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5 Most Common Dental Issues

Bad Breath Bad breath which is called halitosis is mainly caused because of the bacteria on the tongue. Dry mouth is another cause for this which happens when you sleep. Foods like garlic and onions also cause halitosis.

Gum Disease Improper oral hygiene, smoking and genetic proneness are the main reasons for gum diseases. The symptoms of gum disease are not seen till a person reaches 30 or 40 years but teenagers often complain about gingivitis which is a milder form of gum disease.

Tooth Sensitivity Exposed root surfaces is the main cause of tooth sensitivity. The tooth root can become exposed If the gums recede even a little making air and fluids stimulate the nerve in the tooth centre. Cracked teeth, heat, cold and sensitivity to acidity can also be other reasons.

Yellow Teeth Consuming food and beverages like red wine and coffee can cause yellow teeth. Sometimes a yellow teeth comes naturally.

Cavities Sugar and starch which settle on the teeth are feasted on by bacteria and release acids. This acid results in the washing of tooth enamel. The bacteria then settles between the teeth and create cavities which can only be treated by a dentist.

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5 Most Common Dental Issues