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Orange Blossom


Honey Bush

Take a sip of our golden Camomile infusion, it’s lusciously delicate and made from only the most fragrant camomile blooms. Now image your backyard dotted with tiny white and yellow flowers, sip the delicate flavours, enjoy the soft aroma and imagine the world calming around you.

Camomile loose leaf tea

A delicious orange flavoured black tea that is refreshing. Our tea leaves are hand picked fresh from our certified organic fields to ensure that your tea is fresh and full of flavour allowing you to indulge in the tea’s wonderful aromatic citrus notes. -

Orange Blossom loose leaf tea

Calm down and unwind with a sip of our beautiful Honey-Bush tea. Fresh organic tea leaves with the delisious hint of Honey will rejuvinate the spirits and calm the soul.

Honey Bush loose leaf tea

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