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” o d f o t r a e h “T Joyeria




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Discover the Andean world from a mate burilado. Descubre el mundo andino desde un mate burilado.

Done by Teodolinda Craftsman Hecho por Teodolinda Artesana

Teodolinda gourds produced more 25 years in the district Conchas - JunĂ­n, where it now houses the best engraved gourd artisans throughout Peru. This small town is known for being a great workshop mates. Essential destination for tourists who love folklore and appreciate close its manifestations. Here you can scroll through the various houses of the artisans, talk with them, observe their art and buy at a good price, this traditional way of representing everyday life. And is that different representations engraved with the burin in gourds or mates are scenes of peasant life, activities, parties, nature and everything that surrounds and influences.


Discover the Andean world from a tissue make Telar. Descubre el mundo andino desde un tejido hecho a Telar

Hualhuas and San Pedro de JunĂ­n boxes are districts, considered the cradle of textile Mantaro Valley, because their master craftsmen skillfully alpaca, vicuna, llama and sheep. Uricino Oscanoa takes more than 43 years making wonderful art work hands, his legacy is carried Ricardo Oscanoa his son they are boxes of San Pedro, where the handloom fabrics of fine animal hair, cotton and other fibers are natural.

Done by Urcino Craftsman Hecho por Urcino Artesana