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PopTV: ‘local values have proven to be a recipe for success’

Branko Čakarmiš, programming director

content, authentic story, full of emotions and written based on Slovenian values, have proven to be a recipe for success’, remarks Čakarmiš. Week days are enriched as well with the cooking show MasterChef Slovenia, which is on average reaching a 39% audience share, while weekends this spring have been reserved for a successful threesome of reality show Farmer wants a wife with a 46 % audience share, Home makeover with a 45% audience share and a Sunday and the shiny dance floor show, Strictly Come Dancing, reaching a 47% audience share. ‘The combination of three genres have proven to be a perfect weekend match’, says the executive, and highlights that, ‘once again, we have been convinced that some series truly are timeless. The cult series Friend on our channel BRIO has brought excellent results. While sport keeps its domicile on our Channel Kanal A with Champions League and Moto GP, which has been broadcasted since 2007, reaching excellent ratings’. Regarding the local market, the executive highlights that development of television and digital platforms ‘goes hand in hand’. ‘We cannot speak of one without the other. This is the reason why the viewership of linear television is only in slight decrease in Slovenia, meanwhile we see the growth of SVOD and other platforms of video on demand. However, official measurements regarding these platforms are not yet available’, he says and

Strictly Come Dancing was the top show in Spring, with a share of 47%

Source: AGB Nielsen Media Research

highlights the re-launch of VOYO with new iOS, Android, Android TV applications and a completely new website architecture. ‘We have changed the whole platform in order to simplify the user experience and provide a safe and stable service for existing and future subscribers. New advanced user friendly functionalities are coupled with an enriched library and the content which is available in the span of seven days after being aired on television. This is definitely the future and the path we will be following further’. ‘SVOD definitely remains our focus’, emphasizes, and highlights that, due to changed lifestyles, ‘viewers wish to individually choose when and where they will be watching their favorite shows’. ‘Alongside with the development of new features on these platforms, we will strongly be focusing on the importance of content. Our future strategy for content will reflect distribution via different platforms. The stress will be on domestic full-length series of different genres, with still unoccupied territory being crime series. Kanal A will continue in broadcasting the most prominent sports events. While exclusive VOYO originals will be on a broader scale offering an opportunity for young producers and directors also by connecting with production houses beyond Slovenian borders’. And for this, production is another key fact according to Čakarmiš: ‘A golden age of domestic production means a golden age for good producers that televisions are searching for. We definitely see the development in continuing with the production of our original content, new formats and featured programs. Investing in the education of specialized profiles, such as copywriters, promo producers and others, is as well a part of a strategy that will contribute to keeping our advantage in Slovenia and abroad’, he completes.



Pop TV is the flagship television channel of the commercial multimedia company PRO Plus (Slovenia), leading the local market with a stable 40% all-day audience share. ‘We have been the first to undergo the digitalization of news. Our daily web portal remains the most visited portal in Slovenia and is the winner of the title “Best regional portal”. A step forward is taking an advantage of the golden age of domestic production, which is a key factor in gaining the lead from other programs distributed on a global scale’, explains its programming director Branko Čakarmiš. ‘We are adjusting to the ongoing changes of our viewer’s habits enabling our content to be accessible everywhere at any time. Our SVOD platform, VOYO, with the growing number of subscribers is doing excellent’, he adds. Some of the key titles within this strategy are original TV series River of Love, which has an average audience share of 32%. ‘Original


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