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Deciding For A Mens Trench Coat The origin of the mens trench coat dates back to the early twentieth century when the first world war was at its peak. Since then, the world of trench coats has seen tremendous change. There are numerous different styles and all of them are highly fashionable. Back in time trench coats were identified as sophisticated but today, almost everyone owns a trench coat. There are trench coats for men as well as women to choose from with significant differences. Identifying them will help you make the best choice. Identifying Mens Trench Coat The first coat was a military trench coat worn by the British Royal Army during the First World War. In fact, it was designed specifically to suit this purpose. Thomas Burberry was the creator of the mens military trench coat until the second world war. After that, Burberry created a fashion empire out of it.

Trench coats are long jackets, made out of very durable and water-resistant materials. The most common materials used to make trench coat include heavy cotton, leather, and gabardine. Other features of typical trench coats include being full cut, having buttoned yoke, being belted, and so on.

When to Wear Mens Trench Coat These coats are most suitable for the fall or the spring season. They may also be worn during the rains but most trench coats are not suitable for cold winters. However, if you do wish to wear a nice trench coat in winters, make sure you buy the mens wool trench coat so that you get the required warmth to stay comfortable in the chilly weather. Wool is not commonly used to make trench coats but it is definitely an option that is increasing in popularity. Types of Mens Trench Coat by Length Trench coats are basically of two types: Knee-length and full-length.  Knee-length:

Though worn by both men and women, these are more

popular among women. This is because this length flatters their figure and helps them look stylish in various combinations.  Full-length:

This length is more popular with men. Most women don’t

really prefer full-length trench coats. You can choose coats that reach your ankles or coats that reach the floor.

Trench coats are available in numerous dark colors such as mens tan trench coat and black trench coat. Other colors include charcoal, navy, and camel hair.

Some of you may face a problem while buying because finding the right length of trench coats is often a problem for men. They are too long for shorter men and too short for taller men. However, a little research will definitely enable you to find the right length with ease.

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Deciding for a mens trench coat