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Hungary: local + digital, the formula to evolve Prensario shares another edition of its longstanding report about te Hungarian TV, analyzing its major trends: local content and the launch of new digital services give a new shape to one of the most important markets of CEE. The appearance of new players in one of the most fragmented markets in the region - with more than 120 channels-, has forced to both Free and Pay TV channels to redesign their strategy. Local content, own digital services and diversification of the offer including new genres seems to be a good possibility. And the growth of the Hungarian advertising market during the last couple of years seems to accompany this strategies. According to AGB Nielsen, there was a growth on the average daily number of broadcasted spots from 27.232 in Q3 2017 vs. 33.585 in Q3 2018, with 2 more minutes of average daily spot-viewing time per person (28 vs. 30), but olso on advertisement spending, which saw a grew of 7.77% last year. Each media type managed to keep hold of the position it achieved in the previous two years; in fact, they all increased revenues compared to last year. TV ad spending grew less than 1%, most of which came from the market as state ad spending decreased by 2% for the first time in the past two years, explains MRSz’s report. The challenge? re-convert that good moment and build a solid based to keep growing.

The protagonists RTL Hungary, which operates the leading

free TV broadHUNGARY: REVENUES BY PLATFORM EVOLUTION (2017-2024) caster RTL Klub and seven cable channels, is evolving to the next level: due to the very good numbers of its AVOD service RTL Most, it is launching soon RTL Most+, an empowered online platform that includes AVOD plus new premium services. What do the Source: BroadbandTV digital audiences like most? The lions people. The active users (on a monthsame own local prime time TV shows, but at ly basis) are more than 0.5 million, some any time and device. 300.000 video starts are initiated each day Tibor Forizs, director of content acquisiand the average streaming time is 60 mintions: ‘Our strategy is ‘TV’, but not simply utes. About 70% of the registered people are television, in our case it also means ‘To18-49 years old so we can definitely count tal Video’. Instead of launching more linear channels in an extremely fragmentated market, we prefer to bet on digital. RTL Most currently has 2.8 millions of registered users, from a total Hungarian population of 9.8 mil-



RTL Klub moved its hit show Budapest Day and Night to RTL II after six years and turned into the flagship product of the Pay TV channel. While during the spring season, the company launched new shows and saw the return of big series, such us the third season of the comedy Our Little Village WWW.PRENSARIO.TV

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Natpe Budapest 2019  

Special Issue JUNE 2019 - Prensario International

Natpe Budapest 2019  

Special Issue JUNE 2019 - Prensario International