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And still, there are threats that loom unseen, not even on our radar screens right now. Any of these could convert itself into the next major ecological disaster in our area. In the national press over the past couple of weeks, there have been articles about major agro-industrial businesses – pineapple and African oil palm – eying the central and southern pacific coast for expansion. Most of you have probably seen the endless rows of palm

plantations between Parrita and the Savegre River. But have you seen the pineapple plantations on the highway between San Isidro and Buenos Aires? These mammoth monoculture plantations are responsible for significant biodiversity and habitat loss (see photos), water and air contamination, and soil erosion. It is hard to imagine now, but we may one day see these “green deserts” right in our own back – and front – yards.

Ironically, perhaps the biggest current unseen threat to the Path of the Tapir corridor is one that has been on the books for many years. It is a suite of electricity infrastructure projects including at least two dams and three separate high-tension power line routes that run next to or right through the Path of the Tapir. Did you know about those? Stay tuned… We’ll fill you in on the details in an upcoming column.

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Dominical Days 25

DD 2010 12 25  
DD 2010 12 25  

Dominical Days 25 Ironically, perhaps the biggest current unseen threat to the Path of the Ta- pir corridor is one that has been on the book...