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135th Year, No. 16



49% 48%


Rep. 57

Greg Smith

77% 22% Jean Falbo

Too close to call WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2010


75 cents

Kitzhaber chips away at slim Dudley lead

fice after the two straight terms allowed by Oregon law, has described Oregon's budget situation as heading for a cliff. Twice this year, as state finances deteriorated, he's called for across-the-board budget cuts that have resulted in teacher layoffs and a prison closing. He and a board of advisers have said sterner measures will be required next year. Neither candidate has been willing to thoroughly describe what sort of changes Oregonians could expect and how wrenching they would be. Dudley's campaign centered on cutting business taxes. He said investors lack confidence in Oregon because of business tax increases the voters approved in January, and that lack of confidence has contributed to the state's weak recovery from the Great Recession. Kitzhaber's campaign focused on "systems changes," for example, redesigning the state's education system under one governing body from preschool through postgraduate, and setting the state on a 10-year budget cycle. Dudley argued that Kitzhaber had his chance in the 1990s as governor, and it didn't turn out well: The state economy went into a tailspin at the end of his tenure, and Kitzhaber described Oregon as "ungovernable" because of excessive partisanship and the lack of flexibility imposed by initiated measures. Kitzhaber said his tenure was marked by boom times in Oregon, thanks to the growth of the high-tech Silicon Forest. He said he would be ready from "Day One," while Dudley, never in public office, would suffer because of his inexperience.

By NIGEL DUARA and TIM FOUGHT The Associated Press

PORTLAND — Democrat John Kitzhaber was whittling down a slim lead by Republican Chris Dudley as the last ballots were being counted statewide in the race for governor. Most of the remaining ballots were in Multnomah County, where Kitzhaber was heavily favored among the large Democratic majority in Portland. With nearly 1.3 million ballots counted, Dudley had just over 49 percent while Kitzhaber had a little over 48 percent of the vote. But roughly one-fourth of the Multnomah County ballots had yet to be counted by 9 a.m. Wednesday, and Kitzhaber was outpacing Dudley by nearly 3-to-1. The former two-term governor Kitzhaber and the political rookie Dudley have spent a combined total of at least $15 million on their campaigns this year. Pacific University political science professor Jim Moore said a sluggish turnout by independents hurt Dudley, because those independents tend to vote Republican. This year's governor's race is one of the closest in recent history, Moore said, and could mirror other state and national elections in which Democrats eked out victories by narrow margins. "The common thread it shows is that Oregon



is an evenly divided state in terms of party identification," Moore said. "The rest of the nation looks at Oregon and says it's blue, blue and bluer, but it's actually pretty equally divided." Democrats hold a 200,000 voter-registration advantage over Republicans in the state, but independent voters make up about 20 percent of the electorate. "A big number of unaffiliated voters are sitting this one out, and that hurts Dudley," Moore said. Whoever wins will face a tough task after the victory celebration — how to make wrenching changes in Oregon's state government and schools. The state faces a budget gap expected to be as much as $3 billion when the Legislature begins writing a new budget next year. Democratic Gov. Ted Kulongoski, leaving of-

Incumbents victorious despite anti-establishment wave

Smith wins

Jenson goes back to House

Rep. 58

Republican says next Legislative session will be tough

Says lawmakers need to reset government By PHIL WRIGHT East Oregonian

Bob Jenson

74% 25% Pete Wells


Republican Bob Jenson has won the Oregon House District 58 race. Unofficial results from Umatilla County Elections Division show Jenson, of Pendleton, has won 11,260 votes to 3,749 for Democratic challenger Pete Wells, also from Pendleton. Jenson’s victory is just shy of 75 percent of the vote. Jenson will go back to the House for an eighth term, and like other lawmakers will face


By PHIL WRIGHT East Oregonian

Staff photo by E.J. Harris

Bill Elfering, chairman for the Umatilla County Republican Central Committee, looks at statewide election results on a laptop Tuesday during an electionnight party in Pendleton.

Republican Rep. Greg Smith has defeated Democrat challenger Jean Falbo in the race for Oregon House District 58. Smith will go back for a seventh term representing people in Wallowa, Union and Morrow counties and rural Umatilla County. Unofficial results from the Oregon Secretary of State show Smith pulled more than 77 percent of the vote, winning 16,182 votes to Falbo’s 4,708. Though the business owner


Ron Wyden

56% 40%

Measure 70

Measure 71

Measure 72

Measure 73

Measure 74

Measure 75

Expands availability of home loans for veterans.

Requires legislature to meet annually.

$50,000 borrowing limit for state projects.

Minimum sentencing for certain sex crimes.

Allows medical marijuana supply system; selling.

Authorizes Multnomah Casino; adds revenue.

Measure 76

Jim Huffman

U.S. Rep

YES: 84 NO: 16

YES: 67 NO: 33

YES: 59 NO: 41

YES: 57 NO: 43

YES: 32 NO: 68

YES: 69 NO: 31

Levee bond floats to big win MILTON-FREEWATER

Greg Walden

75% 25%


Joyce Segers

Ted Wheeler

53% 42%

“That’s only the beginning.” The bond rate is 62 cents for $1,000 property valuaA flood of positive tion. That’s equal to votes passed the tax to about $62 a year for a fix the levee system $100,000 home. along the Walla Walla Anliker credited the River in Milton-Freewater control board, the water. city and city council, the The $2.85 million political action commitbond passed with 80 tee, MF Do the Math, percent of the vote in its and cooperation befavor. tween everyday citizens. Bond to repair Yes votes totaled 1,846 Milton-Freewater “You’ve had an inand made up 80.47 per- levee. credible team effort,” cent, while no votes he said. “That’s what’s totaled only 448, or 19.53 YES: 80 NO: 20 taken place in this compercent. munity.” “That’s impressive,” City Manager Linda said Manford Anliker, chairman of Hall agreed. the Milton-Freewater Water Con“This is a community helping ittrol Board, the entity responsible See LEVEE/3A for upkeep of the levee system.

Measure 30-88


Chris Telfer

YES: 43 NO: 57

Lottery funding for parks, wildlife beyond 2014.

Staff photo by Samantha Tipler

The biggest show of support for the Milton-Freewater bond to fix the Walla Walla River levee system was this boat, which showed up in different places around town. On Wednesday last week it was on the corner of Highway 11 and Northeast Fifth Avenue, near Safeway.


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