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A Guide To Wearing Chunky Necklaces You can now have the power to capture everyone’s attention without spending too much by simply wearing chic chunky necklaces. The wonderful thing about these accessories is that they don’t only come in exciting and wide varieties of styles, colors and materials like beads, glass, hammered metal, shells, gemstones, acrylic and even plastic; but also in very reasonable prices. Check our website. Fashion Tips When Wearing Chunky Necklaces These days, more and more women are wearing chunky necklaces. This is most likely because these stylish statement necklaces can be worn on any season and occasion, whether formal or casual. And because there are tons of beautiful selections on chunky necklaces for women in accessory stores, it is very easy to get overwhelmed or tempted to buy every piece that catches your interest. However, like any other fashion pieces, there are a few things to keep in mind to be able to pull off a chunky necklace look successfully.  A bright-colored

chunky necklace should be worn with a neutral-

colored top. As a general rule, you must keep the color to the minimum so it is not really recommended that you pair big chunky necklaces with colorful blouses or dresses.

 Always

pick an outfit that is both simple and comfortable since you

will be wearing a big necklace that will spruce it up and will complement your overall attire.  Never

wear more than one big necklace at a time. Several pieces are

not necessary. A nicely crafted chunky necklace is enough for you to get everyone’s compliments.  Moderation

is also the key when wearing chunky beaded necklaces.

Pairing one with additional neck accessories like scarves or chokers is actually not a good idea. Do not over accessorize. A single necklace is sufficient for making a grand fashion statement.  If

you are scheduled to go on a formal evening event, make sure to stay

away from big plastic necklaces.  In

most cases, big necklaces do not go well with blouses with narrow

necklines or turtlenecks. That being said, it is best that you wear them with tops with open necklines, whether they are tubes, dresses or shirts. Your chunky necklaces can effectively color up, beautify and add an instantaneous glamour to your outfits once you know how to wear them appropriately. So if you are aiming for a different look for your upcoming social commitment, these bold necklaces are the best way to start. Visit for more information about Guide to Wearning Chunky Necklaces Other articles you will find interesting:

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A guide to wearing chunky necklaces  
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