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cover photo by Jean Baptiste Mondino,

Kryz is wearing: Black Polo (WAGW), Gray Vest (WAGW), Animal Print Top (WAGW), Gray Frou frou skirt (WAGW), Oxford Heels (SUMMERSAULT), Gold Watch (ROLEX) PHOTO by Edric Chen STYLING by Kryz Uy

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Sometimes when she shops in the mall, people stop her and ask her to take a picture with them. Although it seems a bit weird to her, Kryz Uy has become one of the best-known figures in fashion community. by Dominika Lacikova


rystle Gail Uy belongs to a new generation of celebrities. Blogging under the name Thirsty Thought, the young in-demand stylist and model sets the tone for Philippine fashion. When I ask about the origin of her nickname, Kryz chuckles. “It is very random. I guess it means I’m a curious girl who has to have her say in everything,” she explains and laughs again, “Actually, it’s quite meaningless.” Kryz was born in Cebu City – an economic metropolis of the Southern Philippines. She has been surrounded by fashion since her early years because she grew up in a family involved in the fashion industry: “We used to have a department store when I was a kid, so my mom and sisters were always in the most stylish clothes of the season. I guess it really influenced the way I saw fashion at a very young age.” Therefore, it comes as a bit of a surprise that as a child, Kryz’s dream was getting a job away from the glamorous world of catwalks and fashion shows. The Philippine fashionista admits: “I wanted to be a teacher or a doctor. I never thought I’d get into fashion.” Now she is 20 and one of her many jobs is the position as What a Girl Wants Merchandising Manager. WAGW is a chain of nationwide boutiques owned by Kryz’s sister. She recalls what the launching of their new brand was like: “We were just a small kiosk in the mall. Slowly we’ve been able to grow and expand to four stores now nationwide and we’re opening our fifth branch next year.”

After the success of WAGW, Kryz is working hard on launching her own brand and is starting design school this January. When discussing her future plans she says: “I want to make a name for myself in fashion. Somehow. I want to be BIG!” Not that Kryz is slacking off. Flying back and forth between her native city and the Philippines capital, Manila, she works as an occasional model and freelance stylist. Kryz also writes for the country’s leading newspaper, Philippine Daily Inquirer, and for fashion magazines such as Zee Lifestyle or Look Magazine. Her most recent project is collaboration with one of the leading denim manufacturers. The promising stylist was asked to take part in the Levi’s ID Curve campaign: “Levi’s wanted me to promote their new line of jeans, so I had a blog contest and gave away two tickets to their fashion show at Philippine fashion week everyday for a week.” Although it seems almost humanly impossible for one person to manage this all, Kryz is not complaining: “I’m used to juggling a lot of things on my plate,” she explains, “I was a performing artist and a student at the same time; that meant having to balance my time }

“I wanted to be a teacher or a doctor. I never thought I’d get into fashion”

December 2010





INTERVIEW Kryz is wearing: 3 in 1 sweater jacket (WAGW for her Man), Black Studded pumps (Michael Antonio) PHOTO by Lea Ann STYLING by Kryz Uy

| between long rehearsal hours, school, and my

career. I like being busy so I don’t really mind.” Between all of her career activities Kryz devotes her precious spare time to contemporary dance and ballet. The successful stylist believes that there is a connection between the dance and fashion:“It’s all a form of self expression. When I dance, I let my emotions move me and try to convey what I feel through movement. When I dress up, it’s the same way. I let my personality shine through.” Apart from dance, the style of the young Filipina was greatly influenced by the study in Paris. “I felt as though I fell more in love with my own personal style,” she reminisces about her stay in the European fashion capital. “I was able to take influence from the city and refine my look into a more mature and streamlined one from a very rugged and preppy young school look.” Her style is also influenced by ‘random things and street style blogs from all over the world’, so I asked Kryz about her opinion on British fashion. “I think British fashion shows a very strong perspective. It’s very distinctive and very trendy,” she says and then goes on exploring

“Don’t be afraid to dress how you want to dress.”



December 2010

the difference between the European and Asian fashion. “I’m not an expert, but I think Asian style is more wholesome and cutesy than European style. Asian style is beginning to change and adapt to foreign fashion though.” But despite all differences in world fashion, there are three things Kryz considers fashion essentials. As she puts it, ‘diamonds, perfect nude pumps, and a perfect fitting black dress’ should be in every woman’s wardrobe. Well, I’m not so sure about the diamonds, but I definitely agree about the shoes. They are a weakness of almost every woman and Kryz is not an exception. “I can’t get enough of them,” she confesses. And then she shares her professional advice to every woman who wants to look attractive. It is simple: “Don’t be afraid to dress how you want to dress.” Kryz is doing her best for her career. Her boyfriend,Mike, whom she knows from high school, understands it. “He’s very supportive and encouraging,” she says. After all talking about her job, my question about whether her career is more important to her than love seems to surprise her. But she answers without hesitation: “I must say it’s love. Because life is meaningless without it, right?”< You can visit Kryz’s blog at:

Kryz is wearing: Beige Cardigan (WAGW), Brown distressed dress (WAGW), PHOTO by Edric Chen STYLING by Kryz Uy


interview with Kryz Uy