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Art Portfolio Dominic Co International Student

HKU Application NO: : 13564 9

Running Through The Jungle 03/11/2011 Painting Medium: Acrylic Size: 560 mm x 450 mm (length x width) Description: Inspired by the art style of Henri Rousseau, particularly his painting “The Dream”, this painting depicts a woman running through the jungle, followed by animals. There is balance and symmetry in the painting portrayed by the “triad” (moon, lady and boar) and the two overarching trees at both sides of the painting. Reletively dark colors were used to reflect the mystery of the jungle; this painting is a reflection one of my dreams. This was my first ever painting

To the right:

Self-Portrait 1 01/14/2012 Painting Medium: Acrylic Size: 365 mm x 289 mm (length x width) Description: Pointilism was used for the face. It is abstract portrayal of myself when i had shaved my head. I used vibrant colors which represent my colorful personality. To the left:

Self-Portrait 2 01/10/2012 Painting Medium: Acrylic Size: 365 mm x 289 mm (length x width) Description: Pointilism was used. It is a abstract portrayal of myself when i had shaved my head.


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Experiment on flat surfaces creating space. Sculpture Medium: Iron Scrap Size: 1- 480 mm x 110 mm x 180 mm, 2- 430 mm x 430 mm x 350 mm, 3- 430 mm x 370 mm x 350 mm Description: Flat scrap metal was folded into a 3d sculpture into interesting shapes.

Light Fish 12/20/2011 Light Fixture Medium: Parchment Paper Size: 1125 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm (length x width x height) Description: Created from the orgami “Majic Ball� fold, this light fixture is shaped as a typical fish. The use of parchment paper allows light spread softly giving a warm glow.

Shoe Made out of Birch Tree Bark 08/13/2012 Shoes Medium: Birch Tree Bark Size: US 11 Description: This shoe is made from the soft, spongey, but beautiful bark of the birch tree. I researched online on how to make shoes. I was inspired to make something functional like this shoe out of wood scrap.

Rainbow Face 05/28/2012 Vector Art Medium: Computer Graphics Size: Rectangle, Any Size Description: A play with colorful gradiants to create form. I was inspired by Ay-O’s rainbow paintings.

Untitled. 05/20/2012 Medium: Vector Art Size: Square-shaped, Any size Description: Seen in this vector art are bunny humanoids guarding a portal, leading to another portal and so on. It is a piece inspired on my fantasies of space and other world. The use of gradiants to create form gives form to the humanoids in the picture.

To the right: Window 10/01/2012 Painting Medium: Watercolor Airbrush Size: 285 mm x 285 mm (length x width) Description: Unfortunately, i did not have access to an airbrush. Thus, I used Corel Painter to paint. I wanted to deconstruct a window into a simple shape, with the sun and its light (colored blue) forming the straight edges. To the left: Mountains 10/03/2012 Painting Medium: Watercolor Airbrush Size: 279 mm x 216 mm (length x width) Description: The blank areas portray mountains set against a dark blue sky. I was inspired by Japanese prints which depict smooth gradiants.

Sketchbook Pieces: Life Drawings 07/01/2012 Sketch Medium: Pencil Size: 365 mm x 289 mm (length x width) Description: Sketches of a woman’s body and profile.



Top: Blondie Deserts 12/05/2012 Logo Design Description: My sister asked me to design a logo for a desert business “Blondie” she is setting up. I created two choices(as seen above) and she chose the yellow polar bear logo. With the polar bear logo, i wanted to combine both a modern hipster theme and a 1960s feel. The polar bear has no relationship to deserts whatsoever beyond the idea of ‘coldness’, but it serves as a great conversation topic. On the other hand, I was going for more of a modern cosmopolitan feel. vI got a photo of a polar bear off the internet and traced it. Bottom: NaviCat 02/18/2012 Logo Design Description: This logo was made for the new boat model of AustralAsia Marine Coropration. I wanted to keep it simple, with only a line conveying wave motion.

Food Trailer Collaboration between Henry Co(my dad) and I 02/24/2013 Description:My dad helped me designed and built a food trailer for my sister’s business venture into the food trailer business. The shell of the trailer is made of bre glass, with a wooden frame. The whole structure is held up by a chassis. The construction of the trailer is almost complete; nishes are left. I was inspired by the eliptical shape of a chicken egg.

Designing the Trailer 2012-2013 Description: I learned how to use Rhinocerous 3d and worked with my dad in drafting designs for the trailer. On this page are some of the layouting we did. To the left of this page depicts the dimensions of the front of the trailer and its chassis. To the right is a computer model of the trailer and the compartmentalization of the kitchen. It took us a year to understand and draft designs, but it was worth it because I learned so much about the whole design and construction process behind trailers and learned how to use 3d modelling software.

Art Portfolio  

By Dominic Co

Art Portfolio  

By Dominic Co