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The Most Powerful Man In The World



Chapter 3:


Serious DAD Silly DAD


We Must Keep


Chapter 5:

Fight for Their Hearts


Chapter 6:

The 8 x 18 Factor


A Few Family Favorites


A Random List of Really Crappy Things





The Most Powerful Man In The World

heat and humidity added to the intensity. Around me a col-


and grinding at the edge of a city.


the Mississippi. There were three of us Americans and two local guides on


Chris Royce

on the bow and slowly lowered the ring around the snout of the caiman. The guy behind him would pull the cable for nose. Hopefully. If the gator lunged forward and the cable

possible for me to lower the noose.

admit it.) and turned around to see the two locals and my two buddies with their mouths wide open.


The Most Powerful Man In The World


quite profound. “True genius resides in simplicity.� -Albert Einstein -

or daughter.

the ball as DADS. There is nothing worse than a dead beat DAD. The American family has been under assault for de-

desperately needed!


Chris Royce You’ve Been Blessed! many couples around the world that would give anything to

under the age of 18.

thers who become fathers through in vitro start with an ad-

beyond measure. The special journey these parents travel -



The Most Powerful Man In The World -

I have a deep sense of awe and wonder that I had some-

earth. Wow! I am also aware that I am responsible for the

had and the coping mechanisms to deal with the challenges -


gets a bit twisted.


Chris Royce The Dream


and Tony.

of being a world class DAD?

It is found in the joy of watching your child sleep.

you. pillow. son starts crying right out of the blue. Then he tells you 18

The Most Powerful Man In The World have the best DAD in the world.

you did. and have a family of their own.

you how important you are.


Chris Royce In between chapters I have included original notes and cards that I have received from my two children over the

man in the world. Enjoy!


The Most Powerful Man In The World

“That’s the way we do it in New York!”

“Jorge and his high tech searchlight on the hunt.”


Chris Royce


The Most Powerful Man In The World  

Table of Contents and Introduction

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