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During the summer of 2011, Jordan Faye Contemporary came to my attention from a colleague who forwarded a video featuring the owner, Jordan Faye Block and the gallery based in Baltimore, Maryland. I was so taken by her passion for fine art that I decided to consider submitting my own artwork for one of her juried exhibitions for emerging artists. Upon visiting the gallery and meeting Jordan, I was instantly charmed by the unique architecture of the space (located in the Federal Hill neighborhood at the time) also her enthusiasm was contagious. We talked a lot about how she got started, the artists that she works with and her particular interest in providing emerging artists an opportunity to show their work. Since then, I have continued to be a fan of the gallery and Jordan’s dedication to providing affordable, accessible contemporary art in a community-friendly venue in the city of Baltimore. Jordan founded the gallery that bears her name as a platform to give emerging artists a wider audience. Established in 2006, the artwork highlights the work of early to mid-career artists as well as providing educational opportunities for emerging artists within the region. Through gallery exhibitions, the Salon Series program, off-site exhibitions and presenting works at international art fairs, Jordan Faye Contemporary exposes a larger community to the engaging and thoughtprovoking work of dozens of artists. Currently the gallery represents fifteen artists, who are now at various stages in their careers. The mission is to show work that is not only of contemporary interest but will be of lasting historical significance. I was happy to reconnect to Jordan Faye for an interview with DomiCile about the gallery and her thoughts about living and working in Baltimore. DomiCile: How long have you lived in the area? Jordan: I came to interview for graduate school at Maryland Institute College of Art, (MICA) in 2003, . That first evening here, my host took me two places: one was on a driving tour up Historic Charles Street from the Inner Harbor to the BMA (Baltimore Museum of Art), and the second was his loft building in Canton. When we arrived the snow was lightly falling and we walked into this adorable square to have the most amazing dinner. It just felt right and that began my love affair with

this city. I’ve stayed ever since (even after receiving my Master’s of Fine Art at MICA). That was 11 years ago and the city still surprises me with all the growth and change I see every day. I’ve lived in the Mount Vernon neighborhood for almost 2 years now. It’s even grown quite a bit since then. I love this neighborhood–it’s filled with great people, major cultural institutions like The Walters Art Museum, Peabody, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, coffeehouses, and great restaurants too. DomiCile: What made you decide to open a gallery? Jordan: A dream I had when I was sixteen was to open a gallery of emerging artists and have a coffee shop in the front of it. Then, as I went through college, I came across some people who challenged what I was doing and others who knew who I was before I even did and so it just kind of happened. I fought to prove that I could be an artist and thrive! So, I founded an art gallery during my undergraduate years, called The Pip Gallery. At the time I was 22. DomiCile: Why choose Baltimore for your gallery – why this neighborhood? Mount Vernon is close to major cultural institutions, i.e. MICA and is walking distance to Station North. We are located in the Bromo Seltzer Arts & Entertainment District and are close to other galleries, so I find that to be a plus. DomiCile: Can you describe the back-story of your business? Jordan: I began my The Pip Gallery in South Baltimore, while getting my MFA, it was next to the Wine Market–which I love. Eight years ago, I branched out on my own and have had four unique venues (one included a former Enoch Pratt Library) across the city. The first location was in a 1300 square foot loft in Clipper Mill across from Woodberry Kitchen (another favorite restaurant of mine). DomiCile: And today? Jordan: I established myself as Jordan Faye Contemporary in 2006. Since then, my mission continues to be growing the careers of the artists


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