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make everyday healthier!

A campaign by Bryan Miguel & Dominic Mertens-Pellitteri! Â ! !

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Creative Brief! ! Client: ! Huntʼs Tomato Ketchup!  ! Who are we: ! Brand that produces ketchup and other preserved tomato products owned by ConAgra Foods, Inc. Huntʼs was founded in 1888 in California as a small canning company. Currently the number two ketchup brand after Heinz in the US, holding only about 16 percent of the market share compared to Heinzʼs 60 percent. !  ! What do we want to accomplish:! Main objective is to enhance the Huntʼs brand reputation in the minds of consumers in an effort to establish brand loyalty and gain market share. !  ! Who are we talking to:! Our primary target audience is mothers, women ages 30-50 with children ages 2-18. !  ! What do they think now: ! For most in our target audience, Heinz currently holds a place in their mind as the only ketchup brand. While ketchup might be a generic product, Heinz has developed such a strong association with the product that many consider it to be the only brand when making a purchase.!  ! What do we want them to think: ! We want to instill a brand image in their minds, so when they walk into a grocery store for ketchup they think: Huntʼs. At the very least, we want them to recognize that Huntʼs is another option and take a second to consider the difference between the different brands.!  ! Why they should they think this:! Huntʼs Brand Ketchup is made from 100 percent natural ingredients with no preservatives, no artificial flavors, and no high fructose corn syrup. Huntʼs will be presented in a way that makes our target consumers aware of the differences between Huntʼs and Heinz brand ketchups and creates a feeling of connection with the Huntʼs brand. !  ! What is our message:! Huntʼs is the healthier choice for your family. !  ! Tagline: ! Make Everyday Healthier!  ! !


Target Consumer Profile!

                                      ! Meet Kathy Dawson, a 31-year-old mother of three boys. Her boys are a handful, running each son from football to piano lessons to their friendʼs during her hours off from her job as an architect. Thankfully her equally stressed husband manages to get home from work early enough to share the hassles of raising a family. Juggling life can be a headache, but itʼs all worth it for those moments when all ends meet.!  ! Her overactive life is stretched from family to work to managing her social life. Thankfully Facebook has made life easy enough to keep up with friends without having to feel bad for missing lunch dates with the girlfriends. To her, itʼs all about the little conveniences. Catching a break can be as simple as the neighborsʼ turn to picking up the kids from practice and still as satisfying as winning a scratch-off lottery ticket.!  ! But Kathy knows not to rely on these conveniences, because being accustomed to luck really slows her down. Itʼs a fast pace world, sitting to catch a breath for longer than a minute can mean a loss in rhythm. !  ! To never drop a beat, Kathy does what she feels is right. A breakfast is never skipped, sleep is appreciated, and she never carries the stresses from event to event around with her everywhere she goes. She might not be able to find time to take a workout class or run every morning, but she can say she consistently walks over 5 miles throughout her day.!          


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10 [guerrilla]!

[television] 11!

The web/social media aspect will feature a new component to the current Huntʼs website. The new feature will be a “Share Your Healthy Choices” section where users can log in using their Facebook information and enter a short comment about on simple change they made to get healthier. The comment will then post to the live wall on the website, as well as the Huntʼs Facebook page. The idea behind this promotion is that it gets user thinking about how it only takes small changes to get healthier and allows them to share and trade ideas for doing so. !

12 [web]!

The mobile aspect of the campaign will feature a mobile-optimized version of the Huntʼs website which will include the “Share Your Healthy Choices” feature. The mobile site will also include a Calories Burnt Calculator which will allow users to calculate the number of calories they could potentially burn by doing any of a number of given activities. The Calories Burnt Calculator will stand to show users how something as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator can make a big difference in their quest for healthiness, and in a quantifiable way. Both of these features will be easily accessed even in the busy life of the target consumer: the working mom. !

[mobile] 13!

The direct mail aspect of the campaign will be specially created, postcard-sized envelope. The outside of the envelope will feature a QR Code for the Hunt始s mobile optimized site, and a message encouraging recipients to visit the site on their smart phones. The envelope will contain a free red pedometer. The pedometer is a simple item to symbolize the simplicity of getting healthy, ties in with the overall theme of the campaign. !

14 [direct mail] !

Make Everyday Healthier  

A campaign for Hunt's Tomato Ketchup created for a class project.

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