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Martin Araque, Emilia Hinojosa, Jose Antonio Jijon, Dominique Romero and Sebastian Nu単ez


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Editorial Fishery depletion is caused by the over fishing. Fishermen go daily to the sea to fish different types of fish. When fishermen go to fish they collect a very big amount of fish like for example 10,000 fish per day. This amount of fish only collects one boat in one side of the world; imagine how much fish is fished during the whole year. They fish such a big amount of fish because 950 million people worldwide depend on fish and shellfish for more than one-third of their animal protein. This means that approximately 1 of 5 persons in the world depend on fish for their first source of protein. Because nowadays they go more often to fish because of their obligations and needs fish in the sea are not able to reproduce because they are killed before they can lay their eggs. We are losing a lot of fish; there are not too many fish in the seas/oceans anymore as they were before. People are trying to stop overfishing because if we don’t reduce the amount of fish that fishermen fish every day, one day there will be no more fish in the seas/oceans. Many companies are trying to stop overfishing. On my personal opinion I think that fish companies have to reduce the amount of fish that they buy so in that case fisherman reduce the percentage of how many fishes they need to fish because they will have some left over if people start buying less. Fish is the main source of protein for a lot of people but it will be better if they could reduce the amount of fish that they eat. Maybe people can eat approximately 5 fish per month instead of eating it every day. People can also eat other protein sources instead of only fish; it will give them protein but not too much as fish. Different studies said that on an average, people eat 4 times as much fish now than they did in 1950. In some places in the oceans there are no more fishes because fishermen most of the times go to the same place to fish because they know that they can find them there. It will be better if fishermen could go to fish to other parts so that they could maintain the balance by not killing all the fish that exist in a part of the ocean. Many different species have already been extinct because people always eat the same fish. This global issue is very important as the other ones that they exist. It is because not only we ran out of fish and we lose a big source of protein but we also increase the percentage of unemployment because many people will lose their job. Talking more specifically for the percentage of unemployment will be 90% of the sector jobs. 3


News article This news is about how the industry of fishery is going down. In the Atlantic Ocean there are almost no more cod. In 1600 there was plenty of cod, there was a lot of them, now a day there is no more cod . The government now says that the cod is now in the border of being extinct, and a lot of people will lose their work because of this. An administration voted for the diminution of the 77% of the fishery last year. The administration made a lot of recommendations, and his recommendations were approved by the federation. The persons from the company are very preoccupied. The company said that they will lose a lot of money because of no more cod. They will lose approximately 60 million dollars. The fishers and all the workers will not be good paid and maybe some of them will lose their work, because cod the extinction of the cod. Many fishers were very angry with the result of the fish, “ Frank Mirarchi (a fisher that caught fishes in the deep) said that there is no more fishes and that there probably won’t be any more.



European fishery depletion Europeans started exploiting freshwater fish probably a thousand years ago, according to historical studies that showed depleted fish stocks around the world. Whales lived in waters of New Zealand in the 19th century and a now there has been a lot of population decreasing. According to historical records, in the mid-19th century at the Gulf of Maine there is a huge total of 70,000 tons a year of fish catches. Records from Russian monastery purchases to U.S. indicate that overfishing has been happening in many parts of the world for a long time and that there used to be a lot more fish, also that this fish where bigger and tastier. “We see similar patterns of human impacts on the oceans pretty much everywhere, and in many cases real depletion," said by Andy Rosenberg of the University of New Hampshire, the leader of a project called the “History of Marine Animal Population” (HMAP). The findings, of a 10-year research of Marine Life in 2010, have widened from a few anecdotes about fish abundance in past centuries, he said. He will chair a three-day HMAP "Oceans Past" conference that opens in Vancouver on Tuesday. In Europe, a shift to eating marine fish species from locally caught freshwater fish happened about 1,000 years ago. "The size of freshwater fish caught by Europeans started shrinking in medieval times” likely caused by the increased exploitation and pollution," an HMAP statement said, based on freshwater fish remains dumped in northwest Europe and England.



Use and Effects of technology Use: Technology has been great for us but not really for fish, huge boats, more capacity and enormous amount of fish catches are uses of the technology in fishery depletion. The fishing vessels have been increasing through the years, by amount of them and the amount of fish they recollect. Vessels industries have been created enormous fishing boats that can resist 78,000 tons of fish. There are 1670 boats in UAE with this fishing capacity register in 2011, this boats go fishing almost every day and every boat return with more than 50,000 tons of fish and reducing every day. Effects: This enormous fish catch every day can cause a huge disorder in all animals and humans. First: any marine animal like a shark or a dolphin etc. They eat fish so if there is no fish they will die of hunger. Then the extinction of this marine nature will start like it’s happening right now in the entire world with almost all the species. Second: fish will go to extinction because they will not have the chance to reproduce because this daily massive fish recollect, so they will now have more fish so they will start extinction. Third: 1 of 5 people in the world depends on fish because of its protein etc. People need protein to live and it came from fish so people will start getting sought and people will die.



Statistical Analysis

Fishing is central to the livelihood and food security of 200 million people, especially in the developing world, marine scientists say if the loss of marine species from over fishing and climate change continues at the current rate, all commercial fish and seafood species could collapse by 2048, according to United Nations (UN) agencies. Over-fishing occurs when fish and other marine species are caught at a rate faster than they can reproduce. over 70 per cent of the world’s fish species are either fully exploited or depleted, while oceans are cleared at twice the rate of forests. And in the world there are some people that their only food at day is fish, like people that live in the coast and they don’t have money they eat fish every day. And if someday the fishes extinct probably those people are going to have less food and they have to eat things that they are not use to. And for those people is going to be very difficult to adapt to this life. I think that a good solution for this, is that the enterprises of fishes each time they fish they have to put in the sea baby fishes for they grow and the fishes never extinct. Or they can also have their own lagoon and they can put the fishes there and thy fish from there and they always are putting more and more fishes and when they grow they fish the fishes and never ends and they don’t have to kill sea fishes that a lot of them are in danger of extinction.



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