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ConceptKicks x Mesh01 'Time Travel' Design Challange Brief: Design a shoe for the character Donnie Darko. Consider his sleep walking tendencies and that his bike is his primary means of conveyance. Using materials and construction methods available at the time of the story, design a shoe to help Donnie on his journey.

The elastic strap on the shoe serves as an easy and fast way to lock down the laces after tying them. Keeping the laces flat against the shoe makes sure that they do not get snagged in the bike gears and chain. The user will simpley pull the band away from the shoe, slip the tied laces under the band, and release it back into place, keeping the laces snuggly pressed against the foot.

Pensole Academy Future of Footwear 2012 Brief: Design a performance skateboarding shoe that is supportive, comfortable and durable. Be innovative with the design as well as the technology.

To extend the life of the shoe, durability in high wear regions was a focus of the design. The toe box is reenforced with a silicon backing. The laces are hidden behind a layer of leather. All seams are double stitched. The mesh used is Cordura ballistic textile, to allow for abrasion resistance as well as breathability. The sidewall is molded to be thicker in the forefoot to add to its life. The larger strap and midtop heigt in the heel region allow for ankle stability and protection.

The medial side of the shoe boasts a lowtop silhouette to allow for a greater range of motion while skating. The middle panel is attached to the strobel directly beneath the arch, this strap is not attached to the rest of the side of the shoe. This strap offers adjustable arch support, depending on how tight or loose the shoe is laced.

Brief: Design a performance basketball shoe for LiNing athlete, Dwayne Wade. Create a unique design that sets him apart from everyone else on the court. Using high quality materials, create a classic look that will perform at an elite level.

Brief: Create a performance golf shoe for Nike athlete Rory McIlroy. Durability and comfort are of the utmost importance. Incorporate Nike technology to give the athlete an edge on the course. Shoe must combine top tier performance with elegant design. The model must have a bold design that is recognizable from a distance and references classic golf footwear.

Creasing and pinching in the forefoot not only cause discomfort, it also causes that region to wear out and look less than attractive.

To avoid this issue, the forefoot/tongue section and the midfoot/heel section are connected directly to the strobel, but they are not attached to one another. This allows the shoe to flex with minimzed creasing.

Nylon tongue centering loop features the RM logo as well as the Nike Swoosh branding. The red color stays consistent on all colorways.

pantone 185

pantone 423

Molded plastic eyelet, implies 'M' shape. Mirrors shape of laser cut windows on side panel. Matte finish on plastic.

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