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that I believe in. I support both emerging and midcareer artists through our gallery’s program and our Salon Series. I represent 15 artists and travel across the country participating in major global art fairs from New York to Los Angeles to Miami. DomiCile: What’s the best thing about owning a gallery here? Jordan: I get to show people whose work I love and admire greatly. DomiCile: Is Baltimore a good city for creating art? Jordan: It is. My artists make phenomenal work here. I create here, not in the sense of putting paint onto canvas but in the way in which I see connections between the artists that I champion. There is an art to good curation. I see that as the art form that I’ve embraced for the last 15 years. (The first show I curated was in 1999). I sense an amazing energy in Baltimore, which is why I have continued to keep the gallery here after all these years. It’s a truly inspiring place filled with visionaries that see the potential in the city. Together we work to make Baltimore the magical place that it is. DomiCile: Do you have any advice for people starting to collect art? Jordan: Buy what you love. Also things that you may not fully comprehend in the beginning or that may shock you. Eventually these pieces and ideas will grow on you in ways you cannot even imagine. DomiCile: How can people find out more about the gallery? To learn more about the gallery, follow them on Twitter @jordiefaye, on Facebook @JordanFayeContemporary, and visit them on the Web at

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DomiCile Fall 2014  
DomiCile Fall 2014  

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