have embraced the likes of up and coming musical talents, in attempt to reach out to the less conventional audience, correlating with their social commerce. ‘Haute Couture meets the mosh pit’ with the idea that the artists style themselves featuring the latest Saint Laurent collection, there adaptation of the garments, allow the customer market to expand in terms of soul identity, making the brand substantially more accessible.

Clinically cohesive the German labels’ use of the abstract realm that is the technological biosphere. Focusing on colour and detail to form the collections, there environmental ethos, embraces the art of recycling with the use of locally sourced fragments. Fixating on a garments utility as much as its integration within a collection is the represented ideology throughout the store. Establishing themselves digitally has lead to development in their flagship retail space. A physical store where people can come in and feel the quality of the products with their own hands is naturally essential to our brand’ . There purely precise web presence is translated to the purchasing experience. Located centrally in one of the most innovatively creative global locations, Munich cultural influences are reflects through it renounced art scene. Previously and old books store, synchronises with the 1950’s architectural features. With bright contrasting open lighting the products are displayed rurally on reused materials, minimising the products. ‘Our signature is to mix up traditional elements from different backgrounds that inspire us. We use selected premium materials and combine function and handpicked details’.

Topshop’s expanding empire amplifies their aberrant reputation, there digital presence continues to dominate all competitors. Topshop’s partnership with Google+ amplified their social aesthetic. With the revelation of the show much anticipated, the Google+ team released a short trailer via there You tube platform, revealing a glimpse at what is in store for the London Fashion Week, Topshop Unique show, including behind-the-scene videos featuring poplar Topshop model- in their bid to reinvent the live runway experience, the future of the fashion. In terms of the retailing perspective, Topshop’s flagship Oxford Street store sported there ‘Be The Model’ photo booth created by Google+, enabling customer to try on their favorite outfits selected from the store, posing for picture to later post on the personal social database forums. Inviting bloggers and fans to join this interactive database through Google’s YouTube platform, Google Hangout. The shows live stream was accessible though Topshop’s website, alongside Google+ and Twitter, creating in house links to fashion blogs. Allowing there brand to develop into advanced market in term of high street and high end, yet still integrate with there original customer, making the brand more accessible. Google’s contemporary concept allowed audience member to microscopic insight into the models perception of the show. By using customer input, Topshop are creating an app database that allows each customer to suggest what they want to bring to retail, allowing them to purchase the garments in store. Through the Topshop Hangout app, the customer gets to influence to buyers decision. ‘Basically, every clip from the runway will be swipable into a wish list, Topshop, on their homepage, will essentially display the things users most want Topshop to actually manufacture—the fashion show shows a bunch of things, but only a subset of those actually get made in six months’ time’ -Cristian Cussen, Google+’s marketing.

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