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Lineman Boots – The Most Essential Pole Climbing Gear Are you new to the energy and communications industry or has recently been assigned as a lineman? Then, among the essential gears you’ll need is a good pair oflineman boots. In most companies, these boots are included in an employee’s uniform package. But there are also those which merely provide allowances and it’s up to you to purchase your own. The following sections will provide a helpful guide when it comes to choosing and shopping for the most ideal boots for your job. Check our website Distinct Features Lineman working boots are shoes that are designed particularly for people who regularly have to climb poles, transmission lines, telephone lines, etc. You might be tempted to use your regular boots or shoes when climbing and working with electrical and telephone lines but they won’t work. And worst, you are just risking your life in a pair of shoes that is not meant to do the job. Lineman working boots are very different. Among its inherent or unique features include the following:  They

are tough and durable. Based on their appearance alone, you can

already tell that they are built to be tough and durable. They are thick, heavy, made out of durable materials, and often have accents or

elements that you couldn’t see on ordinary boots. For example, the Halls lineman boots feature a water-resistant leather material.  Approved

for electrical hazard. This is probably the most important

feature of these boots. Being approved for electrical hazard means that the lineman is safe from any risk of electric shock hitting his feet, or perhaps, damage and injury that could be sustained when this risk happens are greatly minimized. Most of these boots usually have a thick rubber lining which protects the user.  The

soles are sturdy and are not flexible. Compared to ordinary shoes

and boots, the soles whether the outer or inner soles of lineman boots are stiff and are not flexible. They could support even the entire weight of the lineman using them. To make them much stronger,metal plates are also used to reinforce it.  They

are waterproof or water resistant. Water is also a conductor of

electricity so most pairs like the Red Wing lineman boots are waterresistant.  They

have strong grips. Another noticeable feature of these boots is the

larger and more number of outer sole threads that ensure grip when climbing or walking through slippery surfaces.

Popular Brands of Lineman Boots To be assured with the best boot quality, reliability, and functionality, you should prioritize the popular or top brands when choosing. These include:  Wesco

boots. Wesco is one of the largest and most trusted brands for

this category. Just like the kick-ass mountaineering boots, all its boots are high quality and electrical hazard rated, made out of genuine and waterproof leather, reinforced with steel shanks, and ensures maximum support and comfort for users.  Halls

boots. The boots offered by Halls are known for their classic

leather style or design. These boots are also waterproof inside and out.  Carolina

lineman boots. Carolina is another popular brand. These boots

are; electrical hazard rated, waterproof, makes use of the Vibram, Poron, Permafresh technologies, equipped with safety toe caps, and all pairs are extremely comfortable.  Red

Wing boots. When it comes to versatility, Red Wing is the most

favorite. These boots can be used by linemen, loggers, hunters, etc. They are also equipped with the standard safety features mentioned above. Red Wing also provides work safety boots and safety shoes for any job that requires safety and comfort all day every day. Safety is an essential element when working with electricity and extremely high poles. And this could only be achieved by wearing the right pair of lineman working boots. Visit for more information about Lineman Boots.

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Lineman boots – the most essential pole climbing gear  
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