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Mercy Earrings What Draws You In? Many women will tell you their outfit feels incomplete without a pair of earrings. With one glimpse at the beautiful, handmade styles from Mercy Earrings, this statement rings even more true. Mercy Chikowore felt the need to “create something with her hands” and started making earrings in March 2013. To test her product, she asked friends and family to provide feedback in exchange for a free pair. Once she knew the fabric and design combinations were in sync, she started selling the earrings at local pop-up shops. Today, she also has an Etsy store that customers can shop online, and is very active on Instagram. What Will You Find? Mercy is from Zimbabwe, so you will see that manifested in the fabric selection for the earrings. With prices ranging from $7-22, you can shop away without feeling a pinch on your wallet. They come in different shapes including circular “button” earrings and rectangular ones, which are playfully referred to as “skyscrapers”. Most of her customers are young women, but she has also found that her small button earrings are a favorite gift for moms. What Keeps You Coming Back? Many new things are in store for Mercy Earrings this season. An exciting line with brand new designs and material is on the horizon. Mercy will also be using her PR/marketing background to launch and promote a new website.


DomiCile Fall 2014  
DomiCile Fall 2014  

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