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Simply Cecily What Draws You In? Cecily Habimana was a fashionista at an early age. As a child, her artist mother taught her how to make a dress and encouraged her creativity. She designed and sold clothing throughout high school and college, and officially launched her website in March 2013. Now, she sells directly to customers at and also works with several local boutiques which help her designs reach a larger audience. What Will You Find? The clothing is a mix of African-inspired fabric with classic American style. Cecily originally used fabric from Senegal where she spent a year teaching. Occasionally, her friends who live there send her new fabric, but she also sources some right here in the States. Her beautiful dresses range between $110-225 and skirts are around $85. There’s one design that really stands out – electrifying jumpsuits that are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. What Keeps You Coming Back? In addition to the website, Simply Cecily has a blog that focuses on profiling women on the rise and their success. It is clear that connecting with women and with culture is an important part of her brand. Cecily designed her logo using a West African symbol called pempamsie that means readiness, to which she also incorporated a woman’s silhouette. This logo helps represent her line, which is designed for the busy woman who has to be ready for anything in life.


DomiCile Fall 2014  
DomiCile Fall 2014  

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