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Delegates arriving at the presidency meeting traditionally receive a small gift ... Polish Presidency put on young, Polish designers, minimalism, traditional materials, modernity referring to the tradition and nature.

The winner designs are: • Whirligigs(Monika Wilczyńska) • Briefcases(Ania Kuczyńska) • •

Milka and honey(Beza Projekt) Cufflinks with striped flint(Dorota Kempko)

Art for Social Change: 1000 art projects, 170 partner organizations, 60 recurring events, 184 days of culture • specialprojects in the cities: Krasnogruda, Warszawa, Sopot, Białystok, Katowice, Wrocław, Lublin, Kraków, Poznań • European Culture Congress September 8-11, Wroclaw • grass root cultural initiatives and the Eastern Partnership • discussion, workshops, design, music, theater

I,Culture:400 projects, 10 capitals, 10 time zones, 100 days • Projects in: Brussels, Berlin, Kiev, London, Minsk, Moscow, Paris, Beijing, Tokio • Pillars of the program: Karol Szymanowski, Czestaw Miłosz, Stanisław Lem, Beats of Freedom, I, Culture Puzzle. Modern craft workshop andI, Culture Orchestra. • Polish projects, prepared by the Adam Mickiewicz Institute with co-operation with Polish and foreign partners, will be shown in the best galleries, scenes, clubs and festivals: Bozar, La Monnaie in Brussels , National Theater, Whitechapel Galery, London Jazz Festival w Londynie, Martin Gropius Bau w Berlinie, Teatro Real in Madrid. • Numerous cultural projects of Polish Institutes in 22 European and the USA cities and several hundred projects on public and cultural diplomacy pursued by more than 100 diplomatic missions of Poland on all continents.

Modern, original and very functional guidebook to Poland It helps foreigners, in attractive, lightweight way, understand Poland and Poles, to discover the most interesting places recommended by public figures and entertainers. On 208 pages it presents a consistent, transparent and up to date overview of the main categories of economic, social and cultural life of Poland (8 chapters). It draws attention to these places, people and events that support the image of Poland as a country with rich traditions, and at the same time creative, modern and dynamic. website

The publication is available on the Presidency

The Polish presidency is a great opportunity to promote Polish cuisine. One of the most respected Polish chefs, Adam Chrząstowski, supervises the creation of delicious menu with Polish food, based on native products, for high-level meetings in Poland and Brussels. Foreign delegations and journalists visiting Poland during the presidency will also receive a package of Polish cuisine recipes, arranged by 16 chefs in modern style, including three foreigners, who work in the best Polish restaurants. The starting point of any recipe is the product generally connoted to the Polish cuisine (such as herring, cucumber, buckwheat, poppy, wild game). Each recipe is preceded by understandable description of the product, including its cultural context. Modern illustrations make the publication more attractive. The publication is available onthe Presidency website


Delegates arriving at the presidency meeting traditionally receive a small gift ... Polish Presidency put on young, Polish designers, minima...