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The Tribals// Prototype Documentation Luis Domingo | Thesis 1 | Fall 2011 | Jun Sassa

Thesis Concept To develop a action adventure narrative inspired by anthropology as well as current ideas or events of this decade. I want to critique the idea of identity in this narrative by utilizing masks. ” Mythology describes the world around you.”

Goal Intent I want to create an adventure story, that is both visually and emotionally engaging. Through my process I hope to better my skill technically and conceptually. I hope for the story to be intriguing and leave you asking questions. I am interested in �inding a subtle solution. My story must involve the use of masks.

The Setting

Current Structure

The setting is in a place where spirits are the dominating species. Humans were able to create villages and civilizations.

Oyo killing a spirit in the beginning, then is seen adding something to his mask. Narration is heard of how this process allows for the taking of strength from these beings

Humans try to kill these spirits, but they have special powers.

He then looks into a map.

Powers that are extraordinary, somewhat unfathomable. Some humans are able to kill these spirits, taking their powers.

The prologue starts and describes the setting of the story. It explains the dominance of spirits, the interaction of humans and spirits, and the seven sages. It talks of the power these beings have and the fear people should have of them. (essentially I need something that signi�ies the main character searching for 1/7 sages to kill)

The way they take these powers are by using these spirits' bones, fur, teeth, blood as materials to create their masks. Some spirits can also be willing to give part of their power to the humans. There lived these 7 spirits, that no one can kill, not even in groups. These powers were extremely coveted and feared. These spirits protected the spirits and protected the land. The main character meets one of them and tries to kill him. Some notes on characters. Oyo// a fool, ambitious, headstrong main character his mask is slightly developed, made of basic wood and carvings. he wants to �ind and kill this sage in his area of this map Maigo// wise, understanding, old drunk, seen with a large gourd/ jug of wine his lair contains a numerous amount of skulls. backstory is that his power is in understanding. He is a sage of that and is able to understand �ighting styles well. The skulls in his cave represents all the other styles he has defeated. He takes interest in oyo because of his fool-hearted nature. Many people have tried to kill him, but no child has. As for the story, I like this structure (still in notes).

The climax and end is when Oyo is confronted by the huge spirit, Maigo. They �ight and Oyo ends up losing being smacked unconscious or maybe dead. credits roll In the end Oyo wakes up to a cave surrounded full of skulls as well as the huge spirit watching over him and sparing his life. Concerns what could help signify/ give clues to some of the backstory is the con�lict enough is the reason for the masks enough and does it make sense

Prototype 1: Random Student Name: Oyo Age:17

Bio: College Freshman Interested in early civilizations. Currently lives in an apartment in a city that resembles our present time. He is not overly muscular or nerdy, but someone who is able to understand many things quick. Oyo is a character that is average, but able to progress with having focus and drive. The story starts in a dark apartment room. A knock on the door is heard and a dark silhouette walks up to a door and opens it. No one is seen to have knocked on the door, so the man closes it. He takes 5 to 10 paces towards his room and starts cringing, coughing up blood and dies.

The scene changes with a boy walking home reading the newspaper of this incident of a man who died of a mysterious death in a building nearby him. Oyo is startled and frightened as gets closer to his home. As he opens the front door to his building he reaches into his pocket for his keys and pulls out some sort of charm. As he enters the building, he hears the wood creak after each step. He hastens his speed, continues to look forward, and quickly gets into his apartment.

He then drops his stuff off around his room cautiously. The room is �illed with many traditional, tribal objects, and as he puts his backpack down he hears a knock on the door. A bit frightened, Oyo decides to carefully open the door. He looks through the peephole, �inds nothing, then decides to open the door and look around in the hallway. With nothing there he decides to close his door and lock it up. As he turns around he sees a spirit in a hooded robe wearing a mask similar to those on his wall. The hooded �igure walks closer towards Oyo. In a frenzy, Oyo decides to toss whatever he can at this hooded �igure making a number of noises. As this is happening, the landlord runs to his door and starts knocking loudly on his door. Oyo looks to his door and back at the hooded �igure only to �ind that he disappeared. Terri�ied, Oyo, opens the door only to see his landlord on the �loor with blood escaping her mouth. Suddenly another black hooded �igure appears in front of him. The hooded �igure unsheaths a sword and swings towards Oyo. Oyo dodges one swing and receives a slice on his torso. As the black �igure is about to deal a �inal swing, the masked spirit comes into his aid and defends him. A battle takes place between the two and Oyo sees the type of powers these two �igures hole. One mainly uses lightning infused attacks whereas the other uses some sort of dark power. Ultimately the �igure with the mask kills the black hooded �igure. While this is all taking place, Oyo is bleeding out of his rib cage and is slowly fading away. In a hurry, the masked �igure takes his powers and tries to shock him back to life in the same effect as a de�ibrillator. The story ends in Oyo’s point of view as he sees the light while being charged with electricity.

Intent: The goal of this narrative was focused in giving the audience wanting more. I was a too focused on giving the audience a slow progression to the climax and not on the devices I chose. Here I was more keen on luring the viewer to an inevitable let down where nothing is answered just yet. It proved to be more confusing than interesting or captivating. The con�lict and resolution here is very premature. Much more needs to be focused on my thesis concept.

Feedback: No focus on the masks, a lot needs to be explained on the reasoning for the narrative. The masks seems like an add on rather than an intricate part to the story. Here it seems that in this story there is no reward at the end. People are just left with a random clif�hanger, still guessing.

Prototype 2: Prince & Spirit

Intent: I wanted to create a short that would give room for further development. This story focused on some sort of overarching con�lict I can think about. In these notes and narrative I came to an early idea of the interaction between human and nature. It is also a bit closer to pertaining to my thesis concept. A big problem was that it was imagined almost to a feature �ilm length and it is de�initely not plausible for one person.

Feedback: Closer in giving meaning towards these masks. Still seems too long for one person to animate themselves. It seems like a 50 minute narrative and needs to be condensed. Overall it is getting close to what I need.

Prototype 3 to 4: Wandering Thief In a cold, foggy night a child is seen bumping into a group of hooded men. The men sneer and push the boy away. As the boy turns the corner the men realize what has happened. They run toward the corner after the child to �ind nothing there. The boy, Oyo, is seen to be hiding on the roof �lipping a gold coin. As he catches the coin he is then seen to be inside of a pawn shop. Oyo goes to the counter of the shopkeeper and throws a large purse of gold coins. Oyo proceeds to point to a speci�ic mask in the shop. As the shopkeeper goes towards the mask he tells the boy of the myth behind that certain object. The shopkeeper tells the boy.

Prologue // Cave like painting, with primitive art.

” There is no way you can return after you leave these walls. You cannot protect yourself from them. Never lose this or they will �ind you.”

Images of simple drawings of humans making weapons to kill each other. Soldiers building a wall is then seen. The wall is incomplete.

During the narration, Oyo is seen running across the roof of buildings inside of this city. As he reaches the edge he is forced to scale a large stone wall. As he reaches the top, he sees an eagle view of the city as well as a grand forest. Oyo �inally sees the wilderness, and �inds some sort of colossal being roam behind a mountain. Guards then spot Oyo and run towards him. In a hurry, he ties a rope to the wall and quickly tries to descend into the forest. The guards reach the end of the rope as Oyo is midway in his escape. The guards immediately cut the rope and Oyo is seen falling with his belongings scattered and his mask within his grasp.


// As for the ending it could end with Oyo unconcious on the �loor as a silhouette of a spirit comes towards him. The spirit is seen having a large body structure with its mask visible. //

A NARRATOR’S voice is heard: it is the old man. NARRATOR Since the beginning of time, Man has had to protect himself from any power against him, whether it be human, beast..or spirit.

In our own city, a great wall was constructed to protect our people from the spirits that roamed in the dark forests beyond. Beyond the wall (still in primitive art on parchment) we see an image of a colossal being. It hovers, menacingly, near the half completed wall. Other images show the being killing soldiers and eating humans. NARRATOR They are brutal, murderous beings, but they will never hurt their own kind. Images are seen of people creating masks that emulate the beings and wearing them. There becomes no difference visually between humans and spirits. NARRATOR But these beings are friends to us no more… Antique Store in Village // Day Oyo, a boy of �ifteen, is seen cleaning the store. Around him are various artifacts, treasures, weapons and masks. An old Man sits on a stool in front of Oyo. The old man is �inishing carving the mask and lays it in a section �illed with other masks. Oyo is fascinated with the mask and put one on. In this is seen imagining himself �ighting against spirits. OLD MAN No boy like you can stand up to them. (he swipes the mask from oyo) Finish your work boy. Oyo continues to clean up the shop and is seen stealing several things from the shopkeeper. In his bag oyo puts in a mask, and two knives. Great Wall // Night Oyo is seen by the great wall with his mask on, knives ready, and a knapsack on his back. He is looking to escape the city once and for all. He walks up many steps to reach the top of the wall. Once he reaches the top, he sees a grand forest and starts his descent. Guards spot him. Forest// Night The soldiers chase Oyo into the forest. He has to escape them somehow. Oyo is able to run and dodge these soldiers for only a short time. One soldier throws a ball and chain at the child as it wraps around the childs legs. Oyo falls to the ground as another guard immediately hits his face with some sort of blunt object. Soldiers approach Oyo, suddenly a crunch is heard, like a tree falling. Standing above Oyo is a spirit: grand and terrible, one which resembles his mask. It engages in a fearsome battle with the soldiers, and they are thrown about like rag dolls. Oyo sees only a part of this through the haze of injury. The �ilm ends with noises of running heard and a large being creeping closer and closer to Oyo.

Intent: In creating this narrative I put a bit too much focus on pushing down the amount of information I can relay. In the second prototype there was too much information and this one almost had too little. A way to push a lot of information together was the incorporation of a prologue. The prologue still needs to explain a bit more in the reasoning for the masks, but slowly it comes closer.

Feedback: Here it was a bit confusing on the reasoning for certain choices in the narrative. More visual cues can be used to convey what I was really saying. The reason for masks wasn’t de�ined completely, but the use of the prologue helps de�ine it. A somewhat good structure, but it just needs more personality.

Thesis Prototype  

Documentation of the prototypes on narrative, character design.

Thesis Prototype  

Documentation of the prototypes on narrative, character design.