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The Finest Brands Of Construction Boots Busy blue collar workers like you require a nice pair of construction boots that can withstand the ruggedness of the workplace. To protect yourself and your feet from punctures, broken bones, or lacerations, falls, slips, and trips, you have to choose the sturdiest and most protective pair of boots out there. But because not all boots are created equal, you might experience a hard time in doing this task. To help you save time, effort and money from wrong purchases, this article has compiled some of the best construction boots in the market today. Visit our website. Super Rain Forest Boots by Danner These days, steel toed boots are not recommended anymore since they have steel inserts that can attract cold, heat, and even electricity. Luckily, there are now nonmetallic substitutes that offer the same durability and toughness of steel toed varieties. This alternative, obviously, is no other than the Super Rain Forest boots by Danner. As for the features, it boasts the following:  Triple

stitched seams

 A Gore

tex lining

 Two-layer

leather toe clad for safety

Helix Boots by Timberland The Helix boots take away all the fatigue of long hours of work on hard surfaces. This pair features a top-notch sole, firm-gripping heel, and an antibacterial lining to keep your feet fresh even during long hours of strenuous work. Not only for men, they are also suitable for ladies looking for the finest construction boots for women. Tacoma Work Boots by KEEN These rugged construction work boots offer a waterproof leather construction, optimal foot protection, and lace closure for a great fit. In addition, it also features a padded collar that makes demanding tasks much easier and a shockproof rubber sole on the exterior that protects the wearer from slips or falls. American Heritage Wedge by Thorogood A classic offering from Thorogood is the hardworking American Heritage work boots. Made with tobacco-colored leather, a rubber outsole, and a comfy cotton lining, these construction boots are designed to provide maximum traction especially for laborers that usually work on uneven or slippery surfaces. Visit for more information about Construction Boots Other articles you will find interesting: · Lineman Boots – The Most Essential Pole Climbing Gear · Mountaineering Boots Purchasing Tips

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The finest brands of construction boots